Wednesday, November 30, 2022

In the kitchen

 It was time to finish up those open shelves in the kitchen.  They get dusty.  They are clean now! 

The ruffly blue vase on the top shelf is from Norway.  It was a gift to my parents from Florence and Russ neighbors and friends for years.   These shelves are kinda a pain in the butt sometimes...however putting dishes away is easy. 

I am not sure where the cobwebs come from but they sure show up after the furnace has been on! 

Far Guy and I ran errands in the morning, we stopped to see my Dad in the home and then picked up some jelly making supplies.  We dropped off a few woodcarved ornaments in town and came home and made the last three batches of Chokecherry Jelly.  ( The chokecherry juice was frozen last summer when it was too hot to make jelly)

That makes seven batches of jelly so the pantry has jelly again and we can share with friends!  We got 21 jars from three did not seal so that one is in the fridge. 

Cross a couple more things off my list.  

We had a few snowflakes in the air in the afternoon. 

Far Side

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Some progress

 I mailed the Christmas cards yesterday.    Cross something off my list!   The rest of the woodcarved Christmas ornaments will be dropped off this week.  Just local deliveries are left. 

Our weather has been wonderful, some of the snow has melted but I heard that the weather is going to change later this week.  Our high yesterday was 35 F or 2 C eh!

We have to stop feeding the birds, we have three of this years fawns coming in and raiding the bird feeders at night.  They are hungry little buggers.  Our yard is like a super highway for deer. 

I made a couple of lists...not checking anything twice...yet. 

We watched Australia on HBO Max...Far Guy hated it and I enjoyed it.  I give it a 8 out of 10....probably because of Hugh Jackman :)  I watched The Shack yesterday on Netflix I give that a  9 out of 10. 

Far Side

Monday, November 28, 2022


 We got our first Christmas card in the mail.  Someone is more on the ball than me!   Ours will go out in the mail today.  I wrote the Christmas letter so it is not nearly as entertaining as my husbands versions. 

Card from Nebraska!

We had another quiet day, I did a few small projects. Nothing earth shattering. 

I did some laundry, washed some decorative glassware in the kitchen, crocheted until I fell asleep sitting up and then had a nap until my other baby brother and she who sees robins first stopped by to check on us.  

Far Side

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 We are tuckered out and had our fill of turkey for quite a long time.  

We had a quiet day Saturday we went to recycle and then dropped by the neighbors for coffee.   Older folks talk about their health ...they have cataract surgery and a possible back surgery happening in the next month or so.   Thankfully Far Guy and I have no surgery coming up.  I am tired...and Far Guy is short of breath...same old same old health complaints.   They filled us in on a mutual friend struggling with sad.   So it could be worse. 

My baby brothers bride shared her photo of the Thursday turkey.

Far Side

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving Part Two

 We gathered at Gather in Laporte. 

There were fourteen of us.  Jen and Andy hosted and guests were Paige and Cole, Savannah and Ty, Maddie and Brenton and the Great Grands and my sister and her husband.  

Food was great again today...turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, rolls, pickles and a Snickers salad.  A variety of bars and pies for dessert. 

Before and after supper we played some games. 

Fun times with our Grandgirls

AND Great Grands

 Cee Cee and Hey Mikey!

These two kept us entertained!  They are growing up so fast! 

Far Side

Friday, November 25, 2022

Thanksgiving Part One

 We had lots of food at my baby brothers.  Turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, cabbage slaw, yams, fruit salad, pickles and a dessert bar with many gluten free options, pumpkin pie without the crust, pumpkin bread, a pumpkin roll, almond cake, cherry filled cookies and date and cherry bars.   The food was all awesome!   People present were both of my brothers and their wives, my sister and her husband,  my Mom, Niece Stacey and her husband, daughter Jen her husband Andy, and our Grands Noah and Adam.

Sadie is here. 

She is making us smile.

Far Side

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


Once again we have arrived at Thanksgiving, it seems like only could 365 days passed so fast?  I wish you and yours many blessings on this day of thanks! 

Far Side 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

We all need a little good news

 This week I happened along a web site that makes me smile.  It is  Secret Santa Stories.

