Friday, June 24, 2022


 The tomato plants are really growing! 

This is the Roma tomato plant and it is flowering and has small tomatoes! 

Yellow Pear tomato on the left Roma on the right.   The Yellow Pear is also flowering and has tomatoes forming. 

The sheep watering tank works great, the South side of my garage is the perfect spot against the steel building the tomatoes stay toasty warm!   The dog fence keeps out the far anyway. 

We should have tomatoes mid July!  

Far Side 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Last of the Lilacs

 My Late Lilac had some very nice blooms this year.  Sadly the heat did them in a few days ago. 

I had a good day. I sprayed some Thistle and some Poison Ivy.  Saw just one deer standing on a dirt pile reaching for branches.  The Poison Ivy is growing really fast and tall this year...I need it out of the edge of the woods where I mow. 

Far Guy and I went on a parts run for my other baby brother to Fargo ND.  Talk about traffic...I am not sure I could ever live there again.  We lived in Moorhead MN just across the river from Fargo from 1970-1972, 1974 - 1986 and then in Harwood ND ( North of Fargo) from 1996-1998. 

Have you heard the old joke?  One guy said to the other "Where are you going?"  Second guy replies "Far go"  First guy says "Moor head."

Far Side

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Happy Summer

 The other night we took out Ranger Blue and sat in our old driveway and watched the storm roll in. 

Rain and some wind.   It was entertaining. 

When it was so hot I worked on putting together some cards.  I have many of the watercolor/stamps all colored. (last winter I colored many while keeping an eye on Sadie)  I just need to trim them to size and audition mat colors and envelopes and assemble them.   I finished about 25 cards and there are still more that I could do.  

Far Guy has all the blanks cut out for the woodcarved Christmas Ornaments.  He has begun carving. 

It was cooler and windy yesterday after the storms...temperatures were only 77 F or 25 C for a high, but we are headed back up to hot again soon. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Yesterday the warmest it got was 97 F or 36 C eh.  Sunday it was 100 F  or 37 C. 

I took a photo of the temperature and the time. 

Yesterday we ran errands in the morning when it was cooler; Post Office, Eye Doctor, Budget Auto and Wally World. 

Far Guy worked on Christmas woodcarvings and I worked on some greeting cards....then we had a nap.  Ever thankful for Air Conditioning!

Storms will be coming in and the weather should cool off some by Tuesday.  

Far Side

Monday, June 20, 2022


Memory loss, difficulty finding words, getting lost, unable to problem solve, unable to do two tasks at once. 

My Dad has dementia, he has been struggling for a few years.   Sometimes his inability to find the right words has him revert back to the Finnish language.  

Yesterday we visited Mom and Dad in their assisted living apartment.  Mom is not real happy being there she misses the house that they sold.  Dad is okay there...his recliner and  TV are in virtually the same spot as in their house.  The food is good since Mom still cooks.  Dad watches basically one program on Netflix  Heartland.   I like that show too and I can understand him liking it.   Dad used to listen to baseball games on the radio and on TV...but he can no longer follow the game.  

Yesterday Dad knew that I was "the oldest kid" and he was happy to see me.  He asked me again "How old are you?"  I finally told him 70 and he said "That is really old"  He knew that he was 95.   Most of the time he does not know what year it is or the month. 

He thanked me in Finn for the card and a bit of money for his billfold.  Kiitos. 

My Dad is the last of his family...all of his brothers and sisters have died.  He is the lone survivor.  He is also a Bladder Cancer survivor since 1986.  It is hard for him being the only one left, he misses his sister Anna very much.

I  miss parts of my Dad;  the memories and remember whens, the one with advice and an opinion, the one who would take the opposite side of a discussion just to be on the other side. ( If he didn't take the opposite side I would) 

My Dad who smiles when he sees me and always welcomes a hug is still there for that I am grateful. 

Far Side