Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Party

I was invited to a Sunbonnet Garden Party. I couldn't go, because I had no sunbonnet. Someone, who will remain nameless found me a sunbonnet to decorate, so I had no good excuse. I could have made something up of course.. like an incapacitating hot flash relapse..or a sudden uncontrollable urge to nap all afternoon. I thought what the heck..maybe I can get some good photos. Maybe I can get some good blog fodder.

These lady/party thingys are not my thing to do. Sometimes I can be a sociable person, but not often, and it is a struggle for me to hold my tongue in check. I got ready to go and Far Guy said, "I can't believe you are going, have a great time, try not to piss off the entire neighborhood." Well maybe someone new moved into the know someone well read, someone that might be a breath of fresh air...someone new who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting me yet! I have no idea who will be there, but I know there are a few women who I could just do without. "Digging Lady" was not there, she was a no show, probably too busy weeding or digging up someone else's gardens to attend.

This particular group of ladies, are lake ladies, you know the ones, their husbands love to fish, they love to garden, and are inundated by company every they cook and clean all week getting ready for the next weekend. Not quite my cup of tea so to speak..and none of them enjoy dog company in their lives either..perfectly ordered retired lives have no room for muddy paws..canine or feline. They do take time out to enjoy a free lunch at a garden party, it is probably the only break they have all week from their kitchen duties. The conversation .. local restaurants..mindless issues.. nothing of substance..nothing about which I had an opinion that I could or wanted to share. I was perfectly behaved, polite and ladylike.. I did a fairly good job of being civil..and I didn't make anyone angry..or see red, or shake their head. Of course the real me was held in check.... I did answer a few plant questions. I don't mind sharing my knowledge..most of these ladies are former customers. I actually like two of them..they are real people..I saw a photo of the gals that were invited to the Garden Party series a few weeks ago..that group had a newbie.. I will probably meet her next summer. Soon all these women will disappear into their houses til next summer, except for their coffee time on Tuesday's ..they are history.

Sometimes I wonder Is it me that is strange..or them.. I have nothing in common with most of them. If I hear a spot of gossip..I ask the person straight up..I heard this.. is it true or is it all gossip? I detest small talk..why don't they want to talk about the state of the economy..the war in Iraq..child abuse..the meth problem..drunk driving.. interesting blogs they read..or discuss something they have read..or share a joke.. a home remedy..a childhood memory..something fun they did with a grandchild.. I just don't get it.. I have so many interests and opinions..and very few people that I can actually share them with. I guess it is no wonder that I find the very best company for me is Far Guy and Chance, relatives that can't ignore me all the time..and a few extra special people who like me just the way I am..old and kinda cranky:)
Far Guy took a photo of my hat before I left, it turned out pretty it had personality!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet The Milkweeds

I always look forward to the arrival of a few Monarch Butterflies, so they will lay some eggs on the Milkweed and we can have our own hatch back here in the woods. They were really slow to show up this year, I had about given up..but one did and she laid some eggs! Chance will show you!

I tried to get him to use his nose as a pointer..hey he isn't perfect but we are in the ballpark! This plant is located at the edge of my garage, it is a Swamp Milkweed or Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet'... Click on photo to enlarge.

The caterpillars are eating and growing.. I have really enjoyed watching them. The more Milkweed you have ..the more larvae you will be able to support. Yes, they eat the plants leaves..yes the plants don't look so great after awhile. We used to ask our customers..with or without? Some would look puzzled..then we would point out the Caterpillars.. most people wanted to take larvae home on their plant..others insisted on plants without "those creepy crawly bugs. " It was one way to separate the Conservationists from the non conservation minded people. Milkweed is the ONLY source of food for the larval stage of the Monarch butterfly..

This is Asclepias incarnata also but a pink variety. It might be 'Cinderella' or it may be just a seedling variation. Sorry it is still in the bud stage, I wanted it to bloom, but it is being a real slow poke.

