Saturday, July 13, 2024


 Yesterday we ran a couple of errands...all repair stuff.  The stopper in the bathroom sink broke.  Water was stuck in the sink, I wedged a knife in there and got the broken stopper pulled out.  We have a new stopper and Far Guy will play plumber one of these days. 

I tweaked my knee in my sleep or when I got up in the I hobbled into Walgreens and bought a knee brace.   It helps.  Last Spring I threw away all the ace bandages I had for larger joints...wouldn't you know it I musta jinxed myself.  So an ace bandage was purchased also.  With support and rest (RICE) I hope to see some improvement if not I will head to the Dr next week.   It is much different pain than the arthritis pain I have....on an interesting note..the two pains fight for attention. If worse comes to worse I have an old pair of crutches:)

After repairs were purchased we went to lupper at our favorite Mexican place.  Lunch/supper works for us.  Best part dishes to wash and we were home in time to have a long nap and put my knee up.

Flowers in Dorset, MN.

Far Side

Friday, July 12, 2024

Book Club : July

 Book Club happened yesterday.  We read All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

I give it a 8.5 out of 10.   It was a good read...a different kind of read for me.  I guess that is what Book Club is about, it gets you to read some books that you may not read on your own. 

Netflix is featuring the book as a series...four parts I think.  I fell asleep during it on two attempts because I knew what would happen far as I could see it was following the book closely.   I am not sure I will visit the movie again...

Far Side

Thursday, July 11, 2024


 I am irritated by people who do not do their jobs. 

I was delighted the other day when I heard that the pharmacy I called was doing a customer satisfaction survey ...after being switched from one idiot customer service person to an almost non english speaking person...15 minutes had elapsed.  I betcha you can guess what kind of a rating I gave them. 

Seems like it is harder and harder to get a real person on the other end of a phone call...who said a computer was better.  I suppose they save a couple of dollars.

Recently I got a recorded call that said please call this number, we need to speak with you about a prescription...well why weren't you there when I answered my phone...I cannot send them a recorded message...but I would like to. Can you imagine what I would say? 

Another thing...that recorded music I have to listen to while I am on have had it up to here with piano music and violin concerto # who knows what.  Who are the idiots that pick the music anyways?  After waiting 45 minutes the other day listening to the same tune over and over I was ready to commit myself.

Many people are irritated by self check outs...not less germy person handling my groceries is just fine with me...I make sure the prices are as advertised and my items are packed in bags exactly how I want them. 

Covid numbers are up in our area.  I still disinfect my grocery cart...I wish sick people would just stay at home.  Luckily most of my groceries are ordered online and picked up...I just shop for fresh fruits and vegetables in person. 

AND my last irritant.  Some one is posing as my dead mother on facebook and sending friend requests. 

Far Side

Wednesday, July 10, 2024


 It has turned warm here in Minnesota.  Yesterday it was 80 F  or 27 C  eh!  The forecast for the next ten days is for temperatures in the 80's.  They say it won't hit 90 F but we will see. 

The skeeters big as birds have arrived...I was hoping that all the rain flooded them out.  They are out in the daytime and are crazy hungry. 

Yesterday we went to the transfer station with garbage and recycles.  That was our outing for the day. 

Far Guy saw the Fox up close and personal when they tried to share the covered entry to the house during a downpour.   We both saw the mama doe and her twin fawns running out of the bean field yesterday.

  Far Side

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Weekend Book

 I read this book over the weekend.  It was great, I give it a 9 out of 10. 

Our daughter Jen recommended it to me last Spring.  She was right I enjoyed it very much. 

This was not a book club read, it was an extra read. 

Far Side

Monday, July 8, 2024


 My baby brother and his bride have a beautiful planting of wildflowers. 

Very pretty wildflowers with many more buds coming on! 

I went over last night to take treats to Baxter and Smudge!  They like cheerios as treats.  Low calorie for Baxter! 

We had a quiet Sunday, I mowed the rest of the lawn in the morning and finished just before it rained.  Our rain gauge said 2 1/2 inches.  Not much to do when it and have a nap.

Far Side

Sunday, July 7, 2024

A Wild Life

 Nothing much new here.  Far Guy worked on woodcarving Christmas ornaments yesterday.  I mowed lawn for a couple of hours....not quite done yet but I got side tracked killing ants.  Tomorrow is another day.   It got warm enough yesterday that we finally put the air conditioning on. 

The paint for the Christmas ornaments has been gathered. All very metallic looking paints.  I can still paint ornaments...but the woodcarving is very painful for my fingers and wrists. 

Far Guy was outside sitting on the patio when two fawns wandered into the yard, they walked closer and closer to him, when he spoke to them their Mama came running out of the woods.  His phone was inside but he said the photo would have been awesome. 

