Friday, September 30, 2022

Thursday Things

 Grocery pickup was uneventful.  Everything was was a miracle!  I have noticed that everything is still going up in price a bit every week. 

Ranger Blue is back from its service call...oil change and a loose cable.   It was only gone 24 hours this time...that is most likely a miracle too. 

I worked on Christmas takes me a couple of hours to watercolor five cards.  That will keep me out of trouble for many evenings or rainy afternoons.

It spit rain on Thursday so I was not able to paint the garage door, but I have the correct roller now!  

Elbow Lake in Smoky Hills.  There are many lakes named Elbow Lake in Minnesota.  I looked it up there are 7 lakes that boast the Elbow Lake name.   The lake name that wins a prize is Long Lake as there are 27 lakes named Long Lake in Minnesota. Not sure how people keep them straight!

Far Side

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Painting Projects

 Handy Andy our fantastic son in law installed a new garage side door for us.   Yesterday I began painting ...of course I did not buy the correct size roller...but I did get one coat on the door frame.   The door is steel and I will get it done in no time with a roller.  The next week or so looks like good painting weather.  I hope those stinky beetles stay away....they usually invade us after the beans are harvested. 

I would also like to repaint the sauna...we will see what happens with that after I get the door done.  ( I also have to clean the interior of the sauna before the snow flies...because we like a sauna when it turns cold outside)

It froze here yesterday morning.  There was a real nip in the air. 

Far Guy is rounding the bend on woodcarving the Christmas Ornaments.  He has less than ten left to do.  They have to be painted too...but that can be done indoors on not so nice days.

Nature's paint brush

Far Side

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pretty Leaves

 The leaves are not yet prime but they will be in the next week.  

We went for a Ranger Blue ride before gets dark earlier every evening.  By the way we made pork chops and along with them we tried the corn on the cob that we froze about a month ago (some husks removed and vacuum sealed)...we are not a tasted like husks and cobs.

Anyways...we saw a large bird most likely a hawk and a bunch of turkeys.  No deer and no bear. 

We enjoyed the time away in the woods.  Only met one other couple out and about. 

It will most likely freeze on Wednesday morning ...early Tuesday morning it was 35 F. 

Far Side

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Busy week

 We have three appointments this week, one down two to go.  Everything was fine with Far Guy's appointment yesterday it was the 90 mile one way drive...the highlight was a trip to Hobby Lobby for supplies for Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Cards.  Far Guy went to get some lupper for both of us while I shopped.  

High Bush Cranberries were ripe earlier this month.  Far Guy's Dad used to like scouting for them and picking a bunch for jelly. 

Far Side

Monday, September 26, 2022

New Barn

 The neighbors are getting a new barn.  

It is reminiscent of the old barn that stood in the same spot 80 some years. 

As you can see a Border Collie is in charge and greets people coming and going.

Here is the blog post about the Old Barn.

Far Side

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Missing Chance

 It has been four years today since Chance died.   We miss him every day.

It doesn't get easier...but it gets easier to deal with the grief that sneaks up on you from time to time. 

We remember the good times and how devoted he was to both of us old farts...when he loved little kids so very much. 

How patient he was with my photography...most of the time. 

How happy he was playing ball.  There is a You Tube Video of Chance.  Hopefully the link works. 

He was a once in a lifetime dog. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 24, 2022


 I was at loose ends yesterday so I sorted through some "stuff" on my desk.  It is a work in progress.  I have a large covered  box on my desk...a very pretty box with sunflowers on it and it was crammed full of "stuff" that was out of sight out of mind.  Most of it was dealt with or is in progress of being dealt with.  

Everything has a permanent home or goes into the rummage sale tote or is recycled.  

I am in the process of scanning some older photos, some had been tucked away for safe keeping and some my Mother gave me last Spring.  

This photo appeared on my husbands Facebook page last week on my birthday.  Far Guy said "Hey there is a photo of you on Facebook that I have never seen before." 

Ha it could be a mug shot!  Just kidding.  The person who posted the photo must have been going through some newspaper archives.  The year was 1989 and I ran for School Board and lost.  I did win in a couple of Townships.  So much for that experience...the newspaper had to take photos of all the candidates. 

This one was taken in September 1953 when I was two years old.  That is my Mom helping to hold my cake.  The photo was taken at the farm where I grew up.  

So much for sorting through some old memories. 

Far Side

Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy Fall Y'All

 I like the first part of Fall...the break from the humidity of the Summer and cooler temperatures.  However...the furnace went on yesterday morning ...I also need socks with my crocs more often.  

Far Guy is working on the woodcarvings for the Christmas Ornaments.  

I have been working on Christmas Cards and my Costa Nova afghan.  I have started watching Manifest on Netflix.  

I took the summer stuff off the wreath outside the it is naked. 

Grocery pickup was uneventful yesterday.  Less people in town now...many of the tourists have left the area. Places to eat are closing one by one.   Some are only open certain days of the week.   Sign of the times I guess. 