Asclepias tuberosa or Butterfly Weed..I love the vibrant orange color. This plant never gets as many larvae on it. I am not sure why, it may have something to do with the levels of the toxins in their sappy milk. I read once where it varies from plant to plant, and the butterflies know where to lay their eggs for the best results for their offspring.

Common Milkweed or Asclepias syriaca, this is the one that you will see in Minnesota in the ditches..and in large wildflower plantings. It is a very heavy tropical looking plant.

I love the flowers..the unique structure of the hoods and horns ..or more commonly known as a crown..or a star shaped crown it what you want it is a unique flower. On a unique plant, with one unique be food for a colorful larvae that becomes a beautiful butterfly. There are thirteen different kinds of Milkweed in Minnesota, I have only shared four from my neck of the woods:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wistful Wednesday : Relaxing

Today I picked a summertime photo of Far Guy's Grandparents H. They are in their yard at the farm, sharing a spot on the old buckboard seat. I love that Grandpa has his arm threaded through Grandma's arm, they are not holding hands but touching arms. Grandpas hat is barely visible on the left, he apparently took off his hat for the photo. I also looked at his feet, and wondered..Grandpa did you have a really thin pair of dress socks on? Or were you barefoot? He had been in the garden, or fixing a piece of machinery as his hands tell the story. Grandma's print dress and apron were probably a shade of blue or green..the patterns did not match.. she wasn't a matchy, matchy kind of person.. and didn't "put on the dog for anyone." This photo would have been very typical of how they looked on a warm summer day if you stopped by for a visit.

I first met them about the same time this photo was taken in the early 1960's. The old blue car
( I call it old..back then it was new.. I believe it was a 1963 Ford..bird egg blue) would pull into our farmyard. Grandma would get out and walk to the house with her egg cartons in hand, she was a regular egg customer. Grandpa would wait in the car for her. She always had something pleasant to say, she said that our eggs were the best.. and clean too! Grandpa..waited patiently for her ..or not so patiently..knowing family traits as well as I do now:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gathering Berries

Raspberries! They used to be my second favorite..with Strawberries taking the lead. Then Strawberries had to bite the dust when I became allergic to them. It was them or I decided life without strawberries was OK. Sometimes during shortcake season..I get a little cranky. No more fresh strawberries on my toast in the morning, no bowls of berries for lunch, no freshly made Strawberry Jam, and no more fresh strawberry pies. Sometimes I think I am still grieving for those berries.. I walk by the containers of Strawberries in the grocery store and just inhale their essence...sometimes I just stare at them and I can imagine how they taste. I do taste them in my dreams..chocolate covered strawberries in your dreams have no calories or ill effects. Raspberries are now my number one favorite non lethal berry.
Yesterday, we headed over to one of my cousins. they started a Raspberry pickin' far they are only open to relatives and neighbors. The berries are wonderful, I love hunting and gathering..well the gathering part anyway.

My cousin and his wife have eight children, the oldest might be ten years old. When we drove into their yard, the children came out of the gardens one by one, and kept coming.. Far Guy said "How many kids do they have again? " He swore that there were way more than eight. They all had their rows that they had been weeding in the garden..onions and corn were the focus for the morning. These children of my cousins are very well behaved, they call their mother "Ma"..she speaks to the children softly, and they listen. She does not raise her voice, her phrases are sprinkled with please, yes, thank yous, good job and would yous. She is like a mother hen gathering those chicks around her seeing to their needs. It was heartwarming to watch. I felt like suggesting that she start a summer camp for some young Mothers I have observed in the grocery stores dragging screaming children around in their grocery carts.

I brought home lots of berries, I froze them on cookie sheets and then I packaged them in individual servings suitable for winter time consumption. We always use an old set of custard cups for our berries, so I used those to measure the portions. Then I thought, hey what better time to have a few neighbors over, so I made some phone calls, and in the evening we had a little get together. Nothing fancy mind you, but I made a quick trip to town for some Dairy Queen in quart was just perfect topped with the fresh raspberries. It was an enjoyable gathering, one long overdue on our part, one of those things you think "I should do that soon" I finally did.

