Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Snow..only Cold

That big old storm that everyone was talking about stayed south of us..we just got the cold. It was only supposed to be –16 F  last night. Our thermometer said –13F or –25C.  It has to warm up some to snow..that is the rule.
This was the snow stick yesterday morning..December 11, 2010.   Pretty much the same as last time..even though it snowed a little one day..the snow packs down.
There are a few critters out.
closeup of Coyote
Far Guy and I thought this was a Coyote..but the more we look at it we think it is a Wolf.  Uncle Archie says there is a wolf that has been near his place that goes up along a trail not far from us to two deer kills.  He also said that a mother wolf was seen with four pups last summer just about a mile from us near the river.  I tried to get closer ..when we turned around and stopped he lumbered off into a planting of trees.
Eleven Turkeys
One day we saw eleven turkeys strolling toward the cover of the oaks.

Kinda puts you in the mood for that holiday classic eleven turkeys strolling, la la la lots of times and one wolf in a field. What you have never heard of that one? HA!
I covered that old twig wreath that I have hanging next to the door with red lights..ain’t it purty?  That is the big decoration for the day.

Now pay attention..tell me what color Christmas lights you use at your house..those people who answer with a color will be entered in the great Hand Carved Ornament Giveaway.  I like red and that is what I picked for this outside wreath..obviously.  Far Guy likes that is what we use on our downstairs tree:)


  1. Here in Scotland our freak snow is melting, thankfully, but temps went down to -20 BRRRR! I'm relieved we don't have wolves - the one in your picture didn't seem to be afraid of you. I like plain white lights which don't flash or twinkle :-) Jo

  2. We've got lots more cold to send your way!!! I'm forever hooked to a combo red,yellow,blue, green. For evidence check one of my recent posts and you will see my house lights. Have a great day.

  3. No lights on my house or anywhere outside, but I do have electric candles (clear bulbs) in my front windows. They are lit 24/7 from Thanksgiving to Epiphany.

    I like your lighted wreath. It reminds me of a wreath that I made from a long thin tree root several years ago.

  4. Love your wreath Connie. We didn't put up lights this year so I am enjoying everyone else's. My nephew is still living in Minneapolis; I know he is thrilled with the weather. Can you believe we are having flurries in GA today. John told me I should have taken a photo of my car bumper with a few flakes on it and asked you "what is this???" ha

  5. Your wreath is pretty - I love that rustic look! My favorite tree lights are the multi-colored ones, because I like the old fashioned look that reminds me of my childhood christmas trees.


  6. love your decorating skills,red is the color I use on my deck.wreath,tree, and garland too,and I am so enjoying all your blogs.They are the 2nd thing I read,first one is the Pioneer paper,which I usually get nothing out of,but your blog brightens my day.thanks

  7. I put up a natural wreath, no lights, but if I were to choose a color, it would be blue, like Far Guy. Your red sure does look good, though! (I almost said purty but then thought better of it. Sounds better when YOU say it.)

  8. I think it is amazing all the wildlife that you have so close to you. I am fascinated with wolves and would like to see one up close. Except for a few hawks, all I ever see around here are big, loud, pooping crows. I swear they are bigger than Riley and could carry him off if they wanted.

    I have a big grapevine wreath hung up outside too. Mine is decorated with red and gold lights

  9. The lights on our tree are clear. A little boring, but they highlight my million-and-ten Wizard of Oz ornaments nicely.

  10. Dirt called Bet and I into the kitchen this morning to watch the pictures of the Metrodome collapse. I immediately thought of you and how you love snow and cold weather!

    Lights? Color? Multi! I do like all blue in some situations. But right now I'm really into multi (just wish they didn't have to be the new led, but penny pinchin' days) on the roof line with white icicles under them.

  11. Great shots! I need to spruce up my twig wreath like that....nah, I'm too lazy.

  12. I think you should write your version of the 12 days of Christmas:)
    Wolves, well I love the fact that they are out there, somewhere, but wouldn't want them hanging out at our place, unless they promise to catch nothing but rats, of course!
    We have strings of multicoloured lights and strings of white lights, and maybe a string of red. Haven't got them all out yet, so not positive on that last one.

  13. My wreath does not have lights but my one upstairs Christmas tree has all white lights and the tree downstairs has multi color lights. The upstairs tree has bulbs and the downstairs tree has ornaments.

    I'm in the twin cities area and we got buried in snow and now it's really cold outside, too.

  14. Oh so pretty Connie~ I love red twinkly lights.
    But I also love the tiny white newer LED lights.
    I have a wreath on my front door w/LED Star Trinkly lights and Battery operated!!

    Wreath on the garage also has twinkly colored lights.

