Monday, July 16, 2018

Milkweed again and misc

You can smell the Milkweed from a long way away.  It has a heavy earthy sweet smell.  Some say it is like the smell of Lilacs…I don’t think so.  It has been a good year for Milkweed. The blooms are hanging down like huge earrings.


We have a number of plants in our area.  I am only noticing a few monarch caterpillars.  That makes sense as we have only seen a few Monarch Butterflies.


There were small butterflies feeding on the nectar the other day…he is brown with orange dots on the edge of his wings.  Not sure what kind they were.

We have had busy days. I have been working on painting Christmas ornaments inside on hot days and outside when it is nice weather. I have ten ornaments completely done and another ten just need strings for hangers, another ten are being painted.  I am trying to get all the ones done for relatives who will visit soon.  Almost all of the actual carving is completed or should be completed within the next week.

I mow the grass every few days, it rains nearly every other day too.

Chance has decided that he will eat ice cubes every evening.  He whines in front of the fridge until I get a bowl full of ice cubes and feed them to him one by one…can you say spoiled Border Collie. I cannot put the bowl of the cubes on the floor…he wants them from my hand.   Not sure what is up with that behavior …only he knows for sure. After he has had his fill he abandons me and goes to sleep.  He might miss the snow and ice that he eats all winter long.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Wild Ride

Yesterday we had a wild ride.  We had not moved the three wheeler for at least a week.  I wanted to go down to my baby brother’s lake place…Far Guy went along…as he unhitched the trailer from the three wheeler he noticed a few bees.  He said “I wonder where the bees are coming from maybe under the trailer?”  I hopped on and we moseyed down the road…I was driving slow all of a sudden Far Guy  said “Bees!”  I slowed down a bit more…he said “Punch it” well we out ran them…got to my brothers without getting stung or crashing into a tree.  Far Guy dislodged the Yellowjacket nest from under the fender and took care of it.  The ride back home was much calmer.

Good thing too as I am allergic to most bee stings…we have Epi Pens in the house and in my backpack.  Those yellowjackets can sting you more than once and the stings are quite painful.IMG_0786

The yellow flowers are beginning to open. I like yellow flowers better than yellowjackets.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018


“NRTS” is short for Not Repairable This Station.   It is an Air Force “thing” with numerical codes.  The numerical code explained why it was not repairable .  Such as lack of parts, lack of technical knowledge, repair not authorized, lack of equipment…

Not repairable this station

Guess this must be NRTS Code 4 lack of parts.

A long time friend died yesterday.  As he left the hospital to go home to die the Doctors said he would live three days….and he made it ten days.  The extra time was well spent with his immediate family.  Jim struggled with lack of parts for years…mainly his leg which was eventually amputated.  Prior to his amputation he had recurrent Staph infections.  Later he would be on and off dialysis and have heart problems.  He was a “classic” friend. He had faith, faith in God and he knew that he was saved only by grace and grace alone not by works…should any man boast. 

Perhaps our friend is not repairable this station…but is in the next.  NRTS.. HB  Heaven Bound.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

The colors of summer

Quilts at the fair.


A Balloon Joint


Food Joints on the Midway


We dined at a place with picnic tables and homemade signs on the Independant Midway…the fancy smancy Carnival Food is way too expensive.  A Independant Midway…those are the places just outside the Carnival Midway.  4-H stands, church ladies food stands, pork producers and local people with food trailers or trucks….they pay for the “privilege” of setting up directly to The Fair Board and are not affiliated with the Carnival at all.


I hope you are enjoying the colors of summer.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Date Night: Chickens at the Fair

It is Fair time again which means a date night for Pork Burgers at the Fair…they were excellent this year…not too much sage.

French Fries were $1 at the 4 –H booth…so that was supper.

It was a very warm 88 F or 31 C eh with lots of humidity.  We walked through some of the exhibits.

Our Great Nieces exhibited their brown egg laying chickens.  We get eggs from them and they are the best eggs ever.

Great nieces chickens

Far Guy liked this chicken.  I think it was the hair do that made us both smile.

Chicken hairdoo

As we were leaving the Chicken Barn a boy and his chicken were sharing French Fries.

Hungry Chicken

You could tell that the boy and his chicken were bonded.

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