Monday, April 6, 2020

Signs of the times

Over the weekend I supported three small businesses.  I ordered yarn from Nevada, goat milk soap from Minnesota and a new my little carry and go pillow also from Minnesota.

Boxes sit outside in quarantine... all are opened outside.

This was coffee, unscented lotion and toothpaste.

My sister reported that she wiped down all her groceries in her cart before putting them in her car and she left all grocery bags in the garbage there...she said she got a few weird looks.

The other side of the marquee at the movie theater in town.

We sat outside yesterday, Far Guy woodcarved...he has music out there and one crazy bird singing along!   I walked around in the yard, got a bit wet...but walking round and round is possible....another quiet safe day at home.

Watching the Netflix series Virgin River...very entertaining...but  predictable.  I give it an 8 out of 10 stars so far.

Stay home and stay safe!
Far Side

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ice and my messy desk

All that rain we had before that pathetic snow really showed up on Saturday morning in the sunshine.

Every little twig on the trees were coated in ice.   The ice caught the sunshine and the trees looked like they were dressed in diamonds.

We had a quiet day.  My other baby brother went on a grocery run for our parents and called me from the store...he delivered Far Guys cereal and a tomato to us.  BLT's were on the menu plan and I forgot the T.

I worked in the kitchen cleaning do silverware drawers get so crummy?   I played with coloring and desk is a mess.

I am still blocking squares for my afghan...two squares a day is slow going.  I hope to finish the blocking soon and crochet all the squares together.    I still have three shawls in the works...progress is slow....those cupboards and drawers I am cleaning are taking up valuable crochet time.

We are both feeling just fine and are safe at home.
Far Side

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Snow again and Town Report

It snowed Thursday began with rain and turned to snow before morning.

No sitting outside in wind chills that were below zero.  It snowed just enough to almost cover the grass. is the before the snow town report.

Grocery online ordering and outside pickup was a success.  Lysol Wipes were available...we needed some for the vehicle.  I am contemplating wiping down all the groceries in the parking lot and then putting them in the vehicle.  That way it would be a clean transfer someplace else besides in the house.   I have time while waiting for Far Guy...I might just try it next week.  FYI they were still out of TP as I tried to order one package.

Things were the same at the Clinic...only the patient is allowed inside.  Temperatures are taken and a post it note announces to the world what that temperature was.   Masks are handed out.

There was a nurse in the parking lot tending to someone.

I drove down Main Street on our way home.

Once at home...Far Guy leaves his shoes in the garage and changes to another pair...leaves his oxygen tank carrier in the garage....wipes down his oxygen bottle, throws the oxygen tubing away and heads for the house where he throws all his clothing into the washer and washes up...including giving his moustache a good scrub.

So far there are no cases of the nasty virus in our county.  Knock on wood.

This is day 26 for us being safe at home.  Far Guy feels good, the best he has felt in a long time.  Having no lung irritants like perfume, aftershave and cleaning solution in buildings  makes a big difference. 26 days staying at home having no contact with other people except for the Infusion gals on Thursdays seems to be the key to keeping him feeling good and healthy.  I am now contemplating some kind of bubble I can keep him in.

Far Side

Friday, April 3, 2020

Snowstick Winners!

It rained and lots of snow melted.  The snowstick is free of ice and snow.

So we have two winners!   I took these photos just before dark on April 2nd in the rain!

I can walk out to the snowstick without wading through a snowbank.

Congratulations!  DJan a blogger and long time blog friend from Washington State and Maebeme  a blogger from Canada. They both guessed April 2.   DJan  I have your address, Maebeme please email me your address  captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom.   I will mail something off to you next week! The Post Office in our nearby itty bitty town  will work for me as I can tell by cars parked how many people are inside.. I will wait until I am the only one there. 

What will I mail...most likely a one of a kind work of art!

Thank you to everyone who attempted a guess this year.

Far Side

Thursday, April 2, 2020

10 things

I have decided that instead of being in a funk about this virus situation I can do certain things every day.  This is day 24 for us being safe at home.

1. Do something to make someone smile.
2. Do something for Far let him cook.
3. Reach out to someone....check on the elderly...mail a card.
4. Complete a small project...clean out a drawer or a cupboard.  Organize something!
5. Go for a walk...
6. Do something volunteer related...indexing, find a grave or crochet for charity
7. Do an activity that I enjoy...making cards, knitting, crocheting, watch a movie or taking photos.
8. Put my feet up and close my eyes for at least 30 minutes.
9. Disinfect something! Clean clean clean!
10. Pray many times a day ( easy). Accept the things I cannot change (very hard).

What would you add to your list?

I like to be in control of our situation...and this whole nasty virus has me feeling like I am in a tornado spinning out of control.   So I suppose I am a bit of a control freak (who knew).

Sometimes my thoughts get the best of me.

 I like to know that Far Guy is not taking any unnecessary chances that would place him in peril...

that he isn't walking too far running out of oxygen without having his phone turning blue at the edge of the road about to be run over by the Speedee Delivery guy that drives too fast on our back road that might accidentally encounter a spike stick someday...  see that is what it is like inside  brain at any given moment when I don't know what the heck Far Guy is up to.  He has a very worn out beat up Guardian Angel...that is probably on strike.

We are melting more every day.

Far Side