    Our live tree will have all Tiny White lights, that is just as soon as I get my act together and clear a table out of the way so the tree can go by the East end of our house where it is cool and no heat registers!

    All the best to you and Far Guy and your Family!
    For a wonderful Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year 2011 !!

    Liz (Edinboro PA)

  15. I love the wreath, and we usually will change colors every year. We have used all green, or all blue and we have also used the multi colored ones. I love using the white because it shows the ornaments so well!

  16. I use multicolored lights on one tree and clear on another tree. Some old neighbors used to decorate three really large pine trees in their yard with just green lights, they were gorgeous.

  17. I have a thing for tiny white round lights. Not those elongated things. But the tiny ROUND ones.

    Well, now you know.

  18. We go with white lights outside on our garland with red bows.
    Wow, cool picture of a neat...I haven't been able to get a photo of one up here, and have only seen ONE running a mile a minute across a field!

  19. I search every year for purple lights!!! I have found a few and treasure them.

    My Christmas bells that played songs died last year...perphaps I will find more.

    I love the bubble ornament light strings. I remember Grandma had them and they were so fascinating.

    You asked for a color...purple and white.

  20. You have eleven turkeys gobbling, ....five beautiful orn-a-meeeeeeeeeeeents.... two eagles standing and a lone wolf in a field glare-ring!

    Brrrr its way toooooo cold in the great white north for me!! Favorite color hmmm.. Blue (but not so cold my lips are blue-blue).

  21. White - clear - - - lights on the tree. Used to have multi-colored but wanted to go with some that looked like stars this time. And it is VERY cold here tonight and the next day or two.

  22. Very creative idea for the wreath. I have mostly multi-colored lights. In my in-laws old decorations I brought home last spring I found a new box of red twinkle lights I think I will copy your idea on one of my grapevine wreaths.
    We have almost as much snow as you do today down here in NC but I feel sure ours won't stay around all winter !!
    Merry Christmas.

  23. I really like your snow stick. I keep forgetting to show it to hubby, to see if he will make one for here. He strung multi colored lights on the front porch and around the swing sitting on the porch too. And around the columns.

  24. My tree lights are multi-colored, the lights in the windows are white.

  25. wow. i have only seen a wolf in the wild once--a timber wolf, on isle royale, at 5 in the morning. that is so cool. and i love your turkeys!!!

    come on down and take some of our snow. we wont miss it. truly.

  26. I like your wreath! I am looking for some grapevine to make one for me someday. My sister has some, I think, so I might steal some from her in the spring!

    My lights of preference are white. I put white ones out on the dogwood (if I can GET to it this year!) and even though I have mixed colors inside, I put white ones up where ever I can.

  27. The Duke put multi-colored lights on our castle, and on the tree too!

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

    PS You better cuddle up with Chance to keep warm. Those temperatures are brutal!

  28. Oh goodness! All that snow makes me cold!
    I like the teeny-tiny white lights that look like stars and that's what I use around our front door and above the cabinets in the kitchen. Hubby likes blue so we have one tree in blue and of course for the grand-blessings we use multi-color on the main tree.

    Merry Christmas!

  29. Ya'll just may be on to a new Christmas classic there girl!

    I put 1300 clear lights on our tree this year. Does that count as a color??? I have four hundred one the mantel 'bout that one??? Heeehehehe! Did I ever say I like lights???

    God bless ya and enjoy your day...stay warm sweetie, it was a regular heatwave here on the Ponderosa....six! Woohoo!!!! :o)

  30. We use multi if we use anything...

  31. I don't do outside lights - too much of a pain in the backside - but the lights on my Christmas tree are multi-colored. Purty!

  32. No lights as we don't decorate but I love to see the crystal white lights that show up around our neighorhood at this time of year. They twinkle like stars and if it's crisp and clear they are even more beautiful.

  33. A WOLF!!!! Running into a coyote is bad enough, but I don't think I want to run into a wolf. Great photo though.


  34. B.t.w. the only light's I have in the house (besides electric ones) are candles....outside there's some clear ones hanging on the railing.

  35. I decorate my porch with tiny clear lights at Christmas. I haven't had the chance to do it just yet, maybe tomorrow...Merry Christmas to all!
    ~Pamela in Louisiana~
    There's something rather touching about the picture of the wolf, I just can't name the feeling it gives me. I'm sure wolves aren't your most desired visitors, but it's still a great photo.

  36. We have special Advent lights and they are all white.

    A wolf? How cool - or not if you have a dog...

  37. We use only white/clear lights--they remind me of the stars! :)

    Sandi in Moorhead

  38. Love all the wildlife. What an amazing area you live in.


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