Friday, January 31, 2020


Another murky day.  The sun tried to shine but the fog won over. 
Appointments were accomplished.  I ran errands whilst Far Guy flirted with his nurses.
Seems I always find enough odds and ends to do in more boxes at the bank for the "big sort," gassed up the vehicle and went by to check on my parents.   Later we all went out to lunch in the boonies at our favorite lunch spot.

My Dad's finger only hurts if he bangs it up against something so we are good to go to Bingo.

Farewell to January the month of extremely cold sunny weather or seasonably warm weather with fog and no sun.  We may top the 30 F or  -1 C (eh) mark this weekend.

Far Side

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ice Castle

They are building an Ice Castle on the beach in Detroit Lakes.
I have always wanted to see it.  It is not yet completed.  When it is done they have a gathering and it is all lit up.

They harvest blocks of ice to build the castle

The blocks are lined up on pallets until they are ready to be placed.

It should be beautiful all lit up.

It was fun to see it in progress!
Far Side

Frost, fog and a friend

We went to Detroit Lakes yesterday.  I needed a hair cut...I swear she cut off about 10 pounds of hair at least it feels that way.   In all about 8 inches was cut off...and it is still long enough to put in a bun!  I only get my hair cut a couple of times a grows really fast about an inch plus a month. I go to the place where you can check in online but I didn't.  Next time I will.

It was foggy and frosty when we left.

The sun came out in Snellman.

But then we drove right back into the fog again.  This old barn is really leaning.

 I had to wait a bit to get my hair cut so we went to a couple of hardware stores.  When Far Guy dropped me off to get my haircut he went by the grocery store to get a few things...he was recognized by Sonja a faithful blog reader and they had a nice chat.

Sonja sent me an email:
Well, by now I'm sure you know whom I had the pleasure of meeting today. I had to do a double take because I really don't know a lot of people from this area that I might run into at the grocery store.  And I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass and then be left wondering if that was indeed your handsome husband.  I also did not want him to feel like he was being stalked, but it did make my day.

For the record it made his day too! 
Far Side

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Not much new

I sorted a long time yesterday.  Filled a couple more boxes.  Made it through the roll top desk and it is almost empty.   It still has some Auction Bills and a few extra large photographs of flowers I had forgotten about and Eli Wheel decals....that old desk is a perfect place to store extra large items. 

Today will be my last day working upstairs for a bit.  We are getting company.  I should make it all look presentable again.  I tend to have piles of stuff here and there when I am sorting.

I watched a movie called Cowgirls N Angels  a really fun movie I give it a 9 out of 10 stars. My kind of murder and mayhem.
The sun almost came out got real bright for a while.  If it ever comes out I am certain it will blind us.

Far Side

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dreary but warm

Well warm for Minnesota in January!  Day time highs have been about 20 F or -7 C eh so that is perfect  temperatures.

We had to play mail man  as our neighbors mail was in our mail box and I wonder who got our mail...the postman musta had a brain fart.

As you can see by the photo the sun did not shine yesterday.

Whilst Far Guy was at Pulmonary Therapy I went to the Bank, Post Office and to my parents.  My Dad attempted to cut off a finger in the hatchback of the car...luckily he had heavy gloves on and only needed six stitches.  It is not his Bingo dauber hand so Bingo will continue if he feels up to it.

No sorting took place.  I did get some boxes from the bank in town...they always have boxes sitting out for people to take.   We visited wally world and the grocery store...came home put groceries away had lunch and Far Guy napped while I watched a movie  I'll see you in my dreams.  I give it a 9 out of 10 stars...the opening is quite sad....I almost turned it off after the first five minutes.  After that I attempted to watch Eat Pray Love and I fell asleep.

Far Side

Monday, January 27, 2020

Big Sort Continues

I worked all afternoon on the "big sort."  I was running out of I cleaned out a small corner  upstairs and began to stack totes and boxes.   Now I can at least move around in my work area up there. 