If you need a smile check it out.   That Secret Santa is making a difference in many lives. 

Thunderbird Convertible not sure what year. 

Today is baking day around here...the house will smell great.  Yesterday I made more Chokecherry Jelly and did some house work...boring.   I watched The Bridges of Madison County on Netflix...I had not seen it before...I enjoyed it.  I finished up Virgin River and now I have to wait for a new season! 

Far Side

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

A little helper

 I am still wading through old photos.    I am stuck in the 1950's. 

Deer Hunting.   My Dad and his brothers are in the yard after the hunt.  Most likely (Uncle Ervin and Uncle Adolf)

Help arrives...

Happy to be included.

Never mind that I had a dish towel tied around my head...I must have been throwing winter hats off...and my Mother found a way to keep my ears covered. 

Photo taken at the farm where I grew up...and the year...most likely 1953 or 1954. 

Far Side

Monday, November 21, 2022

Blue Sky and Sunshine

 We had some sunshine and that really perks a person up! 

We went for a Ranger Blue ride and took our recycles to the recycle bins.   We recycle everything that we can. 

We have three deer that are visiting our yard during the night.  The raccoons and the skunk seem to be hibernating.  The rabbit hops through every once in a while.  My baby brother saw a wolf across the road. 

Far Side

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Red and White and Black and White

 My newest start of a project.  A Nordic Mosaic pattern all done in red and white. 

It is not going very fast!  I stopped to do those Mosaic bags. 

Baxter thought one of the red yarn balls was a harm done...but he got my attention real fast! 

We had a quiet day Saturday.   Trying to figure out what day will be a baking day this week...most likely Wednesday...pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie in a pan without a crust ( we have a number of Gluten Free people)....mashed potatoes which can only be done just before we eat.  

I am still working on the old photo scanning project in my spare time. 

A dog on a farm truck at my Paternal Grandparents home.

Far Side 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Beginning, middle and end

 I buy small cloth bags with zippers at Hobby Lobby and cover them with yarn.  

Beginning...small stitches all around the top of the bag to anchor the stitches  



More finished

I use Sheepjes yarn, these are crocheted with a pattern called Apache Tears.  It is a mindless pattern that I can do while watching TV.   I worked on bags most of the week...building up my stash again as they make nice gifts! 

I also use plain zippers to make bags...more on that some other day.

We have the Christmas cards all ready to mail...and will get them in the mail right after Thanksgiving.  Yeah us!

We had some snow in the air again yesterday.  

Far Side

Friday, November 18, 2022

Still snowing

 Yessiree Winter at its finest can be found here in Minnesota! 

It was a four count them four stick day for Far Guy yesterday for his weekly infusion.   He is a trooper.  

I ran errands whilst he was getting his infusion...groceries, gas  ($3.39 a gallon), post office, library and the printing company for the Christmas stationary I ordered.  

It will snow for another day before we are thrust into the deep freeze where it is too cold to snow.  Fun.

Far Side

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Invited out

 We were invited out for supper.   I wanted to take a Christmas gift of Chokecherry Jelly.  Imagine my surprise that all the jars in the pantry were empty.  Five boxes and they were all empty....that is 60 jars of jelly!

I got out some chokecherry juice from the freezer and enlisted Far Guy's help and we made two batches of jelly.  It will still be warm when presented as a gift.  Fresh!   It has been on my list of things to do.  We have to build up the stash again!

The kitchen smells good now! 

We had a sunny morning with blue skies, by the time I got outside to take a photo the light was leaving. 

The snow is not melting.

Not sure what we will be having for a meal, but we get to pet a dog and visit with friends! 

Far Side

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It snowed and snowed

 Yes it snowed ALL day.   We have a fine bunch of snow now.  Kinda looks like Winter. 

We have enough.  It must be 3 or 4 inches of fluffy white stuff.  All hope for an Indian Summer was dashed...beaten to a pulp.

I cleaned out a box that sits on my desk.   It had lots of junk in it.  Then I got the Christmas cards ready for their Christmas letters ...I am not finished with the letter yet, but the cards are stamped and addressed and stuffed with cards.  They just need the letter and to be sealed. 

