Saturday, August 31, 2019

Last Day of August

I already hate that it gets dark so early at night...I just hate losing that sunlight.

Had a busy day yesterday...I was the assistant lawn mower maniac/mechanic. We got er done and it runs and mows just like it did  before I broke it!   So I mowed for awhile!

I cleaned up my garage.  It was a nice day for that about 68 F for a high...Fall weather has arrived.

For fun I rewrote that sock pattern is perfect now.  Maybe.

I sprayed some weeds in the rocks around the house.

Odda came to visit for part of the day....she is more than happy to sleep out on the patio.  We make sure she has water.  We both sat outside with her at different times throughout the day.  She loves attention and seeks out your hand to pet her.

 After Odda left I put that Wet and Forget on part of the patio...I like how it took care of the moss and cleaned up the brick in my test section.  The jury is still out on the cedar deck out might need a wire brush.

Far Guy got called for Jury Duty...his third time...  He filed for an exemption since we may get called for the lung transplant at any time.

Flowers in town
Far Side

Friday, August 30, 2019

Art on Main

Yesterday I had some time to just be me in town. ( Far Guy had two appointments back to back) First I visited the sculptures on Main Street.

This one is called Partial Eclipse

This one is called Traveling through life with love

Well that kept me busy for just a bit.  Then I wandered into the Dime Store...and then into the Yarn Shop...they got some new yarn in...especially for socks.  After a purchase there I figured I better find something else to occupy an hour or so.  I went out to my cousins and had a good visit with him and his wife. 

I am feeling much better with my wasp sting the worthless cream seems to be doing a better than expected job controlling the itching which in turn keeps the swelling to a minimum.   Thank you for all your good wishes!

Far Side

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sad Glads

We noticed all these sad Glads  the other day when it was raining.

The rain got the best of them.

I am having a secondary reaction to my wasp sting last week.  All was well until late Sunday/early Monday when my wrist started to swell up and itch like the dickins.  Finally went to the Doctor yesterday who thinks it is a serum sickness and not an infection.  She prescribed some worthless cream.   I didn't plan to go to the Doctor after I dropped Far Guy off at his Pulmonary Therapy appointment...I got the oil changed and gassed up the car and had time to go to the walk in clinic.  Far Guy was walking out of his appointment the same time I was done.  Perfect timing.

I had serum sickness one time when I was little, I recall that I was feverish and my joints were very stiff.  This time I have some joint stiffness, swollen lymph nodes and a general feeling of yuckiness and of course the swelling and itching at the bite site.

Far Side

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Another soggy day

Tuesday found us heading North to a funeral. ( 1 hour North is about as far from home as we go these days.)

Andy's Grandfather died last week.  He was a well loved Grandfather.

We sat at the back of the church.

It  rained and rained at the cemetery.

Andy's Dad (Bob) played Taps for his father in law who served in the Navy during the Korean War.

Andy's Maternal Grandparents were married for 66 years...his Grandmother will be lonely and doubly sad...her son died about six weeks ago.

We got to meet the foreign exchange student from Belgium that will be spending the school year with Andy, Jen and Adam.  Jonas is very tall and very thin...but was introduced to proper Minnesota Funeral food yesterday and seemed to like everything he ate.  We hear that Miss Miney and Little Elvis like him and he likes them too.  He said he is a little nervous to begin school next week and meet so many new people.  He speaks English quite well.  I told Jen that it is too bad he has to attend a funeral during his first week here...Jen said "That's life."

Far Side

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rainy Day

Another rainy day yesterday..errands and a medical appointment were accomplished.  Groceries put away and some laundry done...

I colored on cards for a short time until I got so sleepy I couldn't stand it. Nap Time!

Far Guy had a nap was a tough breathing day for him with the high humidity.

Far Side

Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday Stuff

I try to start out Mondays with everything in place for the week.  Menus made and lists made for groceries and special things that should be done over the week.

Of course a person should be a bit flexible with the weather etc...and stuff that pops up that goes on the "to do list."

Lawn mowing is done for the week...trimming is not...nor is Poison Ivy removal and Thistle removal.  All things country that creep up on me.

