Thursday, November 30, 2023

Getting Ready

 We are getting ready for the move Up North for the Winter.  The last minute things have been gathered and the pile on the love seat in the living room is growing.   Basically it is last minute "stuff."

I will clean out the deep freeze just before we leave.  Some frozen foods are going with us and the rest will reside in the fridge freezer for the rest of the Winter.   We will be back from time to time as the weather permits and an easy to warm up freezer meal works for us. 

Next week we have appointments most of the week...six least we don't have to worry about the weather or driving conditions....and some dogs will be thrilled to see us again.

Far Side

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One by one

 Things are getting crossed off our "to do" list one by one.  Yesterday I had blood drawn at the clinic for my Rheumatologist appointment next week.  I hate the late in the morning almost noon fasting lab I took raisin bread toast along! 

  After having breakfast at noon in the car I visited my Mom.  She is tired and still recovering from her bout with Covid.  I fluffed out her small Christmas tree and put a few ornaments on her tree.

Later in the afternoon I had an appointment with a Nurse Ambassador from Humira.  They wanted to be sure I knew how to inject myself just in case some day I mess up the injection or it is a bad batch then I can get a replacement.  So that was a necessary appointment!  ( each injection is very expensive between $3,000 and $4,000) Good thing we have insurance.  So far I am noticing a small improvement about a week after the injection that wains to nothing before the next injection.  I take the injections every two weeks...I feel very tired and have burning bone pain for about two days following an injection. 

 One day at a time. 

Swag outside our door, it was a gift from my friend Susie.  She loves making decorations from stuff found in the woods. 

Far Side

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

To the Post Office

 Sunday afternoon we put our Christmas letter inside the Christmas Cards and we sealed them all up.  Monday I went to buy stamps, the cards had so much fru fru that they were heavy and needed more postage. 

I bought one post office out of extra postage stamps and had to go to another post office to buy the rest of them...attach them and send them off in the mail.

I can cross a couple of things off my list.  I also mailed my far away cousins old photos of their family members.  Yes it would have been fun to visit my cousins in Tennessee,  Kansas, Alaska and Florida...but that was not happening. 

My brothers have picked up their old photos, my sister still has a box full here. 

I figured I was all done with that project WHEN my baby brother announced that he found another box or two of photographs while searching for some sewing material for Mom in her storage unit. He said I will be busy next Summer.

Seems like that movie Ground Hog Day except with me and photographs. 

Far Side

Monday, November 27, 2023

Snow on Sunday

 We got a tiny bit of snow.  Nothing that amounts to much. 

Not even shovel worthy.

If we get no snow this Winter we can thank/blame by other baby brother as he bought some expensive snow removal equipment.  He wants it to snow everyday!   He wanted nice weather through Thanksgiving and now it can snow!

Far Side

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Saturday stuff

We had an eventful morning.  We loaded up Ranger Blue with recycles and garbage for the transfer station...on the way there we encountered blue and red flashing lights.  It was a Conservation Officer...he wanted us to turn on the headlights of the Ranger, he also wants us to display larger letters of our license number ( the place where we bought the Ranger said ours were just fine) and he wants us to drive on the shoulder of the road.  He ran Far Guy's Drivers License.  No ticket just a warning.   Our Ranger is street legal ( it has mirrors and turn signals) driving on Township and County roads is my opinion he was a little picky.   

 Far Guy finished the Christmas letter, soon they will be tucked into the cards and mailed. We ran out of ink so we made a trip to town.  Town was really busy...we grabbed our printer ink, milk and light bulbs and left the store as quickly as possible.  I think we stood in line longer than we shopped.  After our printing was finally complete we had a nap.  Our weather is cold. 

We had chicken alfredo and green beans for supper.  Far Guy watched some Hockey in the evening.  

I watched two very good movies yesterday.  Love actually...I enjoyed it so much I may watch it again.  Over on tubi there was a show called Finders Fee that was written and directed by Survivor's Jeff Probst that I also found interesting. 

Far Side

Saturday, November 25, 2023


We have enough groceries in this house so my grocery trip this week was really short and I still forgot the milk.  I must have been concentrating on getting gas in the vehicle and a wash and then over to one of the parks to get a few photos.

