Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Last day of September

 Goodbye September...I am sad to see you completed for another year...I loved the warmer temperatures you had mid month...perfect summer weather!  

Your beautiful fall colors and leaves that fell like rain amused us. 

The grass is still green under a carpet of leaves. 

Mowing and mulching will continue into October...hopefully with a few warm days and no snow! Please send that memo to October!!

All photos taken at the house with blue trim nearby.

If I had more time I would make apple it was a good year for those apples.

Far Side

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Leaves and other crap

 It rained yesterday...the leaves in the yard were pretty damp to mulch...oh well they will either stay there for me or blow into the woods. 

As you can see the trees are getting more bare. 

We recycled and went to the post office.   I played 52 pick up and put away in its proper place.  Far Guy worked on his new old car. 

Our absentee ballots came in the mail they have been filled out and are ready to mail in.  God Bless America and the right to vote! 

I am real tired of the election /politics/stab everyone in the back crap.  I have had it with facebook and all the people that post politics crap that may or may not be true.  Facebook is not a real happy place...too many people with an agenda...I posted a photo of leaves...perhaps I should have added "leaf me alone."  Some people must sit around all day and post stuff...don't they have some thing better to do with their time?  Oh I forget..they are probably the people that have a phone attached to their hand 24/7.  Some people were unfriended....I just couldn't take it anymore.

We have a busy week with many, many appointments. 

Far Side

Monday, September 28, 2020


 The water disappears out of the bird baths every night. 

We looked at the trail cam and discovered that the new old car did not discourage them from heading to the bird bath.

Caught red handed 

One is at the bird bath on the left and the other is headed to the other bird bath. 

We had a quiet Sunday at home.  Far Guy worked on his new old car.  I caught up with laundry and cleaned the bathroom.  Then I spent the whole afternoon on the lawn mower mulching leaves....the third mulch is done.  The leaves are about half down.  My other baby brother stopped by to visit.

 I made the crisp bacon, roasted sweet potato, rigatoni and cheese hotdish for makes six servings and freezes well.  Fry the bacon then chop it up into small pieces, cut three sweet potatoes into chunks and roast them in the oven, cook up a half of a box of the rigatoni, use whatever cheese you like ...I used a bit of Velveeta and some Cojack cheese...add some water from boiling the noodles to make the cheese sauce creamy...toss in the bacon, sweet potatoes and drained rigatoni.  Yum!  It is a meal we never make in the summer. Fall food at it's finest! 

Far Side

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Too Cute!

 Jen has kept me up to date of the goings on at Retreat. I got to say Hi to all the girls via facetime!  Everyone there is busy creating and giggling! 

Here is one of the Gnomes that Jen made wearing my crochet hat...she gave a Gnome to each gal that attended. 

Yesterday a photo of Cee Cee appeared on Facebook so I stole it to share with you. She is our Great Granddaughter.

Maddie calls her Little Miss...she is 6 months and 17 days old. What a doll!  She is wearing an outfit that we sent shortly after she was born. 

We had a quiet day at home, Odda visited for the afternoon so I sat outside with her until it rained.  Leaves are falling out of the trees like crazy.

Far Side

Saturday, September 26, 2020

40 hours

 I was away for 40 hours.  Granddaughter Paige and I took a flight from Bemidji Minnesota to Louisville Kentucky.  Travel not wear a shirt with sparklies on it or you will alarm the system and have to have a wand search and then a pat down and residue swab on your hands.  Who knew?  They took Paige's toothpaste because it was too large. 

We had a lay over for a couple of hours in Minneapolis /St Paul.  The plane from there was a hunk of junk and kept making noises and you could feel vibrations and hear clunking noises under my feet.  As we landed in Louisville several streets were blocked off with cop cars...the lights were quite visible late at night we had no idea that riots were happening there and there was a 9 PM curfew as we traveled out of the city with Far Guy's sister and brother in law amongst very little traffic on the freeway. 

Thursday morning our oldest daughter was released from a hospital there and Paige and I drove 13 hours and delivered her safely back to the town where she is living.

