Sunday, January 17, 2021

Not Much

 Not much snow, a little ice.  I shoveled the patio and the walk.  Far Guy got the mail and visited his new old car.   I made it through all our issues of Woodcarvers Illustrated.   There are now two  magazine upright storage containers that Far Guy can fill with "stuff."

I figured the crochet stitch out and have an idea for a project...I have a few kinks to work out in the binding.  The stitch is called Apache Tears..the special binding covers up all the ends...I have redone it twice now...but I am persistent. Third time is a charm. 

I watched two old movies or most of two old movies...Unforgiven from 1992 and Men Of Honor from 2000. I enjoyed both.  Unforgiven had some really good writers...if you listen closely there is some humor..."I read you were dead?  I read that too... hell I even thought I was dead, till I found out that I was just in Nebraska."

We started a television subscription to Discovery Plus...what a great adventure that news!! AND I signed up for the no ad version....happy dance. 

I have to pick out another paper project to start this week. Not sure what I shall choose probably something to do with Medicare or Insurance.

Progress is very slow on old photos on my computer files.  I make a few puzzles as I go.

Chance and Peonies June 13 2009 a Puzzle

Far Side


  1. I have never seen peonies with leaves like that! Wow! Not much going on here either.
    Uffdah, I listened to Rich watching some really bad old movies with dubbed in voices yesterday.
    That crochet pattern is neat but I imagine changing yarns isn't easy?

    1. Double Fern Leaf Peony and they are beautiful! Mosaic Crochet is easy it is the border I struggle with.

  2. Glad you got the stitch figured out. Enjoy the Discovery subscription.

  3. Awwww, Chance.
    I thought 'paper projects' now what is she up to....silly me medicare or insurance...baaahhaaaa.
    Your crochet is a work of art. If mine looked that good, I would frame it and hang it on a wall. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos in puzzles. You are my first read each day and to next enjoy and do your puzzles is something I love. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Chance.... :) I am always surprised to realize that things from the 90s and 2000 are old. Why, I got married in 1990 and that was just the other day. I'm pretty sure I'm still a young adult, or was that back in the early 80s?

  6. GOod Morning Connie. Happy Sunday! That photo of Chance made me catch my breath. He was such a beautiful dog.
    The crochet is beautiful and so intricate. I finished the baby blanket last night after playing yarn chicken on the last round. I won!
    Take care and enjoy the day.

  7. We are going on over 18 days of straight grandchildren. We normally have an assortment between Monday and Friday, but health issues with their extended families and a broken furnace have made it a seven day a week daycare center here, some with overnights. I would really enjoy your peaceful Sunday.

  8. What a great picture of Chance with the peonies. You are never not doing something, or learning something new. I like that crochet piece. It's very pretty. :-)

  9. Great picture of Chance! I had some fern peonies on the farm. Your are gorgeous! Let me know how you like the Discovery Plus channel. I'm back to watching The Crown on Netflix. Your Apache's Tears looks very similar to the Havanna that is very popular now. I hope you figure out the binding. I think I'm going for my nap now.

  10. The stitching itself looks complicated. I hope you figure out the border.
    I saw Unforgiven years ago but remembered it was a very different kind of western that I really enjoyed.
    Aw!! Chance. I might have to try one of these puzzles. :)

  11. I have never seen a Double Fern Leaf Peony. So beautiful. The picture is perfect with Chance sitting there beside the Peony. I should check out the Discovery Channel and see if it would provide more options to watch that were not so mind-numbingly stupid.

  12. That's a pretty stitch and if anyone can figure out the binding, I know you can! I love the picture of sweet Chance and I'll give the puzzle a try too. Discovery is a great channel. We sometimes watch "How It's Made" on that network along with many other great shows.

  13. Awwwww.... Chance! Gorgeous memories!! Let us know how you like Discovery Plus, as you go along with it. I thought about getting it but... well... we just don't watch tv that much. I don't know why but we never have. We're backward, I guess. :-) But I'd be interested to know how you like it. ~Andrea xoxo

  14. We are searching for entertaining things to watch on TV, what with our regular programming interrupted or thinning out. We do still have a few options on Netflix.
    I like it that you take on challenges with your hobbies. You are always learning something new.

  15. A handsome looking doggie
    Pretty flowers and a damn good post

  16. I have a “paper” project this week too - shredding some old files and receipts. And organizing all of the 2020 paperwork that will go into the file to keep as needed. Your photo is perfect for a puzzle.

  17. What a beautiful puzzle with your Chance in it! The peonies remind me of my Red Charm but the leaves are really different on yours. I haven't seen any like that before! You sure do keep busy with paper projects and crocheting. Helps to make January go by, I'm sure.

  18. I recognize that peony at the one cemetery. It is a great photo.

  19. Great puzzle! Nice to visit with Chance :-).


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