Thursday, May 23, 2019

Noah's Birthday

Yesterday we drove up North to meet Noah for lunch.  We went to a place that had a buffet...the pizza was awesome!

We had a nice visit.  He is working full time and looking for another job to work on his days off during the summer.

Jen and Noah
Jen says she feels really old now that Noah is twenty years old...join the club!

Far Side

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wistful Wednesday: 2009

In 2009 Noah was ten years old.  Now here we are in 2019 and he is twenty...just like that in the blink of an eye ten years have passed.
He was unsure of those rollerblades back then.

But like everything else he tries...he was soon sailing along not looking back.

He is now a Senior in College and next year at this time he should graduate.

One more aging grand in our family...he joins Savannah, Maddie and Paige as young adults....leaving Adam as our only teenage grand.

Happy 20th Birthday Dude!  We are very proud of you and love you very much!

Far Side/Grandma

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Some kind of grass

We have this clump of grass on the East side of the house.  It is pretty but a pain in the butt in the Fall as it catches all the leaves...and then snow beats it all down over the Winter.

May 10 2019
Every spring I try to rake out the leaves and pull out the dead stuff.  If I miss a year it looks nasty all Summer long.
I am rewarded with green shoots.

May 20 2019
The lawn is greening up nicely...soon I will have to mow. 

Only three Doctor appointments this week and time to get the oil changed and the tires rotated on the vehicle.

Far Side

Monday, May 20, 2019


The Scarlet Tanagers arrived Sunday morning.  They brightened up a rather gloomy day.

We had two for sure.

Far Guy hasn't been coughing...but in the afternoon he began to cough again and is short of breath.  He just cannot seem to get over this "virus" or whatever crud he has.  I think he made it four days without a cough, and just like that he is sick again.
Far Side

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rainy Day

The Pin Cherry blooms popped out in the rain yesterday afternoon.  They are the first of the shrub/tree blooms in our woods.

It rained.  We filled the grape jelly and changed out the oranges for the Orioles in the rain.  The Hummingbirds are here...three of them fighting over the feeder.  The birds don't care if it rains or not.

Friday we patched some spots in the lawn and spread some grass seed just in time. 

Saturday we made a big batch of baked beans for the freezer...we like them with grilled food.  Summer food!

Far Guy is busy walking...he is up to 4,000 steps...a big improvement from 10 steps from the bed to the bathroom.

Far Side