Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 29 Bear

It is late in the season for us to have a bear.   However no one told the bear that.
He visited our bird feeders in the night time.  Our trail cam did not capture him...sadly we have no photos of him...just what he did to the feeders.

He didn't even step in my flowers.  What a considerate bear.  He drank all the water out of the bird bath.

He left his calling card.

We restored order to all the feeders that could be repaired.  We are leaving one bird feeder out the rest have been collected for overnight.  Far Guy wants to see a photo of him so the trail cam was moved.

I mowed for several hours in the neighborhood and I am glad to be done with mowing for a few days.  Far Guy cut down the Wild Roses and I mowed over the top of them.  They will come back...or not.
Far Side

Monday, June 29, 2020

Summertime Sunday

We listened to church in the morning.

 I did some laundry and then headed out to mow.  Far Guy played Lumberjack cutting down some small trees that were leaning way to far into the wild gardens.  We had some huge thistle in the middle of the wild gardens so I waded in and sprayed the buggers. I wear fancy smancy red rubber boots when I mow...they are easily washed off with a hose and my feet and lower legs are protected from dust and poison ivy.  ( Have I mentioned that I hate Poison Ivy?  I will be spraying again sometime this week when it isn't windy!)

Our lawn was mowed and I headed over to my other baby brothers to mow.  It was quite warm when I finished.
After cooling off a bit I harvested another batch of lettuce that we enjoyed with our supper...lettuce salad, pork burgers with no buns and air fried potatoes was the menu.

After supper I went to my baby brothers lake place and took care of some thistle and weeds on his patio.

 I put up the 4th of July flags but did not take a photo.  The wreath outside the door will be decorated tomorrow after another few hours of mowing.   I also have some shrubs/small trees that need trimming.

The Wild Rose bush did not produce many blooms this year.  I think I will cut it all down and let them come back nice and strong.  It is called rejuvenation!

Over the weekend I watched a movie on Netflix called  Change in the air  ...has anyone else watched it?  I am not sure why I am still thinking about that movie...maybe because it has an older cast?   I give it a 8 out of 10 starts.  For fun I watched The Floor is Lava...interesting show I give that a 7 out of 10...pure entertainment with some sick jokes.

Far Side

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Great Grands

We got to meet Cee Cee yesterday, she and  her brother Hey Mikey and of course their parents are visiting up North for the weekend.  ( They live in the UP of Michigan)

It was our first in person but social distancing view of Cee Cee, she was born March 10 so she is three months and two weeks old now. 

She has her Moms hair and at this point looks much like her Daddy.

It was so fun to meet her, I wish we could have held her and given her kisses and snuggled her close. 

At least we got to see her!  I am grateful for that! 

Hey Mikey is three years and one month old now.  He is a busy boy.

He was burning off some energy with his truck. 
Then he spotted a dandy gone to seed. 

His hair is getting very curly.  His eyes remind us of his Aunt Savannah when she was his age. 

It was great fun seeing these special little ones. 
Far Side

Saturday, June 27, 2020

A thing of beauty

I splurged and purchased a juicer steamer. It steams berries and separates out the juice.

It is a thing of beauty.  It has three parts...top part is for the berries, the middle collects the juice and the bottom is for the water...juice is siphoned off with the hose from the middle part.  No more pillowcases or cheese cloths hanging and dripping in the kitchen.  We will use it mainly for chokecherries.  Possibly for raspberries too! The jelly from this juicer steamer should be beautiful!

 The chokecherries are going to have a bumper crop this year.  The tall shrubs/small trees are filled with tiny green berries that will be ripe the first part of August.
Chokecherries in bloom earlier this year...every itty bitty flower has the potential to be a berry.

The berries are forming nicely  June 26 2020

Far Side

Friday, June 26, 2020


The Daisies are in full bloom in the Wild Gardens.

I really enjoy these cheerful little blooms. 

Grocery pick up and town was uneventful.  Still lots of people without masks.

Groceries were disinfected in the cart and then put in our vehicle.  We were still missing items...potatoes and oranges...how in the world can you be out of potatoes and oranges?  I think the personal shopper has brain farts. 