I made a fair amount of progress.  Books...good gracious I had enough books up there to start my own library.  Three boxes of books later they are all stacked up.  I know there are some more books in a couple more drawers up there.   I had some three ring binders that I made back in 1996...all about annuals and perennials...all that crap is being recycled.  Seasonal decorations were sorted...not much is being kept...I allowed myself one drawer of "stuff" to decorate the outside wreath. If I didn't love went in a box to be sold.  Many fancy boxes and tins were boxed up....only a few were kept.

I finished up my squares for the Crochet A Long that I am working on.   These were fun squares to do...the pattern is called Aster.

Here are the squares I finished.
We have only three medical appointments this week...practically a week off. 
Far Side

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Perfect Match

My neighbor Phyllis had the perfect match for my antique floss problem.

So I can finish this sometime soon.  I wonder if I can duplicate the chain stitch...I will give it a whirl.  Thanks Phyllis!!   She also gave me a few skeins of yarn...I can make more nests.

It was a quiet day.  I watched two movies  The Laundromat (I give it a 5 out of a 10) and Saving Mr Banks  (I give that one a 9 out of 10).  I worked on my crochet projects.

Far Guy did some woodcarving and he had a nap.

Far Side

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dresser Scarf

I unearthed a very old project.  I used to embroider quite a bit.  I wanted to perfect my chain stitch.
So I began a dresser scarf. 

One end is completely finished.

The other end not so much.

Now I have to find the right embroidery floss to finish this project.  It is J & P Coats floss.  This was way before  DMC was even an embroidery floss company.  Needless to say the numbers on my one bit of floss are no longer used....apparently they started a new numbering system.  I must have antique floss!

So I shall be looking for floss to finish this project that is about 40 years old.   I can match some of the colors quite well to DMC floss but I used a shades of red only made by J & P Coats, the floss is variegated goes from pink to red.

I will have to look around a bit to see what I can find.

Does anyone even use dresser scarfs anymore?   I used to use them...I would switch them out every month.  The dirty ones would be washed...sprinkled and put inside a plastic bag to condition before  spraying them with starch and ironing them smooth.  Then folding them just right creasing the fold with an iron and putting them in the drawer that was specially reserved for dresser scarfs and doilies.

I have quite a collection of old dresser scarfs.  So if I cannot find the right floss I will probably toss it.

In other news I finally got the naked Christmas tree upstairs put properly away.   However the Nativity Set is still out.   I inventoried the deep freeze and the fridge we know exactly what we have...our trouble is that when we take something out of the freezer we don't always take it off the list.

Far Side

Friday, January 24, 2020

Busy Thursday

My Dad and I were total losers at Bingo, but we still had a good time

Had a weird thing happen in the morning...still cannot figure it out.  My phone rang while I was at my parents...It asked if I wanted to join the Facetime phone call between my brothers, sister and I joined...  who knew that four or maybe even more people could see each other and all talk.  My other baby brother said his phone rang and he got the same message as I did...and my baby brothers wife said the same thing.  She answered my brothers phone...he was in surgery getting a new knee.    No one knows who initiated the call???  I didn't even know how to hang other baby brother was laughing because he didn't know how to hang up either.  Eventually I think everyone hung up on me.

Anyways my baby brother has another new knee...he was up and walking last night and should get out of the hospital today if all goes well.

I shoveled snow over at my snowed in town just enough to make things slippery.   Far Guy was delayed at the infusion center so I managed to squeeze in a visit to the yarn shop.  Yarn may have been purchased.

We are done with appointments for the week! I went in for my blood draw after dropping off Far Guy at Pulmonary Therapy.  Later in the day my blood work came back and I am normal...even my about that!
Pretty roses at the grocery store.
Far Side

Thursday, January 23, 2020

June and Crown Report

June  the snowbank is as big as ever.  She is a record height....the tallest we have seen her in the 22 years we have lived here.

The weather yesterday was lovely.  Above zero!  I finished my shoveling and no snow is forecast so I am ahead of the game!  Yeah me!

