Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

2008 in in regular type, 2009 in BOLD and 2010 thoughts are in Red.

The children are all employed, and reasonably healthy. Trica our oldest daughter still struggles with Pancreatitis. Ditto..Trica is still struggling..she might just be a tad more cranky too. She has pancreatitis from a Gall Bladder surgery years ago. Trica is on a temporary medical leave from her job as an RN.  She had a very scary episode in October which we now believe was a direct result of a prescribed medication that was taken off of the market in November.   She still struggles with Pancreatitis.

We still struggle with Doctors and Far Guys Trigeminal Neuralgia. We are comfortable with Dr. P. he seems adequate. There are no miracle cures..Trigeminal Neuralgia is a rare disorder that you must just learn to live with...easy for me to say..Far Guy is the one with continual pain. Dr P. is still taking good care of Far Guy…nothing is new with TN, it is still one of the most painful disorders known to mankind.  

No new Grand-babies..No divorces..a few deaths (two cousins and a very dear friend) This year five friends died.. Rhonda, Jim, Sam, Charles and Pat. Two family members, my Uncle Delbert, and my cousins fiancĂ©e. No Grandbabies ( I think the baby years are over).  Deaths we had a few..My Aunt Marie and Far Guys Aunt Esther.


No new pets, and no pet deaths. In 2009 Madison got a new kitten that she named Ziggy. Trica found a new home for her Pomeranian Daphne or "Daffy". Daffy now gets to be the Queen of her castle and no longer has to tremble in fear and hide under the couch to escape her terrorist companion Dakota who had a stroke a number of years ago and has an ongoing thyroid problem and is just not right in the head. I miss Daffy..she loved me. When they all lived with us..she was my constant companion. Paige got a kitty that she named Skittles and Savannah got a  pitch black kitty that she named Luna.  Andy went out and got himself a Sheltie puppy who is named Little Elvis.

IMG_0168 IMG_4436

Little Elvis                            Skittles


Luna and Savannah

Biggest Adjustment..Far Guy's Trigeminal Neuralgia and how it affects our day to day life. Ditto..we must always be flexible.... it just may not be a good day, or a good week. Ditto

Biggest Change..Closing the Greenhouse business, a very wise decision. I miss it, but I am getting over it. Well I am way over this one..this years biggest eating..more exercise. Biggest change this year..being able to see without glasses after my cataract surgery.

Biggest Frustration.. Doctors that don't know their butt from a hole in the ground, and the phone ringing. Ditto.. and gaining weight because I quit a nasty habit..that I enjoyed..but now my metabolism is all out of whack.  For now and since July I have been an ex-smoker.  It ain't has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life.  I have however curbed the desire to lick every ash tray I see..and those smokers outside freezing their skinny butts off..I envy them..perhaps I will get over that with time..old habits die hard..I began to smoke as a teenager..that was well over forty years ago.  My daughter said "Mom we would rather have you alive and healthy looking and a little fat, than dead and skinny." The phone ringing still irritates me..and now that Far Guy has a cell phone sometimes they both ring at the same time.  We are still non smokers..fatter ones..

Happiest Moment..a very nostalgic Ferris Wheel Ride last August with Far Guy. Playing a little "kissy face" stopped at the top! I had to think on this for quite some time.. I had many happiest moments this year and if I had to pin it down to just one moment it would be watching Chance and Far Guy on the lake shore of Lake Superior..watching Chance run between us. The happiest moment this year: When our oldest daughter Trica woke up after being unconscious for more than 24 hours..and she knew who we were.

2010 was a good year, it had it’s ups and downs.  Together we make it through each day..helping and leaning on each other. We try to find some humor everyday.

Fireworks Multi color

Happy New Year! :)

Today we are having a short lull in-between blizzards..we are staying home and safe and warm inside. I am going to venture out for some photos..that I will share with you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chance: The Best Part of Christmas

It is I the handsome blogging Border Collie.  Far Side is not fit to talk to anyone today.  I betcha wanna know why? see some nurse called her yesterday and CANCELLED her appointment to get her stitches out.  It seems the other nurses from same day surgery have no clue what their Doctors want. This clinic nurse who bossed Far Side around does and she is in charge of the appointments.  So the itchy bothersome stitches that are not supposed to get wet will stay in until Monday.  That was not a pretty phone call..afterward when Far Side started to bawl..Far Guy said “Sweetie, I can always remove those stitches if they get to be too much for you.”  I guess I could always chew them off …might be a bit messy..

