Friday, April 30, 2021

Butter Butt and Bingo

 We have more Butter Butts (Yellow Rumped Warbler) all the time.  They are only here for a little while in the Spring then they move on...we must be a rest area.

Such a pretty little bird! 

Grocery pickup was okay...missing a few things, but I can work around them...they sent Skim Milk instead of 2 % ...Pretzel Buns are in short supply again along with Lime Outshine Bars.  Good thing I have some of each in the freezer.

I took my Dad to Bingo, we didn't win but we came real close to winning several times.  Dad was a little more unsteady on his feet...we take his walker along, and usually someone happens along to help me with the doors and the step he has to go down.   He was a little more confused than last week.  He is working up some ground in his old garden spot because he wants to plant some potatoes... he gets around pretty good for someone 94 years old.

Tomorrow is May Day...are you ready with May Baskets? 

Far Side

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Trail Ride

 My baby brother dropped off his Ranger for us to take a trail ride.  We headed for the Smoky Hills. 

Not much happening there...we saw a Ruffed Grouse. 

It isn't green in the woods yet.  It was a beautiful day for a ride the afternoon temperatures were in the 70's.  No early Spring flowers blooming yet.

We did not go up this trail.  There are many State Forest Roads to follow. 

Can you see the Swan?

Headed for home. 
It was a great afternoon out and about! 
Far Side 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Bluebird Houses and Mice

 We cleaned out all eleven Bluebird houses one day...making sure they are ready for Bluebirds that should come any day now.   I really need to make a better pattern with a more slanted roof...and a piece of wood near the door with a screw in it so I can swivel it down or up to cover the hole for the winter mice don't take up residence.  We cut down brush away from the houses...cause mice will climb up the brush and sneak their way in.

This bird house was a gift from neighbor Arvilla a long time ago.  It has hosted a number of Bluebird families.

Yesterday I mowed  the wildflower garden east of the house...I chased out a mouse that ran up a tree.  My lawn mower may make it another doesn't smoke as bad since Far Guy changed the oil and the oil filter!  Our Lilacs on the far end of that area may have a few flowers this year! 

Spring is coming slowly! The Butter butts (Yellow Rumped Warblers) came yesterday however a number of Juncos are still here. 

Far Side

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Baxter: Burrs and the lake

 Baxter visited yesterday...he was full of burrs.   

I got out a special dog brush and in no time he was free of burrs.  Baxter is about 9 months old now. 

He is pretty good at sit and come and he shows a bit of interest in a ball, and sometimes a frisbee.  His herding instinct is strong.  On Saturday when there were lots of people outside he ran around herding them up.

He will come up to me and let me pet him and he really likes Far Guy!  He likes the snow.  He is learning how to get out of the lake as he has gone off the dock a few times ( my baby brother had to rescue him a few times).  He is a good watch dog (he even barks at doorbells on TV)...he misses Annie as she had to go back home with my sister...they kept each other out of trouble.   Baxter is keeping my baby brother and his bride on their toes.

Far Side

Monday, April 26, 2021

Snow again

 Winter wants more time with us! 

The huge icy wet flakes fell for quite some time late in the rained first and then it changed over to snow.   I took the photo just before supper.

We had a quiet via the computer in the morning and the rest of the day was uneventful other than a Facetime call from our youngest daughter Jen...we got to see Adam's cat, Noah and his dog...and Little Elvis. All are doing well! 

The wild flower area in the distance really needs to be mowed...I had hoped to do that on a warm dry day.  Maybe when Spring gets here as sooner or later she must push old man Winter out the door.

Far Side

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Snow and Prom

 It snowed early Saturday morning. 

Just enough snow to cover the quickly melted but it was still a cool day.

I attended the virtual baby shower in the afternoon, it was fun to see my nephew and his wife.  We played some games...Name the Disney parents, Name that baby song, guess who and guess the price. There were people attending from all over the United States. 

Then we got company.  It is Prom!  

My other baby brothers grand...or our Great Niece Hailey and her beau.  Her dress even had pockets!  She was just beautiful! 

My Parents and Hailey and her beau.

Far Side

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Blue Dishes

 I needed a project on Friday morning. So I washed those blue dishes in the open cupboards.   That was the end of the Spring Cleaning in the kitchen.   Far Guy helped!  Somehow we drag each other into some projects. 

We finished just in time to head for town for my last eye test.   I have looked at the green star twice now ...they told me they were two different tests and the test for macular degeneration where there are lights that move around and you have to press the button.  Old people tests.  I would guess I passed the tests..the Doctor will send out a written report after he has reviewed everything.  

