Monday, September 30, 2013

Mystery Monday : A Case and Making that list

The trees are not yet peak here, I will guess that will happen in just a couple of days.

Fall pictures are still at the top of my list! The last hurrah before “brown” and or “ brown and white season” gets here.

fall colors getting close to peek

A little pond over by Toad Lake

The museum has a program scheduled on Monday night, I must spend part of the day at the museum on Monday, and probably a bit of Tuesday too. 

Far Guy has a big to-do on Tuesday night.  He and another classmate have decided that each year on October 1st they are having a class reunion no matter if they are the only two that show up.  He is excited, just like a little kid in a candy shop.

I had a four hour nap yesterday, my daughter says that does not qualify as a nap it is more like a sleep.  I guess I agree, as I woke up and didn’t know if it was morning or night or what day of the week it was.  Good thing I knew my name or I would have panicked.

I will spend some time here at home getting reorganized, my desk is a mess.  It  became a dumping ground for “stuff” the past couple of weeks.  In fact it has spilled over to another table where I keep my laptop…messy messy.  Clutter drives me nuts.  I have been able to keep the dining room table clutter free but only by being diligent.

Pictures, naps, reading and a little reorganization are at the top of the list this week.

Now for the mystery:

Mystery CaseThis case holds something.  I used to know how to use it but have since forgotten.  The case has a gentleman’s name on it, it has nothing to do with what is inside.  The couple that donated this item along with many other interesting items have been long time residents of the area, age and health has them moving in with their daughter in Maine.

I will post another picture later in the day, unless I am napping then it might be evening:)

You guys are good guessers! Yes it is a slide rule.

Slide rule

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rainy Day Activities

Chance’s inner alarm needs to be reset.  He had to go out at 6:30 AM.  It was raining.  It rained on and off all day, the high was about 55 degrees.  Several people we talked to said “At least it isn’t the white stuff.”   We may have had one very light frost, but have escaped a hard freeze.


Some of the trees have colored to a golden light orange, even in the rain they were striking.


Have you ever been to an Alpaca farm?  Me neither. This little guy in the purple coat was just four hours old.  We had a wonderful tour of an Alpaca Farm by a fellow named Scott.


This weekend was National Alpaca Farm Tour Days.   I bet I could raise Alpacas if I had a barn and if I were younger, and had hay land and two guard dogs.  I am super impressed with their fleece and their personalities.  They all poop in a communal spot..easy keepers for sure…one area to clean up instead of the whole barn and barn yard.  



If you are ever in the Backus area you might want to check out their farm.  After the farm tour we headed over to the Chain Saw Carving Event in Hackensack… more about that some other day.   It was a fun day..we came home and had a nap:)

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

All about my first day off

I slept late, it felt great.  Chance and I sent Far Guy off to the museum, it was his volunteer day.

I lounged around in my jammies for a long time.  I returned phone calls that needed my attention. I read until the phone ringing interruptions were too much. I finally got dressed.  I had to leave Chance behind whilst I did some errands, it was way too warm of a day for a black dog to sit in a black car.  I had the dreaded mammogram in the afternoon..owie, I hate that boob smashing machine.  Cross something off the freaking list!

I visited Far Guy and I packed up some more of my office and gave him guidance.  Then I took all the used ink cartridges to the animal shelter, somehow they get money from them.  I took time out to pet some dogs and made some kittens purr.

I went to Walmarts and went up and down every aisle, just because I could.  Yes, I got everything on my list and then some.  Far Guy said maybe unsupervised shopping was not such a good thing!

Came home played ball with Chance, took pictures of my niece’s family and Chance and I ate a late supper.  Far Guy had a long volunteering day, he went straight from the museum to a community activity… that showcased Arts… he was at the woodcarver’s display table.

I think I have turned the corner with my cold…maybe.