On to the best part of Christmas. Food..oh yes a few leftovers..the BBQ Ribs that Far Side made were to roll over and die for..and Cheesy Bread..and corn that came out of the local fields last summer…and sister made cookies.

Presents..Miney got a bag of Tennis Balls and shared her good fortune with me!

I got my very own Hockey Stick!! Now we have we can really play hockey in the the driveway now. There was some confusion when it was purchased..apparently it goes by the height of the of my girls said “It doesn’t matter it is for a dog.”  Now there will always be two sticks on hand..we play with a tennis we can play all year round.  I also got this..

IMG_0181 a spidery looking ball that squeaks..I can’t take it outside because I might lose it in a snow bank.  This was a gift from Lisa J who lives in Washington State..she has Trigeminal Neuralgia just like Far Guy..and reads Far Sides blog everyday. She also sent a few ornaments …

IMG_0282  The most beautiful little Goldfinch..the State Bird of Washington.

Now get ready for a drop your socks off one of a kind ornament..Far Side thinks it is one of the most beautiful ornaments she has ever seen.( This was picked out especially for her by Lisa’s husband Doug..he  has really good taste:)




Far Side is reminded..that whatever silly discomfort that she has with her thumb is just a minor irritant…it will be all better in a few more days.. Trigeminal Neuralgia never goes away. Thank you Lisa and Doug J for thinking of us!  Presents, food and friends that understand make for a perfect Christmas for this handsome dog:)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wistful Wednesday : Late 1950’s

Years ago even if you didn’t go out every Saturday went out on New Years Eve.  It was a unwritten rule. No one stayed home on New Years Eve.  You got all gussied up and went out..usually meeting relatives or friends, for supper..some dancing and more than likely a little bit of drinking.

In our area there were several places to go..Anglers Tavern being a local favorite..there would be music and they had a dance floor.  There was El Rancho over by Two Inlets..and there was a place called Toad Lake..and then over by Detroit Lakes there was a place called the Erie 34 Supper Club where you could have dinner and dance.

Marvin and Evelyn Late 1950s

In the late 1950’s Far Guys parents were all dressed up and ready to go out..someone else took this photo with a different camera. It must have been Uncle Jimmy or Uncle Ronald. We get a rare color look at the couch that I have described previously as beige and those hopelessly wild flowery drapes, the venetian blinds and a pukey looking green corduroy round pillow.  We get a look at Far Guys Dad when he had a little hair remaining on his head.  This was before the big know when the men grew their hair long on one side and combed it over the top of their head to cover it and it made them look like they had a little hair..except if they took off their hat in the wind. Far Guys Mother is beautiful in a brushed satin dress and her earrings and necklace match.

If I could see more of the photo..Far Guys Dads shoes are perfectly polished..and his Mom has on black leather pumps..dancing shoes:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Sometimes you don’t…sometimes you just feel stupid.  Such was the case last week…

Far Guy and I were ensconced on our respective couches watching a bit of TV..Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs to be exact. In the background there is a Nutcracker..cracking nuts.  I said right out loud in front of God and Far Guy and possibly even Chance.  “ I never knew that those nutcrackers guys actually cracked nuts.”  Far Guy began to laugh..”Whatya mean sweetheart..of course they crack nuts ..they are Nutcrackers.” 

I always thought nutcrackers were the things that sat in the bowl of know they were silver and you put the nuts in-between… squeezed for all you were worth and then the shell flew all over..leaving you with some of the nuts meat.

I never knew that the soldiery looking guys in red, green or blue uniforms called Nutcrackers actually cracked nuts.  No one ever explained it to me before..I must have been sick that day when it was taught in school…my Mom or Dad never educated me.. I have never been to the famous ballet ..I have never watched it on TV was I supposed to know?

Now to make it even worse..there is a Planters Peanut commercial where a Nutcracker assaults a peanut. That commercial would have helped me out years it just reminds me of my stupidity. If that wasn’t enough my oldest daughter when she heard of my lack of nutcracker education..just had to wrap one up for me…marked with the year 2010 so that I will forever remember when I discovered that Nutcrackers actually crack nuts.  

I wonder who told my children?  Did Far Guy tell them all about Nutcrackers one day when I was at work? 

