Tuesday, February 28, 2023


The sunshine was great yesterday, it melted a bit of snow...a few more days and we will be back to dirty snow.   We escaped the rain...not sure who got rain but we did not. 

Jolynns peonies as few summers ago.  Do you pronounce it peeohnee or peeuhnee ?  Is one wrong and the other right?   

I just look forward to the blooms...and the fragrance.  

Years ago my large clumps of peonies were a hiding place for a cat named Whiskers...she would hide amongst the foliage and pounce on anyone who walked by.  She honed her skill at scaring people that summer and carried it over into the winter trapping Grandpa H in the bathroom and holding a Minister hostage by the front door and not allowing him past her rocking chair.   Other than being anti social she was a sweet thing who didn't know she was a cat.  We hand raised her from birth and obviously didn't teach her the things her mama would have. 

Far Side

Monday, February 27, 2023

Winter Wonderland

 I made a little progress on my Winter Wonderland Mosaic crochet... the white and rose are very bright.  I am not sure I like it...it will be flanked by the burgundy and teal again.  That might make it look better.  I might frog it...the cream color in the reindeer looks dirty compared to the white. 

 Then my yarn order came...so I began on the front border of my Nordic Mosaic...I may be done by the end of the week...maybe. 

We had a quiet day on Sunday.  I worked on 2018 in the Grands photo albums.  Pizza was supper. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Warming up

Well ... it will warm up and be windy and possibly warm enough to rain and get some ice this coming week...above zero would be okay...above freezing not so much...I know picky picky picky.  March will most likely come in like a Lion.  Hard to believe that February is almost over. 

Quiet day yesterday, I crocheted a bit, yarn was delivered, I binge watched some episodes of Outlander and we went out for supper at a favorite Mexican place. 

We only have one appointment this week...yeah us! 

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Saturday, February 25, 2023


 Yes it is chilly here.  We stayed inside all day yesterday.  I worked on the Grands photo albums and crocheted a bit...and had a nap.  I think the cold tires me out. 

Purple Coneflowers a few summers ago. 

Far Guy woodcarved...he has a flower project in progress.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Grandma with a camera

 Yes, I am the grandma with the camera.  I know that I have more photos of the grandgirls than their mother has.   I know that I have different photos of the grandboys than their mother has...however I am sure the amount of photos she has exceed mine. 

I have my photos on flash drives and an index that tells me mostly what is where.  I sort through the year and copy the photos I want to my desktop and then transfer them to a folder on my desktop by year so I can order 4 X 6 prints from Walmart...they are 12 cents each.   2017 had 147 photos because it was a busy year in the Grands lives... 2018 had only 50 photos...a calmer year.  Soon I will be caught up with the flash drives.  Back at home I have some doubles of photos that will be put in the albums and I have to scan some that only have one copy.  

After I pick up the photos I write on the back the month, day and year. ( I use a Generals Scribe All  #1251 Black pencil)  Then I sort by child, then I sort those piles again by date in preparation for placing them in the albums. 

When the Grands are in the line up for a photo...I order five photos one for each of their albums.  Other than group photos each of their albums is all about them! 

  Far Guys Infusion went...four sticks from two different Nurses.  It was very cold and windy...now we will stay put and keep warm...very thankful that we only had to go across town. 

I have a number of projects to work on! 

Far Side

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Miserably cold

 Activity for last evening...warm a rice bag, put on your warmest nightgown and a pair of socks, climb into bed ...flannel sheets are your bestest wintertime friend...watch TV. 

The wind is just raw...the windchills are -45 F roads are closed to travel in parts of North Dakota. 

I believe this is Bad Medicine Lake in Minnesota a few years ago. 

I ordered the photos for the Grandchildren's photo albums for 2017 and 2018.  So I am making progress on that project! 

Stay warm!  

Far Side

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Mosaic Crochet

 I finished part nine of the Nordic Mosaic.  It was called Skadi Hills...Skadi is the Nordic Goddess of winter, hunting, skiing and mountains. 

It was a fun pattern to work.  

I had enough cream color yarn to work the back part of the border but will have to wait for my yarn to come before the front envelope border can be finished.   All the ends have been tied and trimmed in preparation for the last five decorative rows on the front border. 

