Monday, May 31, 2021

Decoration Day

 I grew up hearing Memorial Day called Decoration Day.  It was to honor those who never came home from the Wars. 

My Paternal Grandmother is a Gold Star Mother, her son Arthur was killed May 20 1944 he never came home, he is buried in Italy.

Far Side

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cemetery Visits

 Far Guy and I did errands on Saturday morning, garbage to the transfer station and a trip to town for special orders....a new/old car part and a lawn mower part.   Town was busy and were so sorry we missed a visit by cousins Jack and Pat.

In the afternoon my baby brother called... so off we went to clean up some headstones...we got a number of them done...using plain water and a soft brush.  

I managed to do a few photos for Find A Grave while he was finishing up. 

On the way there something caught my one bend in the road...

The early blooming Yellow Lady Slippers. 

Far Guy started supper for me and I made it home in time to eat with him.

Far Side

Saturday, May 29, 2021

All in a day

 The Cemetery looked real dry when we dropped off flowers, and it was mowed...could have used a good trim but that would be too good to be true.  So far we have just visited the cemetery where Far Guy's relatives are buried.   Not sure that we will make it to the others...time will tell.

I was busy all day...laundry, making potato salad...and other things I put off all week.   I was headed for a nap in the late afternoon but I watched Wish Man instead...a good movie I give it a 9 out of is another true story. 

They are resurfacing our road ...something about heavier trucks can use the road now.  The County must have extra dollars to spend. 

Far Guy is about the same, no huge improvements.  He gets in his walking everyday...sometimes it is hard for him but he keeps on keeping on. 

We keep hoping for rain.

Today is Far Guy's sisters birthday.  She is an undisclosed older age. 

Far Side

Friday, May 28, 2021


 We bought a solar fountain to put into the birdbath.  

It gives us much enjoyment!   Old folks are easily entertained! 

Hopefully blogger will let me upload an image...I have a new photo editing was an app ( Pixelmaker Pro)....I don't have it all figured out yet...what can I say...I am still learning! (Not sure how I got the water blue)

Have you played the game Splendor?   Jen and Andy introduced us to the game.  I ordered one.   

I watched two shows on Netflix this week Greater and soul surfer I give them both a 10...excellent movies!  For my series I began watching Heartland....I should be reading more as bookclub is next week...I am reading The Radium Girls.

I mowed the side and back yards and some of the Wild Gardens yesterday after grocery pickup.  Mowing was a dirty job again. 

I took my Dad to Bingo and I won 57 dollars so we got our money back...breaking even is a good thing. 

Far Side

Thursday, May 27, 2021


 It has turned cool here after the dust storm. 

I have mowed our front lawn twice, the side yard I left for the bees.  I tell ya what I looked like a survivor of the dust bowl from the Dirty Thirties when I came back in.  I washed my boots off outside and stripped at the door.  What wasn't covered in dirt was covered in pollen.  Uffda...we need rain. 

It may freeze here 34 and 36 F is too close for comfort.  Far Guy brought his Strawberry Basket inside. 

Yesterday we got soil for the Sheep Tank...and my baby brother helped me unload it.   Nothing will be planted until the weekend.  Carrots and lettuce...we will purchase a couple of tomato plants because we didn't get our seeds planted this year. 

Far Side

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Windy and Four

 It was so windy yesterday that dirt from North Dakota came to Minnesota.  Yes it was that dark in the daylight.

This photo was taken just after a tree fell over the power line down at the lake...we were without power about 2 1/2 hours.  I was mixing up the most awesome biscuits for supper and Far Guy was getting ready to stir up some Chicken Alfredo when we lost power.   So we went to town for a drive through supper.  When we got home I readied my book lights just incase...I crocheted by the window and when I was ready to give up the power came back on!  (note to self maybe you need a lighted crochet hook)  

Hey Mikey! Our Great Grandson is four years old today!  

Gotta love those curls!  Happy Birthday little dude! 

Far Side

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 Flowering Crabapple. 

This flowering Crabapple gets small apples...I know this because this is the tree where I park every Thursday when I pick up my online grocery order.  The birds eat the fruit.  They are not large enough to do anything with.

My parents yard. 

I commented to my Dad that his Crabapple trees were beautiful.  He replied "Those are worthless they don't get any fruit." I told him perhaps they were just to look at...he muttered something under his breath...

