Sunday, January 31, 2021

Looking Back

 I emptied the saddlebags where the Christmas Cards are stored.  I read them again.  Seemed like a fine thing to do as a fine mist fell outside.   It was too warm to snow. 

There were 30 photo cards.

51 Cards

31 letters, some hand written.  Many of the cards had notes inside...some people send just Christmas letters or photos.

There were 5 handmade cards

 Very talented folks. 

There was one beautiful long fold out card.

A piece of art that tells a story every year.  The picture is painted and then made into a card! 

I double checked the list.  We sent out 140 cards and heard back from  91 people.   A Christmas Greeting  is a wonderful way to reach out to long time friends and to family.  Besides that Far Guy loves getting the mail in December! 

 I used to keep all the cards and letters...then I had a whole file cabinet full.   Now I keep many of the is fun to compare them from year to year...and I keep a number of the letters especially those from family that tell about their year. I keep a few special cards. I keep everything in three ring binders.  I ordered some special page protectors that will store four 5 x 7 photographs and when they get here I will put everything away.   Another paper project for later in the week. 

We ventured out to the transfer station with our every three weeks of garbage.  The price went up it now costs $4 for a big garbage can.  I wave the money out the window ...the fellow grabs it and Far Guy and I unload and drive away.  Easy peasy.   It used to cost $3.50 so  it went up by 14% the first of the year. 

Far Side

Saturday, January 30, 2021

End of the week

 Our weather is finally seasonal...chilly... but not freeze your butt off. 

This week I finished gathering all the Income Tax stuff, it is ready to go to the accountant next week...yeah me!  I also corrected all the change of addresses from Christmas in my address book....and on my computer address list....yes I keep both current.  That was my "paperwork" for the week.

Christmas decorations have been put away properly...I had them laying on the stairs and shoved through the railing upstairs... no one visits so who really cares...well I guess I do. 

I found a very old stale bag of pretzels shoved way back on the top shelf in the laundry/furnace/pantry room.   I dumped them out under the bird feeders...some squirrels liked them others ignored would grab one and take off.   The next morning they were all gone...we figured a squirrel had been really busy all night long.  The next night there was a bit of moonlight shining through the clouds and I saw a deer by the bird feeders...mystery solved.  

  Far Guy is woodcarving and painting. ( I help him paint a little)

 He goes over to my brothers shop and visits his new old car...the brakes are better now...and they are working on replacing a Pinion Seal what ever that is.  Some kind of a special gas can that cannot spill has been ordered...I think it still needs a special wooden box that is strapped down...and we have to make a gas run to town these old cars need non- oxygenated gasoline and that is sold only a few places.  Who knew.  Alcohol in gasoline is the is harder on the older gas tank, fuel lines and engine. Old cars always an adventure.  

Far Side

** Daughter Jen had a Robin on her deck yesterday... A Robin in January...isn't that something!

Friday, January 29, 2021

September 4, 1916

 Last summer Far Guy's cousins Jack and Pat gave me a pretty little wedding booklet that was with some stuff that they bought for their antique shop. 

Well...anyone that knows me...knows that I am always curious.   Wouldn't someone like it as a remembrance?

The only real lead I had was the find a grave page

The couple were parents of two children.  Their son was a 19 year old Marine who was killed in Iwo Jima March 21 1945.  They also had a daughter.   All leads to return the booklet to family seemed like a dead end.  I scanned the booklet and put it up at Find A Grave at Robert and Luella's pages...they coincidentally have the same last name as Far Guys Maternal they could be related...who really knows for sure.

Yesterday I got an email from a relative ( a cousin of Luella) who is thrilled to get the Wedding Booklet. 

So the mystery is solved...and the booklet will be on the way soon. 

One less thing for my daughters to discover and say "Why in the world was Mom saving this?"

