Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: Nunn’s Store

Years ago J.W. Nunn had a store in Ponsford Minnesota.

Nunns Grocery

Far Guy’s Mom wrote “I remember the large J.W. Nunn store and my mother bringing several cases of eggs to the store every week to buy groceries.  Those were during my childhood years.  Also riding to Sunday School by horse and wagon to the Baptist Church in Ponsford.”

I think the Nunn store was on the North side of the street on the East side of town and it  opened in 1902.

Nunns store in Ponsford

Here is a very old photo that Jim Mack (J.W. Nunn’s grandson) shared with me. J. W. Nunn and an unknown child are in the photo.

Family Genealogy Info: Alfred and Elezebeth Nunn lived near William and Martha Abbott in Wellington County Eramosa Township Ontario Canada, they came together to the (Lake Eunice) Detroit Lakes area and then to Carsonville Township/Ponsford Minnesota around 1889.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Disappearing Sunflowers

Someone or something took my entire double headed sunflower out of my flower bed.  Snapped that stalk right off…the buggers.  It was probably a Bambi.

Double headed sunflower

Then we saw two sunflowers on the way into town, they had sprouted up and bloomed in the cracks in the highway on the edge of the tar.   They were such pretty things and there were two of them standing tall and strong greeting motorists from far and wide. Their sunny little faces following the sun happily all day long.

On the way home from town they were g.o.n.e.  obviously someone wanted more than a photo of them…they wanted to take them home and put them in a vase of water and enjoy them…how does one enjoy stolen flowers?  I know there were no Bambis wandering around snapping off sunflowers stalks in broad daylight along a busy highway.

I just don’t get it…the buggers anyway.

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Monday, September 28, 2015


Well our Supermoon was obscured by clouds.

Supermoon obliterated by clouds

We went by Steve and Jos to wait out the clouds.

Moon Sept 27

By that time it was dark and more clouds moved in so we went home.

Back at home I sat outside and finally got a shot or two during the eclipse.


Not perfect photos but it was fun to try. It was very quiet out, the crickets were making their nightly noises and Bailey barked at me a few times.  I could hear people talking down at the lake. I saw a few shooting stars….and it sure was dark out there during totality.  It was a beautiful night to be outside…no bugs and about 65 F or 18 C eh!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slow Fall Color

The trees are changing slowly, they are maybe 30% colorful.  I am not convinced that this year will be a wonderful showing of fall color.

Slow turning leaves

The new passing lane over by Snellman, whatever they planted came up real green and inviting for deer on the left.

In town the other day a few trees were changing.

Trees in town

The trees were in bud when they started this road improvement project.  Sometimes the wheels of progress turn slowly.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Henderson MN

Years ago we visited Henderson Minnesota during Sauerkraut Days. There is usually a celebration in June complete with all the sauerkraut you can eat.  I know I ate my share.

On our recent trip to Southern Minnesota…Far Guy asked “How far are we from Henderson?”  We were about twenty miles away and it was only a few miles out of the way.

Downtown henderson 

Main Street in Henderson.

Henderson Flags 

I wonder how many Henderson’s actually live in Henderson?

Fire Dept in Henderson

Fire Truck

Well… there were at least two more one day last week.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Visit to Mayo Clinic

This past week we made a trip to the Mayo Clinic.  In the world of Pulmonary medicine there are a few Doctors that specialize in Alpa1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.  Mayo Clinic has ONE Doctor and he has 60 patients with Alpha 1….he is called an Alpha Doc.  He is Doctor K.

We felt it was worth the trip…seven hours the first day because we avoided the Cities and traffic…the return trip we went through the Cities and we were home in five hours.

Chance went along and went to Doggie Day Care while we were at the Clinic.  The day we got there we took off on a recon mission to find the Doggie Day Care and where the parking garage was.  There are busses that run a shuttle to the clinic…but we got an early start and only had to park on the seventh floor of the parking garage.

It is quite a clinic, there are six elevators for the first twelve floors and six elevators for the next eight floors.  The floors are marble and I commented that it is a good thing that if you arrived in the winter in a snowstorm your feet would be dried off before you stepped a foot on those floors.