Horses and a wagon....I think some young men were getting driving lessons.

We have just a few medical appointments this far only four.  My kind of week.
Far Side

Sunday, August 25, 2019

My Mom's Family Gathering

On Saturday a bunch of my Mom's nieces and nephews hosted a reunion on Lake Seven by Vergas Minnesota.

My Mom and one of her brothers (her other brother lives in Nebraska and did not attend)  They are the remnant of 12 brothers and sisters.   My Mom is 2nd born and Uncle Al pictured was born 9th and Uncle Kenny was born 12th.

It was a good day with way too much food...they are a bunch of good cooks!

Uncle Al shared that when I was born he was seven years old.  My Grandmother birthed twins two months after I was born so there were three babies in the house that winter (My Dad was in Korea).  Grandma or my Mom would holler for Al to come and rock babies to sleep.  He said most often he was at the woodpile with his brother Butch splitting wood when the call rang out from the house.  Butch would be disgusted that his helper had to leave... Al he would warm up by the stove and then rock babies sometimes two at a time.  He recalls rocking babies was much better than chopping wood.

Since I am the oldest Grandchild and the cousins closer to my age were not at the reunion it was a bit strange.  I did have a good visit with several younger cousins.  The cousins that I grew up with were not there (Max, Diane, La Rae, Linda)  only one was there Vickie....the rest were all my other baby brothers age or younger.   But I do recall when their mothers were pregnant with them....strange perspective I know.

We stayed as long as we could, the perfume and aftershave were intense even outside.  Far Guy was struggling and felt like his lungs were burned.  Sadly he still feels that way many hours of the many reasons we rarely go out in public.

Far Side

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bee Happy

Bee Happy that was the theme for the August wreath outside the front door.   It is better than being sad about "stuff" that you cannot control.

One day at a time.

Even though Fall is in the air more so everyday I will wait for September to arrive to decorate for Fall.

The big news this week; Andy, Jen and Adam are hosting a foreign exchange student this year.  He was due to arrive yesterday.  His name is Jonas and he is 18 and from Belgium.  It should be an interesting year for them.

Far Side

Friday, August 23, 2019

On the list : Day 32

The appointments at the U of MN went so so.  Far Guy is worse...he needs a lung and the sooner the better according to his Transplant Pulmonologist.  He needs to increase his Oxygen to keep his Oxygen Saturation up.  She changed some medications.   She wants him on antibiotics full time to see if we can get him feeling better.

We left home early in the morning during a rain storm and the storm followed us all the way to the cities.   It rained cats and dogs and other animals.

View from one of the waiting rooms.

It started to clear off  after we got there.  The ride home was much better. 
It makes for a really long day when we go and come back in the same day.  We were tired when we got home.  It is a 3 1/2 hour to 4 hour drive one way.

Today is our first free day this week...all of the appointments have been accomplished.

I went to Bingo with my Dad last night we were losers but still had a good time.
Far Side

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Run for your life

I can still run...not like in my dreams where I am slow to take off but then soar above the ground only landing every ten or so steps to kick off airborne again.

I run slow like an old lady...but faster than a bunch of angry Paper Wasps/Hornets.  The Internet tells me that a person cannot outrun them...well maybe not everyone...but then again I am not everyone.

It all began after a trip to town for Far Guys Pulmonary Therapy.  A few months ago I bought some stuff called Wet and Forget. it is a moss, mildew and stain remover good for wood or stone. It was there in the garage saying "Remember this project?"  I mixed up a batch to try on a section of patio brick... my sprayer is wonky...but I got it to half ass work.

THEN I decided to go and get the cedar deck and steps out back...on the north side of the house the steps used to look beautiful but now they are looking mossy and dark...I went up the steps and took my wand and flicked a few dead leaves off the deck when I heard buzzing, I was attacked and stung.  I couldn't believe it.  I took off at warp old lady speed with many wasps/hornets chasing me.  Did you know the first one that stings you marks you with something so the other  wasps/hornets can quickly find you?