Far Side

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Miss Miney 2005-2021

 Miss Miney (Hermione) has been having a time with Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome.  Some days she was fine ...other days she struggled to get up and down but was still happy.  Yesterday she could not get up from a lying down position.  It was time.   Sadly she made that last trip to the Vets office in the afternoon.  

We will miss her so much.  We were lucky to be able to care for her throughout the years...instead of going to the kennel when her people had to be away she came to our house.  We loved having her visit.  Chance loved her visits.  She was just a little younger than Chance.  She would have been 16 years old this summer.  

August 2005 when she was just a little puppy she made her first visit to our house.  She is sleeping on top of an overnight bag and a pair of shoes most likely Noah's shoes. 

She was a beauty. 

She and Chance were best friends. 

Little Elvis joined the pack. 

Miss Miney was our daughter Jen's "heart dog" ...they come around only a few times in your life if you are a dog person...those dogs are the ones you always miss and remain forever in your heart. 

I am certain that Chance was happy to greet her. 

Goodbye beautiful Miss Miney.
She helped to heal our hearts a bit after Chance died. 
Run free Girlie.
Far Side

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 It is cold here...start the car and wait a while cold.  Wear a scarf around your head cold and wish you had heated mittens when you go to get the mail.  I shoveled a bit in front of the garage.

Cold quiet day activities; laundry,  finishing the book I read for book club...I give it a 7 out of a 10... A Untamed Land  by Lauraine Snelling.  Of course I would have written it differently...the last parts of the book were very sad and depressing.  Guess she had a story line to finish up.  Next week is book club so I have finished in time to discuss it. 

The afternoon movie was so bad I fell asleep.  I was about to rise from my slumber to put supper in the oven...when Far Guy said "I can do it sweetheart!"  So I hunkered down to finish my nap....waking up for the news and to check on supper...Pork Chops and rice. 

I started a new to me crochet project...not sure it will turn out the way I want it to or not....time will tell.

Far Side

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Seven Year Someday Project

 Believe it or not  I started the Join As You Go Afghan Project in November of 2013.  That is one advantage of a blog, you can search for just about anything!  I couldn't believe I started it that long ago!

The simple border is finally done and is on the blocking mats upstairs on my work table. . 

It is not perfect as scraps of yarn were used and 4 ply is not always 4 ply.   After it is dry I will put it away to donate someday. 

It is bright and colorful and will make a colorful addition to the foot of a twin bed or a lapghan for a wheelchair.

We had a quiet Monday...laundry and a bit of dusting for me, Far Guy ran his robot vacuum.  I took part of the Christmas Decorations down. I watched a subtitled movie based on a true story...The Intouchables.  I usually do not like subtitled movies but I enjoyed this one...I give it 8 out of 10 stars. 

Far Side

Monday, January 25, 2021

Snow Sparkles and a Recipe

 We got a little over an inch of snow.  There are seven inches at the snowstick.

It was light and fluffy...a dry it was easy to shovel. 

The snow sparkles are hard to photograph.  Everything looks so much better in the sunshine! 

My other baby brother stopped by to say hi in the afternoon.  I just opened the dining room window and let all kinds of fresh air in while I talked with him.

Supper was a old recipe from my sister.  Far Guy requested it.

Chicken in its own Gravy

3 large skinless chicken breasts cut in half.  I flour them and then put them in a baking dish with some butter in the bottom to brown Bake 350 degrees about 30 minutes turning the pieces as they can speed this up if you use the broiler. 

Then mix together 2 cups cheese ( I used shredded Co Jack), 1 can cream of chicken soup and 1 can evaporated milk in a saucepan and heat it up. 

Pour over chicken and cover with foil bake about an hour.  Serve over rice.   If you don't cover it with foil the cheese sauce gets a little brown...but it still tastes good.  

You can use any cuts of chicken...without skin.  This makes six servings and freezes well.   Four servings headed for our freezer.  It is also really good over wild rice.  You can also use what ever kind of Cream soup you wish the original recipe calls for Cream of Mushroom...and I am not a fan. 

