Monday, December 6, 2010

Is It Time to Make a List?

Do you make lists?  Do they help keep you organized?  Far Guy started to make a list on Amazon of all the ideas he has for Christmas Gifts for himself.  I am not making one..I will not hand over my list until I have one from each of our children..and time is a wasting. I am not ready to shop yet..but you never can tell when I might go completely nuts and enter a store with a real gift in mind.

Mother Nature has a only has a couple of words on it..snow, cold, wind..repeat till spring.

All day yesterday it snowed..not much,  but the entire day there seemed to be snow in the air.

The snow stick didn’t change much since our last snow fall.


This was the snow stick on Saturday morning..the snow was all sparkly and everything. Even though it snowed  all day yesterday the stick remains the same this must be the Fluffy Factor Phenomenon..the more snow we get the more it packs down. 


I suppose I could rescue the poor scarecrow.  I did change the flag and brought in the Thanksgiving “stuff” that was on the wreath next to the door.

Decorating for Christmas happens fairly slowly around here…think snails pace or slower.   The girls and their husbands are bringing our Grands here for Christmas.  I am thankful that the grands love coming here..when I was a child we always went to my Grandparents too..however all I really wanted to do was stay at home and have a quiet day.  I asked Far Guy “Are you sure they really want to come here?”  I guess Noah wrote it on the calendar.. “Go to Grandmas” ..end of subject. That means I should decorate sooner or later…then again think of all the help I would have if I waited till Christmas Eve.

I am thinking it might be time to make a list or two or three and get organized around here.  A decorating list..a things to bake list..a menu with a grocery list..and yes a gift shopping list too..but I still have plenty of time:) 


  1. No way. An oldest making a list? I thought you people were born with a list in your head?! I thought lists were for the middle child who wanted to be you and for to drive us babies crazy cuz we need a list of our lists and someone to carry it around for us and remind us what we said we would be doing! No Christmas shopping until Dirt goes on vacation, well he did have me order the base present for the marrieds already, then we'll have fun together and finish it up. I hate doing Christmas by myself, it only took about twenty years but Dirt finally joins me in getting gifts for people. He's pretty good at it if he puts his mind to it. I decorate with one (maybe two) boxes out at a time, one a week. We're late getting the second one out 'cuz Bet is sick and not much fun. Takin' her to the doc today hopefully. Now it's nine and I gotta call to see if we can get in. Talk to you later, take care of that precious snow for me!

  2. Yes Connie it is time. Make that list and check it twice and see who's been naughty and who's been nice...

    PS Don't forget me Santa...

  3. We have to mail out presents to both kids this year so we will have to start soon. Otherwise when we like to go shopping is at 8:00 at night when people are all going home. The malls stay open late and it becomes an adventure. No lines, no people to dodge, and we make it a fun time to get the task done. Coffee and French Silk pie is the reward at the end of the event. We are getting light snow today but have been snowed around all week and still not much here.

  4. Just yesterday my hubby was making fun of me and all my lists. I have been a "lister" for years - can't function without one. There have been times at midnight or later when I wake up to put things on my list(s).

    We got out first snow this past weekend and brrrr is is ever cold - but I am not complaining. After the heat we had this summer I vowed never to complain about cold weather again.

  5. I like the idea of your snow decorating it done...the Nativity is out and that's it!

  6. Makin' a list, checkin' it twice!!! Heeehehehe! I make a grocery list but that's about it. I do have my present list that I've ordered and check off as each gift arrives...does that count???

    I dot~commed my Christmas shoppin'. Yep, this chicks not one to battle the crowds.

    God bless and have a most incredible day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. I remember how beautiful your tree and ornaments were last year. I know the grands will have a great time coming to your home. Be sure to take lots of pics!

  8. This week is the Christmas shopping week, and I have started a list,(longer than my arm;) It has been snowing constantly and where the snow is blowing to I don't know because is still hasn't completely covered the ground and it has been going on all day and part of yesterday!

  9. I am not a "lister" but hubby sure is. I think he has ten or so going at once. I don't like them, it makes everything seem like WORK. Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for sending me the holiday singers in the mall. I loved it, I am still smiling over it.

  10. If I made a list, I would lose it!

    I am not in the Christmas spirit and everyone will come. I, like you, would cherish a quiet day for Christmas...but then I would feel guilty.

  11. I am a list maker. It keeps everyone on course.

    I miss snow. Living in Western Oregon means rain with a slight chance of snow. But, I do miss the white stuff. I really do. (okay, after a week I want it to go away - but for that week it is so lovely).

  12. We make a list for EVERYTHING!

    Emma Rose

  13. I don't make a list usually and leave everything until the last minute. This year I do have a Wish List up on Amazon so that I don't get given books I've already read.

  14. Only grocery lists do I make ! Love your last photo ! It has been snowing here non stop since Sunday and it is to continue till the end of the week. Have a great day !

  15. I don't do lists all the time but I do do them some of the time!

    We have very cold weather but no significant snow yet....notice I said "YET"

  16. My decorating is done...I put up the tree. I make lists also.


  17. Oh yes I am a list maker!! A decorating list, menu list, shopping list and a to do list etc. All I want is 2 from each of my daughters.
    I told them yesterday that they have until Thursday night!


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