Dad wants productive trees...most people stay away from the Crabapples with fruit...they are messy and attract bees.   In town they litter the sidewalks and get stuck to your shoes....there are some boulevard trees that have nice sized fruit if someone were inclined to make jelly. 

Far Side

Monday, May 24, 2021

White Blooms

 We have some new blooms.   Sure hope it doesn't freeze.    That is a real possibility later this wary of the super flower blood moon Wednesday and there will be a partial lunar eclipse visible in our area early Wednesday morning...then the moon sets below our horizon for the total eclipse.  (Friday it is forecast to get down to 38 F ...that could be a freezing night for sure) 

Chokecherries in full bloom. 

This is another bloomer. 

These upright blooms belong to a Hawthorn...yes it has long spiky thorns.  Most people call it a Maythorn around here it is called a thornapple ...woodcarvers use the twigs for stems of flowers they carve.   It will get berries that the birds will eat. 

Yesterday we watched church and made a big batch of Baked Beans for the Summer.  I soaked the beans; pintos and northern beans overnight.  We cook them up add lots of secret ingredients and when they are cool we package them into servings for two...they will be a side dish over the summer when it is too hot to cook...they will accompany some brats or hamburgers on the grill.

Far Side


Sunday, May 23, 2021


 We drove up North and a bit West to see Noah for his Birthday!  

He posed for the birthday photo! 

We visited and then went out to Lunch at Noah's favorite Mexican place.  The food was excellent and the company awesome...Noah, Adam, Jen and Andy.   We also had some marvelous cupcakes that Jen bought at a specialty bakery...I had the to die for Turtle Cupcake...dark chocolate with a caramel center! 

We got to meet Noah's puppy a Shiba inu/American Eskimo Mix sometimes called a Imo Inu named Aurora and Adams rescue cat Phoebe (Calico) photos I wanted to just meet them.  Of course we got to spend some time with Little Elvis too...he still loves us.

I finally got to hug both of my grandsons!  They have both been vaccinated!

Far Guy did okay...he helped drive...he said that is the easy part just sit and steer.  He is still not back to normal activity and is plagued with the shortness of breath.  We needed a day away...and this was a perfect outing!   We have looked forward to it for a long time! 

The old blue milk can has been transformed!  I still have all the contents of the milk can project ready to spin...someday. 

Far Side

Saturday, May 22, 2021


 Our oldest Grandson Noah is 22 years old today! 

This photo was taken by his Mama when he was almost one year old.  What a cutie he was!  He treated us to different "stuff" than the three grandgirls.  The biggest one was being prepared while changing diapers!     Climbing ladders ...driving vehicles...being very mechanically inclined so much so that we had to hide keys... being a fussy eater...loving all things Lego.  I got in BIG trouble during his potty training times cause I told him to pee on irritated his Mother so much that he delighted in visiting many trees.   

He has grown into a very kind but a bit shy handsome young man who we are very proud of! 

Happy Birthday Noah! 

Love you lots!


Friday, May 21, 2021


 We used to have two Trillium was probably eaten by a deer. 

We still have one plant and it is blooming now. 

Far Guy is a tad better.  Nowhere near normal but we are taking it one day at a time.  He had a Cat Scan and it was normal.  His Team of Doctors in Minneapolis are aware that he is very short of breath.  

Grocery pickup could have been worse...there are no canning lids, clothespins or Kleenex this week. 

I tried a new to make Chicken Schnitzel...I followed the directions of a famous cook.  Far Guy said " I think she lost her taste buds when she was in prison."  Needless to say I won't be making that recipe again.   It made six servings...four are going into the freezer for consumption some night when we are desperate starving to death. 

Far Side

Thursday, May 20, 2021

She has grown!

 Saw a photo on facebook of our great grand Cee Cee...couldn't resist stealing it! 

She is fifteen months old now and walks runs everywhere.   Hope we get to see her this summer!   She looks just like her Mama!

Far Side

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Spring Snow

 We went for a drive.  We picked up parts for the new /old car  for when Far Guy feels good enough to work on that project again.  

I went inside the grocery story because I had to pick up a prescription...the sign said Masks are required by those who are not vaccinated...masks are optional for others.   Go this area the anti vax people never wore masks to begin with.    I wore my mask. 

I have an abscessed tooth...a real pain ...hopefully the antibiotics will help. 

Far Guy talked with his Doctor, additional tests were ordered at the local hospital...we are waiting for a call with that appointment.

The flowering crabapples are beautiful in town.

