Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Some Forward Progress

 We lost Internet, TV and phone again completely.  The repair guys finally showed up, it took them about an hour to find two problems...good thing all the equipment is theirs because two whatchamacallits had to be totally replaced.  So far so good, but Far Guy says "Don't hold your breath."

In our area of the boonies our only other choice is a Satellite Company that I hear is unreliable. it is what it is.  

The quiet in our home was horrid, I could hear the clocking ticking away in one ear and Far Guy snoring through his afternoon nap in the other ear.   I finally resurrected the DVD player in an old computer and apparently played the Bee Gee's One Night Only too many times ...the last time I played it Far Guy started to sing Na na na na  and he wouldn't stop.  He put in an old Bob Dylan DVD which he quickly rejected  and he embraced the quiet for a few minutes until he started.singing Bee Gee's songs just to irritate me.   Well at least he was singing to me... :)

I got a number of projects done over the weekend.   I finished up some hearts for a charity( Peyton Heart Project)  I packaged them up to mail. 

It was a perfect project for bits and pieces of scrap yarn.  I would like to do more someday.  For now it is a project I can cross off my list. 

I have a few other new crochet projects that are rattling around in my head at the moment.  I have decided that a trip to Hobby Lobby and the local yarn shop will happen around April 1st (two weeks after my last shot)...although yarn could be ordered online....I want to line up the colors and look at them in my cart.  

 I am still working on wasp nests using up all the grey yarn I have on hand.  She who sees robins first dropped off a whole skein of grey yarn for me.  I will have enough nests for the entire neighborhood and even a few to mail off to friends.   The pastel mosaic scarf is almost done, and I have a cashmere shawl in the works too. 

I have made absolutely no progress on the milk can project this winter.  The rollags are stored in paper bags until I can figure out how to spin on that old wheel I have...I have a friend who said he could help me or maybe a cousin I could ask for summer....after Covid...if there is such a thing. 

Far Guy has his wood carving far it looks like a bunch of holes in a piece of wood.  Only he knows what it will be. 

Far Side

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Monday Madness on Tuesday was a miracle that we got Internet, TV and Phone service.   The technician called and said "I do not know what happened, but your service has been restored." don't know what you are doing...a gal on Saturday told us that a system "migration" was happening but it should not bother guess is that we got migrated to some internet netherland.   They are supposed to be keeping one eye on our problem.  The tv goes in and says the connection has been lost...there is still something rotten in netherlands.   I let Far Guy deal with them...I would just want to rip someones testicles off. 

Speaking of getting ripped off...our Postal System sucks.  We have a new substitute mail man who doesn't know where anyone lives...he and I had a discussion on Monday morning ( do not leave a official notice that says I was not home at mail delivery time because you were confused by three mail were just stupid and lazy)...he now knows where I live.  And the stupid broad in the Post Office doesn't wear her mask over her nose just her big mouth. AND I entrusted my big girl camera into this system so it can be cleaned and repaired...and I feel naked without that camera...I have separation issues. 

Remember that refrigerator I ordered on November 5 ?  From a local business and I ordered an Amana...made in Newton Iowa...not even a foreign country involved.  Not a huge special order should have an ice maker that actually makes ice and the rest of the fridge should be cool.  January 15 was the delivery date.  I waited a long time past that date to call....I should get a gold star!!  The local business said " If it was here we would have called you.  WE don't know where it is."  108 days.   Uffda.  Good thing our old fridge is still working...but with our rotten luck with things breaking down in the past few never least outside is one huge refrigerator.  Buy American they say...

Well there it is...and the shot last week makes me have hot in the world it found one crappy hormone left in this old body I am not sure.   My arm is back to normal...but I am still tired.  Tired and you couldn't guess.  

Oh well it could be worse we could live in Texas.  


Scrubbies I finished over the weekend.

Far Side

Monday, February 22, 2021

For the birds

 Well, someone came to work early Monday morning and flipped a switch or something.  We have landline phone, tv and internet all with the same company who are on Far Guys %$#@ list.  We had spotty problems Friday night and then early Saturday morning...nothing.

We had a different weekend.  I went up to my other baby brothers office and used his desk and internet to attend a Zoom Class on card making on Saturday night.  

Far Guy says things are still not right with our internet service.  We will see if anyone calls or shows up. 

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Far Side 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

No Internet

 We have no phone, t v or internet until

 At least Monday sometime 

We are okay


Saturday, February 20, 2021


 I am much better, the swelling in my arm is now the size of a golf ball instead of a softball!  Wow I can move my arm!  I did have an afternoon nap yesterday!   Far Guy says he is just I let him cook while I napped!

We ran some errands in town, Post Office drop off, gas fill and a car wash, a curbside pickup at Ace Hardware, a stop at the tire store and DQ!  

Gasoline went up in price again.  Since I keep track of such things the price per gallon has increased by 60 cents a gallon since Election Day.  Gasoline is now $2.59 a gallon here.  I imagine that the price of food will go up also as transportation prices increase.

Progress is being made on Line Three, it is a big deal here in our area of replaces old line three that was built over 30 years ago.  It transports crude oil to Lake Superior.   The Highway Department put up a bunch of no parking signs along the highway...I suspect that since it is now warmer some people will be laying down along the line...a few weeks ago a few crawled inside one of the pipes and wouldn't get out.  

I am learning more and more about the iMac computer everyday.  Some things are very windows brain has a hard time shutting off sometimes.  One thing I learned yesterday is that if your Magic Mouse is upside down it will just make crazy movements that make no sense on your screen and no matter what you try or how much you sigh in disgust until you use the mouse in it's proper position it will continue to go crazy!  

Far Side