Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pontoon Ride

 My baby brother and his wife invited us for a pontoon ride.  Neighbors Jo and Steve came too.  It was a warm afternoon...a really nice end of September day...high was 84 F or 29 C eh!

Not yet peak but it may rain the next few days and who knows what will be left after that.

A juvenile Loon that has not left yet. 

Baxter...getting his nose in the breeze to get all the lake news. 

I had a very busy day.  I did some house cleaning, laundry and some lawn mowing/ leaf mulching.  
Far Guy did some woodcarving. 
Far Side

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

More color

 The leaves are changing fast! 

We went for a ride after supper. 

We had a busy day...usual stuff and our Christmas Ornament count is up to 90 ready to paint...yeah us.   I ordered what I need to finish off the Christmas Cards....just something a little extra. 

I started crocheting on the newest blanket.    I mulched leaves in the yard day one of ten is was nice and dry and the wind was supposed to come I figured the wind would help push the leaves into the woods...not so much. 

Far Guy is about the better but no worse. 

Far Side

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 We still have some flowers in the yard....and leaves. 

The trees on the driveway are changing colors.

A few more yellow tomatoes were ready to pick.   They sure are good...we shall miss them when we get a frost. 

I auditioned  some of the yarn skeins upstairs for my newest Crochet Along Project....nothing is written in stone when it come to yarn colors.  Changes will be made. 

Far Guy is still not well.  I have given him my opinion...just worth 2 cents or less. 

Far Side

Monday, September 27, 2021


 I arrived home Sunday afternoon.  I unpacked my numerous bags of "stuff" and began laundry.  I finished (well almost finished) 131 Christmas cards.  Jen and I decided the cards need a little something one of these days I will tackle that..after all I have time.   I also had a bit of time to crochet. 

The new CAL (Crochet Along) started the morning I left for yarn is all spread out on a bed upstairs...I just need a vision...color choices must be made....and a start should be attempted.   

Far Guy did just fine...the house was spotless when I returned.  I had a nap.  It is good to be home.  Far Guy has a sore I will keep a close eye on him.  Most likely it is Fall allergies but you never know. 

It was a good retreat...some of Jen's friends are so special...I always look forward to seeing them.

Far Side

Sunday, September 26, 2021


 I have one hundred Christmas cards done.  I am tired of coloring,  I will be very glad to finish the last thirty cards before I leave here.  Far Guy is doing just fine without me. Andy was here and made supper again on the grill he cooked bacon wrapped chicken breasts and made homemade French fries. Yummy.

Far Side

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Just another day at retreat

 I am still working on Christmas cards…I am making progress.  Slow but sure.  

I have been to the same place for retreat eleven years. I have known most of the gals for a long time, they are mostly Teachers and Social workers or retired.  I am the oldest one here.  There is a huge room filled with six foot long tables so everyone has their own space. Off of the huge space are a kitchen, dining area, three bathrooms, a TV room, a dressing room and a number of bedrooms with twin beds. Once we get here we don’t have to leave unless we want too.  The grounds are lovely.  Most of the time the property is used as a wedding venue.

My baby brothers wife is here also, she is working on a cross stitch baby bib.

Long time friend Sarah is working on Christmas cards also…she will be done before me!

Son in law Andy cooked for us …pulled pork tacos, chips, salsa, margaritas and Mexican Mud Balls for dessert …fantastic food.  Andy went to visit Far Guy and stay the night…he will be back to cook Saturday night. 

Far Side

Friday, September 24, 2021

At retreat

 I had a busy day yesterday, grocery pickup and finished packing up.  I did the final sanding on six more ornaments before I left, the total is seventy six ready to paint someday.  Then I left and drove almost an hour to the retreat. The leaves are turning fast so we are almost peak fall color. There are eight of us here so far.  Nothing major is happening on my table yet.  However some gals are working hard.

All are having fun…lots of giggling.

Note that they all have phones. 

Far Side

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Fall Activities

 I am getting ready for retreat.   I packed most of what I will need.  For days I had stuff laying all over.  I plan to work on the Christmas Cards and one of my Mosaic Crochet Projects....the one that has 20 squares and I have 13 done working on number 14.   I have not been to retreat for two years.