It rained most of the afternoon and the temps were in the 40's.  A chilly Spring day in Minnesota.

Far Side

Friday, April 23, 2021

Not much new but yarn

 I am certain I will become bored with these colors before long....since I have 26 skeins. 

These are the colors for a new project.   It will be interesting to see how the colors come together on this  Mosaic Patchwork Project. 

The grocery adventure was okay this week.  Made a trip by the meat market too.  Our new fridge has more space on the top freezer than our old fridge...and less space in the bottom.  Go figure. 

We are getting a bit bored with our normal menus...I suppose the comfort food of winter should be replaced by more summery menus.  I should try some new recipes....we got some farm fresh eggs...and that made a great breakfast for supper! 

I took my Dad to Bingo, I won $45  (we play one wins we all win and split the pots) so we can go back again next week:) 

Far Side

Thursday, April 22, 2021


 Our weather is real cool.  Highs only in the 30's and 40's during the day and 20's at night.

It will be a long time yet before we see buds on the Oaks.  

Yesterday I made a few more cards...from my last watercoloring project that brightened my day.  I also worked on the newest Mosaic Crochet CAL swatch to test for gauge....I am not pleased with it yet.  I will get it all worked out soon....well before the new event begins.

 I also tried a new technique...called COM (Continuous Overlay Mosaic)...not impressed as it is too fiddly for me.    I gave it a good try.  I can see where it might work for some projects. 

We got Far Guy's photos all transferred over from his old computer to his new computer.  Yeah us!   He does way less cussing now that he has a decent computer.  We found one image on his computer that cracked us both up...that was the most either of us has laughed in a long time!

Here it is. 

Far Side

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Rainbow of colors

One more project completed!

 I finished up the baby blanket I was working on.  It was a fun project.   It was Mosaic Crochet a pattern called Apache Tears.   Each row is a different color.   I have enough yarn left over to make a couple more baby blankets!  When I order yarn I do it up good!

Can you tell the baby is a boy ...hence the blue border! 

I found a book to send along and a thermal sleeper....the package is on the way to Seattle where my Nephew and his wife live...the virtual baby shower is this weekend.  I have never attended a virtual baby shower should be interesting.  We may get to see the baby in August when his parents visit Minnesota!

We had a busy day yesterday...I had some eye tests...and after that I had a Dental Appointment because I cracked a tooth and couldn't chew is all fixed now.   Two more appointments for us this week, Far Guy's usual and another eye test for me. 

Far Side

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Trail Ride with Jody

 My other baby brother picked me up one afternoon and we went for a ride around the lake. 

He has a very nice Ranger and even lets me drive it sometimes.

The woods are still in early Spring mode. 

We saw one squirrel and this Ruffed Grouse.  Grouse are often along trails as they come out to get sand, they need sand in their gizzard to help grind up their food.

The old bridge.  No fish were running.  

We were hoping to see a bear or luck.

It was a fun ride...soon he will be back at work more than full time as his construction business takes off with Spring, Summer and Fall work.  I really like his Ranger...I am kinda sold on the idea. 

The S snowed here yesterday morning enough to make the ground white...the sunshine melted is cold enough to snow again and probably will.

Far Side

Monday, April 19, 2021

Out with the old in with the new

 Finally after 5 months and 11 days we have a new fridge.  Not the fridge I ordered which was an Amana...instead it is a Whirlpool because the Amana might be available in June...but the couldn't promise anything.  When Bert called me he said "Don't hang up on me I have good news and bad news."  The bad news was that the Amana may or may not come in June...the good news that a Whirlpool was now available for delivery.  So they delivered it last Friday.

Switching out a fridge is hard work for old folks.  Far Guy said "Never again"  It makes ice cubes quite loudly.  He has been worried that the 22 year old fridge would die any day.

So our brains have to relearn where stuff is. 



We now have several appliances that match....the old stove is black....but the microwave and the toaster are stainless.   So we are almost matchy matchy.

Yesterday morning we sat outside watching the was 63 degrees and sunny...then it got cloudy and the temperature fell into the 40's.  The S word has been spoken again.

Far Side

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Happy Birthday Trica!

 Our oldest daughter is 49 can she be that old?  Time passes...we all get older.