Exam rooms have marble floors and sofas

The exam rooms have marble floors and sofas.  Note: they even splurged for the sinks that have covered pipes.

Still using windows 7

They are still using Windows 7.

Dr. K. is older than me….I guessed 65 but he is 68 and Far Guy says he has credentials as long as your arm.  He was pleasant and straight forward.  He told us to keep on keeping on with what we are doing.  He suggested that we tweak a couple of medications and have some special tests…a Cat Scan, X Rays and a Liver Ultra Sound….which could be done over the next few days or we could go home and have them all done in Fargo in one day.  He said to stay away from germy people and get our flu shots.  He said that we should have antibiotics on hand at all times.

We asked about our oldest daughter that tested as an MS.  Dr. K. says that he is seeing many more people with the phenotype MS having liver problems especially liver cancer: so it is of the utmost importance that she should not smoke or drink alcohol because both will speed up the liver damage.

Dr. K. also said it is very important for anyone that is a blood relative to be tested.  Testing can be done anonymously…by a coded number.

Out the window of the 18th floor

The view out the 18th floor.

Tower od the Plummer building

This is the tower of The Plummer Building.  The Plummer Building was built in 1926/1927 and is a historic building.  It was a clinic building for a whole group of Mayo Clinic Doctors.

We visited with a couple from Michigan….Brian and Margo they told us that the Clinic now has 2,000 doctors, their son was one of them.

Chihuly Glass Sculptures at Mayo Clinic

Chihuly Glass Sculptures in the main part of the clinic…I didn’t notice them going in but I enjoyed them going out.

When we left you could barely see that huge expanse of marble floors…there were people everywhere.  Mainly old people, a few that were younger than us …but not many.

After our appointment we went and checked out of our motel, went out for a late breakfast and then picked up Chance who was really happy to see us and headed home.  It was good to be home before dark.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Zinnias are a Fall flower here in Minnesota.  With cooler night time temperatures  their colors become vibrant.

Bees on zinnia

Nothin’ prettier than a Zinnia in September!

Orange zinnia

Happy Fall yall!  I hope you have Zinnias blooming near you!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: Ponsford Minnesota

I have an old postcard of Ponsford Minnesota.

Ponsford MN Indian Camp

Indian Camp Ponsford Minnesota

I wrote about the bad spelling of the Ponsford sign yesterday.  Ponsford is seven miles from where we live.   Ponsford used to be one of “the” places on the map with a bank, two boarding houses, grocery stores, Post Office, gas stations and even a movie theater. Then a new highway was built and Ponsford became one of those forgotten towns.

Ponsford and Pine Point Indian Reservation are one mile apart. Once a year on the 4th of July there would be a big gathering and a party in Ponsford…everyone would come.  Far Guy’s Mother remembered going there as a child.  There would be a Pow Wow and a parade.  The Ojibwe; Ottertail Pillager Band settled at Pine Point.  Some Indians were traditional hunters, gatherers…and some adopted white mans practices and built homes and sent their children to school…and some mixed part of the two cultures. The whites lived at Ponsford and the Indians at Pine Point.

The Mission:  When I was growing up we always called it “The Mission”…not Pine Point and not the RES.  Long ago they had a Mission School and a Episcopal Mission Church, and a Catholic Mission Church on the reservation. 

One of the first teachers at the mission school in 1890 was Orville D. Ponsford.  He taught for two years and then went back to farming.  The school had troubles and was taken over by the Government…then it was called the Government School and it boarded the students there during the school year.

In 1890-1891 the residents wanted their own Post Office so names were sent in…Pine Point was one possibility but it was rejected because another place was using that name. The petitioners sent in their own names and as it happened Mr. Nunn underlined Ponsford’s name so the Post Office became Ponsford. The Nunns remained in the area for years and still have descendants in the area…and Mr. Ponsford well he visited Ponsford twice before he died.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Remember those spelling tests in school.  I pretty much memorized the words.

