Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cooler Day

 It was cold yesterday.  The high was 47 F or 8 C was a bit windy and some more leaves fell out of the trees in our yard.   Next week when it warms up I will finish the yard work....maybe.   It spit rain in the afternoon. 

I brought in the last of the tomatoes.  Rain gauges and some yard decorations were taken to the garage. 

In the afternoon Baxter came to visit. 

"Hey Treat Lady, couldya take me home?"

 We went for a Ranger Blue ride...Baxter wanted to stop at his friends house....but his friend was no where in sight.  Baxter likes Ranger rides.   He still has some separation anxiety...but he is getting better....he has a treat ball to knock around and a treat UFO...that dispenses treats.  When he is tired of trips from me to the door he settles down amongst the shoes in the shoe tray and gives me the evil eye....he wants to go home.   I keep him on lead outside...cause he knows his way home....besides that... it is the skunk time of year.

Found a new to us trail. 

I got the daily 6 Christmas ornaments is 30 now.  Groceries were ordered for pick up.  It is always an adventure to see what is missing. 

Far Side

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 Yesterday as I mulched the leaves in the yard for the 8 1/2 time out of a possible10 the temperature began to drop.   I was chilled by the time I was done.   I was spoiled by the warm weather.

Poor Tilly had a hesitation when she shifted into passing gear...well it is fixed now...she runs like a champ.   Far Guy has been tinkering with her everyday.   He was pleased with the way she drove. 

I caught up with some things inside the house...laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  I managed to paint 12 Christmas ornaments ...yeah me...24 are done!

I am feeling much better...still a tad tired...but that might be my new normal. 

I need to dig out a pair of snowboots, a hat and some mittens..oh and maybe a coat. 

 I am not watering flowers anymore, the hoses have been disconnected.

There was still a bee out on the Salvia...apparently it did not get the memo.  Oh and the Juncos (we call them Snowbirds) have been here off and on the past few days...making their way North I hope...perhaps we are just a stop on the way.

Far Side


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Nice October Day

 It is our last nice day for was  79 F  or 26 C eh yesterday afternoon...really nice for October.  Then tonight the weatherman said the "s" word. 

Far Guy was busy tinkering with his car, I finished spraying for weeds cause it was a nice sunny day for the little suckers to suck up the killing poison.  Then I sprayed for ants one last time...cleaned up all my buckets and stored them for the winter.  Check something off my list! 

I am trying to paint Christmas ornaments everyday...half the dining room table is full of paints and ornaments drying.  I have 12 all done.  My goal is to do 6 a day until they are all done.  It is a slow process.  

We went for a Ranger Blue ride in the afternoon.

We were trying to find a trail that we were on a number of years ago...we didn't find it but will try again another day.

At home my flowers are still blooming.   The South side flowers were frozen but the North side survived...go figure.

Far Side 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Fruity Lake

 We visited a  old high school friend over on Strawberry Lake.  Lakes in his area are "fruity"  Raspberry Lake is nearby as is Cranberry Lake.   Dave said that Strawberry Lake is shaped like a strawberry. 

It is a pretty lake with clear water and no weeds as far as I could tell.

We usually see Dave and Deb over the summer...someplace...not so much with pandemic.  This was their last weekend at their lake place so we were glad to see them.  Dave is going through some health challenges and is headed to Mayo Clinic soon. 

Seems like everyone has some struggles. 

Far Guy is feeling much better, his cough is finally gone.  I am still feeling the after effects of my flu shot...but no one has ever died from swelling in your butt that is as large as a grapefruit...and that is the reason I spare my arm from the trauma.  I am sore and tired.   I am not looking forward to the third Covid shot but that will not happen until November or December.

Far Side

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Another quiet day

 We had another quiet day.  I worked on painting Christmas ornaments and we went for a ride in the afternoon. 

There is still a bit of color out there.

In the evening we visited our oldest daughter Trica.   

Far Side