Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wistful Wednesday: 1992

In 1992 our oldest daughter became engaged.  She was a Student at the time attending Moorhead State University.  They would be engaged for two years or thereabouts when they got married in June of 1994.

I took this engagement photo of them in 1992 at the resort on Straight Lake.  They went to the same High School and didn't particularly care for each other...then they met up again in College.

They would have celebrated 25 years of marriage last month, instead they are getting a divorce. 

It takes two to make a marriage work.  I will venture to say that there are two sides to every story and they are both at fault.

We are sad for our granddaughters...but we are thankful that they are young adults and not small children.

In the "olden days" we would say that the children come from a broken home.
Far Side

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Monday Happenings

We went to check out the construction on our road and came back on the trail next to the bean field.

We had a busy day, Far Guy overdid it at Pulmonary Therapy yesterday morning so he is feeling crappy.  He has been brewing something in his chest and was started on Antibiotics last Friday.  Our weather has been very hot and humid so that doesn't help breathing either.   His Pulmonary Dr is on top of things...and so am I.

We did errands in town and went to woodcarving for a little while, we had to leave when a person started wood burning.

Our corner is getting it may be paved sometime soon...maybe. It is pretty dusty.  Hope we get rain to settle the dust.

We still have a bottomless pit of money at the Credit Union to pay bills with.  Six weeks I have been at this Bill Pay with no real solution. The bills are paid but the money never leaves the account...I told them yesterday that it is a great arrangement for us!

July is half over with ...seems like summer is going real fast now.

Far Side

Monday, July 15, 2019


The Rudbeckia is blooming.  This plant had interesting petals.

I like yellow flowers the best, they are so cheerful...everyone needs a bit of cheerfulness in their life.
Far Side

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Water Hemlock

Water Hemlock is one of the most poisonous plants in Minnesota.

My baby brother has a whole bunch at his lake place.  When I saw them blooming last week I figured I had to make sure and properly identify the plant.

It was not blooming last year because of the construction.

The big identifier on this plant is that the veins in the leaves end at the notches in between the teeth.
It is the root that is is long like a carrot and if eaten will kill you.
Far Side

After some more research all parts of the plant are poisonous, some people have died after game birds ingested the seeds from Water Hemlock...and they ate the game birds and died.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Evening Ride

Far Guy and I went for a ride after supper.
The new road is coming along.  The 2nd mile is one lane with sand on the edges...many people will get stuck over the weekend.

We had my baby brothers Gator...we would not go in the car.  Stopped and talked to my cousin a bit at quitting time.  They work long hours.

We took a trail along the bean field to get to where the work was being done.  The moon was out.
It was a nice ride and the perfect evening for an outing.  It was quite warm yesterday 84 F but cooled off toward evening.

We had carving company yesterday our friend Sheila  joined us on the patio to wood carve and talk about projects.
Far Side