We both got to see a Red Fox run into the yard and attempt to catch a squirrel dinner. 

Far Side 

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Car Report

 The mechanic in town that does work on Tilly says she needs a new boot, but is safe to drive until she is repaired.  They are ordering parts.  ( I am not sure what a boot is in car speak but apparently it covers something important)

Far Guy brought her back home.  

Tilly is looking good for being 65 years old. We hope to get to a couple of car shows yet this summer.

Far Side

Friday, July 5, 2024

Potato Salad and a project

 I made potato salad...what is the 4th of July without potato salad?  Naturally I made too know..using up those last couple of lonely potatoes.  

My brothers had no plans so I asked them over for supper.  Added some of Andy's pulled pork, fruit and the gals brought coleslaw and peaches for dessert.   It was a perfect 4th of July meal. 

I finished sorting through the photos that my Mom left for me and I put them in an album along with the photos that I rescued from an old album that Mom had made where the photos kept sliding out.

Now the photos are sorted and safely inside pockets.  Yeah me! 

Far Side

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July!

 Here in Minnesota it seems that Summer is half over when we reach the 4th of July.  We still have about a month of tourist season.  Traffic is just nuts in town.

 I understand that HGTV has named Park Rapids, Minnesota as a charming/great place to live.  The article made me a tad angry...they mentioned that the center parking was developed by the city for more tourist parking...when in fact years ago the Main Street was wide enough to turn around teams of oxen pulling loads of logs to the lumber yards.  AND they named only one business on Main Street...get real people mention a whole bunch or mention none. 

I quote "HGTV says, "go ahead, park in the middle of Main Avenue in Park Rapids. The shops and restaurants here are so popular, the town built extra-wide streets. Pick up some buttery caramels at Aunt Belle's Confectionary, browse the craft and quilt stores, or shop for cabin decor and other items."

Well anyways.  I asked Far Guy what was his best memory of July 4th...he answered "I always worked the 4th of July...from noon until dawn."  No fun I will add my worst memory also..."making hay and bucking bales high on a hay wagon...and sweating and itching all over from the hay dust."

What will we do for fun tomorrow?  There is a parade in town and fireworks in the evening...but we will most likely stay home.  We must be party poopers. 

Happy July 4th however you wish to celebrate.

Far Side

Wednesday, July 3, 2024


 We attended a neighborhood picnic last night...great food and company!  Pot luck...with many great cooks...the cajun cooks are here so the fresh shrimp they brought with them was awesome.  Far Guy said the egg rolls and jambalaya were both to die for!  I did not cook...a couple of containers of strawberries was the best I could do. 

It sprinkled a bit ...just a few drops...but enough for a rainbow that was double at times. 

 Photo by my baby brother's bride...she had her phone...I did not.  

Yesterday one vehicle got an oil change and a car wash and the other ( Tilly) is still in the shop for a diagnosis. 

Far Side

Tuesday, July 2, 2024


 At the Wedding Shower the other day, there were guessing games, word finds and make a wedding dress out of toilet paper. 

The toilet paper competition is an old one as I recall it at wedding showers years ago.  The gal in charge of the game said the TP came from the dollar store so it was two ply.

There were a number of young gals in the competition. Paige was the Judge....her sister Savannah did not win.  Even though her group was highly organized.  The dress had flowers and a train and everything!

Savannah dressed in TP

Savannah will be the last of her sisters to get engaged and married ...unless she hurries along.  Soon she turns 28 years old...she says when it happens it happens. 

Far Side

Monday, July 1, 2024


 Lady Slippers...they are getting old...done for the season. 

This clump was behind some tall grasses. 

Doctors appointments... more scheduled....another medication added...still waiting for the newest RA injection to be approved by insurance. ..they are taking their sweet time.  Good news that my blood pressure is finally under control. 

 Far Guy saw his Doctor also...not much new there...continue on... one day at a time.  We were lucky to have the far away appointments on the same day...but had to leave home at o dark thirty so it was a long day. 

Only one planned medical appointment this week...Far Guys weekly infusion on Friday this week. 

Both automobiles have appointments in town.  The fun just never ends. 

Far Side

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Paige: Wedding Shower

 Yesterday I attended the wedding shower for Paige, our youngest granddaughter and #3 Grand. 

The wedding is later this year.  All her Aunts on her Father's side of the family planned the shower.  There was a bit of champagne, fruit, cheese, small fancy sandwiches and cupcakes. 

Sisters; Savannah #1  Grand and Maddie #2 Grand will both be Maid/Matron of Honor at the wedding and I think about six other bridesmaids. 

Paige got many really nice gifts.  It was a fun afternoon.  Jen stopped by for a quick visit before and after the wedding shower and we rode into town together. 

