Sunday, August 1, 2021

Hazy, Lazy Day

 My baby brother had a picnic get together at his lake house.  I sent over potato salad, we dog sat Baxter instead of going over.  The air quality was bad all day.  Toward evening it cleared out some. 

Baxter and I did some stuff outside...gathered garbage and went to the transfer station.  Baxter is good company and enjoyed the ride in the car.  I kept him on leash all day...he wanted to go back home!  When I finally trusted him off leash his people came to pick him up.   He was so happy to see them.  He has separation anxiety issues. 

I watched some movie... I saw the beginning and the end with a nap in between.

My sister and her husband stopped by in the evening.  

Far Guy had a rough breathing day.  

An old church that was being torn down...I bet those stained glass windows went to the new church just down the road...the Steeple was in the lawn.  Near Goodridge taken last weekend.

Far Side

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Small purses

I am having some fun making some small zip up purses. 

You start with stitches around a zipper and crochet around and around ...the zipper I used was 7 inches long...I am using cotton yarn.  The pattern is Apache Tears.

It has been my "in the car project."  The one with orange and purple on the right has already found a home.

Couldn't believe the electric bill...had to check it twice.  The new Central Air saved us $66 versus last July with the 22 year old wall unit AC....and the Central Air has been on almost everyday.  We thought it might be more energy efficient but did not realize what an energy user the old AC was.

This is the last day in July...the smoke from the Wildfires is miserable.  Far Guy has been inside since noon on Thursday.   He is getting a bit of Cabin Fever. 

Far Side

Friday, July 30, 2021

Bingo Group

 There were 16 of us at Bingo last night.  My Dad was not sure that he would feel up to going...but he did...and Mom went too.  All of my baby brothers children were there and one of my other baby brothers children.  States represented were Minnesota of course, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington and Oregon.  People from Oregon and Minnesota were winners.    Dad did not Bingo...I was hoping he would.  BUT he had a good time and it was good for him to get out of the house.   His broken rib is painful for him. 

Dad is struggling more with his memory...but he still knows how to play bingo:)

Far Side

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sand Mountain and a birthday

 Last weekend near Trail Minnesota we noticed a sand mountain.

We have never been to Trail Minnesota before...population 61, seems like they might have a thriving Sand and Gravel business.   I learned it is named Trail because there used to be an Indian Trail that went through the area.

This is as close to a mountain as we get in this part of Minnesota. 

I had a busy Wednesday, I mowed some, finished moving tables so Tilly could go back in the garage, recycled, did some laundry and had a nap. 

Today is favorite Son In Law Andy's Birthday!  

Happy Birthday Andy! 

Far Side

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Appointment day

 Far Guy had a medical appointment up is a 2 1/2 hour drive most of the day was spent in the car.   Earlier in the morning the new /old car Tilly was ready to be picked up so we went and got her before we left...her gas gauge works now:) 

Far Guy is getting a new Doctor, she seems nice and listened to his concerns...she said "You have challenging issues."   Yes we knew that...hope she likes a challenge.  He is getting referrals to all the specialty Doctors that he needs to see.   His Neurologist retired...His Pulmonary Dr has gone to being in the hospital it was time to get different balls he has never had a Cardiologist...and probably needs to be rechecked after that stent was placed last September.  The clinic we chose partners with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester that must be a plus...and our daughter Jen lives very near the clinic up north. ( Bonus...we can visit Jen, Andy, Noah and Adam and Little Elvis)

Far Guy has still not regained his strength since the Lung Valve procedure in May.  His breathing is worse and now he is short of breath at night.  He is losing weight and in four more pounds will weigh what he did in high school.

He was prescribed prednisone to help with his breathing and the new Dr is going to confer with the Doctors at the U of MN.

For now it is all we can do.

Far Side