Yesterday I mowed the grass...with the rain we had it is actively growing again.   I mowed it pretty short with hopes that the leaves will sail across the lawn and go into the woods!

Very soon it will be leaf mulching time... I usually can get it done on 10 nice days before it snows.

Far Guy worked on woodcarving the Christmas Ornaments.  I have 70 ready to paint someday when things slow down. 

Far Side

Shell River at the Dead Beaver Area

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Fall as in the first day of Fall and a fall-en barn. 

Somewhere in my photo archives I have a photo of this barn when it was not a pile of boards.  Maybe someday I will hunt for it.  

We had a good first day of almost Fall, I worked on odds and ends all day...laundry, organizing yarn after a huge box arrived,  organizing some craft supplies to take to the craft retreat...Far Guy worked on woodcarvings and we went to the Transfer Station (garbage) together.  Saw three deer going and the same three when we came back...and they are not real afraid of us...either they were real hungry or used to us. 

No hard frosts here yet....but it was chilly yesterday morning.  45 F or 7 C eh!

Happiest of Birthdays to my friend Cathie who lives in Texas! 

Far Side 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

So Many Birthday Wishes!

 Thank you for all the wonderful birthday comments.  I had people singing to me all day long...beginning with my husband when I was barely awake, then my baby brother and his bride, Far Guys Sister and then Jen...along with a few emails too.  

We began celebrating the night before my birthday as my other baby brother and she who sees robins first baked rhubarb cake!   Then on my birthday we took DQ blizzards to share with my parents.  My Dad has memory problems...I asked him "How old am I Dad? " He said "34"...I said I will take that.  Then he was quiet and you could tell he was thinking real hard...and he finally got a big grin on his face and said "You are really old!" He remembered that he was in Korea when I was born.  

We drove around a bit before stopping for a proper late lunch or lupper.   When we got home my baby brother and his bride came in singing!  ( Baxter was not singing,  he was looking for treats!)  Later in the evening I had calls from Miss Paige, Jen, Andy and Adam. 

Cards from family and friends.  Thank you all! 

Far Side

Monday, September 20, 2021

Just another birthday

 Yes, I am older.  My brothers keep reminding me that I am aging.  Since I am the oldest...I shall always be older than them!

Photo taken last August.

Far Guy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday...I requested a trip by Dairy Queen and a photo adventure in the country looking for old barns or flowers. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 19, 2021

A Beautiful Day

 Yesterday we had lunch at Jen's favorite second Margarita this year!  The food was awesome as usual...we sat out on the patio...where we could see Baxter in the car.   

It was a beautiful Minnesota day...a bit breezy but we spent most of the day outside.  Jen said she was having a good birthday! 

I worked on quality control of the Christmas Ornaments...I have 50 ready to paint. 

 Baxter was good company for me after Jen and Andy left and Far Guy went in for a nap.   Baxter went home in the late afternoon...I think he was sad to leave as he flushed out a rabbit in the wildgardens.  

I am working on getting my craft projects all set to go for a craft retreat soon.  Far Guy encouraged me to I am! 

I probably won't take this project...I put it out of Baxter thinks balls of yarn are lots of fun! This has been my in the car project and my late night TV watching project. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Backwards Birthdays

 Our youngest daughter Jen is celebrating backwards birthdays.  I believe she says she is 34 this year...she began going backwards at 40. 

This was her birthday in 1993.   She was 18 that year.  No one ever wants to go backwards when they are 18!  Photo taken at the  house at the Resort on Straight Lake.

She was 18 her whole Senior year...September birthday...

Usually on her birthday...I would cook a favorite meal and invite her Grandparents over for supper and cake.   Sometimes she would ask one friend to come over.  Then on the weekend after a birthday she would have some kind of party with lots of kids invited.... Happy Joes...and all girl sleepover...a party in the yard playing games....   something to make her feel special!

Happy Birthday Jen...she will visit us sometime today.  Hope you feel special spending your birthday with your elderly parents!  

Love you!


Friday, September 17, 2021

Gathering and a Studebaker

 Gathering supplies that I need for the Christmas cards...the hunt is now complete.  