They moved the Covid testing trailer to the center of the parking lot at the clinic.  Far Guy reports that there were many more people in the clinic. 

I needed some supplies in a local farm store, some people were wearing masks others not so much.  I disinfected stuff as it went into my cart but then the cashier contaminated everything when she checked me out...that stuff will sit in the garage for a number of days until I use it. 

We were both feeling tired after our adventure away from home...I did some laundry and had a nap.  Far Guy did some weed trimming and pulled out some small seedling trees near my garage before he had a nap. 

My Doctor changed my blood pressure medication. It is making me sleepy and I take it at night.  My old med that worked real well was made in China...and there are no supplies of it in the United States....my theory is that it is the cure for Covid 19 that is why their numbers of deaths are down and I cannot get my BP med which was a angiotensin II receptor antagonist.
Far Side

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Road West

The road a mile west of us is  under construction.  We took a tour last weekend...just to see what was going on.  No one was working.
 an old corner
All the corners will be different and the road a bit taller so the snow blows off.

Last year my cousins construction company worked on the first four miles this time he was outbid on the five miles. 

Downtown Ponsford progress can be messy!

We are going east now to recycle instead of west.  We had been using the recycle bins just beyond the Firehall (the red building on the left).

Yesterday was another quiet day.  I worked on my milk can project.  I sprayed some weeds in and around the greenhouse/workshop.  I angered many ants near the sauna and in the wild gardens.  I sprayed Poison Ivy around the perimeter of the lawn.  I carved two Christmas Ornaments...Far Guy woodcarved and used that new trimmer to trim around trees and buildings! 

Far Side

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tuesday Times

More of the same at our house.  I sprayed yet more Poison Ivy in the morning when the wind was calm.  After that I joined Far Guy in his wood carving office on the patio.

I carved two ornaments...Far Guy carved more than that.  He has his phone and a speaker for his music and coffee...so he was all set.  He talked to his sister on the phone for a while. She is scheduled for a big surgery in early July as she is fighting Breast Cancer....she has completed two different rounds of chemo.

My latest shawl.

It can be worn many different ways.  I like this pattern, the yarn and the way it drapes.   This shawl made it to the shawl box but I have someone special in mind for it...someday.

In the evening I watered plants, cleaned out and filled bird baths and worked on the milk can project.  Far Guy ordered a new weed whacker...our last one would work about three minutes and then the battery would have to be charged...a new battery was almost as much as a new weed whacker. The new one works marvelously!  In a few days we will have the trimming all caught up with.  I can only walk around so many trees before I get dizzy!

The days seem to be going by faster and faster.
Far Side

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Summer stuff

Now that summer is officially here.  The lettuce harvest has begun.

Far Guy's garden; pear tomato plants and lettuce.  So far the deer and the rabbits have left it alone.

I harvested about half of the lettuce and will get the other half in a few days.  Then it will regrow a bit, we will see how it goes...I have more seed to replant.

We enjoyed it, it has so much more flavor than store bought lettuce.  I am thankful that I have a salad spinner as it really helps with the washing of the lettuce!

Our days are pretty much same old same old.  We wood carve on the Christmas Ornaments, and do household chores.  Yesterday I sprayed some Poison Ivy...it is what I do for fun.  It grew gang busters after the last couple of rains.  I worked on the big sort upstairs...and worked on the milk can project...it all keeps me out of trouble.  I am watching Alone: The Arctic on Netflix and I am really enjoying it!

Far Side

Monday, June 22, 2020

Lady's Slippers

The Minnesota State flower is in full bloom.  We went for a ride to see a spot where the ditch was full of the beauties.

They always bloom around Father's Day.

Such beauty alongside the road.  These plants are native to Minnesota.

Back at home we have three Yellow Lady's Slippers blooming along the driveway. 

There are three blooms so far this year.  We have marked the spot with pink flags and are trying to keep the brush and the Poison Ivy under control in their area.  Far Guy clipped back all the brush with his long handled clipper.