IMG_0271 Oh well, you are never too old to learn something.  Do you think that it is a bit strange that it took me 59 years to discover that a Nutcracker actually cracks nuts?  I wonder what else I have missed:)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Three Years

Today I get flowers. Or maybe it is you the reader that deserves the flowers. Whatever..

IMG_3761 A Yellow Lady’s Slipper along the driveway.

IMG_3841 A big old bee drunk on the nectar of the Baptisia (Wild Indigo)

Three years and 1,100 entries. Thats why we get flowers. Me for writing for reading them.

Far Guy and I never plan too far ahead.  We try to be flexible.  There was a Train Show that Far Guy had been looking forward to a few weeks ago..the weather turned we stayed home. He was was I ..not for the Train Show but for the Antique Shops that we would have passed by on the way back.

I won’t plan too far ahead with this blog either..if it makes it to four years that will be fine and dandy..if it doesn’t doesn’t. My daughter Jen would say “Mother it is what it is.” 

I believe I have accomplished what I started out to do three years ago.  That was to leave some small part of me behind for the “Grands”.  I have a really good start.

I would like to thank my readers, and those who take the time to comment!  The side effect of having a blog is the connections you make with people of all walks of life all over the world. I have amazing friends..amazing readers who leave comments ..people who I could have over for coffee this afternoon and within minutes we could be in a comfortable conversation..but they would still have to bring their own cookies:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

They came..we enjoyed their company and now they have returned to their homes.

Christmas 2010  The Grands “The Grands” Christmas 2010

It is quiet here now, Chance doesn’t quite know what to do with himself, all of his favorite people were here…and now they are gone.  I took a nap…a long nap…Far Guy too..he is still fighting off the bronchitis.


How many people and dogs can fit on a love seat?  This love seat used to be the perfect spot for someone little to the someone's who used to be little are way to big and tall. Poor Savannah was stuck there one night..with her legs all curled up or flopped over the end.

My thumb is still pretty useless..and it is still painful. I am putting ice on it and elevating it when it hurts.

As for what we will do the rest of this day..maybe we will oh and ah over the new fallen snow:)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Photo

This was the card that we designed together.  Our niece Katie was gracious enough to be the photographer one snowy day.  The bottom photo I took at Cass Lake last summer.

Here is Far Guys Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter 2010

Merry Christmas from our house to yours:)

*The letter should enlarge if you click on it!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fourth Day Of Winter

The downstairs tree is complete.


The fancy Christmas Tree skirt is actually a piece of brown velvet that Far Guy used to use as a cape at his Grandma H’s house. We have used it as a tree skirt for years and years.

IMG_0157 This is my newest ornament which is a gift from Adam.  He gave it to me last has his name and the date on the back.  There is nothing more precious to me than a simple homemade gift.

IMG_9924 This is a Santa that Madison made for me in school last year.  It sits in it’s spot next to the fireplace. Madison did a wonderful job painting it!

That jug is one of my simplest decorations..I bought it in Kentucky has a Poinsettia on one side and is plain on the other it stays out all year round.

Simple of lifes little pleasures this time of year.  One more day..and all the hoopla will be over.. the stores will close..the bells that ring will be Church bells announcing the birth of Christ..the carols that will be sung will finally have some meaning…the Christ Child is born! :)  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Third Day of Winter

It snowed here..not sure how much yet..  It snowed the night before I had surgery.  The snow stick says three inches..but I know it was more than that because it was over the top of my boots..

Snow Stick Dec 20 2010 Snow stick Dec 23 2010

Snow stick on Dec 20 and Dec 23

The surgeon is a cute little French Guy..pleasant for a surgeon.  You know sometimes their bed side manner sucks..but this guy was okay.  He thought he knew Far Guy..I don’t know what is up with that lately everyone seems to think they know Far Guy.

The anesthetists name was John..I got some kind of a block..where they put a tourniquet on your arm and then they wrap it with a blue elastic bandage and then tighten everything up till it hurts and your whole arm is cadaversish looking..I looked..then they injected something that really burned and hurt like the devil..then they knocked me out..

When I woke up I was talking about blogging and they were all laughing..who knows what I told them. They bandaged my hand and I had a nap in the hallway..I cannot for the life of me remember how I made it from the operating table to the gurney..

I am not supposed to get my hand wet.  I am supposed to keep it iced and elevated and keep the bandage in place till next week when the stitches come out. 


