Saturday, September 21, 2019

Bits of Sunshine

Got a little sunshine for my birthday!

The best jelly ever!  I figured I would have to go back to Hawaii to get some.  My husband is very thoughtful!

Our youngest daughter Jen makes the best cards!   The scissors were part of the crafty gift she sent.  I have always wanted a pair of bird scissors!

I have a cold, Far Guy too...we must have picked it up at the same doubt a Clinic someplace.

We are resting , drinking copious amounts of fluids and napping.

Good thing we made Chicken and Noodles a few weeks ago and stocked up the freezer.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday!

Far Side

Friday, September 20, 2019


Happy Birthday to me!  Yes I am older now.

It has been a fairly crazy week.  Sad, happy, frustrating name it and we have gone through the emotions.

I enjoyed some quiet time in a garden, some time shopping at Hobby Lobby and quiet evenings with the love of my life.
Raindrops on White Roses  September 17 2019
Some people have dropped the ball this week and that is very discouraging for both of us.  Shit Stuff happens.

It keeps raining, then it rains some more.

Far Side 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Very Late Lilac

I walked around the Gardens in Menahga on Tuesday while Far Guy was getting his teeth cleaned and a dental checkup.  They are Fall Gardens now, only one Daylily blooming but the Profusion Zinnia Series makes for a colorful border.

As I walked the outer circle looking at various plants...I was suddenly transported back to Spring or at least early Summer.

The sweet smell of Lilacs filled the air.  I think this may be a Miss Kim Lilac...who really knows for sure, I wondered why it was so late blooming. ...but I enjoyed it anyway.

After my stroll in the rain I drove over to the Lake.

Spirit Lake was a gloomy rainy morning.

Then it was time to get my teeth cleaned and an exam. " No cavities but remember you can have that wisdom tooth that is sensitive to cold removed anytime."

Far Guy didn't have any cavities either...but has part of an old wisdom tooth that was not removed sometime long needs to come out sometime.

Two Dental Appointments accomplished and a loaf of flatbread was purchased from the Bakery.
 ( probably the best little bakery in our area.)

Far Side

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Jen!

Our youngest daughter is older today...she has been going backwards from 40 a few years now...I think 36 is her number this year.

She is the rock of our family, she has a can do attitude and will see things through when the rest of us throw up our hands in frustration.   She is a force to be reckoned always want her on YOUR side for sure!

I irritate her some days.  I take photos of her taking photos.
 Lake Bemidji July 2019

This past year she made sure that her elderly not getting any younger parents got to go on vacation in Hawaii.  She made countless phone calls and organized the entire trip.  She saw us through a blizzard, cancelled flights and airport frustrations.   Several of us (me, Far Guy and Adam said maybe we should just go home)  She said "No giving up ... we are all going to Hawaii!!"  AND we did!

Hawaii 2019

She was our constant companion at The University of Minnesota Clinic while her Dad had days and days of medical tests.  She will be there with us when he is transplanted.

We thank God for her everyday, we are truly blessed to have her for a daughter.
Happy Birthday  Jen!
Far Side

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A little sunshine

The sun came out, it warmed up and got humid.  Freezing our butts off or sweating them off.  How about something in between.

My other baby brother did part of the mowing on Sunday.  I finished up everything yesterday.  When I was on the back road mowing I noticed one of the Ash trees is showings it stuff.

It was prettier with a bright blue sky in the afternoon when I did not have my camera...I wandered that way last evening.

Far Guy had to go to Pulmonary Rehab by himself.  The house painters were working on the house and the furnace man was here... he cleaned and checked out our is in fine shape and not nearly as dirty as he thought it would be...maybe because we are always cleaning something around here.  He checked it for leaks etc..and we are all good.

The house painters will be back today to finish up.   The house is getting two coats of stain.

It is looking pretty good.  We have been working on the pavers, Wet and Forget does a great job killing moss!   The pavers are still not perfect but everything takes time.

Far Side