Far Side

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

It is a great day to celebrate our Fathers and all men we know who are great Fathers!

Far Guy and his Father in 1950

My Father and I  June 6 1953

Happy Father's Day! 
Far Side

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Friday happenings

The fifth shawl using Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball was completed and blocked. 
I am glad to be done with this color...it is pretty but five was enough.  Why did I buy five...it was on sale that way!

I used a different pattern for this one.

This crochet pattern is called Teterboro Shawl.

The back of the shawl.  I  do like how the colors flowed.  This pattern is suitable for a small person.

Far Guy asked me one day "What will you do with all the shawls?"  I have given two away.  Those that I don't give away will go to the prayer shawl ministry at the church or to the Nursing Home after all this Covid crap is history.

I have one shawl in the works and one is being blocked in preparation for it's photo shoot.  I crochet at night putting my feet up and watching a bit of TV...sometimes I only get a row or two done before I get sleepy.

We had a busy Friday.  I mowed for a couple of hours.  The ticks are active...I had one crawling on my arm and I wear a long sleeved shirt!  He probably fell out of my hair!  ( Yes I washed my hair right after that discovery!)

Friday evening we had a social distancing get together for my Dad for Father's Day.  My sister bought Bingo cards and we had Bingo for him.  We all spread out up at my brothers shop....it was fun! Dad bingoed on the last game!

Bingo at the American Legion started up again this past week.  Dad wasn't real excited to go...my baby brother was going to take him...but they decided to wait a little while longer.  I will not go until it is safe to do so. 

Far Side

Friday, June 19, 2020

Cards etc...

We had thunder bumpers, wind and rain on Wednesday during the middle of the night, our rain gauge showed 2 1/2 inches of rain...lots of little sticks down in the yard.  I will mulch them up when I mow.  The grass is really going to grow now.

It was too wet to mow so I finished some cards.  I use watercolor pens, watercolor pencils, some solid watercolors what ever you call the watercolors in a tray and Prismacolor pencils.  Glitter in various forms to embellish the cards.   I stamp all my own cards on watercolor paper.  When I stamp I do many many cards at once cause stamping is messy...I throw them all in a box and then when I feel like working with color I have many stampings to choose from.

I mail out many cards and give some away so I need a good supply.

I bought this little stamp on sale...it was kinda ugly...but once I colored it and glittered it up a lot I really like it for a wintery card.

Far Guy worked on a project for me...a pair of tools to help with my milk can project.

Far Guy got his infusion and had something happen...a first for him.  His arm started to hurt and got incredibly cold.   The nurses wrapped his arm in a warm towel...but it was still cold and painful for a long time after we got home..

Groceries was an adventure...they were out of bread, yogurt and potatoes.  They had no print out for me, the young fellow said "It will be online for you."  It was...but a paper copy should accompany an order.  I don't let the delivery boy unload the cart...I disinfect everything but the fruit right there in the parking lot and put the groceries in my own bags.
Far Side

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Projects and Visitors

Projects were varied yesterday.  It was hot outside.  In the morning I woodcarved  and worked on my milk can project.  (It involved water and Dawn dish soap and a trip to the greenhouse for drying.)

My brothers and wives were visitors.  During the day and in the evening.
Fawn in our yard.  My baby brothers bride took this photo.

I cleaned part of the linen closet in the downstairs bath...the shelves with baskets of like types of medications; cold stuff., cough stuff, wound stuff, stuff to make you poop or to stop you from pooping...(that is Far Guys stuff...I prefer cheese or dried apricots), all types of Aspirins PM, all day, low dose etc...I thought I was low on toothpaste....not so much as I found 5 tubes.

After that adventure I worked on some of my stamped cards...coloring with various mediums and using glitter!

After supper I attacked some ants that want to move near the house.   Toward dark Odda came to visit.

She still loves us.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Masks and more

A package came in the mail.

It was from Shirley...she had a foaling contest and I was the closest guess on the date that Midnight Moondance was born. Thank you so much Shirley! The masks are just perfect!

Our weather has turned real warm. 