Grocery pickup was not without drama...the phone at the grocery store was busy for 40 I had to go inside to the service desk and request that my order be delivered to the car.   Far Guy had to wait outside the clinic for a bit...he said he was content to people watch while waiting.  We got everything on our list.   I have been gathering some extra things that we use  all the time.  Soaps, lotions, paper products, craft supplies, get the idea.

I have a number of photos of old cars...after all I have lots of time during car shows...and once in a while I actually learn something new.  

1956 Studebaker Power Hawk.  Owned by a long time friend of Far Guy...the fellow is 88 years old. 

It has curb feelers! 

What you don't know about curb feelers?   See that wire/spring that is sticking makes a noise if you get too close to the curb and saves you from scraping your white wall tires or your fancy hubcaps.

Far Side

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Some Progress

 Since we stayed home yesterday I made some progress on several projects that I was behind with.  Some mowing...and my lawn mower had to be repaired three times by Far Guy.  Hopefully it is all fixed now...some safety wire may hold my mulching chute shut....when companies change a part for mulching the change is not always a good one.  

I cleaned up a mess by one of the trees (long grass and leaves)...I have wagon wheels that lean there and a whole bunch of solar lights...some working and some not so much.   There was an ant hill in part of that area....only a few ants...not a swarm.   So I sprayed for ants.  Only three Solar Lights were working. 

I am working on the Christmas Card...plain old white watercolor paper works...but using a golden shade of watercolor as a wash...makes it all better.   It is project.  I make about 130 I work on it a long time. 

I ordered yarn for a new project...another crochet along... even though I am not done with two previous crochet along projects.  I figure I can rotate through them all winter.    I should make a list but that would be scary.   One project just needs a border.  Oh well.

Far Side

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Goodbye Brian

 Far Guy worked with Brian for years and years.   Brian died last month from Pancreatic Cancer.   His Memorial Service is today.  Brian was 64 years old. 

Everyone will be there...except Brian on the far right...and us.   It is too risky for Far Guy to go into a group setting...not only possible Covid exposure but everyone will be wearing after shave or perfume.   We don't need anything setting Far Guy back at this time. 

So we are staying home.  We are sad for his wife Jeanie and his sons Jason and Patrick.  Heck we are sad for us as Brian was a good friend. 

Far Side

Proverbs 16:9  The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A drive

 Yesterday Far Guy had a medical appointment two hours away.  He is doing just fine, feeling a bit better everyday, he has gained three pounds (probably because he is a good cook) and his strength is improving....the best part is that he is not struggling to breathe. 

I took this cloud photo the other blue skies yesterday...and it is raining.  I probably should have taken my camera on the drive...we saw Eagles very close up as they flew right in front of the car and Sandhill Cranes in a field.

We hear that a neighbor had a successful bear our bear is most likely gone!  One of our other neighbors said that their dogs were awake and barking all night because the coyotes were howling. 

I am working on the design for our Christmas Card.  I really like both of my stamps. I just need to figure it all out. 

Far Side

Monday, September 13, 2021


 Beans are one of the crops used in rotation in the corporate farmers fields...potatoes, beans, small grain.

I am not sure what kind of beans they are ...some kind of edible bean.

Irrigated bean field

Beans turning color

Deer love beans...they feed in these fields.  The horrid little Japanese Beetles that look like harmless Ladybugs are in these fields.  As soon as the beans are harvested the Japanese Beetles will look for places to overwinter...sometimes they cover buildings.  They are nasty little things that bite and stink when crushed.  We have several bean fields in our I am sure the little buggers will visit us. 

Far Side

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fall Y'all

 I put up some Fall decorations on the wreath outside the door. 

I mowed the front yard, it looks good again. 

Friday  I made two crock pots of Chili, my baby brother and Baxter joined us for supper.    Chili will be frozen in individual is great to warm up on a cool Fall day and will be appreciated when the Fall yard work begins.

Far Guy felt feverish and tired for about 36 hours after his third Moderna vaccination.    I am not due for my third vaccination until sometime in November. 

Friday we went for a Ranger ATV ride in the evening...around the block and saw ten deer.  We have my other baby brother's Ranger for a few days.   Saturday night we saw about twelve deer.   The cool evenings and mornings feel like Fall.