Progress is good.  I had 100 red envelopes and finished off the rest with left over blue and white envelopes from previous years. 

We did not venture out of the yard.  

Far Side

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Into the Hills

 Sunday was a decent wasn't snowing but it had snowed...and it snowed yesterday too and it seems to be the word for the whole week. 

Anyway we went to recycle and then went for a trail ride into the nearby hills.  Ranger Blue has a great heater and as long as you wear warm boots you could spend all day trail riding!   Ranger Blue will do fine in some snow but when the drifts get too deep it is time to stay on well traveled township roads.   My baby brother has tracks for his Ranger so he can go anywhere he wants all winter! 

We checked out the road to the tower and then we went over to the beaver  area.

Monday I spent 20 minutes in the Post Office mailing Christmas Ornaments so they are on the way.   The roads were slippery.  We got a couple of inches of new white stuff...I do believe that Winter is here. 

Far Side

Monday, November 14, 2022

Four Letters: 1943

 Yesterday I got the letters from 1943 transcribed.  

Letters from Arthur E Yliniemi to his cousin Lila. Arthur’s father and Lila’s mother were brother and sister.   Arthur is my Dad's brother.  Arthur was born in 1920.  The letters were written from Camp Clairborne Louisiana in  mid 1943.   Arthur  lists his address as Co A 409 Infantry

Photo of Arthur taken when he was on furlough in Minnesota

 May 31, 1943

 Dear Cousin, Here Im’ back from my furlough, I’m having a heck of a time getting used to Army life again.

Well I got some sad news I think my brother Hugo went across the other week. 

How is the weather there is it just as nice as it was a week ago.  The weather down here sure is hot.  It just about burns me up.

Boy oh boy I wish I could get transferred to some northern camp away from the sunny south.  

How is every little thing treating you.  I am just fine waiting for this war to end. 

I suppose Hugo (Lila’s husband) is busy rearing sheep.

By the way I got to do KP tomorrow. So have it pretty easy tomorrow.  For you know I rather do KP than go out in the field and trill.

One dam thing with me when I write a letter I don’t know what to scribble and when a person is here it is the same old stuff day in day out so a person don’t have any news.

It’ll be so long for this time next time some more  Your Cousin Arthur


June 12, 1943

Dear Cousin Lila, There I come again with a few lines of bullshit that about all I can scribble for I haven’t any news.

By the way I have some news, my feet are pretty darn sore after marching a 32 mile hike the other night.  Was it ever a tough one.  We worked all day Friday and four o clock we started on that long march.  It was three o clock in the morning before we got through with it.  Every dam bone in  my body was aching that I couldn’t even lay still in bed.  Week after next we are spotted to make 40 miles.  I hate thee heck to see that day come. 

So Walfred has to go for the examination too, I sure feel sorry for him if he gets into this branch of the service.

I wish I could get part of the cool breeze you have up there north for the weather down here sure makes me sweat like an old plow horse.  It’s been 115 in the shade for the last 4 days boy that is too hot for any man.

I received a letter from Alvin the other day and I got just through answering it.  He wrote that the weather down there was to hot for him down there.

This Camp itself isn’t so bad but there suppose to give the toughest training than any other C and I can feel it too.

My bullshit box is getting empty.  So I will close So Long Your Cousin Arthur  PS If you see Walfred tell hello from me.


July 11, 1943  (Parts of the letter are missing…like a mouse chewed them up.)

I haven’t got any news that I could write about and very little we can write about the army life or movement so that covers most of the news around here. 

Well Walfred did join the Navy a last long time he aimed for it before he join it.  I got a letter from him yesterday he didn’t kick the Navy very much but one thing he doesn’t like to wash his own cloths.  I know if we had to wash our cloths I don’t think I’d ever have a clean rag.

Well the final push to Europe started yesterday I almost bet 2 to 1 before 6 months is over we’ll be running all over Germany or if we don’t get it in 6 months its last about from 2 to 5 years

What is Eino….

I suppose a man can make good money out there but all in all I don’t think there’s anything in it for a family man to move.  

