Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Second sNOw

 I could say it isn't so...but one look out the window tells a different story. 

The Juncos are still here...they bring the snow ya know?

They flit around under the feeders kicking up snow hoping for a seed to become airborne...silly birds.

There were five inches at the snowstick just before dark last night and it was still snowing.

Far Guy and I got the odd left over Fall jobs done yesterday morning as it began to snow.  Far Guy pounded the snow stick into place for me.  The water hose was found under some crusty snow, the patio table was rolled to the garage even though it was covered in ice.  The lawn mower was moved into the Desoto garage along with the three wheeler.  I doubt that I will need the mower anymore but I would like to clean it up before storing it for the winter.  I rescued the rain gauge and the trail cams will have to go on "winter trees vs summer trees"...because neither of us is climbing through a snowbank to get to them.   Snow shovels made there way to the front door and to the garage.  I got out my winter boots and will have to find my parka very soon. I washed up my red mowing boots and put away my sun hat. 

This morning I will shovel. Because more snow is forecast.  Seems like I barely got the leaves done and now I have snow to keep me occupied and out of trouble.

Far Side

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


 On a positive note...It didn't snow yesterday... but it didn't melt either.  Two or three snow storms are forecast for this of those storms will probably be a blizzard and one may go South of us. 

I have to get out the snow shovel and the snowblower and my winter boots and a parka.  I have a couple of things to finish up outside...I have been in denial that winter is really really here. Well duh...14 inches plus of sNOw are forecast in two storms I suppose I better try to pound the snow stick into the ground.

I would just like to hibernate. 

Minnesota Snowball in bloom in June


Far Side

Monday, October 19, 2020

Bread and more

 I got the recipe for the bread at King Arthurs site

The only change I made was that I used half white flour and half wheat flour.  

From now on I will bake the bread on my baking stone....and forego the Dutch Oven.  I just baked half the in a few days I will try the baking adventure again....the dough is supposed to be good in the fridge for up to a week. 

Artisan Crusty Bread

View out the window on Saturday afternoon.

 Sunday  the snow melted a bit.  The ground is still white and we had snowflakes in the air again yesterday...not sure it counts as the second snow. 

I caught up on some housework and laundry and worked on Christmas Cards.  I also have a new crochet project that is really fun! 

Far Side

Sunday, October 18, 2020

First sNOw

 It snowed on Saturday morning.

We got well over three inches of sNOw. 

My baby brother and his bride came over for a visit...he wiped off the chairs with his gloves and then I gave him a towel to finish drying the chairs.  It was a cool visit.

On Friday Far Guy and I got a few more Fall Projects done...another window washed and the bedroom window well cleaned out...there was a family of frogs under the leaves...I could start a bait business.  I blew some leaves away and did a quick trip through the yard mulching the last of the leaves.   Good thing I did too as the coming days are forecast to be real cool.  I still have the West Wildflower gardens to mow...the East Wildflowers stay until Spring as they are over the septic system/drain field.  So I am not sure I will get that mowing done...or the mower washed up before storing it for the winter.

No snow stick yet.

Far Guy says Winter is here...I was hoping for a warm old fashioned Indian Summer. 

sNOwy day activities involved trying out a new recipe.  No Knead Crusty Bread...lesson are supposed to make two or three loaves at a time...and store the dough in the fridge...and mix it in a ice cream pail...well the pail I chose "There's a hole in your bucket dear Liza a hole" (you are welcome for that earworm) so I had water and yeast all over the counter....then due to an overestimation of olive oil spray the cast iron dutch oven nearly smoked us out of the house. BUT the bread was really good.  The house probably needed a good airing out anyways.  

Far Guy said "Wouldn't  that frozen bread dough be a lot easier sweetheart." 

Far Side

Saturday, October 17, 2020


 Gas Stations and Auto Parts stores...that seems to be the norm for Park Rapids.  There is a new small antique shop in an old flower shop on Hwy 71 South....which I think is more of an Antique Mall where different people have areas. (I wish I dared to go inside.)