I should put dates on these recipes...I think this one is from about 1990.

Far Side

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Snowy Day

 It snowed.  

We went to recycle ...our big excitement for the day. 

The sky and the snow are the same color. 

Someone waved to us on the way back...not sure who it was...perhaps a neighbor or someone that was really friendly.  We did not recognize the vehicle...but then someone may have gotten a new vehicle. 

Face it we are out of the loop.

The roads are still icy in some spots from the wind and the snow last week.  

We made Moons Over My Hammy for supper.  I make a plain omelette pile some cheese and ham over it plop it on a slice of bread...cover it with another slice of bread and  throw it is a pan to toast both sides.  Breakfast for supper.   It was one of Far Guy's requests. 

Far Guy's sister and  brother in law got the Pfizer vaccination yesterday in Indiana...and have no side effects so far.  They got their shots from their vehicle and then were directed to an area to park and wait...Jan said they were waiting to see if they would die... we asked what were they suppose to do if they had a reaction...honk the horn??

Far Side

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday Roundup

 Here we are at the end of another week.  My online grocery order was number 45. They keep track.  This week we were missing Yogurt.  I spent some time planning meals...Far Guy had a couple of requests. 

I waded through the Insurance and Medicare paperwork that you get in the mail...not sure why I keep them...I suppose in case I have a question. They are now shredded.  New folders were made to collect the 2021 papers. 

I am still working on the granny square a couple more days it will be done.  I am working on the border now.  Not sure how wide of a border I will put on it.  

I am reading the book for Book Club.  It is a good read so far.  The Untamed Land by L Snelling...about Norwegians coming from Norway and making their way to the Red River Valley in North Dakota and Minnesota.  

I am enjoying the Discovery + news...just perfect.  I watch a number of cooking shows.

Far Guy reports no horrid side effects from the vaccination...his arm was a bit stiff.  One of his infusion nurses said it is not really a is a protein that protects you from the virus.  She also said the Moderna is 80% effective shortly after the injection and then goes up to 95% after the second injection.  The Pfizer injection is just the opposite....begins with 15% and goes up to 95%.   Far Guy's sister and brother in law in Indiana are supposed to get their shots today.   Far Guy is a bit bugged that I do not have the shot yet...I told him that he is the important one as he has to go out to the Infusion Center once a week...I do not have to go I am very safe at home. 

A cheerful photo I took last year inside a grocery store. 

Our weather has turned cold...down right bitterly cold.  Normal for us in January. 

Far Side

Friday, January 22, 2021


We share our woodcarved Christmas Ornaments with many people.    

Some times the recipient dies before Christmas and the ornament is passed on to other family members. My Cousin shared her Mom's Aunt Anna who died in November.  Happy to see it on a tree...sad that my Aunt couldn't be here to see it.   She appreciated carvings and was a woodcarver herself....but she liked quilting and fabric  more. 

Sometimes a recipient moves half a world away. Shortly before Christmas I got this photo from Belgium! 

Jonas was the foreign exchange student that lived with Andy, Jen and Adam for almost a year.  He sent Christmas greetings and a photo of the ornament we made for him in 2019. 

I do not have a photo to share for the next ornament.  Years ago Far Guy met a gal through my blog from Washington State they both had Trigeminal Neuralgia...and became a good long distance support system for each other.  We were very surprised to get an email from her daughter telling us about a very aggressive form of cancer that took her Mom within weeks.  She said her Dad placed the ornament next to the urn that holds her ashes. 

I don't share these stories of the ornaments to make you sad.  They are a reminder that each day is a gift and should be appreciated as such.  So go out, grab the day, embrace it with gusto! 

Far Side

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Smile

 I smiled when I opened this Christmas Card. 

I thought it was just perfect. The photo is of my other baby brother's grands. 

14 was so happy with his sign that he ran with it!   As you can see it is even 7 boys and 7 girls.   It has been a joy to watch these little ones grow up. 

