Friday, June 30, 2023


 Yup decided on the blue one.  Boy it sure takes a long time to buy a car.  We did a test drive and liked it and they threw in a case of catsup and floor liners.  They filled it with gas while I took everything out of the old car.  ( The Catsup promotion starts July 1st...but they must have figured we qualified.) Catsup will go to relatives and to the food shelf:)

I wonder why we have so much "stuff and things" in that car.   How many face masks do we need anyway and how many bottles of hand sanitizer? I always throw spare change in the glove is an old day before credit cards and debit cards I left my checkbook at home and scrounged up enough change in the glove box to buy milk and bread at the grocery store. 

Who came up with the name glove box anyways?  We have never kept gloves there...have you?  Ours is more like a junk drawer. 

We have car and Insurance papers, a map of Minnesota, a first aid kit, a puke bag, toothpicks, Tylenol, Kleenex, a crossword puzzle book, sunglasses, reading glasses, Tums, a charger for the I Pads, hand warmer and a multitool in the glove compartment.  In the door we have an umbrella and a lint roller and behind the drivers seat several ice scrapers.  I also have a Sub Zero fold up cooler that I love and several insulated cloth grocery bags and a quilt...just in case, it covers the cargo area.  Winter survival kit will go back in the car when winter approaches.

No time for a photo today...buying a car tired us both out.

Another shot of a pretty Buick.

Far Side

Thursday, June 29, 2023


 I/we have been thinking about buying a different vehicle.  I thought I wanted a Ford Bronco so that was what I was saving up for.   I drove one several times...I was just not in love with it.  I like the looks and the thought of one...but is that enough?

We have almost made a decision...we have owned two Buicks and we really like them.  I spent some time at a local car dealership and a young fellow there said he would like to sell a car.

It would have been a done deal if they had red...Cinnebar Red...instead they had Ocean Blue. 

It is not baby blue like this old is a bit darker blue. 

We will see what the final decision is later today or tomorrow.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Gathering spot

 When we had Tilly in town we went by an  old trail that used to lead to Crocus.  A gathering/parking spot that some teenagers may or may not have visited back in the 1960's. 

The light was not great that day so we will go back and see if we can get a better photo someday. 

You can barely see the reflectors on the timber that block off the entrance.

Far Side

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Hide and Seek

 I went to visit my Mom in "the home" while Far Guy had an eye appointment.   Mom was nowhere  to be found, her phone and oxygen were in her room.  A few of the Nurses said she was last seen in the hallway walking....perhaps they should have noticed that she did not have her oxygen??  I asked every nurse and aide that I saw.  I checked bathrooms,  tv rooms, therapy rooms,  gazabo and lunch rooms.   I sent texts to my siblings just incase one of them had her. 

I headed over to her apartment in the adjoining building....she was not there either and the people I encountered had not seen her.  On my way back down the activity director was knocking on doors.  Mom was visiting old neighbors...which was just fine except no one knew it.  

Crisis was averted, Nursing Home staff were very apologetic...but someone or a number of someones dropped the ball. 

After I got Mom back in her room, the Doctor came to check her out. 

Elderly hide and seek...what is next? 

Far Side

Mom in 1953.


Monday, June 26, 2023

Baking of the beans

I soak the Great Northern  and the Pinto beans in water overnight.  The next day I cook them up until they are a bit soft but not mushy.  They take an hour plus to cook. I rinse them and put them in my roasters. I add some fried bacon and a slurry of dark molasses, brown sugar, mustard, catsup, salt and pepper. I may have known what the measurements were a long time ago.  I used one bottle of molasses, maybe about 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup mustard and a cup of catsup....give or take.  Then I put them in the oven to bake awhile.  I let them cool before putting into ziplock quart bags to freeze. 

Easy Peasy...other than I boiled them over and had to clean the stove:) 

I use my roasting pans all the time.  I have had them for a really long time!

There you have it...those are the beans. 

We had a quiet day on Sunday aside from the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen.  We went for a Ranger Blue ride to recycle.

This week we have a number of appointments.  

Far Side

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Wild Roses and Beans

 The Wild Roses are in bloom.  Fun to see. 

It was a rainy humid day here yesterday.  I visited Mom in the Nursing Home, my sister called and was stopping by a favorite pie place and wanted to know what kind of pie I wanted??? Sour Cream and Raisin of course. She and Mom had Oregon Berry pie.  After pie I ran some errands in town. 

Today is supposed to be I have beans that have been soaking overnight that will become baked beans...I like Great Northern and Pinto beans the best for baked beans.  Most will end up in the freezer in individual servings to enjoy with burgers or brats throughout the summer.