Gatherings..berries, thoughts, and friends...what are you gathering? :)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterdays mystery brown bud belongs to Centaurea macrocephala! Surprise! It is yellow! This plant is also called Armenian Basketflower, or just plain old Basketflower, other common names are Yellow Hardhead, and Globe Knapweed.

I love the way the bud looks like a basket all intricate and woven, then all of a sudden the yellow bloom (which is technically an inflorescence not a bloom) pops out the top! It is a perennial plant, zones 3 to 9, likes full sun, it is drought tolerant and it will self sow if it is happy. It attracts birds, bees and butterflies. This plants foliage is not glamorous, in fact it is down right homely foliage. It is a fairly large plant, and can grow to be five feet tall..mine are not that tall. I grew this plant years ago, it did not sell well until it was in bloom in the display gardens...then it headed out the doors. I always enjoyed growing strange plants that you couldn't find anyplace else. I have always been a tad weird. The strange thing is.. I am very comfortable with my own weirdness.

Top view of the inflorescence of the Basketflower

The "Digging Lady" has not returned, or called, I certainly can't call her.. cause I shredded her phone number in a fit of anger. A few people have been by to see the beautiful Erigeron that "Digging Lady" wants..and I will share with them. Someone who I gave birth to said "What if she reads your have way more guts than me." I doubt if "Digging Lady" ever stops talking long enough to read anything. I don't give a rats butt ( you could insert a three letter word here, hint.. it starts with an A and might have a few S'es) if she does read my blog. I still think she is a pushy old gal and I would tell her that if I could get a word in edgewise. She might suffer from what I call diarrhea of the mouth, it happens to people that love to hear the sound of their own voice all the time. It is really crappy, and those kind of people never have many friends:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess What?

OK let's have a little fun today! Guess what kind of flower bud this is, if you have no idea..guess what color the flower will be? Tomorrow I will reveal the answer! It is a beautiful summer day here in Minnesota today, we are working on a few projects and the grand boys are coming to visit:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prayers Needed For Yooper

Hey Everyone , head on over to This DVMs Wife's Life, and leave Amy a message, she was on vacation when Yooper was suddenly taken ill. They need prayers and well wishes from all of us right now. What are you waiting for ..go..pray..our prayers worked a miracle for Braja.. we can do this again! :)

Delphinium Tour Part Two

Stop One : My Mom's

Mom has a huge clump of mauve Pacific Giant Delphiniums. They were stunning this past week. Mom has a very large cage surrounding her Delphs. My parents are doing fine, although Dad tried to cut off his finger with a saw last week. He needed some stitches in the ER.

Stop Two: Jo's

White variety, Magic Fountains.

A sky blue color, which I find just about the best color and most difficult color to achieve in flowers. Blues are really tough colors, either they end up with purple or pink undertones. This one is a spectacular sky blue. A bit of sky in a flower.

A loosely stacked seeding variation, but with good clear color, a little in purple undertones.. still a nice flower.

Stop Three: Back at my Wildflowers. I had forgotten that this little guy even existed. I grew a series one year of little border Delphinium ..ten inches tall or less called "Summer Series" a border Delphinium. I believe that this one is called Summer Blues. It is surviving quite well!

Such ends the Delphinium tour, I had fun, and I hope you did too. As the days grow shorter every evening, I clamour to get enough photographs of flowers to last the winter. We have LONG winters up here you know, and only about three months of flowers. I do have a few other things on my summer photograph wish list.. are you curious?
Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Flax Field, Sunflower Field, a Beefalo calf, and a flash of lightening during a storm. I think I have the lightening one all figured out, I am going to have Far Guy drive and I will set up my tripod in the back of the Tracker and I can shoot out the hatch without getting electrocuted :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Midway Musings

The Fairgrounds at night, such was Far Guys wish this week. We enjoy the sights and sounds of the local Fairs, last night we went to the Otter Tail County Fair. We met some friends there and had a great visit. We chose to go on their preview night, and very late, because I wanted to take some night time photos. I took my tripod, and had a blast, not every shot was perfect. Toward the end of the night we practically had the Midway all to ourselves.. it was just perfect!