10 1/2 years ago there were only 7 grands  and they were so little!  This was the oldest boys (the twins) 5th birthday party back in June of 2009.


Far Guy reports his arm is a bit stiff after the Moderna Vaccination...other than that he has no symptoms. 

Far Side

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

First Shot for Far Guy

 Far Guy got the vaccination yesterday.  He called the local VA where he usually goes in Minnesota...they had no idea when and if they would get he called the VA in Fargo North Dakota and got an appointment. 

So we made the trip over.  The roads were a little icy in spots. They got a little snow overnight.

Elm Street in Fargo...when you drive down this street in the summer time it is like driving through a leafy tunnel. 

I stayed in the car...walked around it several times and stretched and had a nap.  He was out in about 40 minutes.  He reports that they could use better signage about where to go...but the Security Guards were helpful...too many people in the elevator for his liking... other than that they tried to keep Veterans about eight feet apart.  He said it was a small needle and didn't hurt...his arm is a little stiff hours later. 

I packed an EPI in his backpack...just in case we needed it. 

He got the Moderna Vaccine and has an appointment to go back for his second dose. 

No news on a vaccine for me yet, they think it will be soon... at the Clinic in town and we will be notified by phone or email.  So we wait. Being 25% done is a start.

On the way home we stopped by Burger King...they were only doing take out...which was fine with us...there was a wait...but we had lunch for lunch and supper. So we called it a date day! 

Far Side

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Goodbye Odda

 Jo called yesterday morning to tell us that Odda was very sick and if we wanted to say goodbye we should come over.  Of course we had to say goodbye to one our favorite dogs. 

Odda was supposed to be called Bella but no one could stop calling her Odda. (Odda 1 died when she was 16 weeks old of a heart problem.)

Odda May 14 2009

 Hooch, Chance and Odda May 2009

 She liked chewing on my crocs and me!  Eventually we came to an understanding.   She liked me and listened to me without hesitation. 

Then good boy Hooch died.. a tick disease took him within hours in May of 2011.


Putz joined the pack in 2012....he was so little! 

Something happened around 2012 ( probably Putz)...Odda began to visit us on a regular basis...we thought it was just to see Chance but it continued after he died.  She would cross the road at her house go into the woods and come down the trails to our house. 

Odda and Chance were good friends. 

Odda was a good friend to us after Chance died.  She came to visit more often...we would sit outside with her until Jo came to get her...sometimes we would take her home.  Sometimes when we were gone to town she would be waiting for us when we got home.  We were her safe place. 

Bernese Mountain dogs are loyal, gentle dogs.  She loved to sit on my foot and get a good scratch.

There was no sitting yesterday...but she did lift her head up for a while...we got to pet her and say our goodbyes.  Goodbye Odda come to visit. 

We will miss our visits.  Our neighbor Jo will miss her girl Odda so very much.  It isn't easy to lose our four legged friends.

 Odda is survived by her little brother Putz or Putzer...who is almost blind...but his hearing and sense of smell is pretty good as he took the crumbs of a treat out of my hand.  He will miss Odda she was the Alpha dog...poor Putz.

Far Side

Monday, January 18, 2021

Third or fourth time a charm

 I finally got it!  A new pattern learned...Mosaic stitch called Apache Tears.  It is worked row by row and you have ends on each side...lots of ends...reminder do not cut them too short. 

After some discouraging moments I finally figured it all out.  

The finished border from the front.

And from the back.

Yeah me...not perfect but I learned so much!  The swatch has an envelope type border it encloses all the ends...much better than a fringe and way better than sewing all those ends in. 

I have a project in mind for this pattern. BUT I had to see if I could do the stitch and do the border.  So it is a go.  

However I have two shawls in the works and this old project that I had tucked away upstairs. 

This was a join as you go Granny Square project.  It is almost large enough to be a more row and then some kind of border. 