The stupid bandage leaves alot to be shifts and is irritating.  This morning I had to rewrap it myself.  The pain is much better today. I think I have three stitches ..maybe four.

It seems you have four pulley systems that work your only need two to function. I asked the question why do we have four then?  The Doctor said that it has something to do with growth and needing more as we are growing.  So he went into the base my thumb and released one of those pulleys..and my thumb will be perfect again once it heals.

Far Guy has bronchitis…he got really sick on Tuesday night while taking care of me.  I made him a Doctors appointment.  He didn’t want to go..I made him..I went without pain pills so I could drive him there..the Doctor gave him antibiotics..thank goodness..because all the way to town he whined “it’s a virus they aren’t going to give me anything for it anyway, this is just a big waste of time.”  Yada Yada Yada..

I am at the mercy of Far Guy for help bathing and for fixing my hair..I have an interesting new style..I have long hair and it is all caught up in a pony tail holder at the top of my head..kinda…it’s good thing the messy look is in.

Jen, Andy and the boys are here now, they arrived last night, Little Elvis and Miney are here too.  Tonight the girls will be here and they can help me finish decorating the tree upstairs. 

IMG_0148 December 23, 2010 Miney, Chance and Little Elvis.

I didn’t get quite everything done..but at this point it is what it is.  It is a good thing Far Guy and I work well together I can help him wrap packages with one hand..and he can apply liberal amounts of scotch tape and help tie beautiful bows:)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wistful Wednesday : Korea 1951

My Dad was in Korea when I was born.  There are no old photographs of me and my first Christmas in 1951..I was just three months old.

Jake Korea 15 copy However there is a photograph of my Dad.

  Jake Korea 14 copy In this photograph you can read the sign it says:

Season Greetings

To Co.”B” 5th R.C.T.

Yuletide Greeting From


Land of Lice and Diarrhea

From Murkey Shores We Half


Merry Xmas You Luckey Bastard


So where ever you are this Christmas..remember those brave soldiers in prayer that won’t be able to spend Christmas with their families this year.  I have a special soldier to greet.  “Merry Christmas Ben!”  

A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.
~Irish Blessing


Bum Thumb Update: It has been a fairly miserable night, the pain seems to be less as time goes on. I guess I will live to see another day:) 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bum Thumb/ First Day Of Winter

Well welcome Winter! It finally got we can get on with getting it over.   It is snowing the lunar eclipse was not observed or the meteor showers either..both events I was looking forward to. Instead I got this. This was taken yesterday just as the snow was beginning..there is lots more snow now..
I have been treating myself for a trigger thumb.  I don’t quite know what happened. Perhaps I reached the maximum amount of thumb bends, or I am getting old and my body is falling apart bit by bit, piece by piece, part by part..until I am all worn out.  Anyway my thumb was sticky, and it kept sticking  and then the joint would dislocate and jump and stick and it hurt like when you hit it with a hammer, sometimes it just made me say swear word, swear word..other times it hurts so bad it makes me bawl.  So I have been resting it. I got a bunch of red and blue veterinarian tape (which is half the price of people tape) and I tape the joint so it cannot move effect resting the joint and the tendon that is causing the problem.

I have been resting it for a long time..since October.  Lots of people ask me “What did you do to your thumb?”  Some assume since I am a woodcarver and wield a sharp knife that I cut myself.  When in fact many carvers use the vet tape to prevent cuts to their thumbs.

Finally my new Doctor Who Is Fourteen(WIF) who is a GP and fresh out of medical school referred me to a surgeon..I need surgery.  
IMG_9896 This was the reading material in the surgeons office.
I had my physical and passed and even had an EKG and X-rays and lots of blood tests. I did flunk the potassium level I will be irritable and tired until I get that under control. The good news for me and the bad news for Far Guy is ..the surgeons assistant said that It will be two maybe three years until I can cook decently again.  When I told Doc WIF he just laughed and said “Really.”  The other good news is I kinda like Doc WIF.  I am cautious..but so far so good.

When I went to X-ray, I asked them if they wanted to X-ray it in or out of joint..they said “ can do that?” is up to you..they decided that they just wanted it normal.  I showed them anyway.. one gal said “You just made my day.”