There has been talk of this Gas Station for quite some time. There used to be a Gas Station, Beer Joint/Laundromat, Stacy's Pizza Shop, a Tackle Shop/Art Gallery/Auto Parts Store, and another Gas Station on this block...oh and Hazels Beauty Shop behind the Gas Station on the west end...

Now there is a big crane moving huge concrete sections into place.  We have been watching the building site with interest...we wondered if the old alley will still be far it looks like it. 

Grocery Pickup was an adventure.  It took three attempts but they finally got it correct.  The first time I was shorted three items and charged for a large peanut butter but got a small one.  After I disinfected everything right there in the parking lot I gave them a call and left a message for the online shopping department of the problems with my order....I told them I would wait in the parking lot for someone to straighten it out.  After a short wait a fellow came out...he heard my complaint and headed back in the store...he returned with two of my items and Jiff Peanut Butter (not Skippy)... he grabbed all the peanut butter and headed back in the store...a while later he brought out the rest of my order and the correct size Skippy PB.  This all took 30 frustrating.  Of course the fellow was apologetic...they really need a detail orientated person to fill orders.   So I give them an F this week for a freaking failure. 

By that time it was time to pick up Far Guy from the clinic.  The onto the bank Drive Through and the Meat Market for some St Louis Style Ribs.  I waited outside the Meat Market for another customer to come out before I went in.  The fellows in the Meat Market are real nice...I can also call in my order and they will bring it out to the vehicle for me. 
Main Street was real busy...and the outdoor eating areas looked cold and empty. With the colder weather more people are going inside...not us....we are probably better cooks than they are anyways.   

Far Side

Friday, October 16, 2020


 We washed three windows!  It is a good beginning. 

I put up the sunflower valance that my Mom made me for my birthday.   The window is nice and clean...worthy of a new valance! 

I got a package in the mail the other day from Jen.  The card said "I hope your day sparkles!"

I should be set for decorating cards for a long time!  Stickles are lots of glitter in a small amount of glue and perfect for making sparkling cards. 

We are making good progress on our Fall work list...good thing too as the Junco's have been here three days...and some snoooooo flakes were seen in the air yesterday...if the sun had been out they would have sparkled....but it was overcast and dreary...and cold!

Far Side

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Little Smiles

 The package arrived in Michigan for the Great Grands.   Maddie put photos on facebook.

So serious...

And they fit!  Success! And a smile!  She is sitting on her brothers blankie that I crocheted for him when he was born.

Since I was sending something for Cee Cee I had to send something for Hey Mikey! 

He likes ice cream and his Mom will buy a gallon of ice cream and he can have ice cream many times. 

I wish these Great Grands didn't live so far away.

Far Side

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mom is 91

 My Mom was 91 years old yesterday.  We stopped by and got Blizzards for lunch to celebrate.  Dad and I arranged chairs out in the garage just out of the wind but still in the sunshine. 

Mom said she had a busy morning on the phone with birthday messages...beginning with three year old Ray who is a Great Grandchild singing Happy Birthday! 

A few weeks ago Mom mentioned that she no longer had any flags to put up because her flags were all worn out. So I did some shopping.

This flag for Fall and another that she can put up for December ... it has snow and Cardinals.  Cardinal's visit their bird feeders. 

This is the photo I put on Mom's Birthday is their backyard in the summertime.  The front garden is filled with Lupine and Hollyhocks.  The wagon in back is full of Wave Petunias...purple and rose colored.  Dad still does all the lawn mowing and Mom works in her flower beds.  The Ox Cart is just there for decoration. 

Far Side

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 I am feeling almost back to normal after that horrid flu shot. Is there really a normal anymore...sub and ab the normal brothers seem to make themselves frequent visitors. 

I blew some leaves around on the East side of the house and mulched some of those leaves. It rained almost two inches the night before so the leaves from a Popple tree that are bunched up on the North side are wet...I can either rake them into the woods or wait for them to dry out.  I will wait. 

The grasses on the East side of the house still look good....we leave them alone. 

I finished unpacking the last of those suitcases...that is a done deal.  I did some laundry...  we cooked supper together ham, tator tots in the air fryer and baby peas. 