It is hard to capture the sounds of the midway, the generators humming in the background, children laughing, rock music playing, rides starting and stopping. Of course it is impossible to capture the smell of the freshly mowed grass that cushions your feet as you stroll down the Midway. It is a treat to just breathe in the smell of the food, the mini doughnuts, the corn dogs, cheese curds, french fries.. there were even deep fried snickers bars. I love the smell of popcorn..but there wasn't any last night. I looked for a frozen chocolate covered banana, with or with out nuts, I am not picky. ..sadly none were found. I suppose I could make my own, some grocery stores sell them..but it just isn't the same... neither is the Cotton Candy in the bags. I know it is easier, but I miss the artistic flare that they lent a midway, each one created by hand, fluffy blue or pink clouds..sometimes even purple! I used to watch a friend make them for hours, all decked out in a white apron, his white hat perched on his head just so. He would smile and talk to the kids as he spun his magic sugar, and then he would present it with a flourish.. he was a cotton candy artist. He loved that I was entertained by the small bits of sparkling sugar that spun off his machine taking flight into the waiting sunshine.

There are no photos of the Cheese Curds that I gobbled down, or Far Guys Hamburger and Fries. The Curds were fantastic..for $5.00 they should have been..I was going to break that down per curd..but was so taken in by their goodness, I couldn't stop myself. So we will never know the per curd price. This particular "Curd Joint" ends up at The Great Minnesota Get Together known as the State Fair late in August. We have not been to the State Fair in years.

We ran into some road construction last night, we went cross country, Far Guy was a little lost. I am more familiar with the back roads in that area. We were detoured once on our way, so on the way back we took a different back road, I missed a turn..which was no big deal..except the Far Guy had no idea where in the world he was.

Chance stayed home last night, this fairgrounds has a no pet policy, it was just as well..he would have made himself right at home in this pool:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delphinium Tour

First Stop: My Wildflower Garden

I really like Delphiniums, mine are pretty puny, well what did I water other than rain, no weeding, despite all their hardships out in the wildflower garden they are going to bloom. I do know where to find some of the best Delphiniums in the entire country. I have lots of old customers that are smiling this time of year when the Delphs have had a great summer.

I drove up on the prairie, I love the prairie. I was born and raised on the edge of the prairie with a view of the woods. I love my trees here in the woods..but those prairie views are so good for your soul.

Second stop: My cousins

Another good thing for your soul is visiting one of your cousins with beautiful Delphiniums...she loves the dark eyed ones, and wanted only those. However..she does have a few white eyed ones..that are my favorite! It must have been a mislabeled seedling..maybe Far Guy did it. I used to order the seed as a mix, start the seedlings early enough in the spring so that they would shoot a bloom in a four inch pot, so I could transplant into a gallon size pot that was appropriately marked for color and eye. Once they bloomed, if you removed the flowering sometimes were rewarded with added blooms. I grew three series of Delphs, the main thing to remember about them is they are heavy feeders, and like plenty of moisture and cool weather. They usually overwinter pretty well too.. however wind and heavy rain are their enemies, especially when they are heavy in bloom.

