Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Year End Recap

 I usually write a year end blog here we go.

Our oldest daughter Trica is finally divorced, she still struggles with issues that we cannot help her with.  We saw her once this year back in October. 

Savannah is very busy with her eyelash extension business and school, she will graduate in 2021 with a degree in Business.   She has two dogs, Chewy and Kalila and Luna her kitty.

Maddie will be starting a new job soon, she is a Dental Assistant, the new job will have great benefits.  She is a very busy Mom to Hey Mikey and Cee Cee.  She and Brenton have a dog named Koda and a couple of cats....Raina and Loki.

Paige is in Dental Hygienist school, she works part time as a bartender and takes care of her very elderly cat Bailey. 


Youngest daughter Jen and her husband Andy bought a second house and fixed it up,  it is an Air  B & B rental called Home & Away.   It has a great location just one block from The Ralph (a huge arena).  They are both Instructors at Northland Community and Technical College. They have Little Elvis a Sheltie who is 12 years old and the new puppy Sadie a Golden Retriever. 

Noah has a job with benefits and he is now in a Supervisory position.  He moved into the Air B & B and has a room  he can lock when it is rented.  He couch surfs with friends or goes home to his parents when the Air B & B is rented.  He has a dog named Aurora. 

Adam is going to school, he is not quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up.   He works part time and has a cat named Phoebe that he adopted a year ago. 


Great Grandchildren!

Hey Mikey was four this year and will be five years old in 2022. 

Cee Cee will be two years old in 2022. 

They grow so fast.



 My cousin Dean died of a heart attack he was 62 years old.

My cousin's wife Mary Ann died she was 76 years old.

Far Guy's Godmother Marge died she was 89 years old.

Long time friend Brian died of Pancreatic Cancer he was 64 years old.

Long time blog friend Mildred died of Pancreatic Cancer she was in her 60's.


Jen's Sheltie Miss Miney died last January, she was 15 years old.  We miss her very much. 


Far Guy had four valves placed in his lungs at the University of Minnesota, they were supposed to improve his breathing...they did not work...he had a miserable summer until the valves were removed in August.  He still gets the infusions once a week to help protect his lungs.  He struggles to breathe, some days are better and some are worse.   He wood carves when he feels up to it.   All of his Doctors are now in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 

We moved in with Jen and Andy in November to be closer to Far Guy's Doctors for the winter.  Jen and Andy have a very large home, we have an office for our computers, a bedroom and a bathroom.  There is a very large kitchen, living room, craft room, game room and a movie theater!  We will move back to the woods when the weather improves.  We are very thankful for Andy and Jen making the winter easier for us! 

I am busy, I have many crafts to occupy my time and this year I learned how to do Mosaic Crochet. 

We took Far Guy's old car to several car shows last summer...a 1959 Desoto Firesweep.  It has an appointment at a body shop for some work and a new paint job this winter!   So next summer we are looking forward to a few more car shows. 

We were married 52 years just a few days ago. 

December 1969


Far Side

I missed my blog anniversary the other day...14 years...uffda. 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Cards and Sadie

 Three more cards yesterday.  Minnesota and Washington!

Sadie grew 1 1/4 inches taller in the last week and has stretched out longer too.  We measure her on the old grow board that we used to measure the grandboys on. 

Sadie is getting there with being let out the patio door...sometimes she runs the length of the deck down the steps, pees in the snow and runs full out back to the door to be let in.  Sometimes she just has to potty on the is a work in progress.  She is 10 weeks old now.  She walks quite nicely on a lead and will kennel up if I use a treat and the target stick to show her what I want.  We keep the sessions short...her attention span is very short but she is food motivated so that helps.  We worked on sit... not great success...and Sadie come needs work too.  She is a happy little dog...determined sometimes.  Her teeth are driving her nuts...she has a variety of things to chew on.  When she is tired her switch turns off just like that and she is sound asleep.

I bought her a has dogs on it.  She has all kinds of toys, but likes shoes and boots the best...she drags them all over.  She is friends (of sorts) with Phoebe the cat as Sadie drags her across the kitchen floor by her collar.  Sadie and Little Elvis are getting to be play friends...Little Elvis is finally feeling better after his bout with pancreatitis. 

Far Side

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Cards keep coming

 Cards from Missouri, Minnesota, Arkansas, Colorado, Wisconsin,  Kentucky and Indiana. 13 all together including the Christmas letters.

I will have to call the Post Office back home, I got a message from one of my cousins that her Christmas card came back undeliverable...probably that old woman with half a brain at work again. 

 We have been puzzling.

It was one very difficult puzzle...harder than any puzzle I have ever worked on. 

It snowed again...another four plus inches added to what fell on Sunday/Monday....about 13 inches total in just a couple of days.  Now we are headed for a deep freeze...brrrrr...probably be too cold to snow. 