Covid cases are on the rise...two local eating establishments are closed for cleaning because of exposures.  We have not been to either place since last February.   Even the UPS Driver said that Covid is everywhere. 

I was feeling a bit down so I took a walk along the back road...I walked alone ...yet two shadows show up...Far Guy says it looks like the other shadow has wings.  My shadow is on the right.

Far Side

Monday, October 12, 2020

Fall Shawl and Unpacking

 I am not a real fan of anything camo.  However I did like the colors of this shawl...they said "Fall" to me. 

As you can see from the photo the colors blend with the woods. 

I finally took the time to take this shawl off the blocking mats. After the photo shoot I tucked it away in the shawl drawer upstairs...I might have a person in mind for this one. 

 I felt a bit better yesterday so I cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry and unpacked the craft suitcase that I have had packed for fifteen months. (There are three suitcases that were packed...crafts, toiletries and clothing.)  So far the craft one is the only one unpacked...I forgot some of the projects that I had in there....I was quite excited with some of the finds! 

Far Guy watched as I unpacked...he thought it was remarkable the stuff I had crammed in there. 

Perhaps I will get the other two suitcases unpacked this week. We will see. It took me days to will probably take me days to unpack....hope was there when I packed and now hope is lost. 

I have mixed feelings about Far Guy coming off the transplant list.  Happy that we don't have to live in the cities for three months, sad that he won't get new lungs, happy that he is feeling as good as he is.  In the end God is in charge and we have to deal with whatever comes next.

Far Side

Sunday, October 11, 2020


 The flu shot made me tired.  I had a fever for a short time... and my bones hurt. I will live to see another day or so. 

Far Guy worked on his new old car...not sure what he did out there...something about ignition wires. 

I forced myself to work on Christmas Cards...and then I had a four hour nap.  I was watching The Great British Baking Show before I fell asleep...perhaps I will be a better baker now....although they make cakes and breads I have never heard of.

Thank goodness for meals in the freezer.  

Far Guy has no side effects from his flu shot.

Far Side

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Sour Cream and Raisin Pie

 One of my Dad's favorite things is Sour Cream and Raisin Pie.   I reserved several pieces at a local eating establishment which we usually go to around this time of year ...they have a gluten free menu. Since we don't dine in we picked up! 

My Dad was 94 yesterday.  He told me he thought for sure the Good Lord was going to call him home shortly after 1 AM as he wasn't feeling well.   He was awake from 1 AM until 4 AM.  So he was tired.   I told him "maybe tonight is the night Dad you just never know."   He has been yearning for his heavenly home for quite a while now. 

We had a good visit out on the deck.  The pie was real good!  Dad talked about his time in Korea and his work in the yard getting ready for winter. 

Far Side

Friday, October 9, 2020

Fall Report

I got dish soap again!  Almost cause to celebrate!  This week curbside grocery pickup gets an A no mistakes and everything I ordered was there!  Will wonders ever cease?

Town seems a bit busier than normal...I heard that many retirees are staying here for the winter instead of going to warmer climates. 

My baby brother said there was a real pretty tree along one of the was worth checking out but the light was not great.  It is a Red Oak.

Other pretty Fall colors.

Far Guy and I got our Flu Shots...cross it off the list!  So far so good...we will see how it I write this I am 8 hours post injection...usually I wait til the 12-24 hour mark to feel miserable. 

Far Guy is doing well...his groin is all different shades of purple and yellow...very colorful.  He says that the stent must have been the size of a can of corn.  He speaks with the Cardiologist soon.

Far Side

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Little Feet

 Cee Cee has little feet ...3 3/4 inches long...I had her Mom measure them and she sent me a photo. 

I finished the little boots yesterday afternoon and will mail them off today.

I put strings in them just in case they are needed.  I used about 3/4 of a skein of sock yarn that I got at the thrift shop a long time ago. (Yeah for using part of my stash!)

We had a busy day here at home yesterday.  Far Guy worked on his new old car and I did various "stuff" around the biggest accomplishment was the boots for Cee Cee. 

