Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Snow in the air

 The horrid wind kept blowing to nowhere all day yesterday.  Twigs came out of the trees like daggers landing on the ground. 

I walked to the mail box for more squishy mail and the mail box was empty.  I waited on Far Guy's bench for a bit, finally got cold and walked back home.  There were snowflakes going sideways.  The sun was shining and it was still snowing.

Later in the day I drove to the mailbox.  I can resume work on the new/old car seat cover now. 

I finished watching Anne with a E  I give it a 9 out of 10 stars.  When Jen was here we watched Movie 43, I thought some parts were very funny and other parts a bit cruel. I give it a 7 out of 10....who knew that balls on a neck could be so funny.

Since I am now two weeks past my second vaccination I made Dental appointments and Eye appointments for both of us.  It has been 13 months since our last teeth cleaning and I am about two years overdue to see the eye doctor.  A haircut is on my list of things to do soon and a trip to Menards.

I had a long nap in the afternoon, smoked pork chops and salad was supper. 

Goodbye March...I think it is going out like a lion.  It was 23 F yesterday morning...that is 56 degrees cooler than the day before.

Far Side

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

There and back

 We were gone 11 1/2 hours yesterday.  The moon was beautiful in the Western sky when we left and the sun was slowly coming up in the East.  Our youngest daughter Jen helped drive...since I am still feeling tired and my very handsome husband does not drive in "The Cities."  

Far Guy had a bunch of special tests...and we will not know the results for a couple of weeks.

We watched a helicopter land on top of the hospital in the distance.  Someone was either having a really bad day or a good day (maybe a transplant organ arrived).   It was very windy and the helicopter took a very long time to land. 

On the way home it was like a dust bowl just out of the cities, visibility was reduced due to the dirt in the air.    It was 79 F degrees  yesterday...and today the high will be about 30F.  March in Minnesota weather can do just about anything.  

We stopped by Crafts Direct a huge arts and craft store in Waite Park Minnesota.  I bought some paper to make the owl May Baskets and one skein of scrubby yarn, a whirly gig and a pretty shopping bag.

 Last of the big shoppers!   It was nice to be in a store again.  Everyone had a mask on. 

It is good to be home.   We returned home before dark...Jen had to drive in the dark another three hours to reach her home.   We were so thankful to have her go with us! 

Far Side

Monday, March 29, 2021

Work Basket

 This is the project that caused all the clicking in the yarn store the other day.  When the order comes in the basket will be over flowing. 

Fun!  Spring colors!  Each row is a different color.  I am tempted to go forward but I want all the new colors to blend.

I am finishing up a different project I have been working on inbetween the Mosaic Projects.   When it is blocked I will have a photo shoot!

I won at yarn chicken! Whew...

Sunday, we recycled and ran some errands in was a quiet day.

Far Side 


Sunday, March 28, 2021


 Here is a sneak peek at the seat cover.   It was hard to judge the amount of yarn I needed.  

I put it on the back of the sofa.

I am pleased with how it  has progressed so far.   The top part is the part that tucks under the seat  and it has an over hang on both sides...math.   More rows will be added to the top part and the bottom. 

What I like about Mosaic Crochet is that the back is almost as pretty as the front!

Saturday was a cool cloudy dreary day with a bit of rain. 

My big decision of the day was deciding on the design for the May will be an Owl.  The proper paper needs to be purchased. 

Far Side

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Yarn and other stuff

 I HAD to order more yarn...three times...go figure.. the last order I just kept clicking until I got free shipping.   I am at a standstill with the car seat is turning out real is a custom cover so that required many trips out to measure and fit it to the space.  When the yarn arrives I should be able to finish it up in a few days.  In the meantime I started a baby blanket....I want it to be a mixture of many different colors....hence the clicking for free shipping.  Doncha just love squishy mail...I do!

My Big Girl Camera is back.   It was cleaned.  ( The auto focus was acting funny...but the grumpy gus said nothing was wrong with it)  I emailed them several times the month it was gone with no response and called them one time and their voice box was full...and then I read several bad reviews.  I told Far Guy we may never see my camera again...but it came in the mail this week...whew...big sigh of relief.  It takes pictures just fine.  The camera (Canon T4i is nine years old.)