I am staying busy.  Far Guy is wood carving on the Christmas Ornaments out at the patio table.  I  join him for a short time...I have not carved in a little while so I am breaking in those wrist/fingers slowly so my hands don't sleep all night and keep me awake.

I began the someday project that was INSIDE the milk can. It is a many step project that involved some research and trial and error.  It is a labor of love for sure.  It will take me all summer to finish...maybe longer.
Far Side

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Crazy Quilt

I revisited an old project.  JoLynn and I went to a Community Education Class a few years ago.  My Wood Quilt Square was never finished.  I finally hid it in a closet...out of sight out of mind. 

Here it is the same as when I brought it home.  I decided it was too boring 

So I got out a ruler and a pencil and went crazy.

I went a little crazy with color too.

I like it.  Far Guy hung it up on my garage. 

Another someday project completed! 
Far Side

Monday, June 15, 2020


Shopping is a adventure.  The last time I did a big shopping trip was March 9.  Yesterday I headed out after getting up at O'dark thirty.  I got to the store 15 minutes after they opened.

I took a ziplock bag with disinfecting wipes and a very long list.

I donned my mask...disinfected my cart and then systematically disinfected everything before it went in my cart. The aisles with toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo were devoid of other customers.

Onward to the grocery part of the store.  They are out of many items...cleaning supplies especially...paper products were sparse.  I took the last two Lemonade mixes off the shelf, the last four Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bars, and the last two big jars of Skippy Peanut Butter.

The aisles are one way only...on and on the Wally World voice talks about Covid -19 and social distancing and to follow the arrows up and down the aisles.  In the paper product aisle my exit was blocked by two employees restocking shelves...I reversed and backed out of that aisle.  In the laundry soap aisle I encountered my first group going the wrong way.  Some people wore masks most did not.  Children were unattended. In the pasta aisle a little old man was meeting me head on so I stopped in the middle of the aisle and he turned and fled.  In the Peanut Butter/Coffee aisle (a very important aisle for my husband)  I was met by two groups going the wrong way...I wanted to holler "You idiots."  Instead I wrapped up my shopping and headed to the self checkouts where I disinfected the counter,  I checked myself out and was on my way.

My advice to all shoppers out there...wear a mask...don't take your children into the store to run around willy nilly...follow the freaking arrows...and stay six feet away from old cranky women.

Far Guy was nervous all the while I was gone.  2 hours from start to finish including travel time...not too shabby. We are set for a while.  We will still pick up fresh fruits, milk and bread from the grocery store with curbside pickup and visit the meat market with curbside service.

I came away with several thoughts and feelings.  The tone of the voice droning on and one with directions was not at all comforting...it was almost like a bad dream.  Many people cannot follow simple instructions.  I would not want to shop this way every week...once every three months is good for me.  Going back to the safety of our home is great!

Far Side

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Deer and Bear oh my

My baby brother lives 1/2 mile from us.  On June 7 a bear attacked his bird feeder...destroyed them.

Friday night he said an even bigger bear was there....and destroyed his last bird feeder.

Must be a hungry bear...no berries in the woods yet.

We decided to check our trail cam and see if we had a bear....nope only deer.
8 AM Deer

5:16 AM deer and fawn...you can barely see the fawn. ..it is right behind it's mother.
The other day when Far Guy was woodcarving she brought her fawn into the yard near the bird bath...she was probably thirsty.   Far Guy did not have his cell phone so no photos of that.

Far Guy can't figure out how to switch the AM and the PM on the Trail Cam.

Every time I get down on my hands and knees to weed my flower bed I think of the bear that came through our yard a few years ago.  I suppose I should just lay there and play dead under the bird feeders.
Far Side

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Snowball and Veronica

The Minnesota Snowball is blooming.  We had such a dry spring that the blooms are few and not real large but I enjoy them anyway.  Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' is its real name.

I mowed again, should be good for a few days unless it rains.  Far Guy wood carved and did a bunch of odd jobs...he says I must have hit a tree with the lawn mower...funny I don't recall that happening. I sprayed on the perimeter of our property and in the wildgardens for Poison Ivy.