It was a non lawn mulching day ...although Far Guy said "look at that there are about ten leaves in the yard you should mulch." Funny Guy! 

Far Side

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Packages and more

 The mailbox has been full of great surprises lately. 

Sara from South Dakota sent a book with all kinds of card ideas!  Thanks the way she is a quilter...and does some amazing sewing!  

The next day a package from Sam in Arkansas arrived.  By this time I was feeling real special! 

The knit Miss Marple scarf will keep me warm this winter! The scrubbies will be put to good use too! Thanks Sam! Sam always has all kinds of wonderful projects going on.  I admired this scarf all the while she worked on it! 

Bloggers are just the best kind of friends to have...especially during a Pandemic and Isolation...we all need each other! 

I got the South part of the yard done yesterday and mulched at the neighbors.  My brothers think I am too OCD (CDO) about leaves.  Oak leaves kill the grass and are a heavy mess to clean up in the Spring...been there done that!  I think I have mulched five times now.  

Another mulch or two/three and I will be all done with leaves for the year.  The Salvia 'Victoria Blue' in my flower garden has survived several frosts...the past few days a tiny yellow butterfly was visiting the flowers. The Impatiens are history. 

We had another very nice day spit rain a few times. ( I am not sweet enough to melt!) Far Guy worked on his new old car...valve covers is the latest project.  I got a few more things on my never ending Fall list taken care of. 

We made Green Chili Chicken for supper.  Chicken breasts seasoned with cumin, pepper and chili powder, place them on 1/4 cup of Green Enchilada Sauce in a baking green chilis on the chicken and top with more enchilada sauce and some cheese...bake 375 degrees covered longer than 30 minutes...depending on the size of your chicken breasts!  Bake uncovered about 10 minutes....serve over white rice.  Far Guy gave it a 10...and said he hoped I didn't like it so he could have all the leftovers...It was okay...I wouldn't eat it every week...but once in awhile it is okay.  Two servings went into the freezer for some night when we don't want to cook. 

I have three crochet projects going at once...too many!  So it is taking forever to finish anything. My shawl with pockets was way to heavy to take along to the cities last I started another lacy shawl.  Then I saw that Cee Cee was wearing socks and her feet looked cold so I am crocheting her some cute little is to get one to look like the other! 

Far Side

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Nice Day

 I worked in the west part of the yard.  It looks pretty good. 

It was a beautiful Fall day with highs in the high 60's F.  We don't get too many of these days in October. 

I was busy most of the afternoon with small projects outside.  I fixed a glass flower that was broken, and straightened some of the tubes that hold glass flowers.   Far Guy cleaned out both grates that are in the walk and in front of the door they collect sand and leaves. There were a few leaves in both I took care of them too.  I used the leaf blower and the mower in the yard. 

My baby brother and his bride visited in the afternoon.  It was nice just to sit outside! 

Hoping for a strong West wind so these Popple leaves blow away from the yard.

Yesterday was one of those days that you have to enjoy...and today looks pretty good too! 

Far Guy is improving a bit everyday.  He has to be in top form by the weekend...because I am getting my flu shot on Thursday.  Typically I am sick as a very old dog for a couple of days. 

Far Side

Monday, October 5, 2020

Happy 70th Anniversary!

 On Wednesday my parents will celebrate 70 years of marriage.   My baby brother hosted a get together for their anniversary and for their upcoming birthdays on Sunday afternoon at his home on the lake.  The weather was sunny but cool. 

When he called to ask what I thought about a get together I told him to "Plan whatever you want...I will be there."  It was a potluck picnic at his lake home.  He was kind enough to set up a table for Far Guy and I way over in the grass away from everyone else. 

My baby brother cooking Steelhead Trout on the cowboy grill. His other grill was cooking chicken.

Social Distancing

 Aunt Anna was an attendant at the wedding 70 years ago.  She is my Dads only living sibling.

Everyone brought a dish to share...there was a hotdish, cheezy potatoes, broccoli salad, pasta salad, fruit salad and brownies.