Far Guy drove 3 1/2 hours in the early morning hours to pick up Paige and I.  Paige kept her grandpa busy talking and helped him watch for deer while I slept and reportedly snored in the back seat...only awakened with a charlie horse behind my knee.   After Paige was delivered safely to her apartment I completed the drive home. 

It was a quick trip...however it was nice to see Far Guy's sister and brother in law and our niece who lives in the area. 

Everyone wore masks in the airports and on the plane we were all spread out inside the aircraft with spaces all over...capacity was about 25% of normal.  They seated everyone in the back of the plane first row by row so no one had to walk by anyone else.   I believe that exposure was least we hope so. 

On our way back through Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin everyone wore masks except a couple of people in a McDonalds in Indiana. 

Far Guy and I are both tired of driving and missing sleep.  Far Guy could not travel on the airplane due to his oxygen requirements and his weekly infusion. 

I came home to a carpet of newly fallen leaves so the second mulch of the season was completed...I would rather drive the lawn mower around for hours versus a car any day of the week.  Far Guy estimates that 1/3 of our leaves fell out of the trees while I was gone. 

Sunrise on Brazil Lake near Georgetown Indiana September 24 2020

It is good to be home.

Far Side

Thursday, September 24, 2020

A few days

 I will be gone for a few days.  Nothing to get worried or excited about. 

Far Side

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 We ran an errand yesterday morning.  The Maples are coloring up nicely.

It was a nice morning for a drive. 

We always looks for this old is still there but has an extreme forward lean.

 The errand complete we headed back home.  Far Guy worked on his new old car and I mulched new mulching blades work so good!   I have to calm down this time of year and understand that the lawn cannot be perfectly free of leaves for a month...some blowing around hopefully out of the yard is a good thing.

I finished the last bit of carding...all the dog hair rolags have been we will see if I can spin.  I have my doubts...I cannot chew gum and walk at the same time without biting my tongue.  I was also a failure at the treadle sewing machine....I would be going along just fine and then for some reason go into reverse and break my thread...however Far Guy mastered the treadle sewing machine perfectly! 

We had a lovely day with the high around 80 F or 26 C eh!

Far Side

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

First Day of Fall

 We have the first day of Fall today.  Fall obviously did not get the memo... Our weather is summer like with highs in the 70's...the sleepy skeeters, bees and tiny gnats are now real pests. 

The weather is crazy...much like the rest of our world.

I mowed for a few hours yesterday then Far Guy changed my lawn mower blades...I have brand new mulching blades to attack the leaves in our yard.  The mulching blades pulverize the leaves and they are returned to the lawn. 

The leaves are piling up in our yard.  I will be mulching leaves a good long time as weather conditions permit.  I will be done in a month.  

The leaves will be peak color this week. 

The Hummingbirds have departed and a few Goldfinches stopped by on their way South.  Our normal Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers are year round residents.   The baby Pileated Woodpecker stops by everyday announcing his visit.  We talk to him...he is not  afraid of us. 

During my teenage years I had a birthday buddy and best friend... Cathie's birthday is today.  She usually reads the blog!  Happy Birthday Cathie!!

Far Side

Monday, September 21, 2020

Birthday Report

 I had a great birthday!  

Jen stopped by with a card and some dies for May Baskets!  Someday I hope to make May Baskets again! 

 I opened the Dick Blick box from Far Guy.  Dick Blick sells art supplies of all kinds. 

Inside that box was a case for Tombow Dual Brush markers and a bunch of markers!   They are perfect for the cards I like to make. I have a real good start on a great collection! 

Jen brought her scissors and gave me a haircut and thinned the bulky was taking forever for my hair to dry...some days it would be wet from morning until night because it took a really long time to dry. What a relief to have some of the bulk gone! 

Later in the afternoon my parents brought out a cake, my Mom sewed me a new valance for the kitchen window and a runner for the table...when I get the valance up I will take a photo. 

My other baby brother and she who sees Robins first stopped by for cake and a visit....and nephew Josh stopped by with a Happy Birthday wish also! 

It was a good day...and now I am older.  Special cards were sent by a number of good friends! 

