Wednesday, March 29, 2023


 For many days this winter Jen was busy cutting strips of fabric.  Every once in awhile she would say "Lets go to Joannes I need more fabric" so off we would go and she would be busy a few more days.   

Her sewing room is upstairs...she took over that room for sewing the day Adam moved out to his own apartment.  I rarely go up there...she needs her own space sometimes and I am no help when it comes to sewing.  Her Dad helped her cut strips of fabric one day. 

Finally she shared her project.  

Here you can see that it is strips of fabric.

Art and fabric come together for a masterpiece! 

Far Side

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Faithful companion

 Little Elvis is thirteen years old now.  He is my constant companion.  He can hear a little and see a little...he is elderly and sleeps a lot so we get along just fine. 

He moves when I move...his nose must still be pretty good because I can rarely sneak away.  In the night time if I get up to go to the bathroom he follows me and then goes to get a drink of water and is ready to settle back down again when I return.  

He and Sadie get along mostly, she is very jealous of him and will nose him out of the way.  He does run and bark with her outside. 

I will miss him when we go back to the woods.  

Far Side

Monday, March 27, 2023

Yarn and other stuff

 I bought some yarn for the new great grand babies blanket.   I have had fun buying her some cute little outfits over the winter. 

Korina will arrive sometime in July and the nickname I will give her is most likely Ree.   Her big brother and big sister are very excited. In fact they could not keep her name a day they told me it was a K name but they couldn't remember what it was...ask Mom. 

I will make one more run by Hobby Lobby for some water color will be a busy week organizing "stuff" to pack up and take with us to our home in the woods later this week.  

Far Guy has three appointments this week and I have an errand or two or three. 

Far Side

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

 It is my baby brothers birthday today.  He is 69 years old.   I was just 2 1/2 years old when he was born. 

I ran across this photo when I was sorting through photos this winter. 

We were at the flag raising at the Vietnam Memorial up on the prairie in August of 2012. 

My baby brother was in the Navy. 

Happy Birthday Carey! 

Far Side

Saturday, March 25, 2023


 We recently updated our Advance Health Care Directives.  We also had Power of Attorney and our Wills updated  ( to replace a Will drawn up in 1991 so it was about time).  It was something I had hoped to accomplish over the Winter.  Our Lawyer is a really nice guy and recommends a legal check up every five years. 

Now to get the New Advanced Health Care Directives to the Clinic and Hospitals that we frequent.  

I am also working to renew our Passports...Jen says we are going on a Cruise next March.  Something to look forward to! 

Spring is still elusive up here and some sub zero weather is headed this way.  Maybe the last hurrah of Winter...I can always hope. 

A bit of Spring time on my desk...boxes.   One of my favorite things to collect! 

So pretty all stacked up! 

Far Side