Stacey came by to get her crown ear warmer.  She liked it!

I had time to make her another the color she originally requested.
They both look good on her! Either color makes her eyes pop!

Yesterday I watched The 100-Foot Journey a movie much more to my liking.  I give it a 8 out of 10 stars.

Far Side

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sunrise and a crown

I was up early so I got to watch the was pretty.

Photo taken out the kitchen window.

I played 52 pick up and put away in it's proper place and supervised Far Guy while he did a dusting project.  ( All his books and "stuff" in his computer area were collecting dust.)

I power shoveled and shoveled.  I have one area left to do ...maybe today.

In the afternoon I curled up on the couch and watched The Irishman and crocheted a ear warmer headband that looks like a crown.  (I give the movie a 5 out of 10...lots of murder and mayhem.)

Here is another photo of it.  One of my nieces saw it on Facebook and said she would like one...her Sisters and Mom said she could crochet it herself...she probably could have ..but I wondered if I could do it. 
Apparently I can....and learned another new to me stitch!

The Tetanus shot has me feeling out of sorts and a bit tired...and cranky according to Far Guy.

Far Side

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tulips, a tree and other stuff

I managed to have my yearly physical.  I passed.  Had some skin tags removed and got a Tetanus Booster.  She wants fasting blood work so I will do that later in the week.  She wants me to monitor my blood pressure Far Guy has a job again.  They are still short of the Shingrix I am on the waiting list.

Far Guy went to Pulmonary Therapy while I ran errands and crocheted in the car.

We went to the grocery store together.  We split up the list and shopping goes much faster...except when he stops to visit!

Spring is at the grocery store.   Every week I pick out which bouquet I would buy if I could have flowers in the house.  This week it was the tulips...hands down especially those yellow ones!

Found this photo on my night Far Guy and I sat on Main Street together and took a photo of the Christmas Tree in the middle of the street.  It has been removed takes up a number of parking spots.

Today and tomorrow we get to stay at home.  We appreciate the days that do not have appointments.  We could be hermits. 

Far Side

" Morning is God's way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy the day."

Monday, January 20, 2020

Winter Storm Jacob: Day Three

It snowed a bit again yesterday.  I shoveled the walk again and in front of one of the garages.  It was quite chilly out there.  I think I need some new gloves as my hands got cold and that hardly ever happens.

This sea of snow on the patio will wait for another day.  The squirrels made all kinds of tracks...they even stopped by the front door.  They were busy digging around in the snow looking for seeds... Far Guy said he felt sorry for them.  I

I started  a new project...I knew I shouldn't ...but it is a different Charity Project.   It is simple enough to do and it  might make a difference.

Their mission is to bring awareness to mental health issues especially suicide and bullying. 

The hearts are crochet or knit and the tags are downloaded from their website.  The hearts can either be mailed back to them with or without tags OR hidden throughout your community with tags attached.  Patterns for everything are at their website. 

My hearts are crochet.  If any of my neighbors or relatives would like to help by leaving hearts in different places please come over and get some! 

Since I spend a good amount of time in waiting rooms this is a good project to take along with me. 

We have only four medical appointments this week. 

Far Side

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Winter Storm Jacob: Day Two

It snowed yesterday.   I have decided that the snow stick lies...perhaps the wind blew some snow away.   It says 24 inches at the snowstick.   That would be a four inch gain in 24 hours.

 If that was come it looked like more when I shoveled?

My Great Nephew Mason came by shortly after this and plowed us out.

The snow was blowing around so I saw no need in moving anymore snow until it calms down.

I took Shiny Brite Ornaments off the tree upstairs...and put them away.  The tree itself is still standing.  One day soon I will get it packed away.

I did  something with the "big sort"  I emptied a drawer and put everything in it on my table to be marked for a garage sale.  Then I turned out the light and came downstairs...enough for one snowy day.

Far Guy did some woodcarving and some coughing...he cannot seem to get rid of that horrible cough.  He had a nap and made supper for us...ribs and vegetables.  He is a great cook!

