Monday, September 30, 2019

Paper Crafts

We did some very creative paper crafts at retreat.   I am back home and mostly unpacked.  Far Guy survived without me.   It was good to do out of the ordinary stuff but now it is good to be back home.

Remember I showed you that black piece of paper with lines on it?  Well after doodling this was the end result.  Jen had some snarky comments...and this one worked perfectly.  Far Guy says I am always rolling my eyes at him!  "I'm sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?"

Jen also did a tutorial on how to fold one piece of double sided paper into the cutest little purse!

Perfect size for a gift card or a small gift.

I like being creative with paper...and apparently so does our youngest daughter Jen.

Many Christmas Cards were colored and covered in glitter....I still have many to do. 

Retreat is over for another year.  On the way home I made a stop at a Farm Store and looked for snow luck with that this year...they did not have the ones I really like.  The leaves are not yet peak color here...the colors are not vibrant this year at least not so far.

Far Side

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Oh the cards are a real pain in the butt. Of course I picked a busy stamp.  Lots of coloring. 

I was just handed a project.

I can doodle all over the card...with a white pen. 
Headed home later today.
Far Side

Saturday, September 28, 2019


I am at the retreat with Jen.  I am working on Christmas cards. 
The weather has turned cold.  I went shopping with one of the gals yesterday. Paper and yarn were found.
I am feeling a little better.
Far Guy is doing fine at home.

Far Side

Friday, September 27, 2019

State of things

I finally got the wreath decorated for Fall.

They finished with the stain on the house a week ago.  So glad to have that project behind us.

My flower bed has finally matured...between copious amounts of rain and the squirrels it was a struggle.   Soon we will freeze...I heard the S word mentioned for next week.

Far Guy is feeling better, he always feels better on steroids.  He is kept busy talking with Doctors and Pharmacists...who cannot seem to get their poop in a group.   Did they not look at his medication history before ordering new meds...many counter indications exist....he is sorting them out one by one...

My Mom has pneumonia, my sister is here taking care of her.  So far she is at home...but sounds like she should be in the hospital.

My cold has taken a turn for the worse...and then it gets is on the cusp of getting better or worse.    I was scheduled to attend a craft retreat with Jen this weekend.

Far Side

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Crochet a long

I might be insane.  I have numerous unfinished projects.  BUT there was a crochet along (CAL) happening that interested sounded like a good way to learn some new to me stitches and a good project to use up some yarn stash ( who is kidding who?)

My good friend Sam wrote about it on her blog.  She is nuts more prolific than I am so she is working on two crochet projects at once.

Every two weeks new designs are revealed.  This time I learned the popcorn stitch.  A gal from Ireland is hosting the project.  It is called Blaithin Blanket Stash Busting CAL

I am feeling better, but not 100 % yet.  I worked on this project in between naps and times I just need to sit down and rest.

Far Side

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

One year

Chance has been gone for a year now...we miss him EVERY single day.   He was a one of a kind dog ....a once in a lifetime dog.
2013 With an ever present ball

Waiting for someone to throw the ball

He seemed to prefer the color blue

Playing ball in Indiana 2014

Going for walks

Waiting patiently at his spot.  We had a mail box out by the long driveway for a number of years...he was trained to only go so far...then he would sit and wait.

His best friends sent him gifts! 

Here he is sticking out his tongue at me...he hated my camera and would often close his eyes and refuse to open them.

Recently I moved  his paw print from the kitchen window onto the table.  Later that week I went shopping and bought some scrubby yarn...didn't even look at the name of the color..I just liked all the colors.   I intended to put the paw print upstairs in the cabinet where it won't get dusty.  Maybe later today...or tomorrow I will get it there. 

We will miss Chance... possibly forever..that is how it is with a good dog. 

Border Collies need jobs.  Chances job was to play ball many times a day/night.  We played find the ball in the house on winter nights.  We went for rides every night after supper...he loved watching for deer and turkeys.  He wanted to get the mail even on Sunday.  He was a creature of habit...every morning he would get his belly scratched when Far Guy put on his socks.  He knew when 5:30 rolled around someone should be in the kitchen cooking supper and he would supervise until supper was served...even though he had food in his dish all the time he would only eat once a day when we ate supper.  He knew many words... my vehicle versus Far Guys he knew which one to go to.  He knew when we said the word ride or town he would lay down in front of the door so he would not get left behind...and on the rare occasion he was left alone he would serenade the neighborhood.  One Christmas Eve up in Fisher Minnesota at Andy and Jen's home we left him alone with Miss Miney to go to church a block away...we could hear him from the church parking lot.  That is how it is with a dog that loves you as much as you love him.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall is here

The neighbors have their pumpkins and gourds out as decorations.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Quiet Weekend