This is Spring Snow...she is at the library...a sterile crabapple....her petals gather in drifts on the ground much like snow drifts.

Far Side  

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Just Hanging Around

 Far Guy has been resting.   He was feeling a bit better last night...but nowhere near normal.  He has a Video Appointment with his Doctor in the Cities today. 

I got out the wasp nests that I crocheted last winter.  I used Mod Podge on them and hung them outside to dry. 

I collected them last night. 

They are all stiff now and should repel water to a certain they should last about three years. 

They work real well for us at keeping those pesky Wasps with the painful stings out of our area.  They say they will protect quite a large area...the wasps that come through notice the nests and move for me.   I have one hanging under the back desk, one near the Sauna and will add another one or two  around the yard.  The rest will go to my brothers. 

Far Side

Monday, May 17, 2021


 A week ago Far Guy, Jen and I travelled to Minneapolis to the hospital.  Far Guy had been approved for a procedure to improve his breathing.  The procedure is a BLVR Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction.  The procedure could possibly improve his lung function and make him less short of breath. 

The sunroom at the hospital.

The procedure went well and four Spiration Valves were placed in his left lung.  Some people notice an improvement right away...not Far Guy.   Some people notice improvement over several months. 

Far Guy remained in the hospital for four days and then we were allowed to go home. 

Jen and I stayed in a hotel with secure parking and did not go out at night.  Jen flew home on Wednesday...only one visitor was allowed in the hospital for the entire stay...and it had to be the same person.

Far Guy and I arrived home late Thursday afternoon. Tired and glad to be home.

On Friday Far Guy was worse...and we ended up in the ER explaining what the procedure was to a clueless Doctor....his x ray was ok and bloodwork looked the Doctor kicked the can down the road and chalked up the difficulty breathing to "pollen."  The Doctors in Minneapolis never returned the calls the ER Physician made on Far Guy's behalf.

Presently Far Guy is not breathing as well as he was before the procedure but not as bad as he was on Friday.  He does not feel well at all. 

We are taking it one day at a time...we are both tired.  I am keeping a close eye on him. 

Last week was a tough week we hope this week is better.

Nursing care was excellent.

Far Side

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Gift of Spring

 The Double Flowering Plum is just beautiful! 

 It flowers first and then gets leaves.   It really needs a good trim...after it blooms. 

The flowers are like tiny roses. 

It is one of the gifts of Spring. 

Rain we need rain.  It could rain for a week and it still wouldn't be enough.  

Far Side

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spring Blooms

 It has been a week. 

The Pin Cherries are blooming.  They make a wonderful jelly if you can pick enough of them. The fruits are small and the seeds will make you sick if they are crushed.   These are a perfect candidate for my juicer if enough berries can be found.  

The Wild Violets are so tiny...this patch needs rained about as much as I can spit yesterday. 

Far Side

Friday, May 14, 2021


 Far Guy used to raise Strawberry was in the edible it became his "thing" along with all the vegetable starts and Native Plants.

When the neighbor kids came by selling coupons for hanging baskets for school sports programs he bought one. 

It is a beauty it has both flowers and fruits. 

For now it is out on the patio being moved in an out depending on our night time temperatures.  

Sure hope we get some rain soon as it is very dry here. 

Far Side

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Goose Poop

 I was going through some old photos.  This one was taken in 1991 at Seney Wildlife Refuge in Michigan.  It is my nephew Jacob. 

This was taken right outside the front door.  My sister had a note on the door that said "Check your shoes for goose poop before coming in".  The goose poop was horrible. 

When we lived at the resort one summer was really bad...the Canada Geese seemed to gather up on our lawn next to the lake, Canada Geese are pooping machines.  ( I suspect that one tourist family was feeding Geese from the dock one week and the next week the Geese came ashore looking for food! ) What goes in one end of a goose comes out double in the other end.  I had to get the hose out two or three times a day...I finally kept sending the Sheltie's down to chase the Geese off.

Far Side

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wistful Wednesday: School Days

 Far Guy and I were discussing elementary school days...he remembers his Kindergarten Teacher and his Sixth Grade Teacher...he could not come up with any of the other teachers names.   I asked why?  He said apparently they made no lasting impression on him.   He went to a large school were there were several sections of each grade.  He walked to school.

Second Grade 1957-58  Far Guy is in the back row third from right.