For Christmas I am getting my bum thumb Christmas I should be all better, and if not all better at least partially better. The surgery will take place later today..I am trying to be brave:)

Update at 10PM: The surgery went well, the pain is considerable but with a few handy dandy pain pills and ice bags it is tolerable.  I have slept most of the evening...we didn't get home till 4PM...Chance wants to lick my hand and make it all better:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 1969: 41 Years Ago

Happy Anniversary to us!  We made it to year 41.  We were young when we got married, I was barely 18, Far Guy was 19.  We were best friends first..seems like that worked for us..either that or we took the love, honor and cherish part seriously.

Our parents set a good example.  This year my parents celebrated 60 years of marriage.  My Mom was almost 21 when she married my Dad who was headed to Korea when he was almost 24.  Far Guys Dad was 25 and his Mom was 24 when they tied the knot back in 1940.  They celebrated 53 years together in 1994 before Far Guys Dad died.
Scan0012copy jpgOur Parents on December 20, 1969
We may go out for supper this depends how Far Guy feels..he is fighting a terrible cold.  We already decided where we will go..a local Steak House that is open all winter. ( That may sound foreign to you..but many eating establishments are closed here during the winter..they are open for the summer only.)

Last year I wrote that we were going to go someplace. Well as it turns out the farthest we got from home was Grand Rapids, Minnesota or Grand Forks, North Dakota..maybe this year! I told Far Guy this morning that we were turning into our Grandparents, My Maternal Grandparents made it as far as North Dakota a couple of times.

Last year we got a beautiful ornament from Steve and Jo for our Anniversary…
IMG_9248Lovey Dovey White Doves
IMG_9250Sheltering each other with their wings, sitting in a bed of roses. It doesn’t depict that our wings get all ruffled up sometimes or the times when we rest together in the thorns wondering which thorn is going to bite us in the butt next.

Jo marked the ornament for me, it has been placed on the downstairs tree..that is still not completely done…I still have a little time. 

More Wedding photos are located here and there is one here too:)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What ever happened to?

Customer service, free gift wrapping and boxes with your purchases?  Remember the good old days?

Can you tell we have been shopping?  The best part of the entire day was the ride home.  It certainly wasn’t fighting the traffic in the icy parking lots or risking life and limb to walk through those parking lots.  It certainly was not the customer service where we shopped for a CD that we never did find, or the books that went by the wayside because the titles could not be located.  It certainly was not in the store where I asked a young man ..What is the price of that item?  The little placard with the price was missing…five minutes later he came back and said well it is a dollar two forty one and that is the only one left.  I told him fine we will take the other one then..he looked at me like I had three heads and was oozing bodily fluids…and said “I will have to get someone else to help you”  Off he sauntered coming back after another five minutes with someone older and wiser. There was supposed to be video surveillance in that store, I hope they got the message when I pointed my finger to my head and shot myself with my finger..many times.  I even found a comfy spot to sit and wait and add some sound effects to my explosions.  I must have made a impression on a few people as they smiled and shook their heads.  I asked for a box at the checkout..I figured I had spent enough to warrant a free *&^%$#& box..guess not…but have a Merry Christmas anyway mam. 

Far Guy really should start shopping earlier next year:)


Today we have a pretty picture from the archives because I used to have a friend named “Flydragon” who required all her blog posts to include one.. she left for heaven a year ago today..I still miss her. Your arrival in heaven must be something like your birth..only better because you will know all the people waiting for you:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tall Tree : Part One

Far Guy bought me a TALL tree last year after I whined publicly on my blog about the time when I picked out a really tall tree for him to cut down..he did..then he cut it off about 6 feet tall when I wanted a 12 foot tall tree. Miscommunication at it’s finest.  Last year he felt so guilty that he bought me a ten foot tall artificial tree for upstairs.  It gets no lights..and is the perfect tree for all of the Shiny Brites that I collect.  Shiny Brites are glass ornaments from the 1940’s and the 1950’s.

The “Grands” helped me decorate the TALL tree it last year..I will save several boxes of ornaments for them to put on the tree on Christmas Eve.  It is a new tradition.

The tree coffin has been opened The tree coffin was opened, the tree set up and the ornaments spread out.

Luckily the top part of the ten foot tall tree can be decorated separately and then hoisted up in place with only a few of the 200 ornaments falling off..and minimal cussing.

The Tall tree two

It is about one third done..since I am counting the ornaments I will know how many I have on it when it is complete.  I wonder what will happen first a full tree or an empty coffin?  Last year I ran out of ornament hooks..that won’t be happening this year.