I suppose Hugo  (Lila’s husband) started hay making already like most of the farmers.  As far as everything is concerned I’d rather make hay all year around than staying this army especially in that cool Minnesota weather one thing I know now is hot weather up there in Minn we don’t even know what heat is

I’m telling you when it’s 122 in the shade and take off on a 25 mile hike you can really feel the heat and there’s men passing out left and right from sun strokes and still we got to keep going.  The heck of it is we don’t get only one quart of water for the whole 25 miles.  I’m telling you it is the toughest dam thing I’ve ever gone through.

Tomorrow we have a 11 mile force march we haven’t any dope on that hike yet what it will be like. We even might have to run all the way.  One thing about it if they go faster than 3 miles an hour I’m going to drop out.

Shit on hikes.

Sunday we are going to the rifle range to practice a little shooting that’s about all the news this time 

So Long Your Cousin Arthur


September 17, 1943  In the sticks.

Dear Cousin Lila, Thank a lot for your letter which I received a few hours ago. 

Here we are deep in the woods of Louisiana and two months maneuvers which I don’t like very well but I can’t do a dam thing.

I got a letter from Ma (My Grandmother) today and she said she had gotten a letter from Hugo.  I guess it was the first letter in 4 months since he been overseas.

So Walfred got shipped out of Idaho.  Have you got any idea where he is I don’t think they will send him to the high seas yet.

I heard a rumor the other ay we had a training schedule up to Sept 1944 so I guess it mean that we won’t be send across for a year yet. 

That sure was some thing that Italy gave Arms that shortened the war quite a bit.  We celebrated Italy’s Arms a little bit we had a drink party and I think everybody got drunk.  I sure hope this war is over by Christmas.

So Long Best of Luck Arthur


I am not certain when Arthur was sent overseas...most likely January or February 1944.

He was injured or killed  during the invasion of Italy and died May 20 1944.   He is buried in Italy.

At least now we know a bit more about him from his letters to his cousin.

Far Side

Camp Claiborne was located in the Kisatchie National Forest  It is said that Camp Clairborne turned out well disciplined, high spirited and well prepared soldiers.  I found it interesting that the camp  had its own railway system and they specialized in rail sabotage. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022


I have several crochet projects going at one time, I cannot say that I make great progress on either of them since I flit from project to project.

Two of my project containers/baskets.  I prefer to keep like supplies together.  I crochet mostly while sitting on the couch watching TV.   Sometimes I crochet at my computer desk with my ear phones on....blocking out the whole world watching a movie.  

I finally got to see the movie Where the Crawdads Sing on Netflix...the movie was not as good as the book.   Much of the flavor of the book was lost in the screenplay.  I give the movie a 6. 

Far Guy struggled through the address list for the Christmas is updated and printed.   I ordered the paper for the Christmas letter and will pick it up from the Printing Company next week.  Far Guy says I should write the Christmas letter this I may give it a whirl. 

I finished packaging the Christmas ornaments and they are all set to go to the Post Office one morning next week.  Yeah me...I had packaging supplies spread all over my desk and the dining table for the better part of two days.  

I have been scanning old photos, it is a never ending project.   I have a new project to tackle from cousin Leann...old letters from our Uncle that was killed in WWII.   Once I get them transcribed I will share them here on the blog.  

I have enough projects to keep me out of trouble for a bit. 

Far Side

Saturday, November 12, 2022

What a difference a day makes

 It rained enough to encourage the grass to green up a bit and start to grow. 

This is the view out the kitchen window on Thursday November 10. 

Then it snowed overnight and the Juncos came...they are snowbirds after all. They were all over in the yard pecking at the grass/dirt.

We just got enough snow to turn the ground white.   Far Guy says there was no ice.  I did not go outside to shovel or to do anything else outside.  

Inside kept me afternoon I began cleaning the pantry...not done with it yet.  The next afternoon I finished the Spring cleaning in the Fall in the bathroom...yeah me!  I tasked Far Guy with the horrid job of updating the Christmas Address list....the program we use sucks big time...I threw my hands in the air and gave up...AND then he said "Didn't I enter all those addresses last year on my computer?"   Yes win!!!!!  