 Ice Cream Cake

Their Anniversary is on Wednesday.  Dad's birthday is on Friday he will be 94 and Mom's birthday is next week she will be 91.   They still live in their own home.  They watched three different church services on television that morning.  Dad likes to watch ball games on TV and Mother sews.  They miss going places during Covid and bible study were two outings they really enjoyed.  I asked them what they were going to do this week...the answer... stay at home just like last week and the week before...


View of the lake.

 People in attendance; Carey (my baby brother), Beth, Jody ( my other baby brother), Cindy, Josh (nephew), Missy, Anna, Stacey (niece), Justin, Aunt Anna, Mom and Dad and Far Guy and I.  My sister and her husband were unable to attend as they are in quarantine for exposure to Covid. 

Far Side

Sunday, October 4, 2020


 It took me a couple of days but I finally got the Fall flag up.

This is my usual October Fall flag...I have had it for many years about 20 years.  We used to have a Hallmark Store in town that carried Toland Flags....if you ask me there is no other flag that compares in richness of color or durability.  I have not been compensated in any way for this review. 

A scarecrow, pumpkins, a pesky crow, apples, corn stalks, falling colorful leaves and sunflowers...what is not to like. 

Our local Walmart finally has curbside pickup...the app is pretty cool...we can check in when we leave home and when we park at the pickup spot it was only a matter of a few minutes and someone brought out our order.  Easy Peasy. Far Guy thought is was much better than the local grocery store pickup. 

Sunset as we left to go get our order.  We saw one deer when we left and five when we came back...the ditches still have green grass so guess where the deer are? 

It was a chilly day...I mulched for the place was so heavy with leaves that I could push them into the woods with the lawn mower.   My brothers and their brides visited in the afternoon out on the patio ...they said in the winter visits would be real short because they were only staying until they get cold. 

Far Guy still has discomfort but is improving slowly.

Far Side

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Minnesota Roads

 Far Guy is feeling much better after his medication was changed.  He is still very sore but at least he can breathe a bit easier. 

Yesterday I drove my baby brother's vehicle to the airport in Fargo and Far Guy followed and picked me up. 

On the way back I took a few photos.  The leaves left are mainly Maples, Red Oak,White Oak and Piss Popples (Aspen).

The sky was interesting yesterday with "summer like" fluffy clouds...but it was a cool froze in the morning. 

We are ready to spend a few days at home again. 

Far Side

Friday, October 2, 2020

Fall stuff and frustrations

 It seems the Cardiologist prescribed a medication for Far Guy that made him really short of breath.  We finally got it straightened out and a new med will be started today.  If it isn't one thing it is another.   Late in the afternoon we went to town...the Pharmacy we go to has a walk up window. Thank goodness! 

Earlier in the day I got a wheel chair at the Clinic and wheeled him up to his Infusion appointment.   He really didn't like it...but it was necessary because of his breathing difficulty. Afterwards we dropped off some stuff for my Mom, picked up our groceries and went by the bank. 

Groceries were an adventure Dawn dish soap, apples, pretzel buns or Outshine Fruit Bars. Who knew?  

Back at home I disinfected everything and washed all the fruit.  We had one shortage this week so I had to call and have them credit my account.  They never seem to achieve perfection. 

After lunch I mulched leaves for a couple of hours...our leaves are about 75% down.  So that was mulch number 4.   Our weather is cool and windy.  The high yesterday was 49 F or 9 C  eh!

We will probably freeze tonight.  I heard someone mention the s word. 

I decorated the wreath for fall.  Today maybe I will go for the gold and get a new flag up!

Far Side

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Tuesday report

 I know that title sounds funny...but I needed a bit of time to digest Tuesday happenings. 

We left at 4 AM to travel to the University of Minnesota for appointments with Far Guy's Lung Transplant Pulmonologist and for a Heart Catherization and Angiogram that the Transplant Surgeon requested. Far Guy had his last angiogram in June of 2019 that showed one vessel 55-60 % blocked and not bad enough to do anything about. The Transplant Surgeon wanted to see if anything had changed in the past 15 months. 