A long time friend sent us this photo.  It was taken of Trica and her Dad in the summer of 1972 in Janesville Minnesota.   I always made sure she wore a hat...Mothers don't do that anymore.  The blanket she has is one that was made by her Great Grandma Henderson...corduroy of different colors ( A Crazy Quilt) on one side and an animal print on the other.   Far Guy had lots of hair back then. 

Hold onto your good memories.   Live in the present and make the best of each day.  Sending our daughter birthday blessings all wrapped in love.  Happy Birthday Trica! 

Far Side

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Happy Birthday Maddie!

 Maddie is one year older today.   We will not see her for her birthday as she lives in Michigan.  Maddie is a Dental Assistant and enjoys her job very much...especially extractions...she says that the Dentist she works for is awesome!   

She has the two munchkins to keep her on her toes...she says that Cee Cee is not only walking but running everywhere.  Hey Mikey and his sister are good playmates for each other.

2003 Maddie when she was five years old..she had a Care Bear that was almost as big as she was. 

That is the famous Maddie smile!   Happy Birthday Maddie!!  She is 23 years old today! Practically an old lady! 

Far Side

Friday, April 16, 2021


 We have no flowers except for the tin ones.   There is still snow in some spots....and we may get more snow next week.   Winter wants to stick around!

I took my Dad to Bingo, everyone well almost everyone wears masks until they are at their table, then they can take them off.   We did not Bingo, but we got within one number several times.   It gives my Mom a break and my Dad really enjoys Bingo.  He goes out to Doctor appointments, Church and Bingo.  I am not sure how many more times we can safely go...We are watching the Covid Case numbers and they are going up ...I also heard that the local hospital reopened their Covid has been closed.   One week at a time....if everyone would just get their vaccinations and wear masks we would have a chance of getting back to normal someday.

My Dad has some memory problems, I have to redirect him and explain things to him several times...he does pretty good for being 94.   He misses a few numbers here and there...he wants me to point them I do. Together we make it work so we don't miss a bingo.

Far Side

Thursday, April 15, 2021


 I have a prescription for new reading glasses...not sure that I will get it filled as I am doing okay with the reading glasses I have ...the change was minor...and probably just because they want to sell glasses. 

In the mail was an envelope with glasses...all colors. 

They are from Jen and they are for the owl May baskets! ( Jen has a Cricut and can cut all kinds of neat stuff out!)

I am going to use some sparkle on them...glitter...and maybe some jewels...before I glue them on the owls...putzy fun stuff. 

I was working on the baby blanket when Far Guys new computer arrived...his old computer was on its last legs...he needed I helped him as much as I could....and by George I think we have most of it!  

It snowed a bit more and it is cold.  The car made it into the Dealership for an oil change and tire rotation.  Cross something else off our list!

  Far Side

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

April Snow

 It snowed.  About 2 inches of the white stuff fell.   Why is it that the snow in November and December seems so pretty and April snow lacks all beauty? We have had snow birds (Juncos) in our yard for days  foretelling of the snow that was coming....and my arthritis said it was coming also. 

We had yesterday morning off and then in the afternoon we both had Dental Appointments.   Look Ma No Cavities!   We are good to go for six was 13 months since we had a Dental visit.   The Dentist and his hygienist are married and are long time friends of we got in a good visit has been a hard year for them...a death in their family, the dentist was in a bad accident and had to have a number of surgeries...and of course Covid and all that entailed for their business. 

One good thing about a visit to the Dentist is the bakery that is next door and the Cracked Wheat Flatbread they sell.

Baxter (my brothers dog) and Annie (my sisters dog) were here in the morning so I got a dog fix...they had a blast running through the fresh snow.   Baxter herds Boston Terrier gives him a job.

I did not shovel, Far Guy said "let it melt" so I did.

Far Side

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 It is dark and dreary outside...the rain became a bit thick and flake like late in the afternoon yesterday. 

So it was a blah day...I tried to cheer up a bit with some color.

I worked on some watercolor stuff for cards...then I worked on the baby afghan that I would like to finish up this week. 

My work basket is filled with color.  I have enough of this yarn to make several baby blankets.  I crochet while watching TV.

I watched a very strange show on Netflix called I Care A Lot...I give it a 5 out of 10 stars...I should have stopped watching it...but wanted to see how it ended. 

Now for a rant:  Yesterday I saw part of a popular day time show and could not believe the stupidity of some people.   An out of work mother was rationing plastic diapers and letting her child sit in wet diapers because she could not afford to buy enough plastic diapers.  News cloth diapers...wash them, hang them to dry and use them again.  If you cannot afford cloth diapers...use towels...cut apart old flannel shirts...there are many ways to diaper a baby besides in plastic diapers. 