Many lovely messages appeared on facebook and here on the blog...thank you! 

Far Side

Sunday, September 20, 2020

One More Trip

 One more trip around the sun...who knew how fast 365 days could  go by. 


We will have a quiet day at home.  Jen will stop by in the afternoon.  

There is a large box from Dick Blick sitting on the stairs which is my birthday has been sitting there for three weeks. Far Guy was real organized this year. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Blue Sky

 Yesterday I had quite an encounter with a bark filled erosion tube.  (Erosion tubes are black knit material filled with bark about 6 inches around)  My lawn mower got wouldn't go forward and it wouldn't go backwards.   I weighed my options...leave the mower there and say someone stole it... get the other mower and pull /push it...but it was precariously near a drop off.  Should I just go inside my baby brothers house and have a nap?  I called Far Guy and said "I am in a pickle...can you help?"  ( I usually carry my phone when I am off mowing.)

I had some time to sit and think and admire the woods. 

 I sat on the steps and looked up.

I enjoyed the blue sky.   Sometimes when you are in a bit of a pickle you just need to take a minute or two to enjoy your surroundings...until the knight in shining armor shows up.

We eventually got the mower free from the dastardly erosion tube.  We tried several things...finally Far Guy rocked the mower sideways and I pulled on the tube as he was rocking it back and forth.  For the record I did not try and mow the tube...I just tried to go over the top of it...well I learned that lesson.  The tube is a tad worse for the wear...those things are heavy...I moved it back in place when I was done mowing.

That was my adventure for the day...when I got back home Far Guy said he was happy to see me!  

Far Side

Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Birthday Jen!

 Today is Jen's birthday.  She was born a long time ago in the first hour of the day so she has a long birth day.  

Jen and Far Guy September 4 2020 by the new old car.

Jen is our can do kid... once she sets her sights on something she follows through even if the going gets tough.   Giving up is not an option for her.  She is a strong woman.  We are very proud of her. 

Here is her birth story. 

She was born at 12:58 AM on a Thursday.  I didn’t labor a long time, I went into labor about 3:30 PM  on the 17th after a Doctor’s appointment when my water broke at Auntie Kathy and Uncle Arthur’s house.  I picked Trica up there and went home, started supper and did some laundry. About 6 ish I called my baby brother to come over to stay with Trica. (Trica was three years and five months old.)  Then I called Far Guy at work and told him maybe he should come and take me to the hospital. Uncomfortable labor that makes you cranky didn’t start until after the 10 PM news.  Some time after that a Nurse came in and asked Far Guy if he was going to be in the delivery room…I said “No, he is a chicken.”  He said “Where is the gown?”  It seemed like we waited forever for Dr. Kolars to show up…don’t push until the Doctor gets here…yeah right…finally the Doc got there and she was born!

Far Guy was mesmerized by his new daughter…although she was a tiny thing she was almost perfect.   5 Pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long…she had some in utero problems that caused her to lose weight…mostly because I was 18 days overdue and a “horrible incubator” ( My Doctors exact words, he was happy she was here and alive…and in his opinion I should not have anymore children.) Out of the womb she thrived…sucked down four ounces of formula and hollered for more, slept all night long when she was just a week old…the easiest baby to take care of ever!

Happy Birthday Jen!  Love you always and forever! 


Thursday, September 17, 2020


Fall is not Far Guys favorite time of year...for him Fall always meant school started and he had to settle down into a routine so different from his summer activities. 

I don't mind Fall so is better than winter.

I tackled some indoor housekeeping duties before heading outside. It had been awhile since I scrubbed the furnace room and kitchen floors...Far Guy runs Dracula every day....maybe we need a scrubbing Dracula.   (Dracula is Far Guy's robot is black and sunshine confuses it...and sometimes I wake up in the nighttime and it is running around the house cleaning)

The smoke that was high in the atmosphere from the West Coast fires moved on out with the cold front that came in this was nice to see blue sky again. 

I did all kind of odd and ends outside...some things on my list and some just discovered.  

After supper (Philly Cheesesteak and salad) I went for a short ride. 