I am reading my Trixie Belden book.  I began reading that series of books when I was about 10 years old.   I saved up to buy books. ( I used to get 25 cents a week during the summer from my Dad if I behaved and helped out during the week, and $1.00 for every A on my report card during the school year.)    Then when we would go to Woolworth’s ( A five and dime store) in Detroit Lakes I would pick out a Trixie Belden book…they were usually .99  or 1.09  plus tax.  I found out that 39 books were published in the Trixie Belden Series from 1948 to 1986.…and the first ones I bought were called a Cello or “glossy” because of the glossy cellophane that was adhered to the book jacket.  I am certain I wrote my name in all the books I purchased, every time I open one in an antique shop I wonder as I open the front cover was it one of mine?  I paid $3.00 for this one…and so far I have gotten $3.00 worth of enjoyment:)

leaves are changing fast!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stick a fork in me I am done!

Finished my last full day at the museum for this year!  Yeah for me!  I am relieved.  Now I can take naps and stay up till who knows when, I can be on my own schedule.  I am so not a morning person.  I think I might just smash the alarm clock too.

It was a frustrating week tying up loose ends.  Waiting for calls that were never returned, people to show up that never did.  AARG! Gus the Ghost had a fit and exploded a light bulb all over one night.  I think he is ready to be all alone in the building again.

Far Guy had an interesting Tuesday.  Months ago he ordered a new furnace, on installation day #1 it was discovered the furnace had been dropped in shipment, so it had to be reordered.  The gas hook up, digging lines, installing a new tank guys have been here three times.  They dug and installed, came back and re-dug because they had leaks. Grass had started growing:(  I kept asking them if I need to get a bird…they all looked at me like I was NUTS.  On Installation Day #2  Far Guy had to go to town for parts for the furnace guy.  Finally it is fait accompli. 

No more outside woodstove, just bump up the thermostat and pay the bill.  Far Guy has been a little down in the mouth about it until I showed him the figures for burning wood what with wood stove purchase, wood delivered, new chain saws, repairs, circulation pumps etc… it all comes out in the wash.  I am certain our floors will not be as warm as they were. ( I suppose I could rip out some tiles and lay some electric heat coils in strategic places..or just wear slippers.)

I am not making a “to do” list until Monday, but try as I might one is formulating in my head.  But right at the top of that list is take Fall photos, nap and read my Trixie Belden book:)


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flowers For Me?

I am on my last day at the museum.  Sure I will have to go in on Friday for a bit, and next week to pick up odds and ends…but the end is in sight.  I can see it from here.  Some days I wasn’t sure I would make it to the next day..but here we are at the end of the season. What a relief.

Pretty Flowers

My cold is still making me miserable, how much snot can one head hold anyway? 

Yesterday Tess finished off one of her projects and was helping me with the newsletter for October when I heard the jingle of the sleigh bells that are on the front door.


It was my youngest volunteer and her Grandpa with a delivery.   My youngest volunteer was so excited she could barely contain herself!  Flowers for me?  “Yes! For you!” she replied.  She had a good summer helping out at the museum, she has a healthy curiosity about everything in the museum except mannequins.  She is a little frightened by mannequins.  She learned to dust properly, how to wash windows, and was my best carpet sweeper gal, she also wrote her own treasure hunt, she helped me create and update displays, her least favorite job was putting obituaries in acid free sleeves.  The last day she spent with me, we designed a family tree for her to research over the winter.  She had to go back to school when school started, but occasionally stops by for a visit to see what’s new or old as the case may be. Flowers from Kayla

I was thrilled, it is a pumpkin stuffed to the brim with flowers!  It is a lovely gift!

I don’t “do” flowers inside often, they usually give me a cold or aggravate allergies but I already have a cold so what the heck!

It is nice to be appreciated! :)

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wistful Wednesday : 102 Years ago

One hundred and two years ago my maternal Grandmother was born on September 26, 1911.  The daughter of a farmer and his wife.  For eighteen months she would feel safe and loved, then her mother would die.

Elsie Glander

This photo was taken when she was two or three.  By that time she was living with her father’s sister, a lady they called Grandma Anderson.  Menfolk couldn’t be bothered with a girl.  Later her father would order up a mail order bride to really mess the family up.