I had a wonderful visit with my cousin, she is such a special lady. She is a very busy gal, I took an off chance she would be home and she was! She is in the process of remodeling her house..I was anxious to see what her vision was, she isn't done yet as she was doing some finish carpentry when I arrived. She has all the angles for the corners worked out, and her saws were on the deck, she had her tool apron on and a big smile on her face! I told her that I could hear her Delphiniums calling my name, they are gorgeous..and the lettuce from her garden that she sent home with me was fantastic! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wistful Wednesday: Uncle Andrew

My Dad had lots of older brothers, and two younger brothers. One of those younger brothers was my Uncle Andrew. He lived with us off and and on, he spoiled me, we played card games and went for ice cream, he was fun to have around. I adored him. One day he wanted to talk, so we went upstairs at Grandpa's, he had something for me. I sat on the edge of the bed, he gave me a beautiful scarf and said "I want you to have this." It was from Hawaii where he had been stationed during the last part of his stint in the Army. I was so happy, then he lowered the boom, he had met a girl, and he said "I am going to marry her." I asked "Who?" So he told me, I was expecting some glamorous movie star blonde, he was so dreamy looking, and he was so sweet and kind, and I loved him so. I knew this girl he wanted to marry, she was pretty, not quite pretty enough for him, but I suppose that no one would have ever been that special. I thanked him for the scarf and gave him a big hug, and wiped my tears with the scarf he gave me. He did get married, but he always had time for me, he always had a hug. I always wanted to ask him, how many scarfs he brought back with him, and wondered how many other girls he had to let down gently with the news of his nuptials. I kept that scarf for years and years, neatly folded up in my second dresser drawer, I hardly ever wore it, it was a huge slippery scarf mainly white with a red border with Pearl Harbor on it and some other Hawaii stuff, it was one of those scarfs that you used to wear on windy days..remember when you tied the scarf in a big old knot and centered the knot right on your chin? Very glamorous.. One day I packed it away in a box, I was moving all my things from my parents house to get married. The scarf ended up water damaged and moldy when we moved to Florida. It was a very special childhood memory for me:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow John

Last October John bought my greenhouse and it's ENTIRE contents. He paid for it in full, but never picked all of it up..until yesterday, he finally came with a friend and took everything that was his. They almost took out the side of my garage with their big honking trailer and vehicle, and narrowly missed Chances pool, they did dump all the water out of it when he hit it with his front tire. ....what a couple of idiots. A double horse trailer is TOO large to back in between my garage and that big old tree.

What do you for a car? A horse trailer?

I swear this week everyone in the entire free world wants to drive through my yard. What is up with that nonsense anyway? Everyone must be trying to irritate me on purpose. I put that lousy little windmill there, it probably won't last long in the racetrack that has become my yard.

What a relief, that greenhouse is finally gone and the yard looks a little bit less like a junk yard
( or welfare as my friend Linda would say). I walked around and picked up all John's leftover garbage, and told Far Guy to lock the gate on the business driveway. I now have an extra corner of my garage to store the snow blower in, and some more shelves to use. Ten months of waiting, I could have birthed a playmate for Chance during that time.
Now that it is finally gone, I will show you some of the photos!

Last November..

Suppose anyone besides me has safety issues? I went directly into the house after I took that photo last pun intended.

This morning, after a lovely rain..there are even some flowers wanting to take over already!

Far Guy's tomato plants are mobile, yes his greenhouse is still there.. it is a woodworking shop now, and it is a real mess..we are not going there except to check on the tomatoes:)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well let's just get this over with! What makes you cranky?

I can be a tad cranky..sometimes even very bitchy. REAL BITCHY.
First of all I called my oldest nephew an asshole, he isn't and wasn't, but he has a hell of a throwing arm and threw Chance's ball half way to the next county. It just kind of slipped out..sorry Josh. I should carry a bar of soap in my pocket, cause there was a small child present, the small child could rub the bar of soap over my teeth..shudder..remember that feeling..fels naptha was terrible..Ivory was not so great either..nor were the bubbles that came out when I tried to rinse my mouth..and it was in my teeth forever..all day long I carried that soapy yucky mouth feeling.

Maybe I should just get the duct tape out.