Happy first full day of Fall! 
Far Side

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Growing Grass

 I sprinkled some grass seed in the spot where we ripped out that tree.  Last weekend when it rained there was germination! 


Fall lawn work has begun.  I have mulched leaves twice now....yesterday it wasn't raining when I went out to do the side yard...then it began to rain...less dust in the air if the leaves are a tad wet. 

Far Guy moved his woodcarving to the garage where it is a tad warmer.  Our weather turned cold and it may freeze soon. 

Far Side

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  

This is what my husband put up on facebook.

Happy birthday to my wife from the best decision she ever made.

He also said that pizza pie counts as birthday cake.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


 Well I made another trip around the sun.   We have nothing special planned...we are both feeling partly rotten.  I will take a nap! 

Happy Birthday to me! 

Far Side

Monday, September 19, 2022


 The leaves are changing fast.   I finally felt up to going out to water a few flowers, to get Saturdays mail and check the tomatoes.   

I am feeling tired and my arm is a bit swollen from the Covid Booster so my fingers go to sleep especially at I ice my arm to keep the swelling down. 

Far Guy is ill.  He has aches and a really sore throat, he slept off and on all day yesterday.   He did a home test for Covid and it was negative.  So it must be a regular cold or the flu.  Hopefully he will feel better soon. 

I am babysitting some flowers.  This pot sits right outside the door.  It was full of blooms...then a deer found it and we watched it munch away on the flowers.

So much for a pretty pot of flowers. 

On our camera we have deer, a raccoon and a skunk that visit the yard.  As you can see the leaves are starting to litter the lawn. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 18, 2022

How old?

 Happy Birthday Jen!  How old are you this year...she has been going backwards for about 7 years so she must be 33 now....ha! 

Jen and Sadie enjoying the water last July. 

Hope you have a really good birthday! 

Love you lots!


Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sunliner and visits

 I think you have to have a little strappy sundress, huge sunglasses and a scarf that flaps in the wind in order to drive this convertible.

Ford Sunliner most likely a 1956...back when a car was a car.

Friday I saw my Dermatologist for my whole body exam...all clear for another year! 

I had a rough night after my third booster...finally got up and put ice on my arm.  Far Guy is headachy and feeling tired.  Seems like I am always tired and I joined him with the headache.  

Our oldest daughter Trica brought her beau for a visit Friday afternoon.  Good to see her and to meet her beau.  Also met their dogs Chase and Lexi ( Golden Labs) who had a fun time racing around the yard. 

Far Side

Friday, September 16, 2022

Third Booster

 Far Guy and I both had the super shot...the third booster yesterday.    One day at a time to see how I react.   We decided to get this one over with before we have the flu shot in a couple of weeks.  

Cadillac not sure what year  40's or early 50's and I wonder if the hood ornament is original.

Far Side

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Car Show

Wednesday afternoon we took off to a local Car Show in Detroit Lakes.   The weather was windy and 72 F.  We visited with a cousin of Far Guy's and a gal we had not seen in 20 some years who used to be married to a cousin.  Good visits all around...nice to get caught up with relatives. 

I had the most fun seeing this car.  The dash is bamboo. See the K on the glove box?  That should give you a hint.  

It was a beauty...we had fun talking to the people who owned her.  1954 Kaiser Two Door Coupe!

This is most likely the last car show of the season...there is one more at the end of the month but it is further away. 

Far Side

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Out for lunch

 Far Guy and I went out for lunch after our Defensive Driving Class.  We take the class every three years it gets you a 10 % discount on Car Insurance and gives you a refresher/reminder of what to do and not do. 

We picked up a few misc things in town, came home and had a nap. 

Far Side

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Day Off

 Monday was our day off this week to do what ever we wanted to do.    Far Guy woodcarved.  We took Ranger Blue to recycle and then washed Blue up after the mud holes we were in last weekend. 

I did some more organizing on my Christmas Card project and began some of the water coloring.  I decided what the inside of the card should say...yeah for progress.

I did some laundry and put a bunch of my stuff away...we cooked supper together...Philly's, sweet potatoes and fruit. 

The Obedient Plant is nearly done blooming in the wild gardens.  Physostegia virginiana. 

Far Side

Monday, September 12, 2022

Weekend Activities

 We went for a couple of trail rides with my other baby brother and she who sees robins first.  I won't explain why they were both opening their doors going down the trail.

One night as we were returning home the moon was coming up. 

In other activities, we worked on the Christmas Ornaments.   I have decided how to paint them and have completed a sample.   It will work.   I made a list of the things I need to complete that project.  Far Guy is not done carving yet...and I can paint them later in the Fall when the weather outside gets rotten.  

I designed the outside of this years Christmas Card.  I have yet to work out the inside.   I ordered card stock and envelopes and made a list of what I need to finish the cards...a few brushes and some water color pencils.   I hope to have everything in process so that I can put them together during the craft retreat in October. 

We trimmed some branches that were bugging me when I was mowing the lawn.  I hate the ones that I have to push out of the way with my arm! Far Guy and my other baby brother put new mulching blades on my lawn mower when the leaves begin to fall I can mulch them.   I mulch about ten different times before the leaves are all out of the trees. 