We had a quiet weekend.  Trying our best to get over these colds.  I was able to work on a new crochet project learning some new to me stitches.  I watched numerous episodes of Once Upon A Time....and napped. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 22, 2019

On hold

Far Guy is On Hold for his Lung Transplant.  He has two types of fungus growing in his lungs.  He will be on medication for 8 weeks and then they may or may not take him off all depends how well the fungus responds to medication.  (The fungus revealed itself after 40 some days in culture from sputum samples taken on August 5 2019)

The Transplant Team discussed Far Guy again.   His Transplant Coordinator and his Pulmonary Transplant Dr thought he would be a good candidate for two lungs now...that would get rid of the fungus completely. Dr SH the Thoracic Surgeon said "No way that would make me too nervous." So they decided to put him on hold...which is better than being taken off the list.

More sputum tests were accomplished Thursday and Friday and blood tests are scheduled on Monday...and we get a new Doctor added to the mix...and Infectious Disease Specialist.

To say we are discouraged is an understatement.

It is our hope that once they get the fungus under control his breathing will improve.

One day at a time.

Deer poop amongst the small crabapples
Far Guy got his Shingrix shot last Wednesday....shots are in short supply...the VA Clinic happened to have one. 

Previously we both had Zostavax shot...but now they say you need the new one because it is more effective. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bits of Sunshine

Got a little sunshine for my birthday!

The best jelly ever!  I figured I would have to go back to Hawaii to get some.  My husband is very thoughtful!

Our youngest daughter Jen makes the best cards!   The scissors were part of the crafty gift she sent.  I have always wanted a pair of bird scissors!

I have a cold, Far Guy too...we must have picked it up at the same doubt a Clinic someplace.

We are resting , drinking copious amounts of fluids and napping.

Good thing we made Chicken and Noodles a few weeks ago and stocked up the freezer.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday!

Far Side

Friday, September 20, 2019


Happy Birthday to me!  Yes I am older now.

It has been a fairly crazy week.  Sad, happy, frustrating name it and we have gone through the emotions.

I enjoyed some quiet time in a garden, some time shopping at Hobby Lobby and quiet evenings with the love of my life.
Raindrops on White Roses  September 17 2019
Some people have dropped the ball this week and that is very discouraging for both of us.  Shit Stuff happens.

It keeps raining, then it rains some more.

Far Side 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Very Late Lilac

I walked around the Gardens in Menahga on Tuesday while Far Guy was getting his teeth cleaned and a dental checkup.  They are Fall Gardens now, only one Daylily blooming but the Profusion Zinnia Series makes for a colorful border.

As I walked the outer circle looking at various plants...I was suddenly transported back to Spring or at least early Summer.

The sweet smell of Lilacs filled the air.  I think this may be a Miss Kim Lilac...who really knows for sure, I wondered why it was so late blooming. ...but I enjoyed it anyway.

After my stroll in the rain I drove over to the Lake.

Spirit Lake was a gloomy rainy morning.

Then it was time to get my teeth cleaned and an exam. " No cavities but remember you can have that wisdom tooth that is sensitive to cold removed anytime."

Far Guy didn't have any cavities either...but has part of an old wisdom tooth that was not removed sometime long needs to come out sometime.

Two Dental Appointments accomplished and a loaf of flatbread was purchased from the Bakery.
 ( probably the best little bakery in our area.)

Far Side

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Jen!

Our youngest daughter is older today...she has been going backwards from 40 a few years now...I think 36 is her number this year.

She is the rock of our family, she has a can do attitude and will see things through when the rest of us throw up our hands in frustration.   She is a force to be reckoned always want her on YOUR side for sure!

I irritate her some days.  I take photos of her taking photos.
 Lake Bemidji July 2019

This past year she made sure that her elderly not getting any younger parents got to go on vacation in Hawaii.  She made countless phone calls and organized the entire trip.  She saw us through a blizzard, cancelled flights and airport frustrations.   Several of us (me, Far Guy and Adam said maybe we should just go home)  She said "No giving up ... we are all going to Hawaii!!"  AND we did!

Hawaii 2019

She was our constant companion at The University of Minnesota Clinic while her Dad had days and days of medical tests.  She will be there with us when he is transplanted.

We thank God for her everyday, we are truly blessed to have her for a daughter.
Happy Birthday  Jen!
Far Side

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A little sunshine

The sun came out, it warmed up and got humid.  Freezing our butts off or sweating them off.  How about something in between.

My other baby brother did part of the mowing on Sunday.  I finished up everything yesterday.  When I was on the back road mowing I noticed one of the Ash trees is showings it stuff.

It was prettier with a bright blue sky in the afternoon when I did not have my camera...I wandered that way last evening.