In the meantime I took out Winter Wonderland a Mosaic project that I have been working on for quite some time.  I began in November of 2021. Uffda.  I found the pattern, the proper hook ...I keep fairly good notes about which hook I used...I write the hook size right on the pattern! 

So I have something to work on while waiting for a yarn delivery. 

The big Winter storm seems to be going south of us....we will get the below zero weather instead. 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

It snowed

 and blowed and snowed some more.  

Far Guy, Little Elvis and I stayed put for the duration.  The kids and Sadie were off gallavanting around since they had a holiday. 

 Sadie had fun with a friend called Harley and kept everyone up all night.  Obviously Sadie has no concept that a sleep over means... you should try to get some sleep instead of running around playing all night. 

Everyone came back home to sleep! 

Far Guy wood carved and I worked on my Nordic Mosaic project...I had to order more yarn. 

Far Side

Monday, February 20, 2023


I am hearing talk of Spring.  Horses are shedding, Jack Rabbits are changing colors, trees are budding out, perennials are turning green, birds are showing up earlier than normal. 

What kind of signs do you have? 

We have no signs of Spring here...unless you count really dirty snow and below zero temperatures that are coming this week.  Green grass is way under the snow. 

I still wear my parka, my warm mittens and my head covering are in the pockets.  Seems like the wind is always blowing here....and let me tell you it slices right through you! 

Spring seems like a long ways off.  I bet we have at least another two months of snow...maybe three.

Far Side

Sunday, February 19, 2023


 Looking through photos has been interesting, yesterday I looked through the photos I took in 2017.  Our Grands had a very busy year!  2015 and 2016 photos were put into albums. 

I also found a few other photos that are interesting.  I collect dice because they are small...I have several containers filled with dice. 

We had a quiet day Saturday.  I crocheted on my Nordic Mosaic and Far Guy wood carved.  I watched The Temptations on tubi a four hour series from 1998. 

Far Guy watched Hockey in the evening, Jen and Andy went to the Hockey game. 

Far Side

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Nordic Crochet: Dala Horse

 Part 8 of my Nordic Crochet the Dala Horse is finished.  In rural Sweden wooden horses were carved as children's toys and they later became a treasured symbol of Sweden.  They were painted red and usually had some sort of floral design on them.   I wood carved one several years ago...and I think I gave it away. 

There are four Dala horses running along in my afghan. 

So part 8 is finished and I am onto part 9 which is called Skadi Hills.  I think I have enough yarn for that section but will have to play yarn chicken on the border...or order more yarn:)

I finished watching Roots so I watched Far Guy wood carve so he was my entertainment whilst I crocheted yesterday.  He said " Are you waiting for some excitement like me cutting off a finger."  So I got sleepy and decided to lay down and watch a movie on Netflix...I chose The Wonder...and as I fell asleep I wondered what it was really about.  I would not recommend it to anyone.  Totally a waste of really good nap time. 

Far Side

Friday, February 17, 2023


 I finished both seasons of Joe Millionaire and then began to watch Roots on tubi.  I recall when it originally aired in 1977 it was a big television event.   I crochet while watching.   I will have to pick one more series to watch before I am done with the Nordic Mosaic Crochet project.  I suppose I could always continue with Manifest on Netflix...does anyone have recommendations?  

I am also working on the 2015 and 2016 photos in the Grands albums.  

Far Side

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Day after

 We are birthday and valentined out.   I took Far Guy out for supper on his birthday, he had a Clucker ( Chicken with cheese and bacon) and I had a plain old burger just the way I like them nothing else touching my meat and bun.   Far Guy said he had a good day and 73 seems older than 72 or at a minimum sounds older!  He says "Thanks for all the birthday wishes!"

After supper on Valentine Day...Andy cooked...Philly Cheese Nachos... we took Valentines to the little kids. 

Now back to our normal scheduled activities.  Onward and forward to another year! 

I finally got the tax info in the mail to the account...so I can cross something off my list! 

Far Side

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Happy Birthday!

 Far Guy is another year older today. 

Happy Birthday! 

He hasn't changed much in the past year but Sadie sure has!  They are good friends.

Last years birthday photo.