I am still watching Anne with a is quite a progressive story for its time in history.  Now I am wondering if the screenwriters strayed from the book. Far Guy even watches the show if he is doing his afternoon in the house walk about round and round.

I think I am tired because of the vaccination, the time change and old age.  I know I am still having effects from the vaccination because of the hot flashes I have been having.   I am going to bed before 10:30 at night and that is unheard of for me since I am a night owl.

Far Side

Friday, March 26, 2021

Moon and More

My walk after supper yielded a few photos of the moon. 

March 25 Waxing Gibbous 

My baby brother was born many moons ago...I think he should be my older brother any year now.   He is 67 today.   He bumped me out of the most favorite only child position in 1954.   Happy Birthday baby brother!

Yesterday Adventure Grocery Day was not much of an adventure...they were short of Lime Outshine Bars.  Everything else was as ordered....they even put the yogurt in its own bag after several were punctured during last weeks delivery. 

We received word that one of our Grands tested positive for Covid eight days after getting the first vaccination, was very ill for a day and is feeling better now.  

Anything is possible...stay safe out there! 

Far Side

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Old Tool Box Cover

 Far Guy's Dad built a wooden tool box a long time ago.   Far Guy inherited it.  

We were talking one day about how the new /old car may need a few tools in the trunk.   Far Guy said he might finally have a use for the old tool box that we have been carting around for 25 some years.

He cleaned it up ...leaving scratches and paint smudges as part of the character. 

He had an image that was applied to the top cover.   It turned out great! 

I am still working on the cover for the front seat...I had to order more yarn...


I saw a was for a diabetic medication...apparently they want you to feel safe using their product...a gal is texting someone on a dark street at night, another gal is grilling food and her floppy scarf is very near the grill...who comes up with these ideas for commercials...idiots or do they think we are the idiots?

Far Side

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 Brown in all least mud brown is gone so we can walk to the mailbox ...mud and ice are all gone. 

It was a gloomy day.  The Juncos stayed all day...I wish they would go where ever they go...North...and stop being snow storytellers.

The Trumpeter Swans are here and the Canadian Honkers too.   They fly over on their way to the grain and corn fields...there must be some open water down at the lake.

I had a fairly rotten day yesterday...just not myself yet.  I had a long nap in the afternoon.

Far Side

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Sunny outlook

 Far Guy finished some of the woodcarvings he has been working on.  They have been painted and sealed. 

This is one that was finished.  Dontcha just love yellow cheerful flowers!

Far Guy likes to carve flowers.  I can carve flowers but don't enjoy it as much as he does.  He is looking forward to getting the patio table out and sitting outside to carve on sunny days.   We need a new umbrella for our patio table...the last one wore out.   The Christmas Ornament for 2021 is ready to carve...that is one project that takes most of the summer.   We sure miss our woodcarving group.   

Yesterday Far Guy came up with a design for a stand that will hold the sheep tank/vegetable garden at a good level for him.  Fresh veggies that is something to look forward to! 

I did some laundry and worked on my mosaic crochet soon as that one is done I have another idea brewing in my head for my next project...and I think I have the yarn on hand...since I might be a yarn hoarder.  I watched more episodes of Anne with an E...I am really enjoying that series.  Then I watched a cooking show and had a nice nap.

Just before supper the Junco's came...that usually means least it would be some moisture.

Far Side

Monday, March 22, 2021


 On Sunday my parents came out for a visit on the patio.  It was a tad chilly for them...we had coffee and cookies from the freezer left over from Christmas...Gluten Free Cookies that my sister Julie and daughter Jen made. 

Far Guy and I made lasagna...we used a different sauce ( Prego Four Cheese) was okay.  Give me Chef Boyardee or Hunts any day of the week but both have discontinued their lasagna sauce.

I worked on the mosaic crochet project...I am working on the border now.  Several more days and I will be done....maybe by the end of the week. 

I watched Yes Day  I give it a 4 out of 10...the first part was good but the last part was just stupid and possibly  had different writers.   I also watched more of Anne with an is a delightful show.  Then just for fun I watched most of Dances with Wolves....the buffalo scenes were hard to watch so I turned the channel to Naked and Afraid!!  

We have a quiet week planned...a video appointment on Monday is the highlight until Adventure Grocery Day.  I am feeling much better...some lingering fatigue that will eventually go away.

