Thursday, July 16, 2020

Night Visitors

Want a peek at what goes through our yard at night?

The white and black kitty cat.  It must be feral...Far Guy has seen it and tried to call to probably eats mice and chippys!!

The Raccoons...double trouble...they drink all the water out of the bird baths and they like the seed that was dropped on the ground by the bear


We may have two bears...they frequent the yard between three and four in the morning and at ten o'clock at night.  They were caught on the game cam two days in a row at those times.

This is no teeny tiny cuddly bear.

It is however a bear that appreciates my flowers and didn't mess them up.
We figured we were pretty safe leaving the feeders had been 16 days since their last visit.
All the feeders are safely tucked away at night now.

My lawn mower needs some kind of holder for a very sharp stick or a rifle....or I need a super charged lawn mower instead of one that putts along...bears can run faster than my lawn mower.

Far Side

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Yellow Flowers

I like yellow flowers...betcha never would have guessed.

They are so cheerful can you resist a smile.

Rudbeckia 'Sonora' is in bloom in the wild gardens.   They reseed themselves.   My planting of Rudbeckia has diminished over the years but there are still some left.

I was busy all day...some laundry, painting Christmas Ornaments (21 are completely done) it may be awhile for more to be finished completely...hooks were ordered and will be here in a week or two. It was a cooler day so I made a pan of Chicken Enchiladas and six servings are headed for the freezer.

No time for a nap or movie time.  I sat outside after supper...the skeeters are getting more aggressive and larger.  All the ponds in the Corporate Farmers irrigation fields are breeding spots....especially since they irrigate in the rain.
Ohhhh crabbiness is setting in.
I need another yellow flower now.

More sunny yellow flowers this one a Rudbeckia with double petals...a seedling variation...nothing that I planted. 
There I feel better now!  Stay safe out there!

Far Side

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Okay Ornaments

It is okay.  The ornaments did not go to option d...I am living with option c.  My CDO has to take a backseat this time.  (Compulsive Disorder Obsessive) Not everything has to be "just so."

Jen said they were OK and so did Far Guy (of course he would have reworked all of them IF I had asked him.)
A least they have a very pretty decorative hanger.

And a very pretty Christmas Box for storage of the ones completed.

I am a bit obsessive about the little check mark for name and date in process...and then the color they were painted and the day they were completed.  I keep track of colors because too many of the same color in a family is not good...they should all feel special.

I carved my daily two ornaments and Far Guy did his also.  I painted some.  It is all a work in progress. 14 are completely done!  It is  a start.

The wind was horrid yesterday...but it kept the skeeters away.  The wind dried out my flower I watered and then it rained...go figure.

Perfection is over rated anyway.
 Far Side

Monday, July 13, 2020

Plant from a friend

Years ago ...probably about 20 some years I got a small plant from Faye.  
It grew! 

It grows on the sunny side of the grain bin.  It attaches itself to some wire fencing that Far Guy put up that goes to the roof of the grain bin.

Far Guy was inspired to carve a few of these flowers...a work in progress. 

This plant is Clematis virginana  or Virgin' s Bower.  They are quite fragrant. 

We had a busy day...I am still not happy with the Christmas Ornaments...I shall try option d tomorrow.  We are almost done carving ...this week should see them all carved and ready for painting when and if the kinks are worked out. 

The latest shawl is being blocked.    I am still working on the project with no pattern...sure hope it turns out as I imagine. 

I watched Just Go With It on Netflix...a funny movie I give it a 8 out of 10 stars. 

I place a large order with Wally World...we shall see if delivery really happens in two days.  
Far Side

Sunday, July 12, 2020


We ventured away from home to the Transfer Station to get rid of our garbage and recycle some batteries.   We were back in about 15 minutes...that was our outing for yesterday.  There is a coin shortage... we always try to have the exact change...from a stash in the cup holder of the car.

I mowed a couple of hours at the neighbors and the back road.  After that I stalked some ants and ant trails in the wild gardens and at Far Guy's resting bench  near the mailbox.   I got my two woodcarvings done after that I worked on my painting plan for them...I made a huge mess...option 1 and option 2 were I am at option 3 that has some problems...but I will get it worked out sooner or later.  It should not be that difficult!

I finished a shawl in the late afternoon instead of napping...I watched The Help on Netflix...I give it an 9 out of 10.

The skeeters are out in force after the rain this week... sitting outside after supper is a swatting adventure!  Supper was a  freezer meal...I had vegetable soup and Far Guy had Gumbo.  We attempted to bake a loaf of rose fine then collapsed...we baked it was a funny shaped flat bread but tasted just fine.

Here is another sculpture at Goose Poop Park.

It did not have a name...I would  name it Nobody's Home.

Far Side