We had a quiet Sunday...listened to church...made yeast rolls, potato salad and meatloaf for supper it seemed I was in the kitchen most of the day.

Enjoying Public TV...All Creatures Great and Small. 

Far Side

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Not Much

 Not much snow, a little ice.  I shoveled the patio and the walk.  Far Guy got the mail and visited his new old car.   I made it through all our issues of Woodcarvers Illustrated.   There are now two  magazine upright storage containers that Far Guy can fill with "stuff."

I figured the crochet stitch out and have an idea for a project...I have a few kinks to work out in the binding.  The stitch is called Apache Tears..the special binding covers up all the ends...I have redone it twice now...but I am persistent. Third time is a charm. 

I watched two old movies or most of two old movies...Unforgiven from 1992 and Men Of Honor from 2000. I enjoyed both.  Unforgiven had some really good writers...if you listen closely there is some humor..."I read you were dead?  I read that too... hell I even thought I was dead, till I found out that I was just in Nebraska."

We started a television subscription to Discovery Plus...what a great adventure that news!! AND I signed up for the no ad version....happy dance. 

I have to pick out another paper project to start this week. Not sure what I shall choose probably something to do with Medicare or Insurance.

Progress is very slow on old photos on my computer files.  I make a few puzzles as I go.

Chance and Peonies June 13 2009 a Puzzle

Far Side

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Fizzled out

 Not much of a storm at our house...but who knows what it is like out of these woods.  We did not venture out.  I will shovel the small amount of snow that we got sometime today. 

Yesterday was a catch up day.  Some household duties that were let slide earlier in the the bathroom and steam mopping the tile floors. 

Then we were free to do whatever...Far Guys whatever was taking a nap.  My whatever was trying to figure out a NEW to me crochet stitch...the stitch  is a good problem with it but I am stumped on the binding...I will figure it the meantime it is frustrating.  I remind myself this is why I do a practice can be accomplished or thrown out.  The important thing is I am trying something new to me.

I got the flag changed this week!  Yeah me! 

After supper...Chicken and Noodles... I was done...just done..fizzled out...headed to the couch for a two hour nap filled with strange dreams.  That will teach me not to crochet all afternoon during nap time. 

Far Side

Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Storm

 We have a winter storm.  It rained early Thursday and then froze a bit. The bulk of the storm was suppose to begin about 3 PM on Thursday.  Plenty of time to get Far Guy to the Infusion Center and curbside pickup for groceries, a stop by the drive up teller, and a fill of gas...the first since Dec 24 and we still had a half a tank. Anyways it began to snow as we approached town.  

We got everything done and were back home by noon and snow continued.  We didn't get much snow...yet.  I took some photos just before dark.

There are six inches at the snowstick Jan 14 2021

I lightened up this photo so you can see how little snow there is.   The winds are suppose to come up.  We covered up the new patio heater and Far Guy put an eye bolt in the wood siding and he secured it with straps. 

The trip to town was uneventful...missing grocery was a slice of all in all that was pretty good.  I even got Press and I ordered two...hoarding...and I am not ashamed.

We came home and disinfected all our groceries and had a nap....and waited for the storm. 

Far Side  

Thursday, January 14, 2021


 In pre covid times Far Guy and I liked to attend Auction Sales...and garage/rummage sales.  

I am sorting through some old photos on my Simple Save...oh it is slow going but a good trip down memory lane.  I am working in 2009 right now. In 11 years many things have changed.

This is a fun puzzle.

I  had many a jello made in those crystal bowls... my Aunt Marie like to serve jello over a lettuce leaf and topped with cottage cheese...uffda.  ( For the record Cottage Cheese will make me barf.)  I tried to graciously scoop it off to one side.   I like just plain jello...with some whipped cream on top...and Lemon,  Lime or Blue Raspberry are not my favorite flavors.... give me Orange, Black Cherry or regular Raspberry any day of the week.  My Grandmother put all kinds of fruit in her jello....sometimes more fruit than jello...I hated the grapes.  If Grandma made plain jello it was kept in a crystal refrigerator dish that had a pretty crystal lid.  

