Monday, January 17, 2022

Red Art

 This is a sculpture called Vision 1.

I am not so sure I like it...I do like the was bright and cheerful.  

We had a quiet Sunday, for entertainment we watched Andy shovel snow, we got about an inch of snow.  Andy made a smoked bbq chicken for supper, I added baked potato, green beans and was all wonderful!

Far Side

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Card Club

 This week I went to Card Club with Jen.  I knew two other gals from scrapbooking so it was a good get away.

I made a couple of these cards and a Valentine's Day card. 

I ordered some new stamps so I am anxious to try them out.  I colored on cards one day this week whilst watching Sadie.  It was a day when she was real sleepy.  We are working on the command "down" she is silly as sometimes she remains down and expects a treat for that too!  She comes in the doggy door now...this week maybe she will figure out the out part. 

Far Guy is about the same...not much better but no worse either. 

Far Side

Saturday, January 15, 2022

More Art

 This is called "Hidden Treasures"

I  would have liked to see the piece of wood before he started it two pieces or just one?

What is inside?  Maybe nothing ...perhaps it is the hands that are the treasure...

We had a quiet day, the snow storm fizzled out we got just a skiff of snow.  

Our neighbor Steve had his open heart surgery and is doing well, we are so thankful for all the prayers for him and Jo.  Jo said  "Surgery successful and the nurses have helped him to sit in a chair with his legs up late this afternoon. We are so thankful this part is over— now to heal and go through the therapy and get home. Thank you all for your prayers - God is good!"

Far Side

Friday, January 14, 2022


 Last September I took some photos at The Red Bridge Park in Park Rapids.  It is always interesting to see what "art" is displayed. 

This one is titled "Hand Painter"

Do you see the brush?  Me  I do like the hair flying in the wind. 

Far Guy and I put another infusion day behind us, just one stick this week and the gals are now getting hot packs on the veins before they try.  Slow learners. 

Grocery adventures are non existent...since I mask up and go in and get groceries...this week the cold remedy aisle was full of people trying to make do with the small supply that was there. 

Far Guy is better than he was last week so he is making progress in the right direction. 

We are in a Winter Storm Warning for the next couple of days....we have no place to go and can just stay put. 

Far Side

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Keeping on

 The Christmas Greetings keep on coming in the mail!  Kansas and Minnesota! 

It is always great to get something in the mail! 

We are having quiet days.  Far Guy is coming off the steroids so he is catching up on some of the sleep he lost over the past few weeks....Elvis and I supervise the nap time.   It is a rough job but Elvis and I make a great team!

Our neighbor Steve had a heart attack last week and will undergo open heart surgery on Friday, please pray for a full recovery and maybe an extra prayer for his wife Jo as they head down this road together.  They live just down the road from us and we have known them for years, they have three beautiful daughters and have had many dogs...Hooch, Odda, Putz and Titus most recently.  They are good people and good friends. 

Far Side