Depending on your birth order, you remember different things.  Take for instance my baby brother and I.  I remember Grandma teaching me how to gut a chicken and clean the heart, liver and gizzard very carefully.  My brother remembers her grabbing a chicken and wringing it’s neck.  ( I think he said at the time he told me about that memory  “ Not exactly warm and fuzzy feelings about the little old lady that is your Grandma.”)

I have no doubt that his memory is as good as mine is…both things different times seen by different children.

When I think of Grandma, I think kitchen and cooking and lemon bars, Russian Dill pickles, apples and raisins in the dressing at Thanksgiving, and fresh peas and potatoes in white sauce in the summer.  My brother and the rest of my siblings probably don’t remember all those good foods…or perhaps they had their own favorites. Elsie Drewes 1990 (2)

Grandma in 1990, she would live another five years until 1995.  I am pretty sure she was at Aunt Leila's in this photo ( Grandpa’s sister). Land sakes alive someone had crochet/knit up a storm!

Somewhere along the line, I think my Mother took a photo of the town named after Grandma. It was either my Mother or my brother…I think this is Elsie, Oregon.

Elsies Road Sign

Grandma would die before the name Elsie became popular again.  She has a Great Great Granddaughter named Elsie now.  I think that would have pleased her:)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I got mail

I got some Royal Mail, it took six weeks to get here, it must have been on one of those tall ships or a row boat.

Mail from Alan

Alan collects postcards, earlier in the summer I found a postcard of Blackpool at a Flea Market and sent to off to him.  He in turn sent me a postcard from Pittsburg, PA of the Machesney Building that is now called The Benedum-Trees Building that was built in 1905.  The postcard has horses and carriages going up and down the street.  Doesn’t Alan have wonderful penmanship?  Thanks Alan!  He writes the blog News From Nowhere.

A few days later I got a box in the mail.  Johnson Cottonwood Bark from Colorado, from Linda.  She lost a huge branch in her yard and when I asked her about the bark she mailed me not one box but two.  Thanks Linda!  I will carve something for her…eventually.  Linda writes the blog Life on a Colorado Farm.

One of the great things about blogging is that I have wonderful friends from all corners of the world.

Colorado Bark

It is always great to get something in the mail other than bills:)

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Museum Mystery Monday: A Box

A very nice lady dropped off this box at the museum.  It was one of the last things that I accessioned this year.

We did not have this item in our collection.  It is a great addition to one of our rooms.Mystery Box

The latch on the door did not work so  someone taped it.  Far Guy has removed the tape marks with goo gone and cleaned up the box inside and out.  It is now out on display along with the contents.

It is from the 1930’s. There is a handle on the top of the box.  What do you think is inside?  I know how to use one.  I rather enjoyed learning how to use one.  I would have enjoyed having one of my own because I am a curious person.

The mystery item is temporarily sitting on the counter in my office that holds some hands on items.  A muff for children to try ( black seal skin), the yellow paper is for the nib pen, and the small container partially filled with coins encourages people to get rid of their pocket change…and my Pheasant that has a sign that says “Touch me gently.” 

I have three days of work left.  I have more vacation time coming at the end of the week.  Probably a good thing too, as I have caught a cold and right now my throat is on fire.  I am attempting to fight it off with naps, Zicam and fluids.  Far Guy has it too, he is on his fifth day…I am just on my first.

I will be back later in the day to post a photo of the mystery item…guess away:)


Yes, many of you guessed it.  It is a microscope.  It belonged to a lady doctor who practiced medicine in Brainerd Minnesota, her daughter lives in Park Rapids.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winey Snob

I do like a glass of champagne every once in awhile.  I have about 4 small one serving bottles in the fridge …they have been there about a year.  Cooks I believe is the brand. I must be ageing them. I love the bubbles in a half way decent champagne.

The last time I had a glass of wine?  Easter.

I heard it with my own ears.  “I keep an opener in the car, just in case of a wine emergency.”  What I wondered would constitute a wine emergency?  A flat tire?

I keep an extra couple of blankets in my car just in case I might be freezing to death and a small bag with necessities; an extra collar and lead for Chance, in the summertime a bottle of water and a dish again for Chance just incase he needs a drink, Kleenex, a couple of plastic bags to clean up after you know who in case he poops away from home, hand sanitizers and a couple of pens oh yes and some toothpicks. Not a wine corkscrew to be found.