Far Side

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Owls have it

 The May basket this year is an owl.  I am undecided if I want to put a handle on the baskets...most likely...anyways the playing with the paper and glue is now done.   They await handles and candy.   This year I made 24 May Baskets.  

They are all different..cause I am easily bored.  You have plenty of time to find a simple design and make a May Basket for a friend or a neighbor!  I missed doing May Baskets last year due to Covid...

There is a new Mosaic CAL (Crochet Along) starting in May.  It is a beautiful patchwork afghan.   I bought the pattern and proceeded to order the yarn...oh all those colors to choose from...I didn't want it too dark...because darker colors are harder on old eyes.  I was supposed to order three colors and 23 skeins then I added another color that Far Guy liked so 26 skeins should show up later this week and I can do a practice square.  This gal has a really good way of taking care of all the ends with the color changes so you have minimal ends...we will see.   It took me over an hour to decide on my colors.

In the meantime I am working on a baby blanket. With our weather taking a nose dive I should be able to finish it this week. 

I brought in the solar bird bath fountain and all of the glass rain gauges so they won't freeze and break.

Far Side

Sunday, April 11, 2021


 We finally got a bit of sun, probably won't last long ...the S word is in the forecast.   It is not my fault either...I was tempted to put the snow shovels away...but I didn't want to tempt fate.

Far Guy changed oil and the oil filter on my lawn it is ready to go! 

My baby brother, his bride and Baxter visited with us in the afternoon.  Baxter has sure grown while he was gone...I will take some photos of the cute little bugger soon. 

I caught up on laundry, cleaned the bathroom and in the evening we watched the miserable Hockey Championship.

I worked on some of the May Baskets while watching the miserable game.  St Cloud lost. 

The other day when we were out and about we watched for protesters ...didn't see any but heard there was a bunch of arrests.  I am sure they were out by the next day...

This is Line 3 that will carry oil from Canada to Lake Superior.   It replaces an older line and will be safer than the old line.  

In other news I heard that a major highway will be closed all summer because they are putting buggy lanes in.   Making it safer for the people who use horse drawn buggies. 

Far Side

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Rain day three

 The rain is wonderful!  Our soil and trees were thirsty! It is a gentle rain the ground soaks up almost immediately. 

We have a bright spot in our yard...a whirly gig in pink.   I love the things that move in the wind...I have learned that all the individual wires that attach to the spokes must be reinforced with glue...or the petals fly off...and  that upsets the whirly factor and me.

Yesterday we went for a drive up North to get Far Guy fitted for his new glasses ( trifocals).   It rained the whole way.  

Far Side 

Friday, April 9, 2021

Finally some rain!

 We finally have some much needed rain.  It has been raining for two days now.   The grass is getting green before our eyes!  We planted some new grass in a few spots just in time. 

Grocery day was okay...just missing Pretzel Rolls this week.   We are still ordering online and picking up in the parking lot...we are still disinfecting too...what can it hurt? 

Earlier in the week we both saw the Eye one appointment suddenly became two more vision tests later in the month. (He is concerned about "some pigment" that shows up in one eye) and they cannot do both appointments the same day because of insurance.   Far Guy refused to have his eyes dilated after having the optomap...I had both dilation and optomap and wore my sunglasses until the next day. Cross something off our list but put two more appts on.

I finally had time to block my latest project.   I took a photo one day before the rain.

This one is mine.  It is the first thing I have had that is cashmere....and the yarn was a gift from Far Guy!   I love the way it turned out. 

I am watching a season of Survivor on Netflix...and yesterday I watched K-9 which was okay I give it a 6 out of 10...cause I like a smart dog and my nap during the movie was only about 10 minutes.

Far Side

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Someone is 22

 Our youngest granddaughter is 22 today!   I had to send her a plain flowery birthday card because I had no photos of her this year.   Usually all the grands get a picture of themselves on their birthday card.

I found an old photo of Paige taken in 2008.  That was  13 years ago when she was 9 years old.   What a cutie!

Paige is working two jobs and saving every dollar she can for school.  She was accepted at a school in their two year Dental Hygienist program...she moves and starts school in August.

We are very proud of her!  Happy Birthday Miss Paige! 

Far Side

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A stick

 We had fun watching the neighbor dogs.  Old Putzer has finally accepted Titus the puppy.   Putz cannot see very well anymore...but his hearing is still good. 

