Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Found a new fruit in the grocery store.  I paired it with some blueberries.

It is golden kiwi, specifically California Golden Kiwi.  Far Guy thought the flavor was more intense.  I thought it was about the same.  The fruits seem a bit smaller than regular kiwi.

This is a fruit we had in Hawaii.

These are half peeled.  The white part is the part you eat, there is a small brown seed inside the white part which you should not eat.  This is a Rambutan and it is very rich in Vitamin C.  It has the texture of a grape and kinda tastes like a tangy grape.  Needless to say our grocery store does not have them.

Far Side

Monday, March 18, 2019

132 days of snow

We have had snow on the ground since November 6 2018.   Seems like longer than 132 days ago.
We sat outside in the sunshine yesterday, the sun felt delightful.

The road home

The snow is melting some.  I shoveled some ice off the patio.  It is going to be a muddy mess in the driveway soon.

We have another appointment filled week ahead of us.  I wish it was Friday...but then I guess I shouldn't wish my life away. 

I have planned easy meals for the week; chicken and salad, brats and beans, Naan bread pizza, freezer meals and dinner out one night.  I hate planning menus but when you live in the "sticks" you have to be organized!
Far Side

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Parade

The parade was short...about five minutes.

A wave from the King...no horse drawn wagon this year.

This group was collecting donations for the food shelf.
Best part was a tie between the dog and men in underwear.

Remember to enter your snow stick guess HERE.
Far Side

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy St Urho's Day!

We plan to attend the St Urho’s Day parade.  I will have parade photos tomorrow God willing and the crick don’t rise.
What you don’t know about St Urho?  He chased all the pesky grasshoppers that were eating all the grapes in Finland.   Purple and green are the colors of the day…representing the grapes.

Now for the Snow Stick contest!  Please leave me a comment with the date you think the snow and ice will be completely gone from the snowstick.  The winner or winners will get something special from me.  Those of you too shy can email me with your guess.  I will take guesses until Monday night at 9 PM.

Here is the Snowstick History:
2011  April 8
2012  March 13
2013  April 30
2014  April 10
2015  March 11
2016  March 8
2017 March 20
2018  April 22

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March 26 LD
March 31 Denny   Marilyn
April 2 Lisa
April 3 Marlys
April 5 Cathrin
April 7 Rita
April 8 Victoria Z
April 9 Pauline
April 10 Red
April 11 Dianne
April 12 Kay  Marti C
April 13 Gemma's person   Karen
April 14  Kathy    KCD   Dale
April 15 Phyllis
April 16 Jo Anne and unknown
April 17 Sara
April 18 sillygirl
April 19 Andrea   Betsy
April 20 Unknown  and Cathy M
April 21 Wendy D
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April 26 diane
April 28  Barb
April 30 Susie
May 1 DJan
May 5 Sonja

Friday, March 15, 2019

More Rain

The roads were pretty fair this morning on our way to Physical Therapy for me and an Infusion for Far Guy…then a drive by at the post office and to the grocery store.  We came home unpacked the groceries and had a long nap.

The time change has caught up with me I guess.

Parts of Minnesota are having a blizzard so far we have escaped. Yeah us!

Rain March 13 and 14

Rain for two days

My Yak Trax boots got wet. Once my feet get cold the only option is a corn bag heated up in the microwave and some couch time!

No Bingo with my Dad last night, the roads could have turned icy anytime.

Far Side