Far Side

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A doll

 Cee Cee is a least we think so. 

I ordered a hat for Cee Cee from Melba over at Henny Penny Lane, one of my favorite bloggers!

I also ordered a small doll. 

I made a blankie for the doll and a small purse to carry the doll in.  Homemade things make the best gifts. 

We had a blizzard Sunday night into Monday, we got about 8 inches of snow here, back in the woods we heard they got 14 inches and at my parents 5 inches snow totals were all over the place and it is supposed to snow again soon.

Far Side

Monday, December 27, 2021

The Two and the Five

 We celebrated Christmas yesterday here with all of our Grands and Great Grands!

The two Great Grands took turns putting the star on the tree with a little help from Uncle Andy. 

Cee Cee

Hey Mikey

The five grandchildren we are blessed to have in our lives. 


Shortest to tallest or oldest to youngest from the left to the right. 

Far Side

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Silent night


Shouldn't every tree have a fence so puppies don't chew up all the gifts? 

Far Side

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021!

This was our Christmas card this year.

I chose the verse inside first, because I felt it was very relevant this year. 

A baby's hand in Bethlehem were small & softly curled but held within his dimpled grasp the Hope for all the World. 

Happy Christmas! 

Far Side

Friday, December 24, 2021

Cards, Packages, Infusion and Puppy Sitting

 Another banner day for Christmas cards yesterday! Nine!  Minnesota, North Dakota, Indiana and Arkansas! 

The last of the packages were wrapped.

Puppy was watched, as Sadie slept in my slipper.   It is a dirty job but someone has to watch her sleep.   After the photos I picked her up and put her in her kennel so she could get a good nap and I could leave the room...when she woke up she whined and we made a trip outside.  

She kinda woke up for a photo.

She is growing when she sleeps. 

We put a hot pack on Far Guy's arm for the Infusion still took them two tries.  We have decided that we will try a bunch of different eateries for lupper ( lunch and supper) on Thursday after the Infusion appointment...yesterday was Arby's drive through we hadn't had roast beef piled high in was very good.  Last week we went to Perkins...that was excellent also.  We are calling it our Foodie Adventure!

Today I make Pumpkin Bread.  Happy Christmas Eve!

Far Side

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Special Ornaments

 Last summer during my Mom and Dad's garage sale, my Mom had a bunch of old Christmas ornaments for sale.   I took two ornaments...Far Guy's Mom made them during her Cross Stitch days and gave them to my Mom as gifts. 

I in turn gave them to Jen. 

Far Guy's Mom liked to cross stitch and did it until her eyes couldn't do the fine work anymore.   It was a good hobby for her.  I believe these ornaments were made in the early 1980's so they are about 40 years old.

Far Side

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Slowing down

 The Christmas Cards are slowing down a bit.  Yesterday we had two cards and a letter, Indiana and Minnesota folks. 

Little Elvis has been he is on the rice/hamburger diet.  He is a trooper putting with Sadie Shenanigans.  ( Sadie bites his tail)

View from my desk. 

Another view...

Sadie likes my socks and my pant leg.  She is smart as a whip and is getting the potty training down...she goes outside and then runs for the patio door to be let in.   I am watching for a sign when she goes to the door to be let out...she went to the door one time today but just wanted out to eat snow. 

Far Side

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Cards and the yard

 Yesterday was a banner day for cards! 

Cards from Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida. 

Photo cards from Minnesota and North Dakota.

We made a quick trip back to our home in the woods, just to check on things, pick up mail that the Post Office missed forwarding, visit with my baby brother and his bride and to pet Baxter, also got to see my other baby brother and she who sees robins first (from a far because he had ben ill with the flu), and a visit with my parents.  We spent the night and decided that we need a new bed there as our new bed here is much more comfortable. 

It was a couple of nice days for travel, only one bad stretch of road and we went a different way on the way back.   There is much more snow there than here. 

We had a nice anniversary, we went thru the A & W drive through for lunch! 
Thank you for all the anniversary wishes! 
Far Side

Monday, December 20, 2021

52 years

 Happy Anniversary to us!  

Hard to believe that it is 52 years.  

Far Side

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Cards and Jaws

 It was a three card and one letter day yesterday. 

Cards from Wyoming, Minnesota and Iowa!  The Christmas letter was from Wyoming.

Sadie AKA Jaws

Especially adorable when she is asleep!  She seems happy when she is awake and ready to chew on anything including Far Guys nose and Little Elvis tail.  She can go up and down steps and met more people and another dog today...she especially liked the teen girls!  The first meeting with Aurora (Noah's dog) was a little tense...but it went better than Noah expected.  She is being well socialized. 

Far Side

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Card and a Puppy

 Todays Christmas Card was hand postage needed. 

We only got one card yesterday.