Perhaps the wine emergency gal and this gardener are related?

Creative vines and bottles

No probably not, the Black Eyed Susan Vine is climbing up a piece of wood with dowels that holds old pop bottles. I am sure the wine emergency gal probably only drinks designer coffee and wine.

This recycling gardener had some beautiful sunflowers.


It was worth stopping for.  I wish they had been out in the garden working I would have you whooed and wrangled an invitation to get a closer look.  As it was I stood at the edge of their property and leaned in as far as I could without falling over.

Yesterday we had a leisurely day together just the three of us, going to garage sales and looking over different parts of the county, then we came home and had a nap:)

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Saturday, September 21, 2013


I had a really nice night/day at Lind Lake with all the scrapbooking gals.  I did not drag out my scrapbooks.  Instead I worked on my cards.  The ones I make using my photographs. Jen asked “Mom what are you going to do with all those cards?”   I send most of them out, it is surprising the number of sympathy cards I send out and of course I give some away to silent auctions and to other people “just because.” 


I find working with paper relaxing.  Since I am a paper hoarder it also gives me a reason to purchase more.  We went out for breakfast and went shopping for more paper, yes I bought some more.  I made lots of cards in the afternoon. I came home late in the day and had a nap.  It was a good day..sorry Red no pictures of a cake…we don’t eat cake very often around here!  No candles to blow out either…probably a good thing as that could have been a fire hazard.

Far Guy, Jen and family gifted me with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 software.  It will take me some time to master that program.  I hope my older brain is up to the challenge.  Good thing there are tutorials online…I may have to take notes!  Jen has the same program and really likes it so I suppose I will too after a period of adjustment.

I went for a walk. 

Cattails at Lind Lake

Cattails at Lind Lake


Very little blue sky between rain showers.  We are having a cool wet spell, I know the trees need water this time of year but I need just a little sunshine:)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sixty years ago I was two

I am just thrilled about another birthday.Connie second birthday 1953

Me in 1953 when I was two years old.

The only good thing that I can say about this birthday is that I am finally old enough to draw Social Security.  I am not sure if I will “retire” yet or not, but it is nice to know it is a possibility. Of course I can always draw social security and still work at the museum.  I have not made up my mind about all that yet.  I don’t want to make any decisions at the moment.

I will spend the day AWAY resting, going out for breakfast with some people I love, taking some pictures, being creative and having an afternoon nap:)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Spark

I think I have misplaced my spark.   I need to sleep some and just relax, since I completed the last 30 days of antibiotics for the Lyme’s I am doubly tired. I think I should have been taken off the medication gradually because I feel like crap really rotten. 

I have five days off of work…well really four and a half because I have to go into the office and make an appearance at the luncheon with a gallon of potato salad that I have not yet completed, but I will by the time it is needed.  I must remember to smile and not be bitchy. When asked how I am I will answer “Just peachy and you?”

A few nights ago the neighborhood “gang” was trying to make sparks…and they said they made some but they were too little to see.

Making sparks

Sometimes mine is too little to see too.

The boys

The boys gave the spark making a good try and suggested that perhaps I should take a movie of them.  It is probably a good thing that these boys are all in different class rooms.

I am sure my spark will be back in a day or two:)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wistful Wednesday: 1975

How many of you gals have been pregnant in the summer?  Miserable. You feel...fat… it is seems like you wait all summer for the baby to arrive.  Your feet swell…you are cranky.

During the summer of 1975, I was 23 years old.  Pregnant with our second child who we were sure was going to be a boy who we would name Travis but we would call him Duke.   ( cause Trica (big sister) liked that name.)  Trica and I and our Scottie Terrier/Mix dog named “Snuffer” lived in a cottage at the lake, with no hot water and no indoor bathroom.  We had an outhouse.  My parents bought a resort, my Dad was still working in the cities and my Mom was still farming I ran the resort for them for the summer.