Far Side

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Ah the day of love and chocolate. 

 Chocolate gifts from a friend!  

Silly things that jumped into my cart at the grocery store.  We will take bets how long it will survive. 

Sweet things found on the counter in the kitchen. 

Happy Valentines Day to my husband!  He is one lucky guy!

Far Side

Monday, February 13, 2023

Cabin Fever and Eggs

 We were feeling a bit antsy on Sunday afternoon, the weather was sunny but the wind was chilly...at any rate it was much warmer than it was a year ago.    We took the car out for gas and a wash.  Gas is $3.39 a gallon.   Far Guy needed a new saw to help him out with his latest project so we headed over to Harbor Freight to purchase one.  Then we went to Red Lobster for an early supper.   The food was delicious...and I am certain I will have seafood dreams (very vivid off the wall dreams).

Jen and Andy were headed to a Super Bowl party...Far Guy will play with his new saw and I will crochet as we are not football fans. 

As for the price of eggs.  They were $5.39 a dozen the last time I bought them.   I must be a terrible shopper as there are some things I do not pay attention to prices...bread, milk, butter, bananas, apples and oranges....we need them every week so we buy them.  

Granny Marigold is paying $3.88 for a dozen eggs in Canada.  Linda Reeder paid $4.50 for 18 eggs in Washington so that works out to be $3.00 a dozen. 


I worked on the Grands photo albums...2014 is all done!  I am making progress on a few of my projects.  I am watching an old program from 2003  Joe Millionaire while I crochet.  Yup that is me 20 years behind the times. 

Far Side

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Cards and eggs

 I needed a few more cards.  I ran out of some supplies so Far Guy and I made a trip over to Hobby Lobby.  The supplies I needed were on sale so I stocked up!  We took Sadie along for the ride. 

The Ball jar full of flowers is one of my favorite stamps, it is fun to watercolor. 

I finished making the cards I needed and Far Guy worked on his latest woodcarving. 

We had the Millionaires Supper...eggs and bacon.  Who knew eggs would be so expensive. 

Far Side

Saturday, February 11, 2023

And so it goes

 My Cousin Petie died this week.  She lived in the Cities but would come North every once in a while...she had an awesome sense of humor.  She was 78 years old and would have been 79 if she had lived 13 more days.  Her father and my father were brothers. 

When my cousins used to get together at Christmas time, Petie always made an effort to be there.  She was always ready with hugs and smiles.  

On my Fathers side of the family I have many cousins.  Last year Ronnie died and in the years before that... Cousins Mark, Lyle, Rosemarie, Leonard and baby Randall.  There are 46 of us Cousins and now 7 are gone.  

My cousin Petie on the left, a photo taken with her sisters...  photo taken about 1949. 

1 Corinthians 2:9  But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 

Far Side

Friday, February 10, 2023

Adam: Graduates

 Adam graduated with an AA degree ( Associated Arts).  His parents took him out to celebrate and we were invited along with his brother Noah!  We met at Harry's Steakhouse in Downtown Grand Forks...the food was excellent. 

Adam is working full time, he is an assistant manager at an eating establishment.  He is enjoying time in his apartment and recently got a couch and a television so life is good for him.   He is thinking about going back to school to become a History teacher. 

It was a fun evening with both of our grandsons! 

They have grown up way too fast! 

Adam in 2011

Adam 2023

Congratulations Adam we are very proud of you! 

Far Side

Thursday, February 9, 2023

What are you reading?

 I just finished a book I really enjoyed. 

I have not watched it in Netflix yet.  If you enjoy a book the movie is usually not up to the books standards.

I found out that there is a sequel ...so I ordered it from Thriftbooks.  

So that is what I am reading...how about you? 

Far Side

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Crochet and Flu Report

 I finished the section that is called Baubles.  I would call them ornaments.   It was part 7 of 9. 

Now I am working on part 8...called Dala Horse.  It has 31 rows...I debated if I wanted horses in my blanket and decided to just go with the flow and stick to the designers pattern.  I will slog through the pattern row by row.  

Andy got the stomach flu over the weekend.  He is feeling better after a couple of days and is back to work.  Far Guy and I have escaped it so far.  Knock on wood or what ever  good luck charm may work. 