Far Side

Saturday, June 29, 2024


 I babysat Smudge one morning this week...what a horrible job...she was bored with me and sleepy. 

She is growing!  She is learning the sit command and her name.  She is a very nice little puppy.

Far Side

Friday, June 28, 2024

Japanese Tree Lilac

 I took a few photos of the Japanese Tree Lilac in town.  I only had a couple of errands to run while Far Guy had his infusion. 

A nice looking tree.  And yes the fragrance is very strongly Lilac.  This one was on the edge of the clinic parking lot...although they are a common boulevard tree in town. 

Far Side

Thursday, June 27, 2024


 The buds are about to open on the Japanese Tree Lilac. 

Fun to see the blooms, although the trees in town are covered in blooms.  I believe ours has seven blooms:) Which is better than none.   I cannot even blame the deer...who found she who sees robins first raised garden and ate most of her beans and some radishes:(

Far Side

Wednesday, June 26, 2024


 The Showy Lady Slippers are blooming. They are Minnesota's State flower. 

We enjoy seeing them in the wild.  One area where there were many blooms has been mowed down....they should have waited a few weeks to make their ditch lawn like. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New in the neighborhood

 We have a new friend in the neighborhood.  

Her name is Smudge and Baxter is her big brother. 

My baby brother and his bride rescued Smudge from Northwest Aussie Rescue. 

She is 1/2 toy Aussie, 1/4 Pug and 1/4 Beagle.  She won't get real big.  She has Beagle ears and tail.

She is pretty cute!

Far Side

Monday, June 24, 2024

Honeysuckle Trumpet Vine

 Years ago I had Yellow and Orange Honeysuckle Trumpet Vine all around the grain bin.  Apparently birds pooped the seeds all over as they come up in the woods here and there.  I only see the yellow not the orange ones.

It did not survive around the grain bin...but it is thriving in the woods.  Go figure. 

Far Side

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Yellow Lady Slipper and Cake

 There are Yellow Lady Slippers along our driveway, this year there are four blooms. 

Such a pretty of my favorites! 

Peach had a cake!  So she is officially one!  Jen shared this photo with us.

Far Side

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Peach is one!

 Happy Birthday to our youngest Great-granddaughter...Ree better known as Peach.  She was one year old earlier this week.

Great Auntie Jen took some photos! 

Peach is a real doll!   I can hardly believe she is one already.  

Great Auntie Jen is one of her favorite people! AND Peach is one of Jen's favorite people too! 

The birthday pool party is today, there will be too many people for us to attend.  We facetimed with Peach on her birthday.  We will see her in person one day next week. 

Happy Birthday Peach!  You are one well loved little girl! 

Far Side

Friday, June 21, 2024

Big Bear

 The bear napped and lounged around in our yard for about five hours...he must have had a full tummy.  

When morning came and he woke up, he wandered off.  My husband calls this photo "Coffee with Gene" 

I am thankful I no longer sleep walk in my old age...ten years ago I was still sleep walking and would wake up outside. 

Far Side 

Thursday, June 20, 2024


 A bear visited us early morning on June 19th.  He just wanted the suet out of the bird he bent the pole and took the suet. 

This is a photo of a photo but you can see him/her sitting there happily munching away at our bird feeders.  He/she was at our place about 2:30 AM.

Earlier about 11:30 PM he/she visited my baby brothers bird feeders.  He got a much better photo than we did. 

Such is life in the Northwoods. 
Far Side

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bluebird and fails

 I happened to catch a photo of the female bluebird one evening, she likes the birdbath. I think the deer like the water in the birdbath too as some mornings it is empty. 

So we have the Bluebird of happiness in our yard.

I have failed yet another Rheumatoid Arthritis medication.   So far I have failed Leflunomide (mouth sores), Humira (it did nothing to help my pain after six months), Enbrel (cancelled out my Blood Pressure meds so now I have high blood pressure again and headaches).  Now I am waiting for the Insurance Company to approve will probably take two months. I am not real hopeful as it also causes high blood pressure...but I am only the patient not the doctor.

I am five weeks plus into the withdrawal from Cymbalta (the drug from hell).  I am finally feeling like my old self again.  It did help with my Arthritis pain but the withdrawal was horrid.  I am not completely over it's side effects yet as I still have an occasional tremor. 

I still have a good amount of arthritis pain; mainly on the left side of my body, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back and neck pain...same old friends.  The right side of my body feels old but doesn't scream in pain at me.  The fatigue is still horrible...when I need to lay down I head for the couch.

I am waiting for the last injection of Enbrel to get out of my system so my blood pressure improves.

Far Guy is doing pretty good for an old guy with breathing problems.  We stay away from crowds and sick people. 