Bean eaters

Almost was getting real chilly so I did not stay out for sunset.  It will probably freeze again soon. 

I saw a Wooly Bear was almost totally black. If the old folklore is to believed that signals a long cold full of snow winter.  I think I will keep my eyes open for one that has only a few segments of black...

Far Side

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fall Color Begins

 We have a Burr Oak that is turning color. 

Not sure why it is stressed...

Boy there are very few acorns this year...a few but none can be heard plink plinking off the wood shed.  Some years the acorns are so heavy they roll under your feet ...and then I have to rake them up. 

There are no Hazel Nuts either...the ones that were there were eaten by deer or stolen by squirrels. 

The Hazel Brush is turning orange...the leaves have lots of holes. 

I made the Fall list...if nothing else it will be a reminder of things I have not done. 

Yesterday I sprayed for ants in several places, we recycled and went to the Post Office.  I took care of some Thistle in my other baby brothers lawn at his shop.   I worked on some cards while doing laundry and tackled two jobs that were overdue and didn't make the list.  Cleaning up the kitchen sink and the drain baskets...and the Whirlpool tub needed a good cleaning water and automatic dish soap and then a cold rinse. I managed to card some dog hair late in the more afternoon and it will all be ready to spin. 

Far Guy worked on his new old car.. he put the back seat together and scrubbed up the mats on the floor boards.  He ordered some special absorbent mats to put under the engine so my garage floor stays he drove the new old car out of the garage and then back in again.  We took photos for the insurance company.  

We had ribs and green beans for supper...and lemon lemon pie without the crust....cause basically I suck at making pie crusts!

Far Side

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Making a list

 I started a Fall list in my head...not such a great idea as I have no way to cross it off or scratch it out.

The sauna has not been used all is  not a summer activity!  I took a broom and swept the walls inside and outside...can you say cobwebs?  Then I gathered all the rugs to wash...and vacuumed up the floor.  I enlisted Far Guy to get the light fixtures down and washed them up.   Today I will return the rugs to the inside and on the bench outside.  Next summer the sauna needs to be painted...but that is a different list...anyways the sauna is ready to use! 

 Far Guy worked on his new old car.

He took the back seat out and was cleaning up the vinyl. 

So far the smoke from the wildfires seems to be staying high in the air...I could not smell smoke at all. 

I took care of some weeds in the rocks and some that were coming up on the patio then I carded dog hair until it was movie time and then I had a nap....I slept right on through some comedy.  

I really must make that Fall list on paper and not just in my head! Half the month is over and it will officially be Fall soon.

Far Side

Monday, September 14, 2020

Sunday Drive

 We went out for an ice cream date.

The trees are changing at our favorite ice cream eating spot.  Neither of us got out because the bees were really bad.  All bees in Minnesota go a bit insane after the first frost...they are very aggressive. 

All the detour signs have been taken down on our road.  So we drove over to see what the new road looks like. 

Big changes to this corner. 

You used to go downhill to make this corner...not so any more...what a big change. 

I am certain that everyone that lives on this part of the road is really happy that the construction is over.  We didn't go any further down the road...we will do that some day soon. 

Far Guy spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up his new old car.  It was fairly nice out so I carded some dog hair...two or three nice afternoons and I will have it all ready to spin! 

Far Side

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Rainy Day Stuff

 I have lots of projects to keep me busy! 

Jen was kind enough to shop for some yarn for a new project.   I sent her three or four colors that I really liked...this was my last choice...but I am in love with the colors. 

I saw a pattern for a shawl with would be perfect for me in the winter.  I began the pattern and it started out fine but then it called for a stitch that was too full of after a bunch of rows I frogged it (tore it apart).  So I am winging it with my own pattern...we will see how it turns out! 

Here are a few rows...


I like the way the colors are never know with variegated yarn.  

I heard about an invisible join (joining one skein to another) I looked it up...step by step I did it at least once!   It could be real are never too old to learn something new. 

Other rainy day projects were laundry, straightening out some "stuff" in dressers, getting out some winter jammies, making a few cards and watching a movie called Adrift...a true story...I give it a 7 out of a 10....I always thought I might like to go out on a sailboat...not so much anymore. 

