Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Nice Days

 We are enjoying the nice days.  Spending time outside and coming in at night dog tired.   Thank goodness supper was easy...salad and Jambalya.   It was 72 F or 22 C yesterday...perfect Fall weather.

We took down the screened  tent and put it in the garage to dry out.  Far Guy pulled out the tomato plants and  put them in the woods where wildlife will eat them.    I ran several errands in town.   I started painting the sauna and it is going well and looks so much better.    It was a nice day to sit on the ground and paint the bottom of the boards on two sides!   Very quiet outside, I could hear the machinery that was harvesting beans in a field a mile away and the trucks going up and down the highway. 

We are getting some things crossed off our Fall work list. 

Far Side

Monday, October 3, 2022


 The leaves are almost peak...we have just a few more days to enjoy them.  

Our yard.  As you can see I will be mulching leaves this week. 

The driveway.

The Burr Oaks are turning golden this year...they usually don't have the best color. 

We went for a Ranger Blue ride....some of the color out there is just fantastic! 

We visited several cemeteries along with my baby brother, his bride and Baxter.  Checking to see what needs tending before it snows. 

Far Side

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Chilly evenings

 The evenings have turned chilly.  We disconnected the water hoses just incase there is a hard frost.  I carry water in my old watering can for the bird bath and the dog water dish. (Baxter is back!) 

Yesterday was an odds and ends day with a nap in the middle.  I finished painting the garage door!  The high yesterday was 69 F or 21 C  eh!  Cross something off my list!    I finally made a list.  If I cross something off the list every day I will be done at the end of the month.

The chilly nights bring out the worst in the hornets/wasps.  They are especially bad in town.  They seem to like the fronts of cars...not sure what attracts them...the warmth or saying goodbye to friends who were suicidal and hanging off the front grille.   I can report that my crochet wasp nests work great at keeping them from building their nests near the house. 

I sat outside after supper last night watching for the solar lights and my baby brother, his bride and Baxter stopped by to watch with me.  Baxter may have gotten a treat or three. 

The leaves are changing color more every day I think we are near peak color. 

Far Side

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hello October

 We said Goodbye to September and a week full of medical appointments.   Hope we are done for a bit.  Chronic Lymes is still kicking my butt.

Yesterday after the last medical appointment we went to Menards...had not been there for a long time so I wandered through the solar light aisle and filled up my cart!  Well not quite but I have new solar lights in  the yard now.  Found the cutest fairy lights that are battery operated for the wreath outside the door.   We went out for lunch through the drive through at A & W.   Talk about a big day in town!!

Back at home I painted the garage door...it will need a second coat....Far Guy woodcarved and worked on Tilly.   It was a really nice Fall day 71F or 22 C eh!

After supper ( Ribs and a Baked Potato) I sat outside and watched all the new solar lights come on!  Only one party pooper...and it may just need more solar rays:) 

Far Side

Friday, September 30, 2022

Thursday Things

 Grocery pickup was uneventful.  Everything was available...it was a miracle!  I have noticed that everything is still going up in price a bit every week. 

Ranger Blue is back from its service call...oil change and a loose cable.   It was only gone 24 hours this time...that is most likely a miracle too. 

I worked on Christmas Cards...it takes me a couple of hours to watercolor five cards.  That will keep me out of trouble for many evenings or rainy afternoons.

It spit rain on Thursday so I was not able to paint the garage door, but I have the correct roller now!  

Elbow Lake in Smoky Hills.  There are many lakes named Elbow Lake in Minnesota.  I looked it up there are 7 lakes that boast the Elbow Lake name.   The lake name that wins a prize is Long Lake as there are 27 lakes named Long Lake in Minnesota. Not sure how people keep them straight!

Far Side