Wednesday, June 26, 2019

One Lilac

We only have one Lilac that will bloom this year.

That one Lilac has one bloom.  Be thankful for what you get...that might be the message.

Far Guy has a real bad tooth, he saw the Dentist and it will be pulled next week.  Far Guy is having a procedure this week and there was no need to rile things up worse than they already are.

I finally had time to clear off my desk was a disaster.  I am all packed for the next medical adventure.  Six appointments.

Far Side

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Trudging Along

One foot in front of the other.
The deer took my best blooms.

You can see where he/she ate two blooms.  They are not supposed to like this plant.  Baptisia australis or Blue False Indigo.

The same with my Lupine.

The squirrels had their way with my small flower bed.  I bought a few plants to replace the ones they damaged. I will plant them today.

We made it to one was woodburning so we stayed for quite awhile. It was good to catch up with everyone.  The woodburning fumes make Far Guy short of breath and his lung feel burned...just like all fragrances, perfume and aftershave.

The Christmas Ornament is being carved...progress is slow but sure.

Far Guy is completely done with the Prednisone was a long drawn out taper. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that he will still feel okay and not get sick for awhile.

Far Side

Monday, June 24, 2019

Rough Roads

Our area roads are still rough.  We sneak out the back way or make it through one mile of construction to another country road.

We took my baby brothers Gator out to survey the area.   That sand will suck you in...we heard that someone was stranded in the sand overnight until the construction crew came back the next morning.

Seems like so many people are having rough roads lately...Dementia, Cancer, Death, Drug and Alcohol Addiction.  The sadness of it all overwhelms me sometimes.

Far Side

Sunday, June 23, 2019

whats blooming

The Wild Geraniums are prolific this year, the right amount of rain at the right time I guess.

Geranium maculatum or Wild Geranium

Prairie Smoke or Geum triflorum or Old Man's Whiskers
I was happy to see the Prairie Smoke in our wild gardens this year.
A deer went through and ate some of my Lupines and my Baptisia...dirty buggers anyway.

Yesterday I did laundry and cleaned the bathroom and unpacked the rest of our "stuff".  It rained here and it is cool.  Possibly it will be a cool wet summer....who knows!   My other baby brother and his bride mowed our lawn last Wednesday so the lawn is good for a few days.

Far Side

Saturday, June 22, 2019


We are home.  Yes we are both exhausted.  It was a week.  Yesterday we had a nap...catching up as we didn't have many naps all week.

We chose the University of Minnesota Medical Center for transplant.  Far Guys Pulmonary Doctor highly recommended The U of MN. Yes I know you are thinking why don't they go to Mayo?  Well it is a numbers thing...The University does three times as many lung transplants as Mayo.  I liked the sound of Mayo at first...we could stay out of the big city and traffic...but their numbers are just not what we were looking for.  After visiting the U Doctors...I felt confident that we chose the right place...Far Guy too.  Everyone at the Support Group meeting said "You are in the best place possible for new lungs the only other place that compares is Stanford."

I can manage the traffic, do I like it...NO...but I will do what I have to do. The most important place to be is with a good transplant team.  &*^$ traffic.   One day Jen decided to test my in city driving...Freeway and Downtown and I passed her tests.  I told her I felt like vomiting after I arrived safely at the motel. 

After last week we still have a choice...Far Guy can say no to a transplant.  Does he really need a lung transplant?  YES all the tests show that it is his only hope to live a few more years.   He is in good shape other than his crappy lungs.  The next lung infection could put his life in danger, so what to do?  See if he qualifies for a transplant...and go with it, and pray that a donor is found before he dies.

The way I see it he either says yes to dying or yes to a least with the transplant he has a chance to live and breathe.

Tough things to talk about I know.  We have talked and talked...and prayed...and decided that God is in charge and if Far Guy is meant to have a transplant he will.

Is this all scary...yes it sure is... but the alternative is scary too.  Once Far Guy is listed for a transplant I will start a Caring Bridge site for him.

Far Side