I have the most problems with definately/definitely, diahreah/diarrhea, glamerous/glamorous…sometimes I think I should write them 100 times on a sheet of paper just like in the old days…thank goodness for spell check.

Pondsford sign

This sign has bugged me for years.  This is on Hwy 44 heading west.

Ponsford sign

This is near Hwy 44 headed east. 

Of course we all know they are the same town.  But someone besides me should know about this spelling error…so now you all know.  The 20 people or so who live in Ponsford probably don’t care.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

In Town

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Far Guy took me out for supper; salad and steak my favorite foods! I was busy all day long…not sure what I got accomplished…just organizing “stuff.”

Town has calmed down…the tourists have left.  Some days you could shoot a cannon down the highway and not hit a soul.  I took this photo one day about lunch time.

Tourists are gone

We only need the four traffic lanes during the summer.

Tourists are gone two

Far Guys old house is on the right…it used to be white now it is grey.  They still have that big hole in the back yard…Far Guys Dad filled it in several times…it was always a mud hole after a rain. It is still a mud hole…Far Guy says the story about a fuel tank being buried there might be true.

It is a relief that the summer traffic is gone…you could possibly make a left turn again…carefully!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes siree another year older, oh well it is better than the alternative …

Connies card

I totally skipped 63 as I was 62 for two years…not sure how that happened but it did.  Funny how your mind works…or doesn’t work.

Wasn’t it the Beatles “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?”

How’s that for an ear worm that will drive you nuts today?

Not sure what we will do today, maybe a Sunday drive with my best guys.

Connies card inside

This card from a friend made me laugh out loud! 

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Adam:14 and Finally a photo

We didn’t get to see Adam for his birthday because they had a virus going on at their house.

So here he is 14 years and 15 days old!

Adam 14 years old

He is very tall.  He is in the 99.9 percentile… that means only .1 kids his age are taller than him.

Adam 6 feet and a half an inch

Here he is …all 72 and 1/2 inches of him…that is 6 feet and one half inch…1 1/2 inches behind his brother at 6 ft 2 inches and 3 1/2 inches before he passes his Dad.

He might look a little older than he is…because some girls at the movies asked him for his phone number…and he doesn’t have a phone….well other than a home phone.  Good thing too as every time I call and he answers…he never knows anything or the whereabouts of his family members.  In desperation I usually ask how Miney and Little Elvis are!

Yesterday in school they had a paper airplane flying contest…he did well but didn’t take first place. During a demonstration at home he managed to come real close to me…I wonder …was he aiming?Adam  making a face

He can still make faces that make me giggle!

Adam is in the Eighth Grade this year, he plays the Cello and is going to play basketball this winter.



Can you tell he likes Legos?  He does.

Dear Adam,  I loved you instantly when I heard your first cry!  Thank you for always making me smile and for the great hugs…even though sometimes you are just trying to butter me up for…computer use, popcorn, chocolate milk or maybe a Tootsie Pop for the ride home. I am sorry but you are always going to be the baby of the entire family…even WHEN you are the tallest!  Love Grandma

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Jen!

She was born at 12:58 AM on a Thursday.  I didn’t labor a long time, I went into labor about 3 :30 PM  on the 17th after a Doctor’s appointment when my water broke at Auntie Kathy and Uncle Arthur’s house.  I picked Trica up there and went home, started supper and did some laundry. About 6 ish I called my baby brother to come over to stay with Trica. (Trica was three years and five months old.)  Then I called Far Guy at work and told him maybe he should come and take me to the hospital. Uncomfortable labor that makes you cranky didn’t start until after the 10 PM news.  Some time after that a Nurse came in and asked Far Guy if he was going to be in the delivery room…I said “No, he is a chicken.”  He said “Where is the gown?”  It seemed like we waited forever for Dr. Kolars to show up…don’t push until the Doctor gets here…yeah right…finally the Doc got there and she was born!