The Christmas tree is on Main Street...Black Friday shoppers were out so there was no place to park.  It doesn't help that the tree and the fence that surrounds it takes up at least four parking spots.  I am not sure what trinkets people were buying...the only store I frequent on Main Street is the five and dime store where nothing is a nickel or a dime.

Far Guys infusion took a bit longer this week.  A pump problem.  

The light posts at the park are all decorated and the geese flew South.  I had a nice walk through the park looking at all the sculptures.  No one else was tourists!   It was  26 F or -3 C eh.

The river is frozen.  It was a very nice November while it lasted.

Far Side


Friday, November 24, 2023


 Blame it on the turkey.  

  My baby brother and his bride took Mom out of the Nursing Home for church and dinner at their home.  Mom had a long nap at their place after church.  She seem to be getting better after her bout with Covid....she is back to walking again.   

I had a three hour nap after our meal together.  Turkey will do that to you!  We had enough food for many more people and it was all delicious.

Old church and graveyard South of Detroit Lakes, photo taken last weekend. 

Far Side

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We plan to gather for dinner with my baby brother, his bride and our Mother.  They are doing the turkey.  I made the pumpkin pie without a crust, green beans with bacon and the mashed potatoes.

Most people are traveling a long way for Thanksgiving, we will hop in Ranger Blue and drive a half of a mile.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

Far Side

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Car appointment

 I left early in the morning for the car appointment for an oil change and a tire rotation.  I crocheted while waiting.   They have two waiting with a TV and one without.  The TV room has the coffee pots...the salesmen go in and out filling their said "Good Morning"  the others were silent.  I was there just about two hours. Cross something off my list!

Like I told Far Guy...waiting room patrons are held hostage until their car is done.  If I were a car salesman I would be talking to people and handing out business cards.  I think a few cars could be sold that way...but what do I know. 

Far Guy told me not to buy a car while I was I didn't.    Oil change/new car they kinda go together.

1958 Ford Retractable

Far Side

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Fun lunch with Susie!

 I met one of my very old friends for lunch yesterday.  Old as in known for many years....since our kids were little.   We celebrate our birthdays and Christmas with lunch and girl talk and a bit of gambling at a place deep in the woods that is about half way from where we each live. 

We have to make appointments with each other to get it done!  Sometimes we invite our husbands...sometimes not!  

It is good to have a very old friend! 

Far Side

Monday, November 20, 2023

Another visit

 My cousin Dale stopped by to pick up the photos of his parents and siblings.  We had a good visit.  He is thinking about retiring next summer, he says he needs some quality fishing time and will build a shouse not far from us.  ( A shouse is a shop/house combination that is becoming quite popular.)  He has a bunch of old farm tractors to work on in retirement. 

Brothers; My Dad on the left and Dales Dad on the right.  Filling the silo on the farm where I grew up September 1952.

Far Side

Sunday, November 19, 2023


 I lined up some deliveries to relatives.  Old Photographs that my Mom had saved over the years.   I started at one of my Dad's second cousins Hazel, then my Aunt Sharon, my cousin Danny (I met his dog Mick),  then lunch with my Aunt Judy, off to catch my cousin Holly's husband and son, and finally I ventured to my Uncle Al's.  It was a nice day to be out and about.  49 F or 10 C eh!  

When my Aunt Judy asked me to lunch, I asked her to "keep it simple"  Well...we had grilled ham and cheese on homemade sourdough bread, pickles, strawberries, grapes and then peach pie for dessert....with about the best pie crust I have ever tasted...musta been the lard:)  She is all alone now after my Uncle Dennis died a number of years ago so she gets a bit lonely. 

My Uncle Al was in fine form, he is feeling better after some Nuclear Chemo treatments.  He was seven years old when I was born...and the chief baby rocker for his  brother and sister and Mom lived with her parents when my Dad went to Korea...and there were three babies in the house.  My Grandmother had twins two months after I was born and she was 40 years old. 

Lots of diapers on the cloths line with three babies in the house. 