Far Guy had to go to Pulmonary Rehab by himself.  The house painters were working on the house and the furnace man was here... he cleaned and checked out our is in fine shape and not nearly as dirty as he thought it would be...maybe because we are always cleaning something around here.  He checked it for leaks etc..and we are all good.

The house painters will be back today to finish up.   The house is getting two coats of stain.

It is looking pretty good.  We have been working on the pavers, Wet and Forget does a great job killing moss!   The pavers are still not perfect but everything takes time.

Far Side

Monday, September 16, 2019

A little sun

Finally the sun came out and I got a chance to mow.  Still a little more to do I wouldn't want to use up all my mojo at once for mowing.

No nap yesterday.  Gearing up for a really busy week. 2 dental appointments, 5 medical appointments...and the furnace man is coming out to check the gas furnace...just a safety check and the house painter/stainer should be here this week.  Sometime in there we will do grocery shopping...and during one of the medical appointments I will get to go to Hobby Lobby instead of the appointment! ( That is a win for me!)

 I need to make the menus for the week...something besides freezer... freezer...Far Guy is of little help...when I ask him he just says "What would you like to eat?"  WELL popcorn comes to mind...I need to get out the Cookbooks and try something new.  I hear some people actually make stuff from cookbooks instead of just reading them!

Far Side

Sunday, September 15, 2019

More rain

As soon as the grass dried out a bit, I went out to mow...when I got on the mower it started to rain again.  What to do ...what to do.. I had a nap.

Cleaned the bathroom, went to the Landfill and did laundry before my non mowing adventure.  So a fair amount was accomplished.  Far Guy cooked...Impossible Italian Sausage Pie....we ate some and some went in the freezer.

My 50th Class reunion was held this weekend....Thursday night in a Bar...I went to Bingo instead.  Friday night they had a gathering and a meal at a place with very little parking (The Class Organizers are idiots.)  I didn't go there either.   I sent in  money for a booklet. and requested that they take one into the Historical Museum.  Last spring I gathered together all the obituaries I was aware of and mailed them to one of the organizers. ( Not even one thank you was uttered)  I hope they all had a grand time.  My Class was weird...mostly stuck on themselves a$$wholes.  I did not have many friends in my class and the one gal who I would like to see lives in Texas and didn't come either.  I dated only one fellow from our class and I can see him whenever I want as he works nearby....for the record Far Guy likes him too as he has an awesome sense of humor.

Far Side

Saturday, September 14, 2019


We had a fairly busy week.  Four appointments were accomplished.  This week we took some extra time to visit with friends and relatives. 

We hosted dinner for friends.  We served  salmon, oven baked vegetables and Kuchen...raspberry and blueberry. They gifted us with a batch of yellow carrots that are so good.  I baked them and then froze them for later enjoyment.

We made Tator Tot Hotdish one night and froze the remainder.   It is that time of year when it is nice to have the oven on for part of the afternoon. (Tator Tots, browned hamburger, frozen vegetables, Cream of chicken soup topped with cheese and bake for an hour plus) Ya, y'all might call it a casserole...but it is really a Hotdish!

I took my Dad to bingo and he bingoed...that always makes his night! 

Friday afternoon we visited with Far Guy's Cousins...always fun to see them!

Lawn work and patio cleanup have been delayed due to rain.  The fellow that is supposed to come and stain the outside of our home has been delayed  because of rain.  He was here and power washed the whole house one day.  Now it just needs to dry out.

Everything needs to dry out.  Lawn mowing will likely commence today and tomorrow.  The grass really grew in the rain.

I call these "cute as a button shrooms"  They are about as big as an acorn...of which we have way too many....soon I will rake the acorns in piles and hope the deer come by and eat them.
Far Side

Friday, September 13, 2019

Fungus among us

With all the rain we have mushrooms in our yard.

This is an impressive line up.

Far Guy said "Don't pick them, if you want mushrooms buy them at the store!"  I don't like to eat mushrooms...but I do like to take photographs of them!   These are most likely mushrooms that will make you sick ...someone once told me...consider them all poisonous.

Rain Rain go AWAY.
Far Side

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Third Block of Main

The Third block of Main Street is not an area I visit often.  Years ago there was a shoe shop called Arnie's Shoe Repair that I visited often!  I can still smell leather when I think about his shop.

East side of the third block.  Lazy One (not sure what they sell), Beauty Shop (old lumber yard), Pet Food Store (used to be Arnie's Shoe Repair),  Chinese Restaurant,  License place and UPS Shipping (used to be a Hardware Store)  I have never been in the restaurant...but the cook hangs out around back...when I worked in town I would drop off mail in the alley behind this block and more often than not see him out back. . 