Far Side

Friday, November 11, 2022

Veteran's Day

 Many many thanks to all the Veterans! 

Someone hung a picture of a flag on my Dad's door at the Nursing Home.   

February 1951 just before my Dad left for Korea.   That is my Mom in the photo.  I am there too...just not born yet.  Dad would be gone for 14 months. 

Along with Dementia Dad has been diagnosed with PTSD... sometimes he relives his time spent in Korea..I wish he could forget that part of his life...

My husband was in the Air Force/ Air National Guard for over 26 years.  He often says that he served enough time for a couple of people.  Being an Air Force/Air Guard family was not easy.   So with that thought I would like to thank my husband for the time he served our country during the Vietnam Era  and the Gulf War.   I would also like to thank the spouses and children that kept the home fires burning for their Veterans. 

Far Side

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Yesterday happenings

A Winter storm in on the way.  Far Guy moved the snowblower next to the door and I grabbed a shovel from the garage.  The last few patio things were put away...chairs and table, watering can and Baxter's water dish. 

I decided to run errands in town and stop by the Nursing Home to see my Dad...he was having a good day and knew who I was and was very happy to see me...he grabbed my hand and didn't want to let go.   I am not sure how much he understood but I updated him on Deer Hunting ( she who sees robins first got a doe), Josh is building a three stall garage, that it was November 9th and that we were going to get a snow storm, the price of gas ($3.49 a gallon) and that it was Election Day yesterday and they are all crooks. 

Dad's go to phrase is "I don't know."  He asked me how many cars I had and if I could take him away and bring him back later.  I said "Not today" and that seemed to pacify him.

I cleaned two more drawers in the bathroom and Far Guy cleaned his drawer because he wanted to get in on the fun too.  The drawers are all done!  I may tackle the bathroom closet soon...or not. 

I had 22 more Christmas cards to finish I worked on them.  

We gave the gas fireplace a test run...just in case the storm knocks out the power.  Always something to look forward to up here in the boonies. 

Far Side

Brown season soon to be white season.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

We Voted

 It rained and was a cold dreary day. 

We are supposed to get some bad weather as in ice and snow before the weekend. Will the fun ever end?

Yesterday other than voting the highlight of my day was cleaning out three of the bathroom drawers.  I have three more to sense doing it all in one day....must save some fun for another day.

Far Side

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


 The ornaments winners are; Val, Gemma's person, Jessica, Phyllis P and Sonja.  Congratulations!  It was fun to hear about all of your favorite Christmas Movies!   I will be getting the ornaments in the mail to you soon!  Gemma's person and Jessica  please email me with your mailing address. captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom  

The ornament will be revealed on the blog as soon as most of them have been received! 

Far Guy and I had a quiet day yesterday...I cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen for the highlight of my day.  It was a mess.  

The Art Gallery where we took the mini classes last Saturday. 

Far Side

Monday, November 7, 2022


 There was snow in the air when I laid down for my Sunday afternoon nap. 

I woke up to snow on the ground.   The wind howled most of the the wind chill is a tad chilly.   Our high was 39 F or 4 C and it dropped from there.

This is our third snow but I doubt it will stay...we may have freezing rain by the end of the week...I would just as soon that it get cold enough to snow instead warm enough for freezing rain...typical Minnesota crappy November weather. 

Far Guy turned most of the clocks back...I am certain there are a few of them that we forgot.  Far Guy changed the batteries in the smoke alarms.  The Carbon Monoxide detector needs a different battery and it is on our shopping list.   I hate the time takes me a week or two to adjust. 

Far Side

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Crafty Day Out

 I spend the day taking some mini workshops at an Artsy Fartsy place in Battle Lake Minnesota.   My cousin Leann and her daughter Cora and my sister in law Beth ( my baby brother's bride) went too! 

We made some small fridge magnets,  glass beads, watercolor Christmas cards and an alcohol ink ornament.  It was great fun!  

The fridge magnets are not dry yet they should brighten up a bit when they are dry.    My beads are lopsided but it was fun to do the process...not sure I will ever do that again.    The alcohol ink ornament was really fun and I would do that one again for sure! 