Far Side


Saturday, November 18, 2023

Fall Afghan

 Remember this yarn?  It was supposed to be a Fall afghan.

I began the project but was not feeling the greens and blue.  

In the "yarn store" upstairs I found some colors that made me say "Yes that is much better."

Progress is slow but sure.   I am pleased with the colors.  The pattern is called "Hush" and it is easily worked on while watching TV.   Lately I am watching Landscape Artist of the year for 2016 on Tubi.

FYI  the tote of yarn I sent up North is for the same pattern afghan...but it was all my left overs from other projects so it will be multicolor! 

Far Side 

Friday, November 17, 2023

Ornaments 2023

 Far Guy was an awesome woodcarver all summer.  

He sent me this photo when I was at the craft retreat back in September. 

He painted all the beaks for me.  The birds are all belly up on the table!

During the month of October I painted almost every day.  

I found some leather cord to use for the hanger.  They are simple painted Cardinals each one is a bit different.

I have a few left to hand deliver, all the far away mailings have been delivered.

Far Side

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Somedog was happy!

 We loaded the car with woodcarving supplies, tools and yarn.  We took a road trip up North to deliver  "stuff" to our Winter home. 

Somedog was happy to see us. 

Little Elvis was happy too! 

A few more weeks and we will be up North for the Winter.  It was a great day for a drive no worry about ice or snow it was 56 F or 13 C and sunny! 

I should have enough yarn up there for the Winter...if not I know where the store that sells it is.   We had a nice lunch with Jen and were back home before it got dark at 5PM. 

Far Side


Wednesday, November 15, 2023


 Nice warm days, practically like Summer weather.  56 F or 14 C eh!  I will take it!!

Far Guy went to recycle by himself as I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom and doing a bunch of laundry.

Salmon, garlic toast and peaches was supper.   I am not a great fan of Salmon but this time it wasn't too bad. 

I took my 2nd Humira reaction or huge improvement in the pain ...yet.  I am hopeful that eventually they will find something that works.   I am keeping a pain diary. Fun...

Far Side

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The Hills

 Now that Deer Hunting is over we ventured back into the Smoky Hills. 

There was ice on the beaver pond.

Proof of beaver life...the shrub on the front right of the photo has been trimmed recently.  It was a really nice Ranger Blue ride.

The road through the hills is in great shape.  We did see two hunters.  Not sure what they were hunting. 

Far Side

Monday, November 13, 2023


 My other baby brother took a look at Ranger Blue and figured out what the problem was.  A ground wire that was not installed properly at the factory.   He got the wire held down with a nut and it is good to go.  Many thanks to my other baby brother!

We went for a short ride to charge up the battery.

Far Guy and I have really missed our Ranger rides.

It was just past sunset when we went for a ride. 

The weather was beautiful yesterday, earlier in the day we delivered some old photos to some of my cousins and some Christmas ornaments.  It was 49 F or 10 C eh and very windy late in the afternoon.  Nice weather for mid November!

Far Side

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Photo project

 I finished with my Mom's photos, they have been sorted and some have been scanned.  All the old black and whites have been scanned, the color photos I chose to scan were the most interesting ones. I asked my siblings to stop by and pick up their photos.  I put out a plea on Facebook to my cousins to come and get their old photos.  We will see who shows up.

It is good to have that project behind me.  

Far Guy went to a 90th birthday gathering for the Tomato Man who lives over on the narrows.  He had a good visit with everyone.  I did not go...I was having a bad Arthritis the warm rice bag and the couch were my activity for the afternoon. 


Photo from 1957.  The photo was taken in my maternal grandparents yard.  On the back of the photo it says "Ma's new Buick"  that must be the 1957 Buick in the background.  The Buick next to the house is a 1950 Buick Eight.

I do not recall either vehicle. 

"The Tomato Man"  doesn't every rural community have someone who is known by a nickname?  In this case Curtis is known for the tomatoes he has grown since he was a kid.  He hangs out a sign with the word Tomatoes on it and people stop by to buy his tomatoes.

Far Side

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Thank you

 Thank a Veteran.