The Veronica is in bloom out in the Wildgardens.
Such a pretty color! It self seeds itself...this planting started with  about 3 plants planted along a border. It is a good thing I don't care where it spreads to, if it gets out of control I mow it down.
Far Side

Friday, June 12, 2020

Lilac and other stuff

The late Lilac is blooming.  I believe there are 16 blooms this year. Pruning right after they bloom helps to promote more blooms next year.

This is the Lilac named Donald Wyman...it was just a tiny sprig when Far Guy planted it many years ago.
See it is growing!   
Our trip to town was short and sweet I got almost everything on my list delivered curbside...they were out of Naan Bread...but my baby brother and his bride were making a grocery trip later in the day...and they located some at Wally World.

Far Guys weekly infusion took less than 30 minutes this week.  Both of us having Cell Phones really helps on Thursdays. ..as long as I remember to charge mine up.

On our way home the Detour signs were up...showing people the way to go ...right into a Corporate Farmers field. (ha)

No doubt some dumber than dumb people will go that way....especially confusing at night! 

Last summer four miles were redone on our nearby highway, this year the next six miles will be done.  It will not be a big deal for us this year.  But some of our neighbors down the road are going to have some fun travels getting to their homes the rest of the summer.  "Minnesota has two seasons...Winter and Road Construction."

Far Side

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Someday Projects

We kept saying someday we should clean up that old woodshop/greenhouse.  It became a dumping spot for many projects and lots of wood that might be a wood carving someday.  I finally finished cleaning up out there.  That was a long project...36 days but some days were too warm or I was too busy to work out there.  I am so happy to be done cleaning in there.  Now I can enjoy the space again and work on some more dish flowers.  Far Guy still has a bit more wood to sort through and some "stuff" to organize whenever he feels like it.

I have a big project waiting in the wings.  Not sure I am ready to revisit this project yet. It was a project I started back in about 1986.

The old milk can was painted by my friend Susie.   I kept something inside the can all these years.  The milk can sat in the kitchen at the resort and at the house in Harwood it sat in the foyer.  The box on top holds two special tools to  help with this project.  It will be an adventure.  Take a guess if you like...what am I up to now? 

Far Side

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wistful Wednesday:Old Tractor

Far Guy inherited his Paternal Grandmother's Garden Tractor. ( It was most likely purchased from Howard Sexton in an unknown to us year)  It is a 1941 Case VC.  Uncle Archie gave it to Far Guy with the understanding that we should try and pass it on to a relative.  We offered it to Cousin John a few years ago, he never came to get it.  Recently Far Guy talked with Cousin Jack and the tractor has found a home with Cousin Katie and her husband. 

We got the tractor in 1986 or 1987 when we moved to the resort.   It was a stump puller, wood hauler...when Far Guy was felling trees in the woods I would crouch down by the tires  in case a tree came the wrong way.  I learned to drive it...we drug the driveway with a bedspring to level out the road after a rain. We used it to put the fishing docks in and out of the lake...we had four docks that had to come out in the fall and into the lake in the spring.  We hooked up a screw type woodsplitter up to the back of the tractor and split mountains of wood.  It was a real work horse for us.  Far Guy and his Dad worked on restoring it, it gave them both something to tinker with.

We put it in storage for a few years and out it came to haul sand bags around after the Flood of 1997.   The trip to Harwood North Dakota was harrowing...we transported it on a car trailer and tied it down but it was still an accident waiting to happen that thankfully didn't happen.

Then it went back to storage...another 95 mile trailer ride that was exciting.

Finally Far Guy drove it up the road to where we live now.  It pulled stumps out, it has hauled firewood and brush.   Grandchildren sat on the seat and pretended to be farming. As I recall it was a really good babysitter for Adam!  I have a photo of Adam someplace...I could not find it.
2008 the Grandgirls;  Paige, Maddie and Savannah

Now it is time for it to go to a new home...after 34 years it is about time.  The original owners manual will accompany the tractor.
Here it is out in the yard ready to be loaded on a trailer.

Far Side