Far Guy was busy in the garage on his new old car...he is cleaning up the interior. 

We worked on supper together...steak, baked potato and vegetable. 

Far Side

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Reporting In

 Grocery Shopping was marginal this week.  They remain imperfect...they charged me for bread we did not get...luckily I noticed the bread was missing when I was disinfecting everything in the cart...I called them and they brought the bread out...I was so preoccupied with the missing bread I did not count the yogurts...two were missing so I called that in when I got home.  So I give them an D for the week. I guess it is still better than going in the store myself. 

We had many errands to do in town...banking, picking up the license tabs for the new car and buying some gas.  We splurged and ordered a was really good. 

Yesterday was a day at home...Far Guy worked on his new old car...he took apart the rear passenger door that wouldn't open from the outside...found glass in the bottom of the door...Far Guy says "The car has stories to tell." Anyways the door is fixed now. 

I did some housework in the morning and worked on some cards...then I went outside to card some dog barely made it to 60 F it was a tad chilly.  I am about half done with my milk can/dog hair project.  I need about five or six afternoons to finish up that part of the project. 

My flowers are froze. 

This is the small garden before the freeze.  You can see the Impatiens are much shorter on the right side...Deer. 

The Salvia survived the freeze but the Impatiens are looking real sick.

The Hummingbirds are still here and some traveling through Goldfinches showed up. We also saw a few Monarch Butterflies...I hope they head out soon. 

Fall is in the air for sure. 

Far Side

Friday, September 11, 2020

Old Glory

 Old Glory...long may she wave. 

Far Side

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thirsty Deer

 The deer are thirsty...they could go down to the lake and drink water...instead they empty the birdbaths. 

Caught red handed

I took this photo through the kitchen window...excuse the is a doe and one of her is little and one is big.  They both drank out of the bird bath.  They have also been eating my flowers during the night.

This is the bigger fawn...a male I think ...he is losing his spots. 

Well that was the excitement for yesterday!  

I did some laundry, some odds and ends...ordered groceries, worked on some more cards, and made a pan of lasagna.    Far Guy likes lasagna so some servings went in the was a chilly day so having the oven on felt comforting! It got real near freezing if not freezing early Wednesday morning.

Far Side

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wistful Wednesday : 1959 Desoto Explorer Station Wagon

 Far Guy's first Desoto was a nine passenger station wagon.  At the Drive In Movie Theater you could back it in...get out and fold up the seat and get in the back to watch the movie. 

I was along when the Highway Cop gave Far Guy a ticket for 92 mph...we were talking and driving along minding our own business...the local judge thought the car might have been doing 72.

I was also along the day her oil light came on and Far Guy was pretty bugged about that light being I spit out my gum rolled it into a ball and stuck it in the round warning did not make him feel  much better but at least he laughed.  I was just trying to be helpful! 

Now for the Explorer part. 

 A question from  a friend;

So this winter will you drive it or store it?

Far Guy's reply;

As I remember Desotos hate winter.  If they start they may just drive off on their own .... do you remember that?

A friend does have a good recall;

Yep was winter time colder then shit. I was driving my brother's red dodge cornet..  Heading down hwy 34 and saw the sea foam aircraft carrier parked in front of the citizen national bank with the motor running. One could do that back in the old days.

I thought i would just pull in behind and wait for you to come out. As I started to pull in The Desoto slowly drove off.  Thought shit I missed him then noted no one was in the car. I parked got out and ran after it thinking i would hop in and hit the brakes.

That thing went down to the alley way, made a left turn across the oncoming traffic lane and perfectly into the alley, went a few feet and stopped.

The part I don't remember is if I hopped in and hit the break or if it was locked and it stopped on it's own due to the deep snow and me hanging on to the door handle swearing.

Anyway ran back to the bank and you and your dad where sitting at a desk and I told you our car drove away.  You mumbled something about it sometimes slips out of park or something and went out to get it.  I would have been more freaked out but you seemed awful casual about it.