Saturday morning we had a power outage for about 4 hours.  We went to check things out and the breaker out on a pole by the road had been tripped.   When you call in an outage you get a message that says if the problem is on your side of the breaker they will charge you $400 to come out.   This is the second or third time that breaker has been tripped this summer.   I got out my book and read, Far Guy kept wanting to do things that used power.

Far Side

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Friday, September 10, 2021

Third Shot Day

 Far Guy got the 3rd Moderna Vaccination yesterday.  So far he is doing okay.

I have  to schedule mine someday soon...I will need a few days to recover...I heard that there may be a flu/Moderna combo coming out soon. 

Grocery pickup was good...they had oranges! 

My baby brother and I went to Bingo with our Dad.  My baby brother it was a fun night.

A Hudson...not sure what was a real pretty car.

Far Side

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Desoto Day

 The old girl Tilly made it to the last car show of the season.   It was a beautiful day at the lake.

Cars were parked all along the Lakeshore Drive.

We got a good spot this time, easy to get into and out of.   It was a bit windy but nice next to the lake.

Far Guy and his cousin Tommy.  Far Guy talked to many people...and saw some guys that he used to work with. 

We met another fellow and his wife who also had a Desoto...theirs was a 1960 Desoto.

He told me he bought the fenders skirts from a guy in California.

It was a fun afternoon/evening...we got home just before dark.

We stopped for gas on the way home...Tilly gets 11 miles per gallon. 

Far Side

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Into the hills

 My baby brother dropped off his Ranger ATV for us to use for the afternoon so we headed for the hills. 

It was quite a view from the top of the hill.  A view I have never seen before because this area was all mature trees. 


There is a Fire Tower at the top of the hill.  When I was a young bike riding gal we would walk our bikes uphill and then see how far we could get coasting down...a perfect rendition of a thrill ride for country kids. 

I have not been to the base of the tower for many years.  My baby brother reports that the first 20 feet of the ladder have been removed. 

  I climbed to the top only once in my lifetime and that was once too many for me.  My baby brother and Danny coaxed me down...knowing if I didn't come back down they were going to be in big trouble.   That was the first and last time they talked me into climbing the tower...after that I was always the third person to go up...I would reach the treetops and then go back down. 

A few Maple leaves are turning.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Labor Day

 I finished some cards, I needed a few more Sympathy cards.  Seems like I use them up as fast as I can make them.   I organized a crochet project.  Imagine my surprise the other day when I opened a cupboard drawer upstairs and discovered a bunch of yarn I forgot about.

In the afternoon we had  a nice visit with Far Guy's cousins Bonnie, Wayne and Scott. 

We did not have a Labor Day Picnic but we cooked supper for my parents, my brothers and she who sees robins first...and Baxter.  Far Guy helped so much in the kitchen...I am so thankful he feels better!

We made a chicken mixture ( philly cream cheese, a packet of hidden valley ranch mix and Co Jack Cheese and shredded chicken) served over wild rice and topped with bacon, I also made flatbread and baked carrots.  My baby brother made some coleslaw and my Mom made a pumpkin it was a good meal.

Far Guy is working on the Christmas Ornaments. My thumb is a little better than it doesn't hurt all the time so that is an improvement!

Far Side

Monday, September 6, 2021

Long Weekend

 Every week can be a long weekend when you are retired.

I manage to do odds and ends all day yesterday.  Stuff that had been neglected or put on the back burner.   Far Guy worked on his new/old car...a window was not rolling down properly...but it is now...I was in the garage when it was all torn apart...I wondered how many parts he would have left over.  

Seed heads on the Virgin's Bower. 

Interesting seeds! 

The Yellow Pear tomatoes are still producing a few tomatoes a day and there are many green ones yet to ripen before we get a frost.   It was a good year for tomatoes.  

The potato harvest has begun...I hear that the potatoes are smaller this year...according to someone who drives one of those potato lifters.   Those fields are all irrigated...but he said that even with irrigation they still needed rain which they didn't get.

Far Side

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Seeing Green

 The grass is finally green...hurt your eyes green.  It rained enough to turn the grass green!

