Monday, January 31, 2022

1951 Hudson

 Boy if a person could only go back in time and buy a new car!

1951 Hudson

What a beauty of a car!  I always wonder what the story is behind the car; where it was found, who owned it, how much restoration did it have?   During the car shows it is interesting to talk to other people.  

This last day of January we are looking forward to summer and the car shows.   We are in some sort of Winter weather warning...seems we have them every week. 

Far Side 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Floors and pews

 The floors in The Finnish Apostolic Church are simple pine planks. 

They were laid on the diagonal.

The pews have short seats...the kind where you have to sit up and pay attention and not fall asleep. Not too many windows inside to spark daydreaming whilst sitting quietly. 

Far Side

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Like a puppy

 We should all be more like puppies, eat, sleep, poop, pee (outdoors of course) and play like there is no tomorrow, greeting everyone like a long lost friend!

Sadie fell asleep on the couch...and the ball must have just rolled out of her mouth.   She acted sleepy and ignored her ball for a long time then she couldn't stand it anymore. 

She is playing ball more and more, Little Elvis plays too just like he did with Miss Miney and Chance...he barks and runs along with Sadie...he thinks it is great that Sadie cannot bite him when she has a ball in her mouth.  We are working on Sadie bringing back the ball...sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. 

One thing she does well ... she make us smile.

Far Side

Friday, January 28, 2022

Frustration Day

 Thursday was Infusion Day or Frustration Day...needless to say many people are not doing their jobs.  What is wrong with seems as if everyone within the Health Care system has lost touch with the patient and what the patient needs.  Like an Infusion...a certain number of mg's over a certain length of time,  Doctor's orders, appointments cancelled and new Doctor's appointments made without consulting the patient...Frustration so bad that Far Guy just wants to give up...and I don't blame him. 

Of course I will try my best to encourage him to stay the course, to be patient...maybe the new Doctor taking over his care will be just the ticket.  Time will tell. 

Far Side

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Sadie: 14 weeks

 Sadie is a tad calmer this week.  She has a new Buffalo Horn to chew on and takes any boots or shoes and runs off with them.  She played a game of Grandma cannot catch me one day...she also grew another inch.  Soon she will be taller than Little Elvis.  She is also playing a bit better with Little Elvis. 

Here she is napping curled around the chair next to my desk in the office...she can also climb up in that chair and grab what is on that corner of my desk, my garbage container is on top of the desk on the other side now after she almost ate a kleenex.  She is also very malodorous when she sleeps. 

Far Side

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Chocolate Bomb

 Jen made some Hot Chocolate Bombs. 

Add hot water and a few marshmallows and enjoy!  Really yummy on a cold day!

Jen made a bunch of half spheres out of chocolate, added a package of hot chocolate dry mix to half of one sphere...then melted the edge of a plain half sphere to adhere them together and drizzled white chocolate on top. 

Far Side

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 Phoebe ( Grandson Adam's cat) is hidden from Sadie.

All snuggled up in a basket in the craft room.  The basket is on top of a desk so this hiding spot should be safe for a bit. 

Sadie can jump on the couch now...that used to be Phoebe's safe spot. 

Yesterday it was a cold day, we left for an appointment and there were sun dogs out...very bright sun dogs.  So without consulting a thermometer I knew it was cold.  After a few errands we stayed in hiding also. AND today it is supposed to be even colder the weatherman said -50 windchills...uffda....good thing we have no place to be and we can hide all day today too. 

Far Side

Monday, January 24, 2022

Church with a History

 My Great Grandfather Isak helped to build a church in 1886 near French Lake Minnesota.   Years later it was moved to be part of a Historical Village in Annandale Minnesota.  Last summer on one of our trips to Minneapolis to the U of MN Clinics we went one day early and took the time to stop for a quick visit. 

A photo of the Church near French Lake, Minnesota

A photo of the church being moved.

Photos of the church as it stands today.

Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church Built in 1886.   The red number 2 signifies the number of the building as they sit at the Historical Village. 

I was delighted to finally be able to see this church!  It had been on my list of things to do for a long time. 

Far Side

Sunday, January 23, 2022


 What would you hold in your cupped hands? 

I read an article about this sculpture called "Hidden Treasures" the sculptor gave his explanation.

Then it clicked.  

Sure enough I recall at my Uncle Ervin and Aunt Violets farm in the summer at dark the fireflies would be out and we would catch them in our hands...your hand would light up...however they left green goo... no doubt firefly poop in your hand.   I am sure the treasure must have been your hand lighting up not the poop.

Far Side

The sculptor said in an article“It’s suspended by its own weight,” he said. “I’ve never separated wood into dyads before. The challenge was to separate the piece of white pine, hollow the inside and put the pieces back together. It was experimental, a prototype to see if I could do it.”

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Grass Side

 In my opinion this is one great sculpture.   I am a connoisseur  of lawn mower blades....however my used blades were never as good looking as the blades used in the sculpture.  Far Guy says I use my blades up until there is not much left of them. 

Grass Side Menagerie

When you look closer all the parts come together.

Just when you thought you had seen it see a good use of old blades. 