Far Side

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Winter Storm Jacob: Day One

The Winter Storm named Jacob began in the afternoon on Friday with windy conditions.  Snow was blowing around in the wind.  The snowstick is at 20 inches of snow...some either settled or blew away.

It was a dreary day.  I got the mail and Far Guy filled a bird feeder.  Other than that we hunkered down for the day.

For reference I took a photo of the patio and bird feeders before the storm kicked into high gear.

We are home for the duration of the storm.

I put away some cards that I finished this week.  A local pharmacy that has a photo shop sent me an email saying that I had not ordered photos in a long time and would I like a coupon for 25 free photos?  Sure.  Their photos are not quite square with the world but they were free.

Now for the big question is a project unfinished if you never started it?   I found this tucked away in a drawer upstairs...pillowcases to be embroidered....apparently at one time I gathered the embroidery floss for the project...some needles and a hoop are still needed before I can begin...easily attainable I have several hoops and lots of needles ...maybe I will put it in the craft suitcase.

Far Side

Friday, January 17, 2020

Shiny Brite

The Shiny Brite tree is still up. 

I am still enjoying it.  I think about all the people in my life that are represented on this tree.  So many.  Far Guy, Chance, Jen, Madeline, Grace, Lillian, Susan, Sandy, Hazel, Edie, Kay, Rae, JoLynn, Cyndi, Leann, Mildred, Minnie, Tom and Linda.

The tree may come down this weekend when we are having a snowstorm...we will see.

I suppose I should undecorate the spinning wheel too.  These garage sale Shiny Brites and the Shiny Brite Card from my friend Mildred have been up for about 13 months now.  I have dusted around them:)

I was at the Thrift Shop the other day...they were having a Christmas I went to "just look"  well...

It seems I failed miserably at just looking.  This Hot Pink Shiny Brite Tree Topper came home with me ...for 27 cents who could resist?  NOT ME!

I did not "sort" yesterday. Appointments were accomplished and a trip to the grocery store and out to lunch at our favorite place.   I did not go to Bingo it was just too cold to go out again in the evening.

Our high was a brief -2 for a minute or two and then went lower ...officially the high was -5 F or -21 C  the low was -26 F or -32 C  eh! ...just another balmy day in Minnesnowda. (Too cold to snow!) Didya know that the snow squeaks differently under your snow boots at different temperatures?  It surely does.

 Far Side

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Piled high and deeper

It snowed again ...we got about 5 inches of the white stuff.  I shoveled and power shoveled again.  My Nephew Josh came by with the skidsteer today and moved more snow.

The snowbank named June is getting larger.

We have 21 inches at the snowstick now.

The snow is piled up on the roofs. This is the snow curl on the west side of the house. It will eventually come down and then we won't be able to see out the window!

After shoveling I worked upstairs on the big sort.  I sure am finding some interesting "stuff."

We are plunging into the deep freeze again today. Wind chills will be horrible. We probably won't get above zero today.  We have to go out for appointments for Far Guy and the vehicle needs an oil change and tires I will handle that while Far Guy entertains all the Nurses that he sees several times a week.  After a quick stop for a few groceries we will come back home and hunker down for the storm that is supposed to arrive on Friday.

Far Side

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

More snow

It snowed again at least two inches of snow. ( Seemed more like 4 inches of snow to me) My other baby brother came by with his skidsteer that has a big ole snowblower on it and cleared us out once again...he made me big paths to the bird feeders.  I love my brother!

I power shoveled some and regular shoveled some...the walk and in front of the garage doors. It is supposed to snow again.  I did not work on the patio at all...maybe today.

I did not sort anything yesterday...we caught up on house cleaning.  Far Guy ran the steam mop over the tile floors.  I did some laundry and I made Chicken Enchiladas for supper.  So along with my shoveling it was a day.  No nap either.