On Saturday, we went to a garage sale, I bought some great Christmas Ornaments and some beads. Like I need more ornaments or craft bead in my life. I knew this lady, I do not like her. I almost didn't stop at her sale, she is a pain in the butt and if she lived next to me I swear she would drive me nuts. HOWEVER.. I am polite, we parked in the driveway..not on their lawn. Far Guy got into a conversation with her, and decided that she should be the recipient of some of his many hens and chicks he has out back. Well she went on and on about how she loves plants..well whoopee do..I am happy for you. I asked if I could take one photo, I am polite, she said yes, so I took the photo, it was just an old purple wave petunia, but the sun was shining just right. Then she said, bet you miss all your plants? "NO" she had a could I not love and miss plants of all things. Do you miss them a little? "Hell NO" I am thinking, usually I say I miss the customers..but lady not you. That would have been impolite. So then I got to hear her life story, kids, grands, her line of work, her recent knee surgery, who is moving, which grand kid is driving her nuts, and everything she used to sew or cook. I know everything that has happened in her entire life ..except for possibly the last time she had sex. And to top it all off she has developed a new plant in her spare time, it is at the U of MN getting evaluated and she might get a patent. I congratulated her..from the car where I was sitting politely poised to leave. Then she told Far Guy that she would be over to get the hens and chicks. I was exhausted and came home and crashed on the couch. She arrived during my nap, but Far Guy let me sleep, and he gave her a bunch of stuff. When I awoke, he told me all about it, I said fine ..good enough. .. very neighborly. He said she wants to come back and dig some stuff up out of your gardens. OVER MY DEAD BODY. If she wants some of the stuff out back, fine, if it has roots and is in my wildflower garden and I do not want to share..I don't have to. No one can make me either.

Sunday afternoon as we were getting ready to go to a final get together for a friend who will be exiting this earth shortly..guess who called? It was her, Digging Lady, she wants a few more pots of Hostas, and to talk.. I suggested some other day..nope she must come now. here in five minutes.. I went out.. they drove in..they continued to drive between the trees..HELLO there is a huge parking lot..with no cars in it.. they continued to drive and squeezed their vehicle between my garage and a big old oak tree. She rolled down her window and hollered "HI" I said "I DON'T appreciate people driving through my trees and lawn
( might not look manicured but it is still a lawn) " Oh.. where are we supposed to drive? ON The Road. Where should we park? HOW ABOUT BACK AT YOUR HOUSE..right here is fine. She got some Hostas, some of those old pots out back must have 20 Hostas in them, her knees are bad, I got the freaking wheelbarrow, and had to listen to her whole life story all over the woes of being a horse trainer and giving private lessons back in South Dakota. Now she is here and loves plants, and is volunteering her time with many 4 H groups in the area to promote gardening.. when I asked which 4 H group it became just a group of people that need help because they know nothing about gardening. She can't understand why I have so many she started pulling them.. I tell her "I love weeds, all weeds will eventually flower." She can't stand weeds. She grins as she rips some out of the ground and says "this would drive me nuts." I almost suggested that she try some of the thistle with her bare hands. I have news for her, she could drive someone totally insane..way back to normal again. She wants to dig now, she is dying to have some Erigeron..
it is impressive and in full bloom among some weeds in my wildflower area.
She also wants my very old has baby seedlings that I will share with FRIENDS. Possibly NOT with her. Suppose she wants Far Guy and Chance too?? She is insistent about digging..but has no shovel, I say "NO DIGGING TODAY." and "I AM SORRY I HAVE TO GET READY TO TO GO." I went in the house, and Far Guy took over, he loaded her hostas, but she left her name and phone number on a red piece of paper for me, for when I feel like inviting her over to dig. .. it looked beautiful shredded:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chance : The Wait