There are plenty of acorns dropping all over...I hate when I step on them.  Far Guy reports that on the West side of the house you can roll along. 

I will have to mow again soon... Far Guy got me new mulching blades for my lawn mower.  Seems I wore that last pair of blades out....they had not much chop or beat to death left in them.  He put them on the mower for me.  

I finished up the garage sale with my their garage mostly back in shape again.  They got rid of lots of "stuff."  So it was a success!

Onward and forward to the next project.   Not sure what that is yet.  I should make a list. 

I took some time to look at some Nativity Stamps....I ordered one and I will see how it works out for Christmas cards. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Oranges, Books and other stuff

 Grocery adventures included no oranges...really?   How can you be out of oranges.  I like oranges with my breakfast....actually I like Cara Cara oranges the best but will settle for other oranges.   I can adapt and will have grapes or cherries ...but adjustments are hard...I like a routine. 

Book Club is held virtually...which is great for me.  I prefer it that way.

We read The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths, it was a gift from Kay in Kansas!  Thanks Kay!  The book club enjoyed the read...I give it an 8 out of 10.   I am passing it on to my friend Susie who is also in a book club.  

My desk is full of projects...I am cutting some paper, making some cards and putting the starting stitches in a bunch of zippers for some crochet bags.

I am still stumped about our Christmas Card this year...I am making no progress figuring that out. 

Far Guy had his weekly Infusion and I had my annual visit with my Dermatologist...I missed last year because of the we are back on schedule.  She found a questionable spot so it was removed and sent in for biopsy and she took care of some skin tags.  I am good to go!   The waiting room only had a few people waiting and there was space to spread out.

Far Side

Friday, September 3, 2021

The last teenager

 Our last teenager turns twenty today...all our Grands are in their twenties now.  I gave him a couple of early hugs for his birthday!  He wasn't so sure about turning twenty.  He is our Grand that always makes me smile.  I was so fortunate to be there when he was born...those are special moments a Gramma never forgets.

This was the photo I chose for his birthday card.  I took this photo in 2011 when he was ten years old!  He has grown some since then and is now the tallest person in our family.   

He attends a Community College with an undecided major.  He has a gal...but we have not met her yet...maybe someday. 

He has planned a dinner out with his brother and his parents for his birthday. 

Happy Birthday Adam!  You are one of my favorite young gentlemen!

Love you!  Gramma

Thursday, September 2, 2021

One down, two to go

One appointment done with.  Far Guy has a Cardiologist...a three hour drive away.   We finally have someone that understands all the jargon and can make sense of it.  Far Guy is to discontinue his blood thinning medication at the end of the month ...since it will be a year since he had a stent placed in one of the vessels.  Yeah for one less medication! A few tests will be done but nothing to be alarmed about. 

The waiting room was horrid...a guy coughing in the corner...then his phone rang and he proceeded to talk loudly and use some not so nice language...totally improper.   Far Guy said "Well you watch Hell's Kitchen that guy swears too."   The waiting room was very way you could stay six feet apart.   It all made me nervous.  There are many good things about virtual appointments. 

  After the appointment we had a good visit with Jen, Andy, Adam and Little Elvis who was so excited to see us!  Adam got his Birthday Hugs early!

Lots of road construction going on...I think the push is on to finish before it snows.  Far Guy drove, I crocheted the whole way.  

Far Side

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September Flowers

 I mowed again yesterday...some areas that I didn't get the day before. 

The small flower garden is still looking good.   The Hummingbirds love the Salvia Victoria Blue.  They have done a good job of covering up my solar lights. 

Soon the frost will take care of the flowers. 

We are still getting a few tomatoes everyday.  We have been real pleased with the sheep tank as a growing spot!   Lettuce was a bust this year we got a couple of cuttings and then it just was too warm for the lettuce.

I have a number of projects in the works...some Christmas gifts.  I have not ben able to help Far Guy with woodcarving the Christmas ornaments thumb is not good enough yet for carving.  I can do some touch up work and the painting.  Usually this time of year we are done....not so much this year.   I auditioned some ideas for the Christmas card but nothing is written in stone yet. 

Goodbye August...hello September.

Far Side