Far Side

Friday, January 21, 2022

Really cold

 The wind chills were awful, in the -30 below zero.  I think the high yesterday was -8 F  that is no fun. 

Sadie doesn't seem to mind the cold weather, Little Elvis lifts up one paw and you know he is cold. 

It was a four stick day for Far Guy...another new nurse using him for target practice. 


Got a New Years greeting from Sherry and her gang:)  Yes we made it too! 

I worked on some cards while watching Sadie and then when reinforcements showed up I cleaned a bathroom...exciting day!

Far Side

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sadie : 13 weeks

 Sadie is 13 weeks old and weighs 13 pounds.  She had a visit to the Vet and got some shots...the Vet said "Goldens are usually more relaxed" duh...

Fluffy Sadie...and she tries to bite the brush during grooming.

Leggy Sadie...she has grown 4 1/4 inches since she came home.  She is taller than Phoebe the cat.   She can also hold Phoebe down.  Phoebe likes Sadie...and usually asks to play/fight.

Yes she looks sweet, and she is sweet when she is sleepy.   She met the kids next door and she has played with other dogs this week.  She was scared of the dog across the back yard...and was scared of the wind the other day so she needed company to go potty.   She wanted to run after the squirrel in the back yard.

She walks decent on a leash but sometimes bites the leash...she is a very busy puppy.  She knows "sit" and is just getting "down"...she knows "off" and "no" but often ignores those commands.  She is very smart...possibly too smart.

Her favorite toys are a stuffed duck and a plastic pop bottle.  I gave her the pop bottle because the ridges on the cap are great for her chewing and biting.  So she worked on that bottle cap and one day was next to me and made a funny sound...sure enough she got the cap off...I dug it out of her throat.   So I guess I tried to kill her but ended up saving her. 

Such are the adventures with Sadie. 

Far Side

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lost and Found

 Far Guy lost some medications...then he found them in the kept him busy half the afternoon.   All is well...then he spent some time on the treadmill.

Last Fall I found something that has been missing for a number of years...23 years to be exact.  It wasn't exactly lost...but was found. 

The winter of 1998-1999 we spent the winter in Florida.  We walked on the beach almost everyday  we collected shells and drilled a hole in the top for a ribbon....mailed them to people for Christmas ornaments...even though we washed them and rinsed them well it was a smelly shell that was delivered.  Uffda...not sure how many were used.  I found ours in  a rubbermaid container full of shells that was put up in the rafters of my garage...Andy got it down for me.   It was a fun project going through all the wonderful shells we picked up that winter.  I put them in large peanut butter jars for a garage sale someday.

Christmas 1998 at Tyndall AFB in Panama City Florida.  We went out for Christmas Dinner at the Officer's Club and spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine!   We also spent Christmas 1973 in Florida at Mac Dill AFB in Tampa....I have a few red satin ornaments packed away from our tree that year.  

The cold wind howled all day yesterday, it was even blizzard like in town. 

Far Side

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Brother Unity

 The name of this sculpture is Brother Unity.

I finally found the unity...

I probably would have just named it Unity...but who really knows why a sculpture is named anyways.

We had a fairly quiet day, I finished my book club read for the February meeting.  Made an awesome salad for supper; lettuce, chicken, pears, pecans.  

Far Guy says he feels a bit that is encouraging.

Far Side

Monday, January 17, 2022

Red Art

 This is a sculpture called Vision 1.

I am not so sure I like it...I do like the was bright and cheerful.  

We had a quiet Sunday, for entertainment we watched Andy shovel snow, we got about an inch of snow.  Andy made a smoked bbq chicken for supper, I added baked potato, green beans and was all wonderful!

Far Side

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Card Club

 This week I went to Card Club with Jen.  I knew two other gals from scrapbooking so it was a good get away.

I made a couple of these cards and a Valentine's Day card. 

I ordered some new stamps so I am anxious to try them out.  I colored on cards one day this week whilst watching Sadie.  It was a day when she was real sleepy.  We are working on the command "down" she is silly as sometimes she remains down and expects a treat for that too!  She comes in the doggy door now...this week maybe she will figure out the out part. 

Far Guy is about the same...not much better but no worse either. 

Far Side

Saturday, January 15, 2022

More Art

 This is called "Hidden Treasures"

I  would have liked to see the piece of wood before he started it two pieces or just one?

What is inside?  Maybe nothing ...perhaps it is the hands that are the treasure...

We had a quiet day, the snow storm fizzled out we got just a skiff of snow.  

Our neighbor Steve had his open heart surgery and is doing well, we are so thankful for all the prayers for him and Jo.  Jo said  "Surgery successful and the nurses have helped him to sit in a chair with his legs up late this afternoon. We are so thankful this part is over— now to heal and go through the therapy and get home. Thank you all for your prayers - God is good!"

Far Side

Friday, January 14, 2022


 Last September I took some photos at The Red Bridge Park in Park Rapids.  It is always interesting to see what "art" is displayed. 

This one is titled "Hand Painter"

Do you see the brush?  Me  I do like the hair flying in the wind. 