Far Side

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Windy Day

 The wind howled through the trees most of the day, there were even some leaves in the air from the Oaks that retain their leaves all winter.  I have a bunch of sticks to pick up. 

The lawn has a hint of green.   My other baby brother and she who sees robins first stopped by to visit out on the patio.

Far Guy had some projects out in the woodshop/greenhouse.  He is working on an old wooden toolbox that his Dad built years will become a toolbox for his new old car.  We found a Restoration Shop that will take the car in the Fall and fix some rust spots and paint it....they will keep it a number of months. 

It took me nearly all day to clean the bathroom, do a couple of loads of laundry and cook supper...I am still tired....or maybe just old.

Far Guy just talked to Grand Miss Paige she was quite sick after her first vaccination, she is feeling better now but says she felt like she was hit by a truck.  Grand Noah had his first vaccination and has no side effects. 

Far Side

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Happy Spring!

 Taking it easy is hard when you are used to being busy!  I did some laundry and we ran some errands in town, we recycled and then dropped off old medications at the Sheriff's Office...they dispose of old medications properly.   Someone once told me it is more fun for them to identify medications so I tore all the labels off. 

I ordered some seeds in December we will grow two kinds of tomatoes, carrots and several varieties of lettuce.  The containers I used for lettuce worked just great last year and kept us in lettuce greens all Summer into the Fall.   We purchased a Sheep Tank ( a short water tank) it is galvanized  and will be placed on some landscape timbers out by the Sauna...Far Guy will come up with some kind of fence for it so the Deer can't help themselves to tomatoes and carrots. 

Our weather is so Spring like...we have to contain our excitement a bit because we do live in Minnesota and we could still get Winter in our Spring.  One of my old friends planted her tomatoes and pumpkins already...I can only imagine those vines and limp tomatoes:)  We cannot safely plant gardens here until June 1st.  Before that you may have to replant...or be dedicated to covering stuff up.  Luckily we have the old greenhouse /woodshop to use for a bit of early May 1st.

I worked on my Mosaic Crochet project and watched Anne with an E and then had a nap.

I feel much better, still tired and my tummy is a bit "off" ...I wouldn't call it nausea.   The headache is mostly gone...and my arm is still a bit sore.  I feel like my body is trying to fight something...guess it must be making antibodies to beat the band!

My Mom's Lilies and in the background Hollyhocks last Summer.

Happy Spring!

Far Side

Friday, March 19, 2021


 I am recovering slowly.  We managed to pick up the groceries and get gas for the car...gas is up another 5 cents a gallon this week.  We disinfected groceries, had lunch and I crashed for most of the afternoon. 

Far Guy woke me up when my other baby brother showed up with three of his grands...Teddy, Vivian and Erwin...the older ones are excited about going to visit Aunt Katie...and no Vivian does not was to come live with us forever and ever.  Erwin just smiles and flirts with his eyes.   Fun to see them!  Their Grandpa had them all safely belted in the side by side so we just talked to them through the door. 

I am still very tired bordering on exhaustion and the headache comes and goes as do the hot flashes.  My arm is not as sore as it was but I still ice it when I lay down.  Aleve was the recommendation from the Nurses that were giving vaccinations. 

It is still better than getting covid being on a vent and possible death. 

For the next few days I don't have much planned...some laundry and maybe I will clean the bathroom...when my body says rest...I will.

The Big Island January 2019
Far Side

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Shot report

 About 12 hours after the vaccination my arm got progressively sore...perhaps because it was nighttime...who knows...pain always seems worse at night.  I could not sleep through it.  I took Aleve and iced my arm.  It felt as though someone had shot me in the arm...or applied a red hot poker.

I was just exhausted... finally got ahead of the pain by yesterday morning and slept off an on all day yesterday.  It was a jammie day....I still have a bit of a headache and the chills.

I did nothing all day long.  Far Guy is a good Nurse. 

Sure hope today is better! 

Far Side

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 I have my second vaccination...I am done!  Yeah me!  My arm is sore and I have a bit of a headache other that that I am far anyway. 

I finished the majority of the kitchen spring cleaning...all the drawers and cabinets and even the fridge...I keep waiting for my new fridge to word on that.   I still have the open shelves to do...but that will wait until my arm is better.  I also did the dining room except for the light fixture!   Far Guy did all the ceilings!  