Far Side

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Yarn and Ants

 Yarn organization...There is only one word...totes.  I put yarn in totes and sort by color.  I used to have a yarn dresser but the drawers were a pain in the now I have totes...Far Guy says "easier to move that way."

I have a new mosaic pattern that I am is a real fun pattern.

I pulled these colors to start with.

Then I added a few more blues to the bunch.  It is a work in progress.  When it looks like something I will take a photo. 

Now about those ants...I mowed some areas yesterday and treated some ant mounds.  Field Ants are nasty biting creatures ( they pinch your skin and the apply a stinging agent) and the powdered sugar/ borax mixture does not work on them.  There are a few products out there to control them...completely obliterating them will be a challenge.  Only certain things will kill article I read said to take a shovel full of the mound and move it to a different mound and they will kill each other...I am not sure I have a shovel with a long enough handle.  Some day I may take a photo of the mounds....I opened up a few mounds while sitting on the lawn mower...they really get mad when you disturb the larvae. I met a fellow in the bug aisle one day he said he took a sledge hammer and pounded the mound and killed them as they came out...of course he was a big guy with huge arms...

Oh well the ant fight will continue for awhile. 

Far Side

Friday, June 23, 2023

Tale of two blankets

 I started Winter Wonderland in November of 2021...lets see that was 19 months ago.  

I can finally cross it off my list!  I put it upstairs to give away someday. Not sure who will get it...I will know when the time is right.

I used a 4 mm hook for the blanket and a 3.5 mm hook for the envelope border.  I used Stylecraft DK yarn in many different colors for the Winter Wonderland CAL.

Then I attacked these balls of Bernat yarn that I got at a rummage sale...for $2 it was too good of a deal to pass up.

I finished it in a couple of evenings.  I washed the blanket and sent it off to be used before I took a photo. 

It turned out great!  I like Bernat yarn for kids blankets as it is so soft and cuddly.  It also can be thrown in the washer and dryer! 

Far Side

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Can't fix stupid

 I have had a frustrating couple of days concerning the care of my Mom.  Some people are not doing their job.  She is not receiving the level of care that she needs at the Nursing Home.  The health care team at the home is dealing with staffing least that is one of their excuses. 

Some of the excuses that they make do not ring true and no one is accountable. Some of their answers are down right stupid and you know what they can't fix stupid. 

Far Side

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

More Great Grand Photos!

 Ree meeting her brother Hey Mikey and sister Cee Cee.

Meeting "The Aunts"

Auntie Paige

Auntie Savannah 

Great Auntie Jen, Cee Cee and Ree 

And Ree...isn't she a beauty! 

 Photo taken by Great Auntie Jen after Ree had her first bath. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Great again for the third time!

 We are Great Grandparents again!!   So exciting!  

Maddie and the sweet babe.  She weighed 7 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long.  

She joins her siblings Hey Mikey and Cee Cee.   That makes three for Maddie and Brenton. 

Our son in law Andy the Great Uncle with Karina....who I will most likely call Ree :)

Andy took care of Hey Mikey and Cee Cee throughout the night and got them off to daycare in the morning.  Jen was with Maddie and Brenton at the hospital. 

We are so thankful that Ree has arrived safely, she will be well loved and a blessing to our family! 

Far Side

Monday, June 19, 2023

Cooking and a project

 Sunday was a day we did not cook.  We met Jen and Andy for lunch for Father's Day and toward evening we went to the last graduation party of the season.   There was lots of food there but we just had a few chips and cake. 

It sounds like the weather is going to turn more no cooking may happen this week. 

Salad and fruit might be on the menu more than once. 

I am certain we will be thankful for air conditioning.

Far Guys flower project.  He says it needs more flowers and he will work on them next winter. 

Far Side

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Happy Father's Day!

 Our Fathers are both gone now.   I was really lucky to have my Dad for 71 Father's Days. Not many people can say that.

Me, other baby brother, our Dad and baby brother.  Our sister was not born yet when this photo was taken in 1963.

Far Guy only got to have his Dad for 44 Father's Days.

Far Guy's Dad, his sister,  Far Guy's Mom and Far Guy in August of 1958. 

Yes we could be sad because they are gone...instead I chose to be thankful for the years we had them in our lives.  Both wonderful Fathers who did the best they could. 

Happy Father's Day! 

Far Side

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Date Night

 Far Guy missed taking Tilly to the car show so we went on a date night instead.  The wildfire smoke is mostly cleared out...some still remains. 

Can you guess where we went?  Hint: they have car hops. 

After supper we  had a nice visit with Far Guy's cousins at their lake place. 