Newborn Jennifer 

Far Guy was mesmerized by his new daughter…although she was a tiny thing she was almost perfect.   5 Pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long…she had some in utero problems that caused her to lose weight…mostly because I was 18 days overdue and a “horrible incubator” ( My Doctors exact words, he was happy she was here and alive…and in his opinion I should not have anymore children.) Out of the womb she thrived…sucked down four ounces of formula and hollered for more, slept all night long when she was just a week old…the easiest baby to take care of ever!

Today our youngest daughter is the big 40, she told me “Mom I am okay with that number, I am happy where I am at in this stage of my life.”

Our baby is 40 how can that be?  When did that happen?  It seems like we blinked just once or twice.

Sept 18 1985 Jen

Thirty years ago In 1985 she was ten…and she had a Unicorn cake.

Sept 18 1985 Family photo

Here we are with the birthday girl.

The other day I took a photo of Jen and her Dad and I put it on her birthday card.

Jen and Gene

Happy 40th Birthday Jen!  Your Father and I will love you always and forever.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

La La Land

I must have been off in La La Land on Tuesday.  Far Guy was gone to town getting new tires on my car and the only one to assist me in wardrobe choices was Chance…and he obviously doesn’t care what I look like when I leave the house.

I must have been in a hurry when I went to the shoe drawer. 

Shoes on September 15

I happily went to town for lunch with my cousins, no one said a word…not even my Mother or Father.  After lunch I walked down the street and got my hair trimmed…no one said anything there either. 

I discovered it when I got home…Far Guy said “You will HAVE to blog about it.” 

In my defense if I had noticed in town I would not have given up and drove all the way home to change shoes and go back to town like someone else did the day he had one brown shoe and one black shoe.

I might be a little vain but 30 miles extra so I match…not happening.

Other happenings in La La Land:  We got most of the log siding on the south side of the house stained again….the sun beats down on them.  Yesterday we painted the west side of the sauna…I even had a whole quart of the right color paint…will wonders never cease!  Far Guy built me another shelf for the furnace/laundry room.  I am still working in my garage.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: Cake Week

There are three of us with September birthdays. Years ago there were just two of us…then along came Adam to join us.  His birthday is at the beginning of the month and I have not blogged about him because I wanted a new photo!

This is what we used to call “Cake Week” and it seems to be coming up faster every year.

Here is a cake and a child almost 33 years ago.  It is not her birthday quite yet a few more days…not mine yet either.

Jennifer and Connie 1982

Jennifer and I in 1982 when she was 7 and I was 31…goodness was I ever that young?  It looks like a cake with clowns and balloons and seven candles.  Isn’t Jen cute?  Her haircut  suits her…we were lucky enough to find one fellow in all of Moorhead Minnesota who could give her a decent haircut and he cut her hair for years.  I cannot remember his name but I can see him plain as day…silvery hair and quite handsome and he owned his own hair salon. (Dwayne’s House of Beauty maybe?)

Jennifer would have been in First Grade at George Washington School, I should remember her teachers name…but it has escaped me….no face to go with a name either. ( All that info is in Jennifer’s School Days Scrapbook at  her house.  See if you make a scrapbook it is okay to forget a few things. )  I cheated and looked it up in her baby book…I still have that.

Mrs. Fridgen was her teacher and I wrote:  Jenny is very interested in Math.**  She can tell time, count money, write numbers to 200.  She can read quite well but doesn’t like to read.  She can spell some words~ she spells them like they sound.  Mrs. Fridgen said “Jenny really enjoys life.”   Jenny likes school but it is hard for her to get up in the morning.  Jenny took an after school dramatics class and enjoys art, coloring and drawing.Jennifer and  her Grandmothers  1982

Jennifer and her Grandmothers.  My Mom(age 53) on the left and Far Guy’s Mom ( age 68) on the right.  Jen must have wanted to see the photo and her Grandfather H.  obliged…he loved that Polaroid Camera. (Those bigger than a boat spectacles must have been in fashion!)

The photo was taken at Far Guy’s Parents home in Park Rapids.  They are standing in the dining room, through the doorway I see the strawberry wallpaper in the kitchen and yellow curtains above the sink.

**Jennifer hates Math and loves to read! She has changed a little in 33 years!


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