Ornaments on the tall tree

I would like to have all the fancy ornament hangers like the one in this photo..they don’t get nearly as tangled as the other plain ones.

Shiny Brites are what they are.  Many people used to spray artificial snow on their trees years ago, the red Shiny Brite in the background is sporting some old snow.  I leave the ornaments in their original condition, if they have string hangers they are left in place. If they are dusty I wipe them with a dry cloth, nothing wet should ever be used on them..paints they used back then are not waterproof.  If they are so filthy that you want to wash them..then don’t buy them.

The designers must have had a blast choosing the designs and  the colors. Since these ornaments are glass..they can break and I am sure that was part of the design..for repeat customers.

  Chance and the tall treeIMG_9991 There is whole lot of tree yet to is a work in progress:)

Life lessons learned this week:  Do not put all of the extra wire ornament hangers in a wire basket..they will fall through the holes and it take you an hour to get them untangled..I felt like throwing the entire mess in the garbage.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Activity December 17, 2010

Far Guy has been a real trooper..he doesn’t feel the best..he is getting a cold.  Yesterday we accomplished what sometimes seems impossible..the Christmas Letter.  We worked on it in the car, we threw ideas around..he had rewrites of the rewrites.  Years ago I put Far Guy in charge of the Christmas is to be interesting, informative and humorous..and it is. It should not be a Debbie Downer.  It is also stuffed into the envelopes along with a photograph and addressed and stamped and will be mailed tomorrow.   If you read this blog then you already know what the letter says....Chance wrote a paragraph.  I might share the photo with you next week.  

IMG_9922 The Nativity joined the tall angel on the fireplace mantle.

IMG_9903The Santa that I carved was wired to the old wreath that I made for Far Guys Mom one year…it hangs on the railing upstairs.

IMG_9901 The downstairs tree has decorations yet…it is a start!

The weather is the teens and twenties during the day..shear bliss!

The list we made the other day is keeping us on track.  Today is another day of odds and I bake the first batch of pumpkin bread and when the smell permeates the house..I will wander upstairs and add some more Shiny Brites to the TALL tree and listen to some rock and roll oldies.  Sometimes Far Guy can be a smart ass..yesterday he came upstairs and said..just coming up to enjoy all the wonderful Christmas music:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have several Nativity sets…


This one I made years ago when I went to ceramics to express my artistic side.   These were done with a glaze and then they were sprayed with some kind of fixative and then painted with chalk.  I like the muted colors.  Far Guy made me the stable.  I think I made this Nativity set back in the early 1980’s.  It usually is placed on the fireplace mantle.

IMG_8996 Nativity 2009

Hopefully I will get it put up is one of my goals. My huge rummage sale angel is already there ..waiting. You may notice all the nails..they have been there for years..there are eleven of for each stocking when the kids and grands are here.  The nails are only ever a problem when I dust..but then I smile when I think of all the stockings hung there on Christmas Eve. 


This Nativity set is up. I bought it at an auction sale one day, I keep the auction slip packed away in its  storage box..2 was a bargain..I have got my moneys worth years ago.. The letters are wood and beautiful painted, the figures are plaster of paris. It is always placed in the window ledge. I like to have the Nativity sets up first before all the other decorations.

Today I have a list of things to accomplish..we are finally decorating..but we still have time:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: Late 1950’s

This is a Polaroid, Far Guys Dad loved the Polaroid..sometimes I think it was because he was not a patient man and wanted to see his photos “right now.”  He would have loved the digital age.  I think perhaps Far Guys sister took this photo, or maybe Far Guys Mom. 

Christmas unknown year

Far Guy, Far Guys Dad and Muggy.

This photo shows a slice of life in the late 1950’s..1957, 1958 or 1959. Far Guy in his pajamas, his Dad in the ever present flannel shirt.  It was kinda a short tree that year.  I would imagine that a fair amount of cussing went on when the dreaded light stringer was brought out. Every year when we put  stringers of lights on the tree one of us will remark “Remember how Dad used to cuss at the lights?”

I smiled at the plastic coverings that Far Guys Mom covered the couch and the chair with and wondered what records Far Guys sister Jan was playing on her record player or phonograph as it was called back then.  I can’t quite tell if this is the same two tone green phonograph that had it’s own gold stand in her room or not. You know one of those old stands where you could put records underneath..

And those drapes..they were all the rage.