I took a photo out the window...18 inches of snow at the snowstick.  Sounds like a snowy week with a storm forecast for the weekend.
Far Side

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Furnace Filters and Power Shovels

We went to town for supplies!  Far Guy went to Pulmonary Therapy and I ran errands.   He did quite well at therapy but pushed himself a bit too much...he spent the afternoon watching TV and resting.

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow in the furnace filter aisle.  Far Guy instructed me to get the cheap green furnace filters because the expensive white ones restrict the airflow too much and it is hard on furnaces.   Anyways this fellow said  "my furnace quit over the weekend, had to have a service call ($298) just to have them tell me I needed to use different filters...the white filters restrict the airflow too much."  Lesson learned.  I told him of my husbands instructions and the reply was "Smart man!"

I still have a Power Shovel to move snow.  It is electric, I just plug it in and push it around and it throws snow for me.  No pulling on ropes, no pouring gasoline.    I love it!

I can clear the walkway and the patio and paths to the bird feeders.   I also have several by the garage and one by the house...they work too!   I shovel for a bit and lean for a bit.
Here is a photo of my Power invention since sliced bread.  It throws snow 12 plus feet ...good enough for me.

I have not been compensated in anyway, but if Toro wants to send me another Power Shovel I would certainly take it!

This month is about half done....we are headed back into the deep freeze later this week.

Far Side

Monday, January 13, 2020


My word for the year was time.

Time to go through and sort "stuff".   I continued on where I was a week ago before I was struck down by the cold from Snotsville USA.  Yesterday I got through the Christmas sort that I left in a big mess...I worried about that...if the cold from Snotsville ended in my demise my youngest daughter would have to deal with it and she would be very unhappy.  All no longer used Christmas items were marked and packaged for sale.   I sorted through another misc tote that I had up there...and began a craft sort.  At least you can walk through the back storage area now..  Sorting will continue. 

I have to admit I opened a few drawers up there...peered in and quickly shut them again.  Maybe in a few days...

When we had a snow over Christmas my favorite and only son in law Andy got out the snowblower that I cannot start by myself.   It started for him and he moved a bunch of snow.   Then we had a big snow and people were looking for used snowblowers.  I took a photo and within a few minutes it was sold on Marketplace.  Then other fellows offered me more money if I would sell it to them...of course I didn't...and the snowblower left the next morning.   I am just happy to be rid of the hunk of junk that I could not start....we originally bought it because it had an electric start...well that worked a time or two...and was replaced several times and still did not work more than a time maybe two.

So it was the right TIME to get top dollar for an old snowblower with a broken electric start!

Flowers from I did not go there...but blog reader Kay did!

Far Side

Sunday, January 12, 2020

A bit better

We are both feeling a bit better.   Yeah us!  We will live to see a few more days.

Cold Minnesota winter was -29 F yesterday morning.  That is -33 C eh!

I ventured out in the afternoon for a photo.

The squirrels have a trail from the tree to the snowstick to another tree.  There are 16 inches of snow at the snowstick.

I knitted for awhile and then worked on taxes...I have them ready... just waiting on a few more papers to come in the mail.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when they are at the accountants.

I watched several episodes of  Once Upon A Time on Netflix huddled under a down blanket with a warm rice bag under my feet.  Gave up ...found an electric blanket and finally got warm.  My old bones must store up the cold.

Far Side

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Still kicking

I spent most of yesterday afternoon asleep.  The cold medication I have been taking makes me sleep and dream...oh my the technicolor dreams.   I woke up to Far Guy doing his daily hike round and round in the house.  He might be just a tad bit better...she said cautiously optimistic.

I finished up the latest Crochet Along square...called Love in a Mist.  It was a fun design to do.  Your granny's granny square has certainly evolved.  Four Love in a Mist Squares with coordinating plain squares.

I will probably switch gears now and work on my socks or watercolor some cards... maybe a bit of both.  Need to switch my crochet brain off and my knitting brain on.

We are headed into the deep freeze.  The January sub zero temperatures are coming...sure hope it doesn't last too long.

Far Side