Far Side

** If you guessed A & W you are correct.

Friday, June 16, 2023


 The blue flowers are blooming.  

They are pretty in the late evening light.

It re seeds all over in the wild gardens.   Some kind of old gets no special treatment...water that rain provides. 

The air quality is better, not perfect but better while I ran errands yesterday.  Stopped by to see my Mom and she was eating lunch.  She is doing okay for the moment. 

Far Side

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Smoky Air

 It was a wildfire smoke day here in our part of Minnesota.  We had planned to go to one of the first car shows of the season....but the air quality kept us indoors all day.  We had looked forward to getting out with Tilly. 

Far Guy got out the flower carvings he worked on all last winter.  He wanted to do a mock up arrangement before putting the flowers on a wooden base. 

He has a very pretty walnut board for the display.

I worked on the border of my mosaic crochet Winter Wonderland.  It is almost done. 

The smoke is supposed to be less soon.  It is a red alert meaning the air is unhealthy for everyone. Hard to stay inside but we watched the birds and the bunnies and the tailless squirrel in the yard through the windows.

We both had naps in the afternoon. 

Far Side

Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 We all have to adapt to change.  Yesterday my baby brother and his bride and I moved our Mom from the hospital to the Nursing Home for some rehab after her illness.  We will see how she does and how motivated she is.   Olivia my Great Niece is working in Mom's area as a Mom will get frequent hugs.   Mom needs to get much stronger and be able to do things for herself before she can go back to her all depends on her attitude.

I am fine with either outcome. She would probably get better care in the Nursing Home...sooner or later she will probably end up in there.  Her apartment is connected to the Nursing Home by a connecting door so we were able to move some of her clothing and some familiar things quite easily.  Mom is still fairly depressed after the death of my Dad back in December.  The Doctor upped her anti depressant med...but I didn't see much difference....perhaps she is just sad when I am there! 

Mom during happier times...Oct 10 1950.

Far Side

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Few more days until mid June

 The Lilac is sprawling, it does not have good form. 

Possibly it struggles back here in the Oak Woods.   Bloom where you are planted even if it is a less than perfect spot! 

This Lilac is what they consider a late lilac called 'Donald Wyman'.

Far Side

Monday, June 12, 2023

Lawn catch up

 Finally got around to mowing.  The grass really grew after the rains. 

It looks much better now.  It is not a perfect lawn but it is green:)

Right now I have two baskets of flowers that belong to Jen. 

Far Guy picked them out for her and hopefully we can keep them alive and away from critters for her. 

I do not have any flowers this year...the squirrels, rabbits and deer ...

I have a garden of metal art and solar need to water...

It works for me. 

Far Side

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Catching Up

 I had a very full day yesterday many tasks were on my list. bathrooms and general pick up and put away.   I visited my Mom in the afternoon, she is doing better and should get out of the hospital on least that is the plan.

We got 1/2 inch of rain on Friday night so I am behind on my lawn mowing duties. I will catch up one of these days.  Our weather is much cooler than it was!

Far Side

Saturday, June 10, 2023


 My Mom is struggling with a Urinary Tract Infection, she is improved after a ambulance ride and a stay in the hospital in ICU.  She has a few other health issues that are being addressed at this time, she has very nice nurses and is getting excellent care.  She was moved out of ICU last night to a regular room. Whether or not she will be able to go back to her apartment is questionable. 

My siblings and I have been keeping her company.  In fact she may need less visitors and more rest.

It rained cats and dogs here on Friday night.

Far Side

Friday, June 9, 2023

Floating Water Garden

 The swans ate all but one tomato plant, the squash look a little sick, the beans are growing a bit and the strawberries are doing okay.

It was a good experiment...and it is still floating!

We finally got some rain on Wednesday our gauge shows 1 1/2 inches.  It cooled off a bit after the rain.

It was a little smoky several days this week.

Far Side

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Baxter and a Snapper

 This time of year all the turtles come out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand/dirt.

Yesterday I spent some time with Baxter.  There was a Snapping Turtle in his yard. 

Baxter is curious.  

When the turtle reared up and hissed...

We spent some time down on the dock.

Baxter is good company...we both hoped that the Snapper wouldn't make it onto the dock while we were on it. 

When we went up the hill the snapper was all eyes watching us. 

I read for a short time and all Baxter wanted to do after our adventure was sleep so I went home to ride the lawnmower for a while.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 7, 2023


 Our Lilac is blooming.  

It has more blooms than it had last year...some are in bud yet.  It needs a good trim after it has bloomed. 