I dropped my sprayer just outside the front door and went inside and announced very loudly BEES!"

My husband heard "GEES"  he said Gees what?   What ?  BEES!  I was stung.  You were stung?  YES.

He fumbled getting my epi pen but quickly recovered and got me a bag of ice and stabbed me in the leg with the epi pen.   Sometimes I need an extra shot...but I made it by with one and a Benadryl ...which proceeded to make me sleepy.  "You are going to go to sleep aren't you?"  yes...

It was reported that I was cooperative during part of the long sleep by snoring...the rest of the time he had to check my breathing.

Luckily this time I was only stung once on the outer side of my wrist.  It was very painful...the ice helped and I took Aleve.  After my long sleep the swelling is more up and down my arm versus one spot. My right thigh is almost as sore those epi pen needles are pretty big.

I have been allergic to bees since I opened honey bee hives when I was about three years old.

I had a severe reaction to wasps/hornets back in the early 1980's where my tongue swelled so big I had to hang it out of my mouth to breathe...that time I required many many shots and caused quite a stir in the ER in Fargo.

All is well that ends well...although I did have some other things planned for the afternoon other than a long nap.

Lesson learned never be too far from the epi pens.

Far Guy reports that he has sprayed the wasp nest.

Far Side

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wistful Wednesday : Family branch

We have many branches that make up our family tree.  I was able to do some research and discover a bit about my Great Great Grandmother on my Mothers paternal side of the family. I have her obituary from 1918. She and her husband were parents to eight children.

The short adventure that we took the other day was finding the cemetery where my Great Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandfather and some of their children are buried.

So far I can only push back in this branch to 1843 in Pomen or Pomerania Germany.  I do have some clues about earlier dates and people but they need more research.

Old photo of some of the eight children.

My Mother took this photo in 1949.  The occasion was someones funeral, Mom cannot recall who died.
Lena, Elsie, Grandma(Hatwig or Hadwig), Hattie, Bob 1949.

Lena was my Great Grandmother's sister, born in Kansas....she married twice once in 1907 and again in 1944. She lived out her life in Coleraine Minnesota.
Elsie was my Great Grandmothers twin sister ( can you imagine how rare it was in 1878 to have twins and both of them survived!) born in Stuttgart, Stradtkreis, Stuttgart, Baden - Wurttemberg Germany.  Elsie married John and they lived in Spruce Grove Township Minnesota. is Hatwig on her grave marker.  Married my Great Grandfather Christian and they lived on a farm next to my maternal grandparents all their lives ( one of my cousins lives there now)
Hattie....Hattie is Bob's wife. They lived in Fullerton North Dakota.
Bob...or Robert my Great Grandmothers oldest brother.  Married to Hattie and lived in Fullerton North Dakota.

Other siblings were Otto, William(Wilhelm), Albert and Frank
The research continues.
Far Side

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


My little garden out front is struggling.  The squirrels have created a freeway down the center and now the baby rabbits are eating blossoms of the Impatiens.    Such is gardens amongst the critters.

I need to replace some of the solar lights the squirrels uses them as jumping off spots...I glued a few they even managed to knock them off... go figure.

Bunny salad bar on the left. 
Oh well I enjoy the bright spot in my yard anyway.
Far Side

Monday, August 19, 2019

Catch up

I spent the weekend catching up with some projects that have been on hold.
Some family history research, working with old photos, testing my sock pattern and cleaning out the inside of the car.

My Mom's flowers along Dad's garage.

I wounded my lawn mower last week...I didn't totally wreck it but will have to get some parts and help fix it.  In the meantime I stole borrowed my baby brothers zero turn.  All the lawns are mowed...well except for the hilly parts at my baby brothers...I just don't do hills.

This week we have multiple Doctors appointments.  Eight I is what we do.

Far Side

Sunday, August 18, 2019


We went on an adventure on Saturday afternoon. 
 Not far from home and just a short adventure before nap time.

Anyways...along the way I noticed something strange. On our way back we stopped for a photo.

Do you see it?