We got our dog fix.   Titus is a bit shy... he was a bit wary of Far Guy but came right up to me.  After Putz made a beeline to Far Guy then Titus decided he was okay.  Silly dogs....they sure had fun fighting over one stick. 

Titus has gotten quite a bit taller since the last time I saw him....his Mom was a Border Collie and his Dad a Great Pyrenees.   It will be interesting to see how big he gets.

Far Side

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Ride

 Since it wasn't muddy we went for a ride.   Some ones says the new /old car should not be taken out in the mud or snow or rain.

My rides awaits.  We stopped by Steve and Jo's and went for a ride around the block.

I drove on the way back home...she is a boat...I would not want to parallel park anywhere.

I finished the cover for the front seat.   Far Guy says it is just perfect.  

It was a different kind of project for sure. 

This week the new/old car gets a new fuel pump and heater hoses...and then most likely to the

detailer for a real good wax.  The new paint job will take place next Fall /Winter.

Far Side

Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Weekend

 On Saturday we enjoyed Ice Cream with my parents...and I gave them each a hug.   They have completed their vaccinations and so have we.   Isolation has been hard for them...especially Mom who is a very social person. 

On Sunday we watched church online.  Far Guy and I cooked a nice meal...Roast beef...

On Easter Sunday I saw my first Robin and took a photo out the kitchen window.   Far Guy and I saw a Robin in our tree last Thursday...but before I could take a photo it took off...probably to she who sees robins first house. 

Here is the Robin record in our yard. 

April 19 2008, April 11 2009, April 5 2010, April 4 2011, March 23 2012, April 27 2013, April 9 2014, April 24 2015, April 21 2016, April 5 2017, April 29 2018, Late May 2019, March 31 2020 and now April 4 2021.

For us usually snowbound isolated people in Minnesota... the first Robin in our yard is a big thing! 

Far Side

“From the beginnings of history, people have searched for order and meaning in these events [phenological events], but only a few have discovered that keeping records enhances the pleasure of the search, and also the chance of finding order and meaning. These few are called phenologists.” – Aldo Leopold (1947)

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!


Rejoice in the risen Lord on this beautiful day!  Happy Easter!

Far Side

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Old Barn

We went to Menards, everyone wore masks and kept their distance. 

We always look for this old barn along the road.

One of these days it will be a heap on the ground. 

We got almost everything on our list...a birdbath, umbrella for the patio table, a flexi hose and solar lights...possibly a few other things may have jumped into the cart! 

Youngest daughter Jen got her 2nd vaccination ( Moderna) on Thursday...she is feeling tired and not quite herself.  Son In LawAndy and Grandson Adam had their first shots (Pfizer) on Friday and are feeling just fine.

I did not get a haircut...there was a three hour wait and all check ins beyond that were not available.  Everyone must have wanted a haircut! 

Far Side

Friday, April 2, 2021

Book Club and other stuff

 Grocery Day wasn't much of an adventure...everything was as ordered.   At Wally World I am usually the only car there, yesterday there were three other vehicles.  Some people must be cooking for Easter!

Yesterday afternoon was Book Club...not much of a Club...there are just three of us...a few others may or may not join in from time to time. 

I chose the book for April.  A few of my blog readers can guess which book I chose. 

The gals enjoyed it!   It was a good Spring read.

One of the gals said she has already mailed the book to her brother.   

So my pick was a success.  Next month we discuss Something in the Water by Steadman...along with a side discussion about the book Anne of Green Gables vs the Netflix Anne with an E.  Neither of the gals have read the book or watched the series.  So that should be interesting.  Book Club is an online meeting.

I ordered the next couple of books...I use Thrift Books.

I am almost done with the car seat cover....the last fitting happened yesterday.  

The bit of yarn in the photo with my favorite book is cashmere...and ever so nice to work with.

Far Side

Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 1st

 Welcome April...April showers bring May flowers!   We sure do need some rain as it is really dry here.  Fire danger is high.  I need to get out a water hose as soon as it warms up...just incase.   I think it was 2004 when there was an intentional fire set across the road from us, it was very windy and the sparks travelled a long way into our woods. 

We had snow in the air again, less sideways yesterday.  We didn't even bother getting the mail yesterday...with informed delivery we knew there was no mail...and if some flyer that was garbage mail was in the mailbox it could wait.

I worked on the new/old car seat cover. A few more days and it will be done.  I started watching an old season of Survivor on Netflix.

Today is grocery adventure day! 

Far Side