Saturday, September 30, 2023

Last of the flowers

 There are a few Asters blooming here and there and a couple of Coneflowers. 

It rained most of the day yesterday.   The wind blew and leaves rained down along with the rain.  We watched Deer in the yard and a bunch of Common Flickers that must have used our lawn for a rest stop on their migration South.  It looked like they were snacking on ants!!

I did some housework and began painting the Christmas ornaments.

Good bye September.

Far Side

Friday, September 29, 2023

Two or three vehicles and a flu shot

 We were in a pinch.  My Mom ( Dental appointment) and Far Guy ( Infusion) both had appointments at about the same time.  There was no way I could accomplish both.  I should be two people sometimes.   We worked it out.  Far Guy took Tilly to town so he could get his infusion and I took our car.

I joined Far Guy at the clinic for a bit...long enough to get a flu shot.  Cross something off the vaccination down two to go.  (RSV and the Covid booster)

If we lived on the outskirts of town Far Guy could have taken Ranger Blue but 14 miles is a bit much. 

We use Ranger Blue to travel country roads to visit neighbors, trail rides, garbage to the County Transfer Station and to recycle. 

So far I am doing okay with this years flu shot...a bit warm and sore, but nothing to complain about ...yet.

My Mom is getting very forgetful.  Her short term memory is not good.  She has to take the City Bus to appointments and someone must ride with her.  She uses a wheel chair to go to appointments.

Far Side

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fall colors

 The Oaks.

Oaks kinda turn brownish and then fall to the ground.  They were a little golden for a day or two.

Fall colors for the next afghan project.  Far Guy is helpful and winds the yarn into balls for me.  I would rather work from a ball of yarn than run into a tangled mess inside a skein.

I enjoyed lunch with long time friend Susie yesterday!  We had a good time! 

Far Side

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Retriever

 We all love Sadie.  Could be that she misses us. 

When Jen got home from retreat, the afghan was in one of her bags.  Sadie immediately claimed it as hers.  It might smell a bit like me :)

Far Side

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Not much

 Not much happening here.  I did some laundry, rested and had a long nap.

Far Guy had an eye appointment, his vitreous detachment is still in the process of detaching....she said it should resolve within a year.  Most people it takes a few weeks or a couple of months but some people up to a year.   He first saw the Eye Doctor back in May for this problem.

Far Side