One day at a time. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Funeral: To Each His/Her Own

 Yesterday I attended my Uncle Al's funeral.  I rode with my other baby brother and she who sees robins first.  The funeral was in a town 45 minutes away. There was a gathering time before the funeral service.

My Uncle Al had leukemia and bone cancer, he fought a good fight for over six years ...then the Doctors told him that there was nothing they could do for him anymore.  That was a few months ago shortly after that he went on Hospice.   

Uncle Al was seven years older than me.  He said "I am going to try like heck to make it to my 80th birthday." He was 39 days short of his goal.  He died exactly 4 months after his oldest sister (my Mother).

Uncle Al planned his own funeral.  Hence the name of the blog today To Each His/Hers Own.   The funeral was in an event room at the Holiday Inn.  The casket was in the far corner surrounded by flowers of many purple colors ( He was a Vikings fan).   A slide show of photos played on an large screen...but it was hard to see in a room with so many lights.  A Minister read the obituary out loud ( one of my pet peeves) ...because we cannot read for ourselves??  The sermon was the great message that we are all saved by the grace of God through his son Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life, was crucified and died for ALL our sins.  A number of people shared stories and one of his granddaughters wrote a lovely was apparent that she loved her Grandfather very much...this I knew was mutual because Uncle Al talked about all of his grandchildren with a huge smile on his face.  The music was fine...Frank Sinatra singing My Way and Elvis singing How Great Thou Art and one other song I cannot recall.  After the service the burial took place at a local cemetery and afterward there was an open bar and food served at the event center. 

We left shortly after the service. 

My Uncle Al is on the far left.  He was the 10th child born to my grandparents.  My Mother is the oldest in this photo on the far right.  Two children not pictured Alfred died in 1947 and James who died in 1948.  Now the only living person in this photo is my Uncle Kenny front row left who is two months younger than me. 

 Me and my Uncle Al in 1952. Uncle Al was seven years old when I was born.   He was the chief baby rocker in the Fall of 1951 and the Winter of 1952...there were three babies in the house...I was born in September and my Grandmother had twins in November. 


Funeral flowers from my siblings and I for our Uncle Al.

Far Side


Monday, June 17, 2024

Slow going

 I startled a turtle looking for a safe place to lay some eggs. 

He is a long way from the lake and had to cross two roads to get into our yard from the lake.

Later I saw her heading toward the lake....apparently she was done in our yard. 

The Veronica is still blooming nicely.  We had some very nasty winds on Saturday.

Far Side

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day

 Although our Fathers are no longer with us.  We think of them and what kind men they were who helped raised us. 


Far Guy and his Dad 


My Dad and me  May 1952

 Happy Father's Day!

Jen visited us yesterday to help me get caught up on some of the high dusting (the things I have to stand on a step ladder for)  AND to visit with her Dad and she took us out for supper! 

Far Side

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Late late Lilac

 The Late Lilac is almost past full bloom.  It had more blooms than I thought it would. 

It is a bright spot in the yard! 

I mowed the yard yesterday, it looks pretty good again.  Far Guy fired up Tilly and we went to town yesterday...just a couple of errands...a prescription and to the Farm Supply store for ant killer, grass seed and diatomaceous earth and a stop by the gas station to fuel her up! 

Far Side

Friday, June 14, 2024

Seeing Blue

 I see the blue flowers in the wild gardens...Veronica and a perennial Salvia are in bloom.

The seeds have just been allowed to grow and bloom where ever they land. 

Far Side

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Well I'll be

 My Japanese Tree Lilac has blooms!  This is exciting because this is only the second time in 26 years!

See one bloom toward the center of the photo. 

There are more very high in the tree.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Yellow Pear Tomato

 Our Yellow Pear Tomato has been planted in the sheep watering tank that sits inside our old dog kennel.

Far Guy has various forms of anchoring in place....cages, wires and fence posts.   This year the sheep tank sits on cement blocks.  Perhaps I can forego the ladder this year when picking the tomatoes. 

It is a nice spot up against Tilly's garage, a little protected from the winds and the kennel should keep out deer...maybe.

Far Side

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 Our Oaks are mostly done leafing out.  They take a long time. 

Far Guy has been doing some wood carving.  The Christmas Ornament for this year has been chosen. 

I have been clearing out files and some papers all unnecessary ...they are shredded and then recycled.  I made some pretty good progress in several stash/messy areas.  Yeah me.

Far Side

Monday, June 10, 2024

Look OUT!

 For the Poison Ivy! 

We had enough rain to nurture the poison ivy to great some areas it looks like a shrub...a nasty shrub. 

I sprayed this area as it is near the house...soon it will be dead.   It felt good to spray it.

Yes I know I am weird.

Far Side