Connie, Trica and Julie Summer 1975

Me, Trica (3years old) and my sister Julie (9 years old) at the resort.

Far Guy would commute and come and see us on an occasional night and weekends.  It was a long summer. My due date (September 1) came and went.  My Doctor scratched his head.  Finally he came to his senses and scheduled me to be induced, I went home and went into labor…eight hours later we had our second little girl!

SEptember 18 1975 Connie and Jennifer

Me and Jennifer Joy 5 pounds 5 ounces…tiny..tiny perfect baby.

She was hungry!  Her last few days in the womb were not the best for her, she lost weight and her skin was all wrinkled.  We were lucky she survived, the Doctor strongly suggested that perhaps I was not such a good incubator anymore.  So with two daughters our family was complete.

Jens Birthday Cookie.  1979 maybe

She would forgo birthday cakes and take a liking to Hornbacher’s decorated  chocolate chip cookies for her  birthday treat.

She grew up, went to school for 19 or 20 years and now she goes to school everyday.  She teaches English in a Community College. 

Jen taking photos

One of her favorite hobbies is taking photographs.  We have the same camera except her camera strap has a fancy smancy lace cover decorated with buttons.  She collects buttons..because she can and she is always looking for places to use them. 

I think she could have been an Interior Decorator.  She has a good eye for color and form.  She has decorated and redesigned just about every room in their 1910 four - square home directing handy Andy to build cabinets and trim that are true to the era their home was built in.

I won’t tell you how old she is, but you can do the math.  Math was never her strong subject but I am certain she remembers exactly how old she is!   Happy Birthday Jen! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In rut

During our evening drive, one square mile, just before sunset, we have observed different deer behavior.  Some groups seem to be always together, their herd is established and their numbers do not change.  This years fawns are wary but curious, the late fawns still have their spots.
Sunday night we observed two bucks fighting it out.  It was strange a herd of about eight deer were in the bean field, and at the edge of the field two bucks were left in the dust when the others ran toward the woods.  Apparently the hormones were in control.
Two Bucks fighting
Their heads were down and they were shoving each other around and around, only concentrating on being a winner.
Two Bucks fighgting 1
Most of my photos were blurry…they were moving around really fast.  Finally they separated only to go back at it again.
Two Bucks stop fighting
A couple of nice bucks…we decided they would make good jerky come November.  I personally will leave the gun hunting to others and continue to hunt with my camera.
They are finally leaving
It was fun to see these two in rut.  From what I have read they can start to be in rut from late September to November, they fight for dominance of the herd of females. A buck only has one thing on his mind during that time…does.  They certainly didn’t mind us watching the fight.  It must have been a draw, they both took off together for the safety of the woods. They had to cross the road in front of us.
If you look closely there are four deer in this photo. Yes, they are headed for our place, right now the safety of the woods, the lure of the bean field and water down at the lake will keep them around for a while:( 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Museum Mystery: Sept 16

Todays mystery items hang on a wall in the museum.

Mystery Items

Two items that would used by men to create or repair something. I will post the answer here later in the day.

Two weeks left. It is actually five days because I have days off.   I am more than ready to be done for the season.


The shelves in my office are not getting bare.  Saturday was a quiet day, when I got done with research questions I hit the accessions hard.   The “stuff” that has been hidden under my desk for three plus years has been accessioned or sorted out for the rummage sale room. ( The Director before me stuffed one item after another under the desk.)  See that box next to the pink bag…Tom brought me that one.  Tom is a saver, I just peaked inside..oh my.  I may save that one for next spring. Tess and I just finished his last box which contained about 60 hometown newspapers from 1941 to 1946.

The weather has turned cold, I need a sweater or a sweatshirt in the museum now.  We have a fundraiser this week.  A Soup and Salad Luncheon, I will donate potato salad.  The luncheon is held upstairs in the Great Gallery ( old courtroom), I have not been up there all summer to see the “art.” Since it is one of my days off I will take my big girl camera and take some photos:)

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On the left we have a Wagon Makers Rasp.

On the right A two sided shave.  Very rare. Probably used for shaping spokes of wagons and buggies:)