How about now?  A Shiny Brite tree along the road!    There are no houses nearby. 
Someone probably wanted to make people smile.  And it worked.

Far Side

Saturday, August 17, 2019

More yellow and a little green

On the way into town to pick up my Dad for our Bingo date I stopped by the sunflower field.

What fun to photograph such beautiful blooms.  I like this field ...there is a safe spot to pull off the highway.

I have to bee careful on account of the bees and my epi pen was at home.  The bees were more intent on the blooms than me...good thing.

Oh and the green.
Well we had an uneventful night at Bingo until the last game.   The big one... Blackout for 1,000 dollars.   Yes I Bingoed but so did two other people so we had to spit the loot and I split again with my Dad cause we always play one wins we all win.  So Dad and I  went home 130 dollars ahead and had a free night at bingo. ( Bingo cards are 30 dollars for the evening.  We play double packs and then buy 7 extra cards for Blackout.)  My Dad really enjoys Bingo.  When I called at 4 PM to check on them and make sure Dad was feeling okay and wanted to go to Bingo...Mom said "He already has his shoes on and is waiting for you."

Far Side

Friday, August 16, 2019


Some of the brush in the woods is turning yellow.  Leaves litter the ground after the big wind we had a week ago.   I haven't mowed for awhile...the mower will chop up those leaves and sticks...a prelude to Fall work.

Yesterday I accomplished...not much...errands.   I dropped by the thrift store and got a skein of yarn for nests...I am the last of the big spenders at 50 cents.  The Walmart list had grown so that was accomplished.   Far Guy was dropped off and picked up...he is still real short of breath.

Good news this new Bill Pay seems to be working...bills are paid and money leaves the account...yeah!  Technology is great when it works!

A beautiful bunch of Rudbeckia
Far Side

Thursday, August 15, 2019


That is the number of Christmas Ornaments that are complete. The paints are put away and the dining room table has been cleared off.  The ornaments are in three boxes awaiting Christmas bags or boxes of their own...

It has been rainy the past two days, yesterday morning I could not see how my day would progress as it was a "me day"  so I did some laundry, scrubbed the Furnace/Laundry room floor and continued on into the kitchen.  I took apart the vacuum cleaner and cleaned it up real vacuum not Far Guys robot vacuum.  I worked on some bits and pieces for stage two of the ornaments.  The sun peaked out for a bit and Far Guy was able to buff up the last few of stage one...I put the last coat of sealer on them and at 9 PM last night I was finished with the 2019 Ornament Project.  Yeah us!! 

I even found time to transcribe my knit sock pattern in the afternoon and have a 20 minute nap.
The sock pattern is tucked into a page protector with extra sticky notes so I can easily keep track of which row I am on.  Yeah me!  Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes or typos!  ( I still have two pair of socks on needles)

Liatris  more than likely the Floristan White one.
Far Side

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wistful Wednesday : August 13

Far Guys Dad died in 1994 at the age of 80.

His birthday was August 13, 1914.  He would have been 105 years old yesterday.
Here is an old Photomat Photo of him.  I will guess this was taken about 1940.
I wonder who had it folded and tucked away?  Perhaps Far Guy's Mother.

He had a nice smile.  He was a nice gentleman.  He was a wise man, I often wish he was around so I could ask him a question or two...or three.

Far Side

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I have the Bill Pay situation under control now...maybe.  I had to open a new account at a local bank as none of our other accounts would work.  I have entered all the information and hopefully bills will be paid.  The Credit Union still has not subtracted money from our account for the bills I paid using their system.  Someday I suppose they will figure it out.   I wonder how long it will take? 

 Finally after 8 plus weeks I can  say I might have accomplished this project...who knew it would be such a big pain in the butt.

Echinacea and an old bridge
It rained all day on Monday, turning our grass green again.  We had a number of errands to run.  The humidity makes it hard for Far Guy to breathe.  He is exhausted.  

Far Side

Monday, August 12, 2019

Some progress

We have two lanes of tar!!  The biggest part of constructing the new road is done. 

yeah for a new road!   Now I can wash the car and clean all the doors where dust has collected.