Far Side

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Twice the fun

 Far Guy ordered me some Cashmere and Silk yarn.  I couldn't resist starting a shawl. (Even though I have a different one that is 3/4 finished. 

Such pretty colors and a texture to get lost in!  Soft and silky! 

 I work on the shawls at night when I am watching TV and putting my feet up.

Far Side

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 I had two woodcarving has been in my carving tote for a year...the other was out in the woodshop just hanging around.  I have more unfinished carving projects...these were just the two I chose for this week.

The rolling pin was a turned project from my Cousin Chuckie.  Nice to have that one done...I put a hanger on it and hung it by the fireplace...yes Christmas decorations are still up.  The Santa was a project started years ago and is now finished. 

I have not carved in a while...I miss going to the Woodcarving Group on Monday afternoons...soon it will be a year since we have gathered.  The group always shared ideas and tips and tricks. 

Far Guy carves just about every day.  

We are making progress on going through the woodcarving stash of magazines.  My goal has been four issues a day, by the end of the week I should be done. 

Far Side

Monday, January 11, 2021

Baxter Visit

 My people handed me that Lady that likes me....but she is not my favorite person.  She thinks a bag of treats and a squeaky toy will work magic with me...

Didyaknow I can sit with my bum on one step and my four feet on another? 

Someone thought it was really cute...I can do cute! 

I am about 18 weeks old now. 

 The lady won't let me outside without a long leash.  She pulls it up short and says sit and then heel and walks away...and I am supposed to follow.  After a few turns around the yard she lets me crawl up on June the snowbank and I give her the evil eye.  She calls it puppy training.  She makes a funny noise if I try and wrap her up in the leash...something like ACK kinda loud.  If I walk beside her nicely she says "Good boy, good boy!"

She gets real excited when I pee outside...she takes me to the same spot and says "Pee in the snow." There is snow everywhere but she takes me to the same spot in her yard...and I pee there.  I have to pee every two hours...and if I scratch at the door, she takes me out. She should report I had no accidents at her house!! 

She laid down on the couch...that guy that likes me too was walking round and round in the the kitchen and around in a circle through the living room so I herded him round and round...about every fourth round I jumped on top of her on the couch...a couple of times I think she was asleep.

When I would remember that my people were missing I would run up the steps and she didn't get much of a nap.  If my misery is ignored...I can bark...and I can yip sharply...and howl pathetically.  The Lady says "Baxter it is not the end of the world."

I spent some time exploring...someone has a basket with some pretty strings in it...I decided to den up with it under the dining room table...the guy started laughing and said "The puppy likes your yarn"  She said "Oh crap"  but she said no harm was done.

She fed me some of my "treats" which are suspiciously like my dog food and then we went for a long walk...there was some target practice going on. She said I was a good boy and I sat beside her and watched and listened for the birds coming and going and the target practice in the distance. 

I like her a little better now, she says we are making progress. 

Soon my favorite people in the whole world showed up...I wiggled all over and she released me from that leash!  My people saved me!!



Baxter is not like any other dog I have met.  I believe he is loyal to a very small group of people. (Right now I am not in that group)  He is very smart, shy and a bit of a turd.  He is food driven to a point.  He needs a job.  He ignores a ball...he batted it around a bit...he wasn't thrilled with it.  He may like a frisbee a soft fabric one.   He settles down nicely in the vehicle going for a ride and actually fell soon as you slow down he wakes up.  My baby brother and his bride are working on the command down now, off  and heel should be the next ones learned, then stay followed  by kennel up and safe.  The commands he knows well are come and sit.  He also needs to be socialized more....hard to do in Covid times.  My goal with Baxter is to have him wiggle all over when he sees me and to have him off leash in our yard without his people present.

Far Side