Our early morning appointments went fine...Far Guy is feeling pretty good...being a hermit agrees with him as he hasn't been ill since January the Doctor thought that was fantastic.  They discussed what his feelings were toward a transplant...we had decided a long time ago that God was in charge.  The Doctor said she could understand and that after the heart procedures we might be encouraged one way or the other.  He would be taken off the list in February when he turns 71 anyway.

The heart cath and angiogram was supposed to begin at 1 PM and it was 2 PM before they took him away.  The nurses said the Doctor would be out in about an hour to talk to me.  Well that time came and went.  Eventually at the two hour mark a very nice young surgeon came to talk with me.  Far Guy was okay he said...the three main vessels that supply the has tiny areas like bumps, the middle vessel that was 55-60% blocked last time is still the same with no change...however the third vessel was 70 % blocked.  He said Far Guy was apprised of the situation and his Lung Transplant Doctors and Coordinator were brought in on the discussion.  Together they all came to the conclusion that a stent was in Far Guy's best health interests.

It was not a decision made lightly.  The medication you have to take daily to keep the stent open is one that is not allowed before, during or after a lung transplant.  So he is not on the lung transplant list anymore. 

Far Guy is okay with the decision although he is pretty miserable with pain from the procedure.  He is taking it real easy.  One day at a time. 

I have conflicted feelings...happy that he is okay and they have fixed the problem with his heart.  Sad that the journey toward new lungs has ended.  I will unpack the suitcases that have been packed for the last 15 months soon.

One day at a time.

We are both tired.  It was a very long day with four hours drives on each end of the day.

View from the clinic at the University of Minnesota

Far Side

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Last day of September

 Goodbye September...I am sad to see you completed for another year...I loved the warmer temperatures you had mid month...perfect summer weather!  

Your beautiful fall colors and leaves that fell like rain amused us. 

The grass is still green under a carpet of leaves. 

Mowing and mulching will continue into October...hopefully with a few warm days and no snow! Please send that memo to October!!

All photos taken at the house with blue trim nearby.

If I had more time I would make apple it was a good year for those apples.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Leaves and other crap

 It rained yesterday...the leaves in the yard were pretty damp to mulch...oh well they will either stay there for me or blow into the woods. 

As you can see the trees are getting more bare. 

We recycled and went to the post office.   I played 52 pick up and put away in its proper place.  Far Guy worked on his new old car. 

Our absentee ballots came in the mail they have been filled out and are ready to mail in.  God Bless America and the right to vote! 

I am real tired of the election /politics/stab everyone in the back crap.  I have had it with facebook and all the people that post politics crap that may or may not be true.  Facebook is not a real happy place...too many people with an agenda...I posted a photo of leaves...perhaps I should have added "leaf me alone."  Some people must sit around all day and post stuff...don't they have some thing better to do with their time?  Oh I forget..they are probably the people that have a phone attached to their hand 24/7.  Some people were unfriended....I just couldn't take it anymore.

We have a busy week with many, many appointments. 

Far Side

Monday, September 28, 2020


 The water disappears out of the bird baths every night. 

We looked at the trail cam and discovered that the new old car did not discourage them from heading to the bird bath.

Caught red handed 

One is at the bird bath on the left and the other is headed to the other bird bath. 

We had a quiet Sunday at home.  Far Guy worked on his new old car.  I caught up with laundry and cleaned the bathroom.  Then I spent the whole afternoon on the lawn mower mulching leaves....the third mulch is done.  The leaves are about half down.  My other baby brother stopped by to visit.

 I made the crisp bacon, roasted sweet potato, rigatoni and cheese hotdish for makes six servings and freezes well.  Fry the bacon then chop it up into small pieces, cut three sweet potatoes into chunks and roast them in the oven, cook up a half of a box of the rigatoni, use whatever cheese you like ...I used a bit of Velveeta and some Cojack cheese...add some water from boiling the noodles to make the cheese sauce creamy...toss in the bacon, sweet potatoes and drained rigatoni.  Yum!  It is a meal we never make in the summer. Fall food at it's finest! 

Far Side