West side of the third block.  A long time ago the building on the left was a  Hotel.  It has been many businesses over the years...a VCR Rental Shop, Medical Supplies etc...  there is a Barber Shop, a Beauty Salon, an Italian Restaurant, an Artsy Fartsy Store, a Beauty Salon (Cheryl's Shop...I used to get hair cuts there once in awhile) and a Water Store.  I have not been to the Italian Restaurant...if  we want to eat pasta we make our own.

I took another photo from the other end of the third block.

Flowers by the Lazy One

Every year people donate money so that hanging baskets of flowers can be all around town.
Far Side

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

18 years ago...we should never forget.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cold Rain

I visited my parents while Far Guy was at Pulmonary Therapy.

We ran a few errands in the rain. We went to woodcarving for awhile and caught up with friends there.  Finished errands and unloaded groceries in the rain, we were both chilled so we turned the furnace on and had a nap.

After supper I repacked the suitcase with Fall/Winter clothing.  The high today was 57 F or 14 C eh! It rained for a long time...all afternoon and into the evening.

At least it wasn't snow or it would have been a blizzard...that is my positive thought for today.
Coneflowers in the Wild Gardens
Far Side

Monday, September 9, 2019


The famous clock in town  is never right unless it is 2 or 11.

It is a two sided clock.  I heard someone worked on it...

Photos were taken about a minute apart.

I have often wondered how many tourists are fooled by this never changing time piece.

Time...there never seems to be enough...and we don't know exactly how much time we have left.

In the bottom photo you can see one of the retirement homes off to the is called Court Apartments.  I think it has six stories...practically a high rise.  ( The Fire Dept had to get ladder truck after that building was built.)  Far Guy's parents moved into that building in 1994 after they sold their home...Far Guy's Dad only lived there about six weeks.  Far Guy's Mom lived alone in her apartment on the Third Floor until she moved into the Nursing Home in about 2005.  (The ladies on the Third Floor had little tags they would hang on their doors every morning that said "I am okay!"  They took turns checking on each others doors every morning.)

Far Side

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Good Guess

Nancy over at Wyoming Breezes had a contest to see who could guess how many small quilt squares were in a guess of 233 was real close.  Nancy makes Quilts of Valor for Veterans in Wyoming, she also knits!

Nancy said a package was on the way.  I had no idea what was inside that package.  It arrived safely and it is just perfect! Nancy kept encouraging me to keep knitting socks!  She knows me well as she and I have been following each others blogs for many years.

Sock yarn and a Christmas Ornament!  Thank you so much Nancy!  The ornament will be a great reminder of our special friendship!

Far Side

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Busy Day

Yesterday  Far Guy had an appointment with his regular Pulmonary Doctor, we have to travel about two hours to see this Doctor.  He is very encouraged about the transplant as he used to be on a Transplant Team in Iowa.  He says he is confidant that Far Guy will get a lung and that he will do real well post transplant.  It is good to hear someone so encouraging! However Far Guy is still wheezing...we are to try our best to keep him as healthy and active as possible. 

We hiked through Costco and loaded up with a few things that we always purchase there. (Vitamins, Cheese, Granola Bars and Cereal) We had a very late lunch on the way home...we missed our afternoon naps.

Some leaves are starting to turn colors and the flowers are brighter than they have been all summer...they must love the cool mornings.
Far Side

Friday, September 6, 2019


The second block of Main Street.
The west side

I have not been in the Pawn Shop for some time.  I should stop by and say hi to Royce someday soon.  Next to the Pawn Shop is a tourist shop of some kind....I have not been in there for years. (The Pawn Shop used to be a bank)

Still the west side of the second block...two stores are closed..Book World and Molly Poppins at the end of this block.   Molly Poppins has moved across the street. The old bakery is now Beyond Juice...a Doctor in town owns food stuff ya know. The old teenage hangout is now Minnesoda Fountain...and they close at 4 PM.  The old Variety Store is some other kind of store...they burn horrible smelling candles.

The East side of the second block on Main Street

A Music Shop (used to be a bank), The Good Life Cafe and Molly Poppins new location...they sell gourmet popcorn , I went in and bought some caramel corn with sea salt.  It smells really good in there!

The rest of the block, a Christian Radio Station, Trading Post where they still gift wrap anything you buy!  A tourist shirt shop, Ben Franklin ( Dime Store) and Monikas...a quilt and yarn shop...where I went in to look at yarn and might have bought some more bamboo needles.

Then I went over to my parents house...helped Mom with a problem at the Bank...someone used her credit card but I think it is all sorted out now. 

I was almost late meeting Far Guy at the Clinic after his two appointments...I had the special vials for his blood we did that too.  Went  home, dropped off recycles and went out to lunch, came home and had a nap..

Later in the afternoon I went back into town to take my Dad to Bingo and we each Bingoed once so we got our money back it was a free night out for both of us!

Far Side