Here are my watercolor cards.   I like to watercolor so that is one class I would take again. 

Each class was 90 minutes long and we had time off for lunch.  It was a fun day!  

Far Side

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Ornaments anyone?

It has turned cool here, it rained a bit late Thursday.   It was frosty in the early morning Friday.   I did not get up in time to see the frost but Far Guy assured me it was there.  

We are finished with woodcarved Christmas Ornaments!  Yeah us!  I have a few that I will give away here on the blog.  Please share something to be about sharing what your favorite Christmas Movie or Program was/is. 

My favorite movie is A Christmas Story...where Ralphie almost shot his eye out!  Share your favorite to be entered in the ornament giveaway.   I will mail to the United States and enter away until Monday night when I will draw some winners. 

Here is a snowy old photo...that looks like my Dad and I think that is his car on the left...looks like he had a bunch of snow to shovel...and they had a really long drive way too!  Photo taken at my paternal grandparents farm.

  Far Side

Friday, November 4, 2022

Scanning Progress and Project List

 I tried to begin my Mother's family old photo project.  I was all set upstairs. I wanted to keep the mess upstairs!   After several afternoons working with Far Guys Laptop I decided to move downstairs.  My Windows 10 brain and Mac brain were fighting!!  Talk about frustration!  I bought a new Canon printer/scanner for the project.  I had to hard wire it to the laptop.  When I brought it downstairs it would not work wireless to my Mac so I had to use a freaking cord too...and give up space at my computer station.   I am going to use the piece of junk for this project and then sell the darn thing.  The only thing that is saving it at the moment is that it will batch scan and automatically detect photos (mostly).

So for now photos go downstairs in a pretty container they are scanned and sorted to family name and then they go back upstairs into manila envelopes.  Uffda. 

My Great Grandmother Hadwig (Hattie) she was a twin, her twins name was Elsie.  Somewhere I have a photo of them that appeared in the newspaper when they were in the same Nursing Home.  

I got the Facebook Group Family page up and running yesterday.  Mission partly accomplished.  Now to scan and scan some more! 

The outside Fall Project list is complete, yesterday my other baby brother and his crew showed up and new plastic was put on the greenhouse/woodshop!  We are so thankful to have that done before it snows!

Far Side.


Thursday, November 3, 2022

Barn and Yard

 My other baby brother called and said "Come look at the barn Steve ( neighbor married to Jo) made for me!"  

It sits next to the desk at his office.  A wonderful replica of the barn at the farm where we grew up. A real work of art! 

As you can see our yard looks tidy.  There are leaves in the woods but not on the lawn.  Not many leaves left on the trees.  The Bur Oaks drop their leaves. 

The Red Oaks along with Northern Pin Oaks will keep their leaves most of the winter,  wind and snow knock some to the ground.  Swelling new buds in the Spring will force the old leaves off.  

Big word alert.  The leaves have marcescence ...they wither but remained attached by the stem. 

Far Side

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Beautiful Weather

We have been enjoying the warm for November weather.  It was 66 F or 19 C yesterday and the sun was out...Far Guy said his solar collector (bald head) was working overtime.  

I finished washing the windows upstairs, I did not get out the ladder and wash the outsides...but the insides are one ever looks out those windows anyways.   Cross something off my list! 

We had lots of company other baby brother, my baby brother and his bride and Baxter. 

Flowers are only a memory as we enter the "brown" time of year.

Far Side

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Halloween Report

 We had two families of Trick and Treaters.   I am related to them all as they are my nieces children. 

These are  Megan's children.   I offered to keep the littlest and he said "NO."  We had a very nice was warm for this time of year! 

We sent home candy for the oldest child who didn't come.  These are Stacey's children and her husband...and yes they are expecting a baby in January...we are very excited to meet this little boy or little girl! 

Fun to see everyone who stopped by! 

Maddie sent photos of our Great Grandchildren; Hey Mikey and Cee Cee.    Jen sent a video of when they stopped at her place and we got to hear them say Trick or Treat!

Hey Mikey was Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Little Miss Cee Cee was a baby shark. 

What a fun day for children and for old folks! 

Far Side