Thank you to all the Veterans, especially, my husband, my nephew Ben, my Dad, and my Uncles Arthur, Andrew, Arnold, Hugo, Dennis and Delbert.

Far Side

Friday, November 10, 2023

Cuteness Overload

 Before she was born I bought Ree a sweater. 

Cuteness overload for sure by our Great Granddaughter Ree! 

Far Side

Thursday, November 9, 2023


 I had quite a time with the Baptismal gown.  It had some difficult stains.  Finally worked some magic with some bleach  and gave it a good wash and rinse.  I bought a steamer because my iron is so old it would have made yucky spots on it. ( I hardly ever use my iron...I think it is about 40 years old)

The gown is pressed good enough for now...I have had it hanging upstairs and will wrap it in white tissue paper and put it away in the box.  Who knows when it will be used again. 

Cross something off my list! 

I mailed the Christmas Ornaments yesterday so I can cross that off my list too.  The fellow in the Post Office was not real happy when I showed up with 20 packages to mail....he said "How many"  "Today?" and looked at the clock.  It took him about 25 minutes....I showed up well before it was time to close.

Had my last eye exam for awhile...I hope.  Saw a specialist...yes I have secondary cataracts but she doesn't think they are bad enough to laser yet.  My being suspect for glaucoma remains the same.  Right now I am stable. Cross that off my list too. 

A few Christmas ornaments were hand delivered.   Yeah us! 

Far Guy is working diligently on the Christmas card address list updating it and alphabetizing it!  What a trooper...he spent so much time learning a new program on his computer.  He cusses occasionally...

Far Side

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Covid and other stuff

 My Mom tested positive for Covid yesterday.  The day after I spent extended time with her in the emergency room.  The Nursing Home has not done the boosters available this Fall....or the Flu shots or RSV.  Uffda.

Yesterdays project was getting the Christmas ornaments ready to mail.  Not sure when I will get to the Post Office.  

I am almost done with a project I started last summer.  I have my Mom's numerous photo albums and boxes of loose photos.  I have gone through and scanned the really old photos and sorted through them.  I have envelopes filled with photos for many relatives on both sides of the family.  Mom had begun sorting at one point....and now it is almost done.  One more day and I will have it completed! 

My grandfather Albert and a three horse hitch. Three horses don't have to work as hard as two horses and they make a powerful team.

Far Side

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


 My Mom took a tumble in the nursing home.  She was scanned, x rayed and had lots of tests in the ER yesterday.   She has a bump on her head and a cut on her elbow from the fall.  She was very tired and dehydrated so they gave her some fluids and sent her back to the home.  She could not remember where she was when she fell or why, or if she was inside or outside. I stayed with her while they ran all the tests, my other baby brother came by and sat with us for awhile. I got her back to the home safely. 

I washed a load of sheets and Far Guy got them dried and put back on the bed.  He also started supper for us.   He is researching what the problem is with Ranger won't start even with a new battery. Uffda was a day. 

A beaver had a good start.

Far Side

Monday, November 6, 2023

Deer Hunt

 Deer hunting season opened here in Minnesota on Saturday.   Far Guy and I used to hunt years ago...actually we liked being in the we live in the woods and can go outside when ever we want!

I come from a hunting family ...all my siblings hunt.

Now a days I hunt with my camera. 

Two fawns and a doe last week in our yard...there was a third fawn but he/she is not in this photo.  They come into the yard every day to eat acorns.

We have one Grandchild that likes to hunt.   She used to spend hunting days with my Dad ( her Great Grandfather).  They both enjoyed hunting together. 

Dad used to call her his good luck hunting charm. 

Maddie got her deer on Saturday.  She said "We saw a couple of bucks, but this one walked right up to the stand and gave me the perfect shot. I am pretty sure Great Grandpa sent her to me, he became my good luck charm."

Photo of Maddie and her deer.

Her Great Grandpa would have been thrilled for her! 

Far Side


The ornament winners are

Barbara   "Scavenger hunts for clues"

Miss Merry  "Dollhouse"

Ed " Fresh cut Cedar tree"

Please email me  captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom with your mailing address.  Congratulations!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

So Long

 Yesterday we said our last goodbye to an old friend from Oklahoma.  He died in Oklahoma a few weeks ago and his daughter brought him back home to be buried near his parents. 