I went to a Grade One through Grade Four school in one building and Grade Five and Grade Six in another building.  Most of my teachers were neighbors.  I know all their names.  I do not recall the name of my Kindergarten Teacher in North Dakota...or my Third Grade teacher in Iowa...maybe they did not leave an impression on me...or perhaps it was because I was only in those classes about six weeks, before we went back home to the farm.  I rode the bus...getting on at 7:45 AM must have started at 8:05 and ended at 3:25 so I was back off the bus at 3:40 in the afternoon.

I wonder do they still teach multiplication and division in Grade Three?  Once you "get" was fun to took me a bit to get it!  I recall thinking I would never pass Grade Three.

Far Guy had a few unusual happenings in grade school.  Somehow he pushed an eraser up his nose...he doesn't recall how they got it out....he does recall that the teacher looked disgusted.    One day he had a blister on his hand so he picked at it with his pencil...then when the red line started up his arm he kept making marks on his arm watching the progress...a classmate (Linda K) noticed and told the teacher...he said his parents were called and he was rushed to the doctor who explained how blood poisoning works.  I think he was a handful.

Far Side

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Book Club

 We had book club.  We read Something in the Water...I give it a five out of ten stars ...for a Bestseller  it was a train wreck of a book.  Who gets to pick those books anyways?  We also read Anne of Green Gables some of the gals have not finished it so we will review it again next month...I am about half done with the book and I am enjoying it as much as the series on Netflix.   I give the book a ten!  The series follows the book quite closely. 

Now we are to read The Radium Girls, I tried to watch the Movie on Netflix and fell asleep I do hope the book is better than the movie. 

What good books have you read lately?

A Spider Lily in bloom on the Big Island 

Far Side

Monday, May 10, 2021

Oranges and Grape Jelly

 I filled the Grape Jelly/Orange feeder for the Orioles.  They should be here soon and they will be hungry. 

My Dad made me this feeder a number of years ago...the gloss orange paint makes it easy to clean up. 

There are two screws to jab the oranges onto and two small plastic containers to serve up the Grape Jelly! 

Do you see the oranges on the post in the background? 

How about now?  I should paint the board on top orange also...I may put it on my list ...or not.  Some Orioles are this feeder is for the shy ones. 

We had a Purple Finch pair come in to the sunflower seed feeder ...she sure bossed him around and chased him off:)  Far Guy said "she must be cranky."  The Red Winged Blackbirds arrived down at the lake last there is a cranky bird.

Far Side

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!


I made this card for my Mom a number of years ago,  The photo was taken in 1953 with my first May Baskets.  The photo was taken at the Farm in Carsonville Township. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we went to town to give Mom her card and package, they were emptying six very heavy bags of mulch...Dad took a tumble and said he saw stars....we helped them finish up with the mulch and got Dad into the house.   He seemed ok....we had coffee and sister and her husband were there when we left.

Far Side

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Oh Deer

 Can you find the hidden deer?  

They were on the edge of the woods.   Eating what ever tasty new growth on the brush they could find. 

Can you see the deer butt?   Soon after this two more came through the yard...running...and they all took off together...must have been late for a herd meeting.

It was a quiet day getting a few projects done.  Far Guy worked on his new old car...the back door that had all the broken glass in the door could only be opened from the is all fixed now and can be opened from the outside!!

My other baby brother and his bride along with Baxter came by to visit.  It was a very chilly day.  High of 54 F and windy.  It will freeze the next few nights maybe way into next week.

Far Side

Friday, May 7, 2021

Town Errands

 We had many errands in town yesterday.  Things just seem to pile up.  Far Guy had his infusion while I picked up the online orders.   He is back to normal...well as close to normal as he gets.   It was a one needle stick day...he is what the Nurses call valvey.  One day he had six needle one is great!  I was disinfecting groceries in the parking lot when he called for his ride.   We went to the mail drop off, the bank,  hardware store, greenhouse and we picked up lupper (lunch and supper).

Far Guy got his Strawberry hanging basket.  

No one wearing masks except us.   We wasted no time looking around.  It is too early to look for bedding plants yet...and boy they could sure use someone who knows how to water and someone to level out their walkways...some had huge holes where water made puddles...some one will be seriously hurt someday. 

The grocery situation is getting worse here.  Seems like paper products are in short supply at least the ones we use.  And those darn Pretzel Buns and Outshine Fruit Bars...if you get some you better stock up! Not sure how Wally World does it...I wanted a six roll pack of Bounty Paper Towels...they were out so they substituted a twelve roll pack for the same price as a six roll pack...a good deal for sure! 