If that happened to me it would have run over a group of small school children or something on that order. 

Far Guys reply was: 

 You have a good memory.  One of the problems is there never was a "park" same with this one.  Emergency brake was  suppose to be the park brake and that only worked if it was adjusted right.  Cold as hell which I think made the fluid thicker and so despite it being in neutral it had enough to move the car.

Fun for me to hear this story as it was one I had not heard truly was an Explorer! . 

1959 Desoto Explorer Station Wagon...Sea foam Green or Willow Green or Spring Green or Birdshit taken about 1970.  Far Guy sold it in 1972 for $100  We are not sure of the purchase price when Far Guy's Dad bought it from Bob and Mary Harris in about  1966.

Far Side 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sweater and sock weather

 A chilly day here yesterday... it was windy our high was 51 F or 11 C  eh.

No picnics this big end of summer celebrations... it will warm up by the end of the week...maybe.

 This baby Pileated Woodpecker comes into our yard, he squawks up a storm.  We talk to him and he quiets down and eats suet.  His Mother brought him into the yard when he was little...he squawked then too all the while she fed him suet. 

Far Guy worked on his new old car...he got the horn working.  I did some house work and watercolored some more Fall cards.  Such is life at our place.

Far Side

Monday, September 7, 2020

Projects on Sunday

 Far Guy worked on his new old car ...the horn doesn't work and the brake lights need some work.   I think he may have used the vacuum cleaner too!  He moved a bunch of tools over garage is being transformed into an auto repair shop.  The radio works...his project continues.

I carded dog fur for quite some time, my other baby brother and she who sees Robins first were our visitors along with my parents.  

I put my Christmas Card project away for a while...I am about half done.   I was getting bored with that project so I got out some different cards to work on...with an emphasis on Fall cards. 

I straightened out some of my yarn stash.  

The latest shawl project is Fall inspired...and it is almost finished.  After it has been blocked I will take a photo! 

Our summer type weather is leaving us for a few days...nights will be REAL cool with a possible frost and daytime highs in the 50's ...uffda.  I may have to move my carding dog hair project into the woodshop/greenhouse. 

School starts here in Minnesota this week.  They always start the day after Labor Day.  The kids will need jackets! 

Far Side

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Saturday Drive

 I drove the new old car back and forth in the yard.  Far Guy took me for a ride just to see what she could do...yes we have decided that the car is a she.   Well she made it up to 55 or 60 when we both said "good enough."   It seemed like we were going much faster than that!  We did not go far from home!  She starts easy and runs like a champ! 

Here is a view from the passenger seat.

When we got back home I carded dog fur outside whilst Far Guy tinkered with his new old car. 

Our weather was just perfect...

Far Guy needs to take it a bit slower...and rest more often... he had to agree that he isn't 17 any more. 

The new old car brings up lots of memories for both of us.  The remember whens and laughter are wonderful! 

Far Side

Saturday, September 5, 2020

New Old Car

 Yesterday was a long day.  We ventured up North to pick up Far Guy's New Old Car!  What an adventure.   With the help of Andy, Jen , Noah and Adam it was a memorable day! 


 Far Guy, Adam and Noah  going to the gas station.

It is road worthy. 

Adam driving with a huge smile on his face you cannot see because of his mask.

Noah driving.

Jen  driving.

They loaded it up on a car trailer.

Andy trailered it home for us with his pickup. 

It was an uneventful trip strap came loose near Bagley Minnesota...we called them and told them and Andy pulled over and fixed it. 

Jen, Andy and Far Guy.   The new old car safely parked in our yard . 

It is a 1959 Desoto Firesweep 4 door Sedan, built at the Dodge plant.  It was first sold on September 27, 1959  by Nokken & Ryan Motors of Fargo North Dakota. The original New Car Guaranty was included in the paperwork.  The color is either Rose Beige or Morocoo Beige...when we get the Title in the mail we should know the color for sure. 

The entire car seems to be original...It will keep Far Guy busy for a long time. 

It may not be the Willow Green 1959 Desoto Station Wagon he drove in high school but it is close enough. 

Far Side