Honor Guard at Barry's Committal Service.  Bag Pipes and Amazing Grace. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, flying high into the sun..." and then taps.  One of the honor guards shared with us that an eagle flew overhead at one point in the service.  ( Typical for Air Force!)

The urn was beautiful! A suitable container for a very dear friend who served many years in the Air Force and The Air National Guard in Oklahoma City. He lived in Oklahoma part time after he retired because his children lived there and the rest of the time he spent in Park Rapids.  We played many a card game with Barry, and neighbors Steve and Jo.  I made him a custom pair of shakers a long time ago....he never did give them away he kept them for himself.

Goodbye old friend.


Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun! (Give 'er the gun now!) Down we dive, spouting our flame from under, Off with one helluva roar! We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey! Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!

Far Side

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Favorite Christmas Tradition?

 Have your Christmas traditions changed over the years?  I know that Covid changed our traditions.  Church on Christmas Eve, Shiny Brite tree, family dinners.

 Now my favorite tradition is watching the excitement of our Great Grandchilden at Christmas.  I am mostly all about the simple things as gifts, easy meals instead of days cooking, time to just be, handmade Christmas cards.

Far Guy wood carved all the Christmas ornaments this year.  He did a great job!  They are beautiful!  I finished painting them a few weeks ago.   Yesterday I got together all my boxes, tins and bags.  I got most of them ready to deliver or put into mailers.  I still need a few more boxes.  So it is a work in progress. 

The ornaments are a tradition that we began in 1994.  We started it so when our daughters and nieces and nephews had a tree of their own they would have ornaments from their childhood.  

I could not wood carve this year, my hands were just too painful. I was okay painting the ornaments. 

We chose the design together and Far Guy carved outside on days when the weather was nice. 

We would like to give away a few ornaments.  Please leave your answer to this question to enter the drawing. "What is your favorite Christmas Tradition? "   We will mail to those in the United States.  I will draw some names on Sunday evening and let you know who won on Mondays blog. 

Far Side

Friday, November 3, 2023

November Book Club and updates

 Yesterday I had book club.  We read The Alice Network. 

I gave it an eight.  Most of the other gals rated it higher and only one lower than me...a seven. One of the gals read it before so she read it again...I cannot see me repeating it...ever. 

Far Guys infusion went well, he enjoys the time spent with two of his favorite nurses. 

From Far Guy " I have a hole in my head for nothin."  His biopsy came back as sun damage to aging skin.  Good news if you ask me! 

Beth made her first outing yesterday, she and Baxter and my baby brother came over in the afternoon.  Beth is still recovering.

Far Side

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Second Snow

 It snowed again...our second snow ( Monday night and Tuesday morning).  Wouldn't you know it...the one day that I had a Doctor appointment at the butt crack of dawn.  

I learned how to inject myself with a new medication (Humira) for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I hope this one works.  I was sick for about 24 hours...tired...and felt like my bones were burning up but I was chilled.  Go figure.  I have to do the injections every two weeks.  Good thing we have good insurance as it is about 6K a month and our insurance covered all but $34   I am not sure how anyone affords the medication without good insurance. 

Then Far Guy had an appointment later that morning.  Dermatology...there were some areas on his head that I thought looked suspicious for skin cancer and the Dr called them pre cancerous, so she froze them.  She also took a biopsy from the top of his results on that yet. He survived.

By that time the snow was melting on the roads.  

Since then the snow has melted off our patio too.  So the second snow is not sticking around. 

Beth got to come home from the hospital on Monday.  She will recover slowly at home. 

Far Side

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Halloween Report 2023

 We had seven trick or treaters!  

Our youngest Great Niece.

Great nieces and a friend 

A lumberjack 

All the kids lined up on the step.


Fun to see them all.

Our Great Grandchildren.

As you can see it is cold outside and they are dressed for the cold.

Ree in the Dobby hat that I crocheted for her.  In case you don't know Dobby is a House Elf in Harry Potter.

Far Side