There was a movie star activist in our area and she made all the not impressed.  Enbridge Line 3 is a big deal...but she arrived in a car..not on a horse ...although I hear that horses will be used...probably when the weather gets warmer...they do war paint and everything.  No one has been protesting inside the pipes lately although some people suggested that she squeeze her skinny body inside a pipe and stay there:)

I am done with Bridgerton...I give it a 5 out of 10 stars.  I enjoyed the gowns and hair styles...the story line was written like a steamy romance of my readers described it as a bodice-ripper.  Wealth, Lust with a capital L and each his own. 

I started watching Anne with a E...marvelous production!  I already give it a 9 out of 10.  I think there are three that will keep me busy for awhile.  It is much more to my taste in entertainment.  Plus I have not read any of the Anne of Green Gables books.  The actress who plays Anne is excellent!

A trail cam photo...showing a couple of survivors after Deer Hunting was over. 

Happy St Patrick's Day to those who celebrate it! 

Far Side

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Happy St Urho's Day!

 Today is St Urhos's day, the colors of the day are purple and green.   As the legend goes the grasshoppers were eating all the grapes so St Urho chased them out of Finland. 

The little town of Menahga Minnesota had a parade last Saturday. 

The parade lasted about two minutes. 

Men in underwear...the highlight of the parade. 

There were not many parade participants or parade watchers even though it was a beautiful day. 

Far Side

Monday, March 15, 2021

All about the drawers

 I finished the 17th drawer glad to be done with them.  I have five cabinets yet to clean and the fridge....and everything on the open shelves must be washed and put back in place...that is a day project by I can see the end but I am not there yet!

Far Guy built most of the drawers and cabinets.  The fellow who made the  large pantry with drawers got so busy building cabinets that he showed Far Guy how to build them...we spent most of one summer building cabinets and drawers.   

I love much easier to clean.  The drawers are very large and well built! The drawer and door pulls are made from black walnut. 

Spices, paper products, storage containers on the left, on the right silverware and a kitchen utensil drawer. 

Kitchen towels, table top decorations, canning stuff, junk drawer, strainers and potatoes, Chance's drawer, potholders and bread boards, bread pans and casserole dishes, Corning ware on the left.  Then on the right a full set of dishes, cookie sheets and roasting pans, cast iron fry pan along with misc fry pans and pots with covers. 

Yes we still have a drawer for Chance...he used to lead people there.  We still have some collars a couple of leather leashes, various brushes, a number of new balls, a water dish and a food dish and a jar of food.  Kinda sad to clean that one out...everything was put back in.  Little Elvis might need a snack some day..or a good brushing...the water dish goes outside come summer...used to be for Odda now it will be for Baxter and Little Elvis when he visits.

I like drawers, no losing stuff way in the back or getting on your hands and knees to retrieve something! 

I dislike the time change...not sure why we do it anymore.  Here in Minnesota it is too cold to sit out and enjoy an extended evening.

Far Side

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunny Day

Yesterday was a sunny warm for Minnesota day...about 55F 

I took the day off from spring cleaning.  Giving the old shoulder a rest.   Instead I did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom, we went to the Transfer Station (garbage) and then went to Menahga for a parade! 

On the way home we stopped by DQ for an ice cream lunch date.

At home the snow was really melting.  The grass almost looks green!

I worked on the mosaic crochet project...I am about half done.   I finished watching season two of Virgin River and started watching Bridgerton...I am not so sure about all the hype for that one...I will watch a few more far it gets only 3 out of 10 stars from better improve in the next few episodes! 

Hope everyone enjoyed Springing ahead with the time change.

Far Side

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Sunshine can be a shovel

 The snow is melting off the patio...I didn't shovel the patio as this last snow was really heavy.  Sunshine was my shovel!  We may have more snow coming soon...perhaps it will go south of us and get the banana belt of Minnesota.

I worked in the kitchen most of the day...12 of 17 drawers have been cleaned and a bunch of cupboards.  Not sure that I will get the entire kitchen done by Tuesday...we will see.  I am not holding my breath!

 By 3PM I was shot and went to my office on the couch and watched the second season of Virgin River...I liked the first season very much and have been waiting to watch the second season...a reward after cleaning works for me!  I give the Series a 9 out of 10 stars.

Far Guy went for a walk several times and worked on his carvings.