Muggy was a Chihuahua. He lived a very long life..he is the same Muggy who pooped on my foot during my first formal meal in this house. (When I had to be told not to eat the entire shrimps and that I could leave the tails on my girl..who had never eaten shrimp before.) The same Muggy who lost one of his toenails on the basement stairs and almost delayed our wedding in 1969. See that chair..Far Guy would “sic” Muggy after me and I would stand up in that chair and giggle at this ferocious little dog with the big attitude was turquoise..the couch was a non descript beigey brown.

Lots of old memories in this photo:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chance: I know who won!

Hey it is I Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie.  It is only 5 degrees F  or -15 C here this morning..we must have sent that below zero rotten ball playing weather south.  Yesterday during the walk to the mail box, I came back on three of my four legs.


This is where I wait and thaw out my feet..and nap..right in front of the one can escape without me. That would be my bright orange ball launcher in the background..we shatter at least one a winter in the cold weather…so we try to remember to bring it indoors. 

IMG_9876a zzzzzz’s..sawing…zzzzzz’s

I guess I better tell you who won…

IMG_9882 Big drum roll for the big moment!!!

And the Winners are:


GramMary from the Fargo Forum sponsored blog, Far Side sent her an email!  She uses Multicolor lights!

Liz in PA please email Far Side your address. She won for her entry of Red Twinkly Lights!

Lanny who never wins anything..but should be basking in warmth at 48 degrees F ..I think I can sniff out your address. I bet her Ratters never lose their balls in the snow banks. You can find Lanny at It’s the Dirt.

Congrats to all!  Far Side will wood burn your name on the ornament and get them in the mail real soon. I wish I could personally deliver each ornament:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Carved Ornament Giveaway

I have several ornaments to give away.  Far Guy mailed off the ornaments to friends and family last week..we still have a few more to hand deliver.

I “forgot” to make one for Chaucer..Noah noticed..and said “Grandma where is Chaucer's Ornament?”   I was only doing ornaments for the dogs..but who can resist a gentle reminder from a young man who has a cat that he dearly loves.  He is also very astute..he said “You didn’t really forget did you Grandma?”  I had to come clean and replied “No, I didn’t forget..but I will make one for Chaucer and send it soon.”  Chaucer will have mail by the end of the week.

Far Guy and I had a good time carving the ornaments this year.   Far Guy carved one a day for many days. We gave away 60 to family members and friends.


These are the three that I am giving away. I carved these.  They are carved from Cottonwood bark that was collected either in the Hawley area (Thanks Buffalo gal and her best friend) or from the Fisher area (Thanks Jen, Noah and Adam).  Cottonwood bark is very thick, and is perfect for carving tiny little churches. These still need some crosses and names wood burned into the bottom..perhaps yours! 

Yesterday, I asked a can always go back and answer that question to enter.  

I will draw the lucky winners tonight about 10PM..and get them in the mail soon!

Answer today’s question to be entered again: How cold was it at your house this morning? It was –18 degrees F here or –28C.  Just another morning in paradise:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Snow..only Cold

That big old storm that everyone was talking about stayed south of us..we just got the cold. It was only supposed to be –16 F  last night. Our thermometer said –13F or –25C.  It has to warm up some to snow..that is the rule.
This was the snow stick yesterday morning..December 11, 2010.   Pretty much the same as last time..even though it snowed a little one day..the snow packs down.
There are a few critters out.
closeup of Coyote
Far Guy and I thought this was a Coyote..but the more we look at it we think it is a Wolf.  Uncle Archie says there is a wolf that has been near his place that goes up along a trail not far from us to two deer kills.  He also said that a mother wolf was seen with four pups last summer just about a mile from us near the river.  I tried to get closer ..when we turned around and stopped he lumbered off into a planting of trees.
Eleven Turkeys
One day we saw eleven turkeys strolling toward the cover of the oaks.

Kinda puts you in the mood for that holiday classic eleven turkeys strolling, la la la lots of times and one wolf in a field. What you have never heard of that one? HA!
I covered that old twig wreath that I have hanging next to the door with red lights..ain’t it purty?  That is the big decoration for the day.

Now pay attention..tell me what color Christmas lights you use at your house..those people who answer with a color will be entered in the great Hand Carved Ornament Giveaway.  I like red and that is what I picked for this outside wreath..obviously.  Far Guy likes that is what we use on our downstairs tree:)