I was very worried last Monday, Far Guy drove the car really close to the house, he almost had to carry Far Side out of the house. Far Side left in her jammies, I had to stay home..alone. I waited and waited, finally Far Guy came back without her, he said he didn't lose her, he just left her someplace. I hope he doesn't forget where her left her. I waited for her all night long, no sleeping in the bathroom or on the couch..I slept by the door. Her stuff is all here, her camera, her coat, her old lady bag that she is supposed to take with her everywhere in the summer because it has bee sting stuff in it. She is not supposed to leave without her bee sting is a rule. She has a lot of rules. On Tuesday I waited, and waited finally she called and woke Far Guy up, she is usually up with me just before dawn, and then she goes back to sleep. She has weird sleeping habits but I love her anyway. I had to stay home, sure Far Guy played ball with me before he left, but things are just not the same around here. Far Guy must have remembered where she was, he took her camera and her old lady bag.. but no clothing..she must still be in her jammies! What?? He came back alone again, during a thunderstorm, no way do I have to water any trees or grass during a thunderstorm. I am fine under the step. Just fine. What?? "Let's go get her now Chance! " It is about time, I can run fearlessly through a storm.. lets go! I waited in the car a long time, Far Guy kept coming to check on me, maybe he can't find her, I could find her but I am on a leash. She might need me to pee on someones leg in the big old building, maybe even a couple of different people by now. Finally there she is! Looking great in her red Jammies! I get to kiss her, she tastes all salty. She says "Lets get the heck out of here and go home." We get to play ball as soon as she gets home, then she had to talk on that infernal phone..I had something to show her..I waited.. and waited..

Far Side you better look in here.

I have him trapped.

Could you let him out? I will just play with him, I promise.

Far Side would have got better photos, but she was laughing so hard, most of them ended up blurry. You will have to imagine the chipmunk flying through the air making his escape to a nearby tree ..followed by something black and white moving at the speed of light.

Far Side is much better, she still doesn't sleep all night, Far Guy says one of these days she is gonna crash and sleep for 24 hours..:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Thirteen years ago today I became a Grandmother for the very first time, Savannah was born!! My Daughter welcomed her first born, I congratulated my first born, and my Mother congratulated her first born. Three first borns, my Mother is the first born girl in her family, she had an older brother.

When you are born first, you instantly become the eldest. The most responsible, the most relied on, and once you have younger siblings, your responsibilities increase. When you become a teenager, your responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming, you know that you should be a good role model..but sometimes you just have to be "you"! I have seen this teenage thing..from all sides.. except the side of the grandmother. I just might like it from my new view.

I woke with a little smile today, thinking..hello little girl, my first born .. you are now the parent of a teenager! I often referred to this day when she was a teen, "Just wait til you have a teenager of your very own, we will see what you think then!" Thirteen years ago I said , "Someday she will be a teenager, I can't wait! " That day is finally here!

Savannah has delighted us since she was born, she is very sensitive, and sweet. She is outgoing, and smart.. she has a rare talent for art. She is fun and has fun. She is a joy to have as a granddaughter, I thank God everyday for all my grands.. she is always first on the list because she is the eldest.

Thirteen, what a wonderful age..from here on in..until she is about 23..her Mother's and Father's life will never be the same again. Gone are the days of skinned knees, and kissing the bad owwies away. M and M's will no longer gain you an instant smile. She used to run into our house, and head for her Grandpas office to have some "Yums" ..leaving her coat and shoes in her wake. After the "Yums" came the hugs and the kisses! At thirteen things change, not magically all at once... but slowly. Friends and peer pressure, BOYS, Make up, Music, School, .. it is an adventure! One that I am looking forward to with great anticipation, since the grandgirls are now age 13, 11, and 10.. I would guess that we will be done with this in another..say just about 13 years. Sure the boys will be teens too, but boys are different, I think? Having birthed only female children..I think that boys are easier and since the boys are 10 and 7.. they will probably recover from the teenage years WELL before the girls.

For my eldest daughter, I hope you are as patient with your teenagers as you were with your newborns. For my Granddaughter, have fun sweetie, stay safe and when in doubt call Grandpa!! When your Mom seems unreasonable, it is only because she loves you, she wants the very best for you... this will be very hard for you to believe at times.. but just ask Grandma:)