Far Side

Friday, March 12, 2021


 It snowed.  Winter white is back again but melting fast. 

The roads were slushy but mostly okay when we went to town. 

Two grocery stores, a fill with gasoline and by the drive through at the bank, a short wait in the Clinic parking lot for Far Guy and we were on our way back home again.  I had to call one of the stores again...they never seem to get it right...they left me a note that they no longer carry Deans Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream...why then did they charge me for it?  That was my question...they said they were sorry yet again.   I am certain that they are tired of hearing from me and I am tired of calling them and pointing out their errors. 

We are still disinfecting everything.  We have a process...I wipe everything down, it sits on the counter to dry and Far Guy puts it away. 

Just for fun I cleaned the microwave...much easier than the oven and I washed a bunch of stuff in the open shelves above the more drawer was that is 6 out of 17.  I would like to be all done with the kitchen by the time I get my last vaccination next week.  Just in case my arm doesn't feel like scrubbing cupboards. 

Far Guy worked on some woodcarvings.  I watch some movie called Stupid Crazy Love which I give a 2 out of 10...I watched the beginning, fell asleep and woke up for the ending and in time to cook some supper...French Toast...I have not made that in a long time...possibly the last time I made French Toast it was for Adam....several  many years ago.  Far Guy had syrup...I had some of that marvelous Chokecherry Jelly slathered all over it!  I am not a fan of syrup on anything...except with some pork sausage in an acorn squash.  

Far Side

Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Challenge

 What is the very worst spot to Spring Clean or Fall Clean or anytime clean?  

I will let you think about that a bit.  I got that worst job behind me and began to clean out kitchen drawers...I have 17 of them...5 are now done...progress is slow but sure. 

After a few very nice days ...yesterday was cloudy...and it started spitting snow in the afternoon. 

Far Guy had an appointment that HAD to be done in person at the nearest VA Clinic...a six minute walk so they could evaluate whether or not he still needs oxygen.  No surprise there.  We got to see Miss Paige for just a few minutes...we ordered out supper from the establishment she works at and she delivered our order to the car.   It was good to see her!  She is getting her first vaccination next week...she still works part time in a Nursing Home.  The next time we see her we might be able to give her a hug!

My cleaning challenge is the Oven...I clean the stove top on a regular basis...but that oven only gets my attention once a year.   I got every brown speck cleaned off the oven racks and then proceeded to stand on my head and scrub up the inside of the oven...I know you have a automatic cleaning too but the last time I turned it on to locked and it cost $200 to have the guy come out and unlock no more automatic clean for me.  It look me the better part of a morning to get it almost as good as new.  I have a feeling it might be on it's last legs...and I have probably jinxed it by cleaning it! 

No spring cleaning is grocery adventure day...which may be a winter adventure in new slushy snow. 

Far Side

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Someone is One and Snow Stick No Winner

 Cee Cee is one year old today...the baby we have never held is now starting to walk.  She had a birthday party last weekend.  We went along via facetime.

Photo by Jen

She had a unicorn cake, she is wearing a unicorn headband and a shirt that says one on it and a pink tutu.

What a doll!  Happy Birthday Baby!  This is your special day!

The snow, ice and water are gone from the snowstick ...and no one guessed March 9th.  The 60 degree weather we had with a wind really melted snow.

We may get snow today, if we get more than 5 or 6 inches I will start the contest again with the same guesses....and if that doesn't happen I will draw some names.  

Far Side

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Looking for Spring!

 We have a bit of nice weather...but it will not last it is Minnesota after all.

I went looking for Spring. 

Water in the corner ditch. 

My other baby brothers grands writing with sticks in the sand. 

The new neighbor puppy ...wearing a spring coat of dead grass. 

This is Titus a Border Collie/Great Pyrenees cross.   He is very friendly, has a soft mouth and seems real gentle.   He keeps Putz and Snoopy on their toes.  I had a good visit with Steve and Jo outside in the sunshine while watching the dogs play. 

I am done with Spring Cleaning the bathroom...not sure what I will tackle next...decisions...decisions. 

There is still snow, water and ice at the snowstick. 

Far Side

Monday, March 8, 2021

Melting and cleaning

 Lots of melting went on over the weekend. 

I took a photo in the late afternoon Sunday.   It was 54 F and my other baby brother and she who sees robins first came over for a visit on the patio. 

