Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chance : The Wait

I was very worried last Monday, Far Guy drove the car really close to the house, he almost had to carry Far Side out of the house. Far Side left in her jammies, I had to stay home..alone. I waited and waited, finally Far Guy came back without her, he said he didn't lose her, he just left her someplace. I hope he doesn't forget where her left her. I waited for her all night long, no sleeping in the bathroom or on the couch..I slept by the door. Her stuff is all here, her camera, her coat, her old lady bag that she is supposed to take with her everywhere in the summer because it has bee sting stuff in it. She is not supposed to leave without her bee sting is a rule. She has a lot of rules. On Tuesday I waited, and waited finally she called and woke Far Guy up, she is usually up with me just before dawn, and then she goes back to sleep. She has weird sleeping habits but I love her anyway. I had to stay home, sure Far Guy played ball with me before he left, but things are just not the same around here. Far Guy must have remembered where she was, he took her camera and her old lady bag.. but no clothing..she must still be in her jammies! What?? He came back alone again, during a thunderstorm, no way do I have to water any trees or grass during a thunderstorm. I am fine under the step. Just fine. What?? "Let's go get her now Chance! " It is about time, I can run fearlessly through a storm.. lets go! I waited in the car a long time, Far Guy kept coming to check on me, maybe he can't find her, I could find her but I am on a leash. She might need me to pee on someones leg in the big old building, maybe even a couple of different people by now. Finally there she is! Looking great in her red Jammies! I get to kiss her, she tastes all salty. She says "Lets get the heck out of here and go home." We get to play ball as soon as she gets home, then she had to talk on that infernal phone..I had something to show her..I waited.. and waited..

Far Side you better look in here.

I have him trapped.

Could you let him out? I will just play with him, I promise.

Far Side would have got better photos, but she was laughing so hard, most of them ended up blurry. You will have to imagine the chipmunk flying through the air making his escape to a nearby tree ..followed by something black and white moving at the speed of light.

Far Side is much better, she still doesn't sleep all night, Far Guy says one of these days she is gonna crash and sleep for 24 hours..:)


JEWEL said...

Ahh sleeping for 24 hours.....that sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post! I imagine there was at least one person who needed to be wet on by Chance! I sure hope you get where you can rest soundly soon. So glad you are home and making some improvements.

Emma Rose said...

Oh Chance! You are so funny :) I know how much you missed Far Side when she was gone. I bet you are taking really good care of her now.

It is probably a good thing you didn't catch the Chipmonk - I hear they bite pretty hard!

Tell Far Side I hope she starts sleeping better soon.

Emma Rose

Mountain Mama said...

I read your blog for the first time and loved it. I will return with out a doubt

Mountain Mama

Jeanne Estridge said...

As I was taking Abby and Emmy to the park for a walk on Friday, Abby saw a possum crossing the road in front of the car. I could actually feel the car shaking with her excitement. She just knew if I'd stop and let her out she could catch him.

I'm such a stick in the mud.

(Glad you're home -- hope the new strategies help.)

Girl Tornado said...

My goodness my dear... I had a lot of catching up to do, seeing as how my last comment was on your family picnic post, and you got sick right after that! I feel so bad, I did not even know. I am SO glad to hear you are ok. I think you should take Far Guy up on his 24 hour sleep suggestion! :)

Mary said...

Chance, I know she didn't mean to get you all worked up in a tizzy. I hope you can relax now.

Rae said...

Have you been romping in the mud again, your legs look dirty? You are a very good grill protector. I am sure mom & dad feel quite safe with you protecting them for dangerous chipmunks. Trust me on this -Far Side loves you as much as you love her -she would never leave you.

Anonymous said...

You're such a hero, Chance - peeing on bad people's legs and protecting your humans from chipmunks!


dad and lilly said...

So glad to hear yuo and your red jammies are home once again and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. To bad Chance didn't get a chance to pee on someones leg. lilly

Heidi said...

I LOVE border collies!!! Chance, glad you mamma is home!

Lanny said...

The chipmunk is too cute. I think they are just the cutest little rodent-things ever! I'm glad Chance has recovered from your illness too! He writes and waits well.