Andy, Jen, Noah and Adam

There has been an empty spot in the household since Miss Miney died last January.  Little Elvis has been an only dog....and he is getting older.   A new puppy would not replace Miss Miney because that would be impossible.  Little Elvis would have a companion and show the puppy the ropes...and there is enough love for animals in the household to share with a new puppy. 

Preparations were made. 

Meet Sadie the Golden Retriever.  Sadie is eight weeks old.  I am certain you will hear more about her as time goes on. 

Jen and Sadie
Sadie was the runt of the litter, she seems to be well adjusted to people, dogs and cats.   Jen said that Sadie wagged her tail and started to chew on her shoes when they met for the first it was meant to be. 

Far Side

Friday, December 17, 2021

More cards

 Oh the mail was abundant yesterday, five Christmas cards and one letter.  Sadly enclosed with the letter was a funeral card.   The wife of former co worker of Far Guys died last October in Arizona.  She had MS and had been in a wheelchair for 21 years.  She fought a good fight all summer with pneumonia. 

Far Guy infusion report: only three sticks this week, he is discouraged with the Nurses here.  Last week was four, this week three so they are improving.   His arms are a mess. 

I found a car wash and got the car washed while Far Guy was in the Infusion Center.  Car washes are not easy to find around here.  

Cards from Northern Minnesota, Southern Minnesota, North Dakota, Florida and South Carolina.  The letter was from Arizona.  

I watched a movie with Jen in the evening, Game Night, I give it a 9 out of 10 it was entertaining and funny. 

Far Side

Thursday, December 16, 2021

A thought

 No Christmas Cards yesterday so we will revisit one from the day before.

" The ornament of a house is the people who frequent it."  Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803 - 1882

We had an intruder in the back yard Wednesday morning.  Phoebe ( Adam's cat) was not happy with the company that came to visit her.  All is well that ends well, she is fine and hopefully the neighborhood is also as I went outside barefoot in my nightgown to shoo the intruder away.  Probably wrecked any invitation for coffee and cookies. 
Far Side

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


 The first puzzle has been completed.  We will most likely do many puzzles before the winter is over. 

The game room downstairs is the perfect place to puzzle with a large table and eight chairs.  We are in between puzzles for a couple of days as the household ( two teachers and one student) are in finals week and fairly busy and a puzzle is distracting for them as they like to puzzle with us. 

We got three Christmas Cards in the mail yesterday from a high school friend, old neighbors and someone who has known Far Guy since he was a baby.  They all bring us Joy!

Far Side

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Skating along

 We are just skating along, doing what we usually do everyday...yesterday was a bit exciting because we got to visit with Adams gal.  As soon as she came in the door we started talking to her...hardly giving Adam a chance to open his mouth.  The other exciting part of the day was Ravens that pilfered garbage from over flowing containers that are set out by the street for pickup. 

Some Christmas photo cards arrived in the mail...that was exciting too! Got a notice in the mail that our mail began forwarding November 29...yet our mail box back home has been full...the right hand must not know what the left hand is doing....go figure.  Good thing most of our bills come by email. 

I worked on mittens and ran an errand with Jen.  We made fish tacos for supper....they will make a turd or push one out. 

Far Side

Monday, December 13, 2021

Some mail

 We got some mail, my other baby brother and she who sees robins first stopped by for a visit and brought our mail and two packages.  So far we have only gotten two pieces of forwarded mail in 16 days....however the mailman has been leaving mail in our mailbox back home and she who sees robins first has saved it for us.  The other day in mail notifications the Post Office sent us a notice that they wanted our forwarding address verified...and guess where they sent it??  I have told you about the brain dead postal lady and apparently she is hard at work again.   

We had some Christmas cards, a box of fudge from Texas and cookies from Kansas! All much appreciated!!

We had a nice visit and lunch with my other baby brother and his wife.  They didn't get lost and enjoyed seeing where we are wintering at. 

The cool kids in the photo is an anniversary card from them! 

Far Side

Sunday, December 12, 2021


 Here is an idea that I will file away for an ornament. 

When I was clearing out some "stuff" upstairs at home I found a whole bunch of old silverware that I bought for some old forgotten project.   So that is a start.  I would design mine a bit different...ya know put my own twist on it!

Quiet day here today,  I cleaned two bathrooms and did some laundry. ( the house has 4 bathrooms) The rest of the family were off shopping and doing their own thing...Far Guy and I made Pork Chops and Rice for supper.  Adam had pizza his preferred food and the rest went out to a fancy smancy restaurant for a three hour meal.  Jen has company here from Ohio.  It is a very busy household. 

Far Side

Saturday, December 11, 2021


 I saw this box the other day, since it had my middle name on it of course it jumped right into my cart!

I needed some place to put Christmas Cards...the forwarding of mail is SLOW.  From what I can tell it takes bout 11 days.  Who knew.  We now have two Christmas Cards!  