 I have not been inside a grocery store for over a year.  it sounds like the goofy governor of Minnesota will lift the mask mandate in July.  After that every business will have to decide for themselves. 

It will freeze again tonight. 

Far Side

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Early Chokecherries

 We have some chokecherries coming up where they should not be.  My other baby brother may get them and transplant them to a better spot.  These are growing at the edge of our septic system...grass can grow there but not trees or shrubs.  There is also a Popple Tree in there that has to go. 

The Chokecherries are getting ready to bloom...

The blooms are still tucked in between the leaves.  Hope they stay there for a while longer as we have been freezing at nights. 

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!  Far Guy is much improved...almost back to normal...huge sigh of relief.  He drove the new old car which he calls "Bertha" home from town today....her extra roomy trunk carried a box with a patio table...who knew she could haul big stuff! 

Far Side

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Turkey

 It is Turkey Hunting season.  This one found sanctuary in our yard. 

Far Guy saw him out the window and I grabbed my I shot him with my camera. 

We are not seeing as many turkeys as in previous years. 

Far Guy is about the same...a bit better no worse. 

Far Side

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


 Far Guy is in a holding mode...a tiny bit better ( he can breathe better and is not turning purple)... so he is not worse but I am still keeping an eye on him. 

Someone said the "S" word has turned cold here. 

I changed the flag. I vacuumed out the car.  We had to make a trip to town for an online order pickup and checked on his new old car.

Far Guy may get his new old car back this week.  It has new brakes, a new fuel filter a original one not electric and some new hoses.  I sure hope he feels up to driving it home...

Far Side

Monday, May 3, 2021


 Far Guy has some kind of lung infection, we are doing the best we can to monitor his oxygen and he has contacted his Doctor.  That is all we can do for now....I started him on steroids as he has standing orders for them.  I am keeping one two eyes on him.  He has been going downhill over the past week, more out of breath and his oxygen sats were slowly decreasing.  One day at a time.  

We watched online Confirmation of one of our Great Nieces.  We were invited to the dinner afterwards but declined.

It was a large class of sixteen young adults.

This was Olivia's  Confirmation Bible verse.

When Far Guy was going through Confirmation classes, he wanted to go fishing one Saturday...why they picked Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock to have Confirmation Classes is beyond me.  The Pastor said he should follow his he went fishing.    

When I went through Confirmation classes we got to hear all about the adventures of the Pastor...he was a bachelor and had some real big day a bridge was out and God carried him safely over the water...

Far Side

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Be a Helper

 We had a few frustrating days, with medical appointments changed and cancelled.  The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and they are not consulting each other.  They are not helpers...well we had one helper who scheduled everything and later in the day a different nurse (Nurse Ratched type) called and cancelled everything...she was a real bitch non helper.

My eye doctor called I have a wrinkle in my retina, he says he is not concerned at this time however I have to do the test over again in six months.  Should my vision change I should call him immediately.   He is a helper. 

We went for a ride on the trails yesterday and while we were gone our patio table exploded...the glass top shattered into many pieces...Far Guy says a million pieces.  We were getting it cleaned up when my other baby brother and she who sees robins first stopped by.  She who sees robins first helped me sweep up the glass.  My other baby brother said we could put the steel frame in his bin that will get recycled someday.  Their Grand Ava was along...she helped by carrying a vacuum cleaner from the garage.  They were all helpers.  It took a while to vacuum all the cracks and crevices between the pavers.   We were tired had a nap and after supper we vacuumed some more...we are reasonably sure we have that huge mess cleaned up.

Even Baxter can be a helper! 

Our area has a number of anti vax people...I have relatives that are against vaccinations.  How are they helping vulnerable transplant patients or children that are immune compromised.  Of course none of them have Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps,  Ruebella or Small Pox...why are they protected from the diseases that could take their lives...because they had mothers (helpers) who cared about them!  Yet they choose to play the Covid lottery...I guess that is their choice.  Sadly they are not helpers.

Far Side

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Day!

 Happy May Day! 

We will deliver a few baskets today.   Some will go to my other baby brothers house for some of his grands that will be visiting on Sunday. 

Far Guy delivered some on Thursday to the Infusion Nurse's children. 

I put bits of tissue paper inside the owl baskets and then the candy.  The glasses turned out really cute! 

Delivered May Baskets to my parents on Thursday night before Bingo.

Hope you all have a wonderful May Day! 

Far Side