We have a very busy week ahead of us. Lots of appointments and places we have to be.  Next week isn't looking much better. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Above the rest and a Mission

 In the corn field across the road from us one corn plant is growing above the rest.  

It must have been a vigorous seed or got a whole bunch of fertilizer. 

Far Guy has been on a three day mission.  There has always been a tree at the side of our walk, a spindly little thing when we first moved grew.  It has been in the way for 24 years... 

Far Guy attached a come a long to it and a neighboring tree and stretched it out.  He dug around the base.  I said "You should cut it off and call Steve to come grind that stump."  By this time it was a challenge.  Jen came over to take Senior Photos of she dug on the base of the tree, tightened up the come a long, and chopped at roots.  They watered the ground to soften it up.  They discussed possibilities...using Tilly...they decided that may not be a good idea.  Yesterday we borrowed another chain from my other baby brother...after a couple of straps were busted.  I dug around the base...Far Guy chopped at roots with an ax.  Far Guy tried pulling it out with the Ranger.   After a while I got in the Ranger and pulled on the tree from all directions, moving the Ranger slightly each time and pulling until my tires would spin and just like that the tree came out of the ground....It seems I twisted the tree enough to bust it off under ground level.  We drug the tree into the woods to be cut up later, filled the hole with black dirt and planted grass seed.  Three day mission accomplished. 

Far Side

Friday, September 9, 2022

Black eyes

 My Dad has a black /purple eye because he fell getting out of the car .   He has fallen a number of times this Summer.   Since he is a large guy my Mother cannot lift him she calls the ambulance.   He was checked out at the Emergency Room and was released to go back to their apartment in assisted living. 

Black eyed Susans in the wild gardens. 

Far Side

Thursday, September 8, 2022


 I pulled some yarn from my "stash" for my next project.   I am not quite ready to begin yet....but soon. 

Not sure about the Sunshine Yellow is a bit in your face.  The theme is Fall. The off white color (Stone) will be the background color and the designs will be colorful.

I inventoried all my Stylecraft yarn the other day and made yarn color pegs so I have no doubt about colors after  Far Guy winds the yarn into balls. 

I still have a bit to finish on my Costa Nova...but it is coming along.  Costa Nova is a mosaic crochet pattern, I used a size 3.5 hook and Sheepjes cotton yarn. 

The green houses and the colorful bobbers are to the next two parts...waves or maybe they are fish hooks?  and whales.

Far Side

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A reach

 The tomatoes are still producing.  The plants are looking worse for wear but they are still reaching upward. 

Yes I have to use that ladder sometimes. 

Far Side

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Towels and a Bucket

 Years ago our kids carried around diaper bags and blankets.  Now they have Sadie and carry towels and Sadies's bucket. 

Sadie loves the water. 

Sadie swam on Sunday and again on Monday just before she left. 

Sadie had an adventurous  weekend... a ride in Tilly where she hung her head out the window, chewing her lead in two in a patio dining area...marveling at the amount of sticks in our yard...chasing leaves...and enjoying her first taste of acorns...the look of surprise when an acorn fell out of a tree and bounced in front of her...and swimming! 

 Soon it was time for her to go...with her eye on her people she has no time for goodbyes. 

Far Side

Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day


Hope you are all having a great end of summer weekend. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Book Club

 We read Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.  I gave it a 9 out of 10.  I would have given it a 10 but I stopped reading the last 10 pages or so and wrote it in my head.  The next morning I finished the book and was disappointed that it was predictable. 

Oh well.  There were only three of us at book club and we all enjoyed the read.  

  The author is from Minnesota.   He was at a book signing for his newest book at the bookstore in town the Friday before Book Club. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 3, 2022


 How can baby Adam our youngest Grandson be 21??  When did he grow up?  I want him to be little again...the little boy who liked going to movies with me and eating a gallon of popcorn. 

2004  he was three! 

2007 he was six years old. 

This may have been the school year that he told the teacher she was boring.   He told it the way it was and was /is always a joy to listen to. 

Happy Birthday Adam! 

Far Side

Friday, September 2, 2022

Baxter is Two

 My buddy Baxter is two years old now.  He loves me because I am the "treat lady." 

What a handsome dog he is.  He came by with his owners for a photo shoot!  

His Mom took a photo of him too after he was at the groomer. 

Baxter is a happy dog...very food driven.   Baxter will eat just about anything including rocks.   

We are happy to have Baxter visit with us from time to time but he likes his own people the best. 

Happy Birthday Baxter!!  ( Hope he has less emergency vets visits this year.)

Far Side

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September begins

 Sometimes I wonder about the things I see in nature. 

The Field Bindweed is choking the Goldenrod.   Field Bindweed is part of the Morning Glory family and has a nice has arrow shaped leaves and tendrils that curl around what ever is in the this case Goldenrod.  Its real name is Convolvulus arvensis.  Non native plant. 

Far Side