Isn't that box just perfect!  

I am working on a crochet mitten pattern.  I am using wool and wool blends ...several different kinds to see what works the best! 

What brings you joy?  

Far Side

Friday, December 10, 2021

Mosaic Crochet and Infusion Day

 My CAL Winter Wonderland is slow going and will be even slower going because I have some other projects in the works...a couple of Christmas gifts and a try at some mittens. 

I have trees, hearts and a ribbon done, the brown and white is the beginnings of reindeer. 

I dropped Far Guy off for his infusion yesterday and then I went to Hobby Lobby, who doesn't like an hour there!   I may go again next week. 

Far Guy is what is known as a difficult took four tries to get an IV in him...he was not happy.  His record is seven.  Here they only let the nurses have two tries and then they call a different nurse...he said he could meet lots of nurses that way.  The chair was made his butt hurt he forgot his puzzle was a rotten morning for him.  But they brought him coffee. 

Far Side

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Grocery Day

 Grocery Day was a day early this week.   Far Guy and I went to a Wally World that is a bit out of town ( there are two in the area) and is not as busy.  You can socially distance easily and we wore masks.  Heinz 57 Steak Sauce was not on the shelves,  or heavy cream so Far Guy got the half and half.  He rode a cart throughout the store...I didn't feel guilty at all sending him off for items.  It was his first day out of the house since last Thursday. 

We got home, disinfected everything, washed fruit and then we made soup.  This weeks soup was Italian Sausage, Chicken Broth and Potatoes, you brown the sausage, add the broth and the diced potatoes and let it cook in a slow cooker all afternoon.  Shortly before serving you add about a cup of half and half and a big handful of baby spinach...yummy. After you ladle it into bowls you add bacon bits. There are left overs in the fridge.  You can add other stuff..onion...celery...but I do not. 

We don't spend any time in this rocking chair.  The kitty Phoebe and Little Elvis like our company during the day!  Some nights Little Elvis sleeps with us...sometimes all depends on who his favorite person is at the moment! 

Far Side

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Early Winter

 Winter is not due for two more weeks...he came early.   Isn't it funny??  I think of Fall and Winter as being male and Spring and Summer as being female.  What do you think? 

I went to the Library with Jen, The Fiber Arts Guild had a very nice display there...of course I had no camera.  The knitting color work was stunning....some very talented people are in that group.  I also found out the membership is reasonable and they have table top looms and spinning wheels that you can use for up to three months!  That is a bonus.  I saw only two crochet pieces...and I have a pattern for one of those pieces.  Jen put up glittery snowflakes in one of the windows in the library, she is a Board Member there. 

It was a full day.  Far Guy began wood carving and he started a puzzle.  I had a short nap before fixing pork chops and roasted vegetables for supper. 

Far Side

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A few decorations

 Jen and Andy put up their Christmas tree during the blizzard on Sunday.  I helped to fluff the branches and we all put on a few ornaments.   The ornaments are familiar enough that it all seemed like home. 

Very cold here yesterday with a wind chill of -25....brrrrr.

Mitten ornaments from 1991.   Far Guy and I don't have this ornament so it was fun to see!  We apparently skipped making ourselves an ornament that year.

Far Side

Monday, December 6, 2021

A blizzard

 We had a blizzard here, the snow total was about 8 1/2 inches.   It blew around some here in town, I can only imagine what it was like out in the country...a white out for sure. 

I took this photo in the morning before it was done snowing.  It was interesting to watch the neighbors deal with their snow, the little kids and the Black Lab Nova had lots of fun in the backyard while the parents shoveled and snow blowed.   A lady across the street shoveled for a long time and then someone showed up with a snow blower.  Andy went out several times to move snow out front and out back.  He has a snow blower also. 

Far Guy's sister was released from the hospital after tests showed that the subdural hematoma was not growing.   She is supposed to take it easy for awhile.  They have no idea what caused it, she did not fall or hit her head.  She will have more tests from time to time to make sure it isn't getting larger.  From what I read it can take months for the blood to be reabsorbed into the body. 

We had a quiet Sunday, in the afternoon we watched a movie called Red Notice I can only give it a 3 out of 10 stars because I fell asleep...

Far Side

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Far Guy's Sister

 Far Guy has only one living sister and she lives in Southern Indiana.  She noticed a numbness in her face last week.  She was admitted to the hospital with a subdural hematoma.  The Doctors are waiting to see what happens next, she may have to go to surgery, or they may send her home...time and more tests will tell. 

She spoke at length with Far Guy, the hospital is full and nurses are over loaded with patients.  These are uncertain times we live in, nothing should be taken for granted...not your health or an empty hospital bed should you become ill. 

Our days are numbered for us before we were born, so be thankful for everyday. 

Far Side