Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shell River Flooding

Far Guy suggested we just go for a drive after supper.  He got the OK to drive again..his physical therapy is going great and his therapist said he can drive..Whoo hoo for me! I like it when he drives ..I can take photos.

We went to the River..the part that I call the Dead Beaver Area that is a mile plus from the house.

Shell River Dead beaver area

The river is over the road in two areas. We did not drive through the water..I did get my feet a little wet..the water is icy cold.


Chance thought it was a lake. A vehicle came by, it was Far Guys cousin PD. He said that the river at the farm was really high and we should go and look.



The view of the river at Far Guys Grandparents old farm.

The rain the other day coupled with the snow melting in the swamps and running off has raised the river levels.

PD said that even the old cattle crossing under the road was full of water.  I didn’t know that there was a cattle crossing.  There is.  Far Guy remembered it, he said he had to reach way back in his memory to recall it.  His Grandparents H. lived very close to this area..and as a kid he played and explored the woods. IMG_2325

When Highway 34 was built, the farmer to the south ( in this direction) had no safe way to get his cows from one side of the highway to the other..so a cattle crossing was built under the road.


The cattle crossing is on the left near that post..it is hidden quite well from this direction.


From an approach I was able to zoom in and document that there is indeed a cattle crossing there and the river water is flowing through it.  PD said “Even with the high water we had two years ago the river never made it to the cattle crossing.”

It is supposed to rain again today..April Showers brings May Flowers..I am happy there is not much snow left on the ground..a few snow banks here and there in shady areas:)

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Karen said...

I like the first two photos...the reflections, the lighting.
Hope the water levels drop soon. The May flowers don't need that much water:)

troutbirder said...

It's is amazing how these small rivers and creeks can turn in torrents. We've had 3 "hundred year floods" in 5 years. :(

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

How interestin' that cattle crossin' under the highway is!!! 'Can't say I've ever seen that before!

We have a creek runnin' through the Ponderosa and it can get 'big' and jump the banks coverin' the bottom land. When we milked sometimes the cattle were on one side and the dairy barn was on the other...we just had to wait it out 'till the cattle could cross...we needed a fly~over for 'em. Heeehehe!!!

Great captures with the pics girl.

God bless ya and have an amazin' day! :o)

Lady Jane said...

OK I am hoping your flooding stops soon. I know what that is like. We have been inundated with water over the last few years here also. So far my pump is sump pumping way too much. My workshop is down here in the basement and the sound of running water sends me all the time running for the bathroom upstairs, so I am getting my exercise, lol...

DayPhoto said...

Lovely. The flooding isn't lovely, but seeing your area is. Thanks for this post. I'm also really glad Far Guy is doing better. I like it better if Terry drives also.


LindaG said...

Wow. Hope it doesn't rain too much!

Rae said...

It still looks pretty cold there. With some warm rains you will soon have some green grass and plenty of buds on those trees too.
Thanks to your blog post last year, that one part of the river will always be known as the Dead Beaver Area. Who knows it might even become a local legend:)

Terra said...

The cattle crossing is interesting; is it still used? Maybe wild animals use it to cross the road safely too.

Linda said...

Water is running pretty wild here now too. I see your about as green as we are.

Lynda said...

That water has to be so cold but that crazy Chance doesn't care. He loves cold, doesn't he? The pictures are beautiful - - and I saw the white birch trees - - - love them!
Praise God for the great healing on Far Guy's hand thusfar!

Maery Rose said...

The Mississippi and Rum are pretty high around here but fortunately, it's not affecting anyone's home that I know of. I love watching the rivers and the changes they go through. But it's been pretty sad all the garbage washing up with the rising river.

Anonymous said...

I've been close to there. I have taken Highway 34 into the cities, a couple of times. Highway 34 is just south of us a few miles. We are almost next door neighbors!

Intense Guy said...

I hope you got your feet warm and dry! Wouldn't do for you to get sick.

I hope the flooding stops and recedes quickly too.

Becca's Dirt said...

Neat cattle crossing. Hope you don't get any damage from the flooding. I must be bad when the snow melts every year. Hpe you both and Chance are having a good day.

Lanny said...

Ugh. Water. But since for you it means the absence of snow and your season of water isn't endless I bet it is exhilarating. I have fun with my water, ditch digging, flood watching and such, but it falls just a wee bit shy of exhilarating. I like that you love to get out and photo all the seasonal action.

L. D. said...

It is not fun to have the flooding. We will see how things turn out down here on the Des Moines river once it starts the spring rains. It is already high and a few inches of rain will take it over it's banks. I enjoyed taking a drive with far guy behind the wheel. Way to go.

West Side of Straight said...

I can just see you concentrating on what words to get out of the three, when you were supposed to be listening and participating! ha-there could be a lot worse things to be doing!
Love the picture. Wonder who some of the other confirmands are.