Far Guy and I put another infusion day behind us, just one stick this week and the gals are now getting hot packs on the veins before they try.  Slow learners. 

Grocery adventures are non existent...since I mask up and go in and get groceries...this week the cold remedy aisle was full of people trying to make do with the small supply that was there. 

Far Guy is better than he was last week so he is making progress in the right direction. 

We are in a Winter Storm Warning for the next couple of days....we have no place to go and can just stay put. 

Far Side

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Keeping on

 The Christmas Greetings keep on coming in the mail!  Kansas and Minnesota! 

It is always great to get something in the mail! 

We are having quiet days.  Far Guy is coming off the steroids so he is catching up on some of the sleep he lost over the past few weeks....Elvis and I supervise the nap time.   It is a rough job but Elvis and I make a great team!

Our neighbor Steve had a heart attack last week and will undergo open heart surgery on Friday, please pray for a full recovery and maybe an extra prayer for his wife Jo as they head down this road together.  They live just down the road from us and we have known them for years, they have three beautiful daughters and have had many dogs...Hooch, Odda, Putz and Titus most recently.  They are good people and good friends. 

Far Side

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Mosaic Crochet and a health report

 I finally finished Winter Wonderland Part One.  

The back is nearly as pretty as the front.  This project has about six parts.  I have put it away for now and am concentrating on my previous Mosaic Crochet Project since I am on Part Six of that one!  It would be fun to have a finish by the end of the month!

Part Five finish and onto Part Six!

In other news Far Guy saw his Doctor, she said his recovery will take a long time and his lungs are much worse than last summer.   So it is one day at a time with a very slow recovery.  We are taking very good care of him.   

Far Side

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sadie: 12 weeks old

 Sadie is a character.  She keeps us all entertained.  She attacks the cat Phoebe and Little Elvis with wild abandon.  She does a death roll with Little Elvis hair...he gets after her but she doesn't give up. Sometimes her name is Sadie Monster and most of the time Sadie NO.   She is persistent but will give up after about five No commands.   Sometimes she gives up by sitting and barking sharply as if to say "Well ok but I am not happy with you!"

Her potty training is going well, she goes to the patio door to be let out...most of the time.   At twelve weeks old her potty training is going as good as I expected.  She walks well on a leash and knows the command sit.  We are working on "off" and she doesn't like "down" at all.   She comes most of the time when called. 

Don't let those sweet sad eyes fool you. 

Sadie is as big as the cat now. 

I am positive that Phoebe was raised someplace that had puppies because she puts up with more puppy foolishness than any cat I have ever known.  AND sometimes she asks for it...she runs away from Sadie and then plops down a few feet away...and the game is on again. 

Little Elvis

Far Side

Monday, January 10, 2022

Quiet Days

 Far Guy is resting when he can, he does not go anyplace except the Clinic or the Infusion Clinic.  The weather is cold...brrr.  We talked him into a game of Hand and interesting highly competitive card game! 

I ventured out to pick up Pizza as Sunday is usually Pizza night.   The car was warm on the way back! 

I am working on one of my mosaic crochet projects...and playing with the puppy Sadie.  

Far Side

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Another quilt

 My Mom also made this quilt a number of years ago.  It is on the bed upstairs at home. 

I should have pulled the coverlet off the bottom of the quilt, it matches the quilt. It may have been a Christmas gift also...I do not recall exactly.  Someday someone may wonder about all the quilts we have...and the blog is a great way to leave a bit of history behind!

We had a quiet day yesterday with Little Elvis supervising afternoon naps.   Far Guy managed the stairs a couple of times and he was on the treadmill.  His recovery will be slow and we all have to be patient.  That is just the way it is. 

Far Side

Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Christmas Quilt

 My Mom and Dad gave each of us a Christmas Quilt for Christmas. 

Mom worked long hours to get four quilts made. 

The backing is a soft plush fabric.  Mom takes all of her quilts to my cousin Wilma to be machine quilted. 

The Christmas colors are so beautiful and cheerful! 

We had a quiet day yesterday with a bit of laundry, puppy sitting and naps.  Far Guy is about the same, he ventured upstairs for supper ( Smoked BBQ Ribs, Potatoes and the rest of the "salad") and to watch the Hockey game.

Far Side

Friday, January 7, 2022

Cards and Book Club

 The Christmas Cards keep finding us.  Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota.

My Joy box is getting full! 

Far Guy's Infusion went just was a one stick day!!  He rested in the afternoon and we took supper down to him and ate at the game table downstairs with him.  Roasted chicken, potatoes, corn, carrots and a fruit salad....okay... well maybe not exactly a salad...snickers candy bars, green apples and cool whip. 

I had Book Club in the afternoon.

We read The Children's Blizzard, it happened on January 12, 1888.  Many children were caught in the blizzard at school and attempted to go home.  It is based on a true story.  I give it an 8 out of 10 was a little long on the history of The Signal Corps...they were in charge of weather predictions...which was very political at that time.  

Far Guy may be a tad bit better, he had a bacterial lung infection, he sees his Doctor again on Monday.  

Far Side