Far Side

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Project Bag

 This is the project bag ( a gift from JoLynn) that I take with me to Doctors appointments or when I know I will be sitting in the car waiting. 

I propped it open with balls of scrubby yarn.  I make scrubbies and give them away. 

I emptied it out yesterday...seems lately I was in a blue mood:)  Ha!

It is a nice size and holds lots of scrubby yarn.   It has a metal ruler sewn in the top so it snaps shut.

Far Side

Monday, February 6, 2023

Thinking of Spring

 It got a tad warmer...above zero   21 F or -6 C eh.  Practically a heat wave.

Believe it or not those temperatures make me think of Spring.  

It was nearly balmy when Far Guy and I went out to pick up Pizza for Sunday supper.  We usually have pizza on Sunday....it is a tradition.  We have ordered from several different places.  Seems we all have our favorite places.   Far Guy likes Rhombus Guys Pizza so that was the pick this week. 

We get a little spoiled by the take out food that is available here. In the boonies where we live most of the year take out is ...take it out of the freezer or fridge and cook it yourself. 

Far Side

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Saturday Stuff

 24 F or  - 4 C  it warmed up!   

We had a quiet Saturday.  Jen is feeling better and no one else is sick...yet. 

I worked on the Grands photo albums and my mosaic crochet project.   Far Guy woodcarved.  He has an idea for a bigger project.  

Recently he finished an orchid woodcarving. 

Far Side

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Photo Project

 I am making progress on my photo project and the past week I picked out photos from 2012 and 2013.  Progress.   I order them online and pick them up on Thursday when I am out and about. 

I usually choose group photos of the five Grands and other photos that make me smile, or a fun memory.  I discovered that I was not great at taking birthday photos.

I mark the date on the back of the photo and then sort them out for each Grand and put them in the album. 

Each Grand has a different color album. 

2012 Maddie and Noah shaking up cans of soda and getting sticky...they did catch some soda in their mouths but mostly just laughed!  Grape Soda...this photo will appear in both Noah and Maddie's album. 

Far Side

Friday, February 3, 2023

Book Club

I had Book Club yesterday.  We read Karolina Dalca Dark Eyes by M.R. Noble. 


I give it a 3 out of 10.  I was not a fan and was thankful that it was a quick read.  It is a Vampire series...needless to say I am not curious what happens next. 

In Book Club everyone can recommend a book and two of the gals like Vampire books.  

Far Guy's infusion was longer yesterday so I had time to go to Hobby Lobby...see that box in the photo...it looked Springy to me!  Yarn was not on sale...so none was purchased...just the pretty box. 

Far Side

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Oh Deer

 Elvis was barking in the back yard, sometimes he does that if the neighbors black lab Nova is outside.  Then I saw three deer run through the area between the fences...Sadie must have heard them or translated the barking. She joined Elvis in the back yard to give them the what for.

I was not fast enough to get a photo of the three deer that stood in the neighbors yard that is not fenced.  They seemed unaffected by the dogs barking. 

We have been checking out some short You Tube clips...Sadie gets excited about deer and chickens ( she did eat a chicken once at the farm Sarah and Chris own)...ducks and birds do not entertain her and she is not real excited about squirrels. 

 I got a photo of Sadie standing watch! 

Jen is still under the weather.  She is on a liquid diet.  So far no one else in the household is ill. 
Knock on wood. 

I am certain the groundhog will be scared back in his hole by his shadow and we will have more than six weeks of Winter. 

Far Side

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Going around

 The flu is going around.  We hope we escape.  We have had our flu shots but who really knows for sure what strain will pop up next.  Our Great Grands both had the flu, Jen helped take care of them and she was very ill yesterday.   She spent most of the day in the Emergency Room with horrible stomach pain, chills and vomiting. 

I found myself a decent Doctor for my Primary Care Physician, he ordered a tick panel to see if I have one of the other tick diseases besides Lymes.  In this town there are small clinics all over...you have to be right on top of all the locations or you will find yourself in the wrong clinic.  Yesterday we went to a teaching clinic on the UND campus.  

I still have residual Lymes with fatigue and joint pain that flares from time to time.   It is the pits. BUT things could always be worse. 

Far Side