Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Book Club

 We had book club.  We read Something in the Water...I give it a five out of ten stars ...for a Bestseller  it was a train wreck of a book.  Who gets to pick those books anyways?  We also read Anne of Green Gables some of the gals have not finished it so we will review it again next month...I am about half done with the book and I am enjoying it as much as the series on Netflix.   I give the book a ten!  The series follows the book quite closely. 

Now we are to read The Radium Girls, I tried to watch the Movie on Netflix and fell asleep I do hope the book is better than the movie. 

What good books have you read lately?

A Spider Lily in bloom on the Big Island 

Far Side

Monday, May 10, 2021

Oranges and Grape Jelly

 I filled the Grape Jelly/Orange feeder for the Orioles.  They should be here soon and they will be hungry. 

My Dad made me this feeder a number of years ago...the gloss orange paint makes it easy to clean up. 

There are two screws to jab the oranges onto and two small plastic containers to serve up the Grape Jelly! 

Do you see the oranges on the post in the background? 

How about now?  I should paint the board on top orange also...I may put it on my list ...or not.  Some Orioles are shy...so this feeder is for the shy ones. 

We had a Purple Finch pair come in to the sunflower seed feeder ...she sure bossed him around and chased him off:)  Far Guy said "she must be cranky."  The Red Winged Blackbirds arrived down at the lake last week....now there is a cranky bird.

Far Side

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!


I made this card for my Mom a number of years ago,  The photo was taken in 1953 with my first May Baskets.  The photo was taken at the Farm in Carsonville Township. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we went to town to give Mom her card and package, they were emptying six very heavy bags of mulch...Dad took a tumble and said he saw stars....we helped them finish up with the mulch and got Dad into the house.   He seemed ok....we had coffee and cake...my sister and her husband were there when we left.

Far Side

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Oh Deer

 Can you find the hidden deer?  

They were on the edge of the woods.   Eating what ever tasty new growth on the brush they could find. 

Can you see the deer butt?   Soon after this two more came through the yard...running...and they all took off together...must have been late for a herd meeting.

It was a quiet day getting a few projects done.  Far Guy worked on his new old car...the back door that had all the broken glass in the door could only be opened from the inside...it is all fixed now and can be opened from the outside!!

My other baby brother and his bride along with Baxter came by to visit.  It was a very chilly day.  High of 54 F and windy.  It will freeze the next few nights maybe way into next week.

Far Side

Friday, May 7, 2021

Town Errands

 We had many errands in town yesterday.  Things just seem to pile up.  Far Guy had his infusion while I picked up the online orders.   He is back to normal...well as close to normal as he gets.   It was a one needle stick day...he is what the Nurses call valvey.  One day he had six needle sticks...so one is great!  I was disinfecting groceries in the parking lot when he called for his ride.   We went to the mail drop off, the bank,  hardware store, greenhouse and we picked up lupper (lunch and supper).

Far Guy got his Strawberry hanging basket.  

No one wearing masks except us.   We wasted no time looking around.  It is too early to look for bedding plants yet...and boy they could sure use someone who knows how to water and someone to level out their walkways...some had huge holes where water made puddles...some one will be seriously hurt someday. 

The grocery situation is getting worse here.  Seems like paper products are in short supply at least the ones we use.  And those darn Pretzel Buns and Outshine Fruit Bars...if you get some you better stock up! Not sure how Wally World does it...I wanted a six roll pack of Bounty Paper Towels...they were out so they substituted a twelve roll pack for the same price as a six roll pack...a good deal for sure! 

 I have not been inside a grocery store for over a year.  it sounds like the goofy governor of Minnesota will lift the mask mandate in July.  After that every business will have to decide for themselves. 

It will freeze again tonight. 

Far Side