Far Guy fixed on his new/old car.   I am not sure what his project was today...since I am not very mechanical it is a mystery to me. 

I got started on Spring Cleaning the bathroom drawers...they are all done one more day in the bathroom and it will be done too!  Far Guy helped with his drawer...surprising how much room you have when it is all straightened up and clean.   For the record...he is messy with his shaving cream and I am messy with my hair bands and toothpaste. I threw a bunch of make up away...I don't wear it anyway. 

I packaged up lots of odds and ends, trial sizes, and some shampoo that is too fragrant to is all in a bag ready to pass off to one of our grands who once told me " I hate spending money on shampoo, I would rather spend it on something else!"

Far Side

Sunday, March 7, 2021

That yarn

 That yarn that showed up the other day is working up quite nicely.   I work on it in late afternoons and evenings.  

I had a few glitches with the repeating mosaic pattern but those seem to be behind me.  Knock on wood! 

It will eventually be a cover for the front seat of Far Guy's new/old car.   The browns and cream match his interior, the green is a nod to his previous Desoto color and the turquoise just because we though it needed a pop of color.   It is a work in progress.   There is no set pattern to the repeat of the colors...I know kind of crazy for me:)

The yarn is Scheepjes Sport Weight Yarn a blend of Cotton and Acrylic.

Far Guy worked on his new /old car.  Our weather is nice enough to be out in the garage and not freeze to death.  Something about a heat riser that is either stuck open or closed.  We took out the back seat and put a new seat cover on the bottom part of the seat.

   I began spring cleaning the bathroom...I took all the drawer liners out of the drawers and washed them... the rest of the room is deep cleaned...just the linen closet and drawers left to do...and I should wash the shower curtain.  It will take me a few days to complete that room...I may have missed that room last Spring Cleaning. 

By afternoon I was tired so I went to my office (the couch) and watched The Dig on Netflix...I give it a 7 out of 10 stars is based on a true story that takes place in 1939. 

Far Side

Saturday, March 6, 2021


 We have had a few warm days!  Sadly June the snowbank is almost gone in March.   We have so much less snow this year...but winter isn't over yet.  March can be a fickle month and so can old man winter. We have some mud in the yard and the puddles of water freeze every night making a bit of a skating rink.

There are still about five inches of snow at the snowstick.

Yesterday I had a busy day.  The Living Room is completely Spring cleaned...yeah me!   I was at loose ends and didn't know which direction to go to next so I headed to the kitchen to make Far Guy's favorite dip.( Italian Sausage, Hormel Chili with no beans, Philly Cream Cheese, Velveeta Cheese and Jalapeno Peppers. ) Then my other baby brother and she who sees robins first came by to sit in the sunshine out on the patio.  After that I worked on my mosaic crochet project and had a half hour nap...getting up just in time to help Far Guy cook supper...pulled pork quesadillas....the dip is perfect to go along with this meal.  It also freezes well.

My Covid Arm is finally better! I still have a sore spot but the temperature is gone along with the red spot!  Now it will have time to get all better before the next shot in 10 days. 

Far Side

Friday, March 5, 2021


 Seems they lost our grocery order, they said it went out for delivery and we must have wanted it delivered rather than picked up.  We said "They deliver out 14 miles?"  Yum no.  The friendly but clueless fellow said he would re pick the order and have it ready in a little while.  Off we went...Far Guy was with me as I had labs done at the clinic and then waited for him in the Infusion Center.  So nice to visit with the gals up there!   They have been one of our only links to the outside world!

The next grocery order was ready across town when they called from the first grocery store and said "We made a mistake, your order is ready to be picked up."  We attempted to get me some lunch as I had fasting labs...and they are all just perfect too according to my Doctor.   Even my cholesterol is perfect!  Anyways the line was way to long to get that burger I wanted.  Fast food is no longer fast food but wait in line food.

We stopped by my parents.  Mom has a problem with her email as she cannot recall her password...uffda.  

The first set of groceries were finally picked up...they were sorry for the delay and mix up.

The Butcher Shop was our last stop of the day.  Some hamburger and the best bacon you ever tasted was purchased.   I buy enough hamburger so that it is repackaged at home into the sizes we use...usually 1/3 to 1/2 pound and I make patties and meatballs too...which all makes my cooking life easier.  

