Thursday, November 21, 2019

Catching Up

After several days away, I needed to catch up on laundry and sleep.

It is icy and snowy out now.  Sure hope this batch melts.

We are thankful that we got home when we did, we missed this bad weather.  November is always our icy month...with temperatures that are near the freezing mark and then it warms up...makes for treacherous sidewalks and roads.

Today I run errands in town while Far Guy has his weekly infusion at the Infusion Center at the clinic and afterward he goes to Pulmonary Therapy. Just another exciting busy morning at a healthcare facility.  It is getting a tad chilly to crochet in the vehicle while I I may visit the thrift shop and the yarn store and wait for Far Guy to summon me by phone!
Far Side

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Clinic in "The Cities" Visit

Far Guy's "stuff" was piling up in the cities...he had lots of tests to do...blood tests, a cat scan, breathing tests and a six minute walk.   He saw three of his Doctors and one doing her residency in Infectious Diseases. All four were women Doctors.

Our questions were answered and we even have copies of the Doctor's orders for blood and sputum tests that can be done here at our local clinic.  (Just incase the lab here does not get the Doctor's orders.)

They are still hopeful that they will get him activated again as he has been on hold about 7 weeks now.  This Thursday his Lung Transplant Case  will be reviewed at the Transplant Meeting...where groups of Doctors meet to discuss patients.  If not this Thursday then in about two weeks.

They are all hopeful that once he is back active on the list that a transplant will be a reality.  One Doctor said " Hope I don't see you in six months...I want to see you before then... in the hospital post transplant! "

So we get the winter off and don't have to be back down there again until May unless he gets the transplant OR for some unknown reason they want him to have more tests done.  Is there some small part of him they have not looked at?

We also attended a lung transplant support group meeting.  We have friends there who remember our names.

I took this photo out the window of the clinic...the building at the far left of the photo is the hospital where he will get his transplant.

On the way home we stopped to switch drivers...saw this sign...
Fresh Lutefisk a sure sign that it is nearing Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It was dreary all the while we were gone, foggy and kinda misting a bit.  We left very early on Monday morning and returned home late Tuesday night.  On Monday we did a bit of exploring... found a Cub Foods Store, a Target and a Michaels (where more yarn might have been purchased.)  We stayed in a different Hotel this time...valet parking was $27 for one night...but it was a heated secure garage..and they gave you freshly baked(warmed up) cookies when you checked in....

Far Guy still has three more appointments this week... it is what we do.
Far Side

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I  will make a turkey next week, mashed potatoes (real ones not the ones in the box that I hate) and gravy.  We are gathering for a Thanksgiving Potluck. 

In the meantime I turned over the pumpkins to find the turkey double duty decorations!

I suppose I should make Pumpkin Bread would hardly seem like Thanksgiving without it.

I was listening to the shopping news and they say that since Thanksgiving is so late this year that the merchants will miss out on five shopping days.  Seems to me it all comes out in the wash....still as many days to shop every year. 
Far Side

Monday, November 18, 2019


This is Far Guys latest woodcarving.  It has been quite a project and is keeping him busy.  He is working on the Black Walnut base now and then the leaves are next. 

Each petal is carved individually out of Basswood and then they are fit a big old puzzle,   I have absolutely no interest in carving flowers...but Far Guy loves to design them...and carve them...must be the challenge!

The join on these three huge flowers was very interesting.

We have MANY Doctors appointments this week...not much will be accomplished on the craft projects this week other than those I can take along in a bag.

Far Side

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Just another day

Saturday was a day of projects.   Far Guy worked on his latest carving.  I went out to the old greenhouse/woodshop and gathered together some of the Cottonwood Bark and cut it to size.  I managed to use the chop saw without chopping off any fingers...only one piece of wood went one will ever notice that dent in the garage door.   So I am all set to carve little bark houses/buildings/churches if I am so inclined.   Last winter I needed bark and I had to shovel a path...not this year!  My bark pieces are safely in the house!

It was about 40 F or 4 C  eh practically summer like.  Most of the snow melted!

I got a whole bunch of cards done in the afternoon.  Mostly Sympathy I seem to go through them very fast....people are dying to get them.

I did some laundry, vacuumed in a few spots where the robot vacuum cleaner is challenged. Far Guy cooked supper while I supervised from the table whilst knitting.  Far Guy had a nap...I did not.

Far Side