I cleaned the floor in the Desoto garage yesterday...Far Guy had Tilly out so she could get a new exhaust system.  I think perhaps she is ready for the summer now...except she has bug marks from the trip that need to be polished away.   I thought maybe she was so shiny and slick that the bugs would just slip off...well that did not happen. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Silver Anniversary

 Our youngest daughter Jen and her husband Andy celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss today! 

They are off celebrating by a place in the South Pacific with dreamy blue seas and 332 islands...they are staying in a beachfront cottage.

This is a view of their cottage from the lodge.

They facetimed with us yesterday for proof of life and it was warmer in Minnesota!  However they report that the water is warm there...they are enjoying snorkeling and all the different fish species.  They will Scuba Dive one day soon...that part always makes me nervous...but they are certified divers and old enough to do what they want!  

Noah moved over to their house to take care of Sadie and Little Elvis...he reports that Sadie wants attention all the time...and she is enjoying the swimming pool....he says it tires her out!  

Happy Anniversary in Fiji Jen and Andy! 

Far Side

Monday, June 5, 2023

Parties and Baxter

 We had two parties this weekend.  Saturday was Mason (Great Nephew who lives next door) High School Graduation Party.  We got to visit with a number of neighbors that we don't see often. Pulled Pork, buns, baked beans, potato salad, chips and cake were served buffet style. 

Sunday we celebrated my cousin Geraldine's 75th Birthday.  More food was served; ham on buns, potato salad,  pasta salad, fruit, pickles and many different kinds of desserts. Her children gifted her plane tickets to Finland in September...boy was she surprised!   It is a girls trip with her daughters going along and a daughter in law. 

Needless to say we didn't cook for ourselves this weekend! 

Sunday Baxter's family deserted him so he spent some time with me.  He listens to me much better when my baby brother and his bride are not around!  (Just like a little kid.)

Baxter and Lilac blooms! 

Far Side

Sunday, June 4, 2023

June Book Club

 We read The Silent Patient.  I give it 2 stars out of 10.  I do not understand why it was a best seller.  

I had to force myself to read it.  

In other happenings, I am mowing the grass, killing weeds and trying to control ants...summer is here. 

We have a heat advisory for the weekend.

Far Side

Saturday, June 3, 2023


My baby brother and his bride had visitors from Texas.  The couple have two children.  The oldest boy started a Car Detailing business when he was thirteen years old...since he goes to residences to do the cars he needed a driver because he didn't yet have a Driver's License.   So he hired a older fellow to work and be the driver.   Presently he is old enough to have a Drivers License and his business is flourishing.  He knows everything there is to know about detailing a vehicle....and enjoys his work.

He did such a great job on the Desoto that we told him we want him back again next year! 

The entrepreneurial spirit!   Finding a job you love, researching everything about it and then being a doer! 

Marvelous to see such a nice young man succeed! 

Far Side

Friday, June 2, 2023

Church, Cemetery and Baxter

 My Maternal Grandparents attended Zion Lutheran Church my parents were married there and I was baptized there on January 6, 1952.  I was trying to recall the last time I was inside?   I recall being in the cemetery as a child...I have several Uncles buried there and now my Grandparents are buried there and one of my Aunts is sprinkled there.  Years ago most cemeteries were not mowed...the grass got really tall by the end of the summer.  The church is only open for special occasions now. 

We visited the cemetery in the rain.  

Baxter waited patiently.

Baxter has allergies and shakes his head...poor boy.  The pollen has been knocked down a bit by the could rain again for a couple of days.  

Far Side

Thursday, June 1, 2023

June 1st

 The Trillium are in full bloom and fading fast as the weather has been very warm.  Unseasonably warm for the first part of June. 

Trillium as far as the eye can see in the woods. 

It seems we had about a week of Spring and now Summer.  We  made trips to the cemeteries...yesterday we went to get our flowers so the lawn mowing people have an easier time over the summer.  We recycled and I put a bunch of stuff away. 

My Mom is anemic, she has some erosion on the bottom part of her a prescription will be changed.  The Dr suspects that she has some bleeding from time to time from excess stomach acid.  Her hemoglobin is down.  I spent Tuesday with her in same day surgery so they could scope her esophagus and stomach.  Her legs are still swollen and one of her legs weeps all the time.  Getting her to put her feet up, wear compression stockings and walk around is a struggle. She is getting more forgetful and falls asleep easily.  (Mom is 93 years old) She no longer drives her vehicle...and that is a good thing, my other baby brother has the vehicle keys. It is hard for me to load her in the car along with her walker...she has a hard time lifting her legs high enough to enter the vehicle.  

Far Side