I have been online grocery shopping and doing curbside pickup for 51 weeks now.    Seems like longer than that...this is the first time that they lost an entire order and found it again in a few minutes.

Mom's Lilies last summer.

Far Side

Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Yarn

 A new yarn order came in so I started a new project.  

It is slow going as it is a new to me mosaic pattern. 

Spring house cleaning more day and I will be done in the living room....all that remains is to move a couch and an area rug and scrub the floor underneath them.  Then I will move along to a different area of the house...maybe.   It feels good to have some heavy duty cleaning done.  One room is a windows will be done at this time...well not on the outside anyways.

Our snow is slowly melting.  We had a high of 35 F yesterday!! 

Today is grocery adventure day.

Far Side

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Covid Arm

 WELL... I have Covid Arm.  Leave it to me to get something.  The red area where they gave me the injection never did go away and it kept getting larger, sore, hard and hot to the touch. 

I filed an adverse reaction report.  

It is supposed to go away on its own.   My Doctor had never seen Covid Arm before now she has.  Leave it to me to teach the medical community. 

Far Guy had markers on it and they have washed he just measures it.   My Doctor said "I bet they won't give you the second injection in the same spot...probably the other arm." No way they can have a different spot on that same arm...I would like to keep my good arm a good arm.

Well it is better than getting Covid, in the hospital on a Vent and possibly death. 

I cannot believe all the anti vax people out there....someone said it is the mark of the beast...I don't even begin to understand why they would want to take the chance on getting Covid or passing it along to someone else that could possibly die...does that mean they could be charged with murder...or reckless endangerment??  It sure opens up a whole lot of questions. 

Today is day 15 for me and in 13 days I get my second vaccination.  I am still a bit tired, like my body is trying to fight off something...I imagine after the second vaccination I should just put on my jammies and go to the couch.

I had a nice video visit with my Doctor I needed a couple of refills on meds, it has been a year since I saw her in person.  She says at the local clinic anyone with respiratory symptoms is taken in a separate door from everyone else and is seen in a different part of the clinic. 

Far Side

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Chick Magnet

 Far Guy and I had an adventure on Monday morning.  He drove his new/old car and I drove the other car into town.   I followed along, he was cruising along about 53mph and then an idiot passed me when a semi was coming and passed Far Guy in a no passing zone..there are idiots amongst us.  Anyways we made it to our destination in one piece. 

We left the new/old car and came home for a couple of hours.  They called and the new /old car was all set to go.  I waited in the parking lot for Far Guy to get into the new/old car.  First he had an extended conversation with the business owner...and then the women started showing up.  Older women complete with masks asking questions and laughing...Far Guy was laughing... I thought to myself he is now a chick magnet. 

I waited at the edge of town...he had to stop and fill the car with the special gasoline.   It took quite a long time...then there he was!  Yea we can go home!  He pushed her into high gear and drove 60 mph on the way home.  

When we got home he said "You know those old ladies? "  Yes, I saw them.  "They said that the car was a chick magnet!"  Exactly my thoughts.  "They had to be over 90 years old!"   They didn't look that old to me.  "The same thing happened at the gas station, lots of people asking questions oohing and ahhing." Were they men or women?   "Some of both."  If I croak you can just take your new /old car to town and find yourself a new gal...cause you are a chick magnet!

And the old gal...looks so much better without her snow tires that were manufactured in 1968.  The whitewalls are just perfect!

We are looking for someone to take care of some small rusts spots and take out a few small dents and repaint her.  All the Auto Body Shops seem to be real busy...we can get on the list for next winter...uffda.  

Far Side

Monday, March 1, 2021

Two projects finished

 Remember all those ends from the Mosaic Crochet I was working on.  They have all been encased in the border stitch.  It was a little putzy but worth the effort!

This is an Apache Tears stitch worked one row at a time.  As you can see the reverse side is almost as pretty as the front.

The scarf will be put away until a special little girl grows up and needs a scarf. 

All the grey yarn has been used up...many wasp nests were made. 

They are all shapes and sizes.  I will mod podge them in the Spring when I can let them drip outside for an entire day.  I have a number of them that are complete and will be stored flat until a need arises.

I started Spring cleaning the Living corner is now done.  Spring cleaning will be a work in progress for some time.

Goodbye February Hello March!

Far Side