We worked on the second phase of our wood carved Christmas Ornament  over the weekend.  40 are now complete and ready to package up! It is real putzy work....painting and sealing...washing my hands and brushes many times a day. (I am a messy painter)

We enjoyed the first of the local sweetcorn and wish we had the energy to put some up for the winter.   The tomato guy has tomatoes ripening on the we will soon have tomatoes.  The Chokecherries were a bust this year...just about enough for the birds...I would have to hunt real hard for enough to make some jelly.

Far Side

Sunday, August 11, 2019

More Art

Here are the last three sculptures at Goose Poop Park.

This one is called Stegacrane.

I did not enjoy the next one at all.
It is called Snakes and I gave it a wide berth.

The last one was puzzling to me.

It is called Wheel of Wonder.  I read later that you are supposed to look through the eyepiece, inside is a kaleidoscope...

The sculptures change every year...but most of the artists are the same from year to year.  The snake artist is new to this project this year.  I believe the sculptures are sold after they have been on display for a year.

So much for this artsy fartsy project.

Far Side

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Me Day

I finally had a me day.  My "me day" may be different from yours.


I played "52 pickup and put away" at least once.  I deep cleaned the bathroom, washed towels and bath rugs.  Washed another load of clothing too.  I phoned a friend who has encountered many losses in the last month, she said I made her feel a bit better...I hope so.     I mowed lawn over at Katie's old place, then a small area over at my other baby brothers place of business and on the way home I mowed the back road.   I now have 71 Christmas Ornaments ready for stage two.  Stage two is being worked on.  I had a long nap (about 2 hours), and we cooked supper together...pork burgers without the bun, french fries in the air fryer and peaches. I spoke with my baby brother last evening, his daughter is recovering from surgery.  Oh yes Jen called and my other baby brother and sister in law stopped by.

It was really nice to stay home all day. I may not have had much time for "me" but I had the time to do things that were important to me.

Fish Hook River and the old Rail Road Trestle Bridge  August 8 2019.
Far Side

Friday, August 9, 2019


Yesterday I had a bit of time on my hands in town so I headed over the Goose Poop Park Red Bridge Park.  You have to watch where you step just like in an old barnyard.

This sculpture is called Many Feathers.  That is a small turtle on the pedestal.

A stone and iron sculpture called The Outcropping. The door opens and you can go stand inside.  Not sure why you would want to...but you can.

This one is called Sunrise and it is by far my favorite.

There are six new sculptures in the park and two downtown.   Downtown probably has no goose poop.  Honestly I checked the bottoms of my Crocs before I got in the car.

Far Side

Thursday, August 8, 2019

On the road again

Took a drive out on the new road to see how far the paver got today.  4 miles!!  Yeah for us we have half a road now.

This is our corner.  Soon the long trips around will be history along with a constantly dusty car.
This section of road used to have a large hill...not so much anymore. We followed the water truck along, he will make passes all night long so it is good to finish paving.

I may wash our vehicle today just to get a layer of dust off.   By the weekend both lanes should be paved...and maybe even the center line marked...progress!!
Far Side

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

On The List : 16 Days

Not much has changed.  They want some more tests done...because they are curious I guess.  Visits and tests were scheduled with the Endocrinologist, Pulmonologist, a scan of his esophagus, some random blood tests, a six minute walk and some breathing function tests. ( Sputum samples were sent in already and we are waiting for the results.)  He also had a Hepatitis B injection on August 1st.   All visits and tests will be accomplished in the next few weeks.

Far Guy is still very short of breath. We are keeping him out of  lung irritants ...perfume, after shave, cleaning products, fabric softner, gas fumes and campfire smoke.

We hope "the call" comes soon, but it could be a long wait.

Ratibida pinnata
 Far Side

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tried Again

While Far Guy was at Rehab I did errands and was done before him so I went by the local Hometown Craft Store (used to be a Ben Franklin) and bought some proper baby yarn. I crocheted them during the afternoon when the phone was ringing off the hook so much it made me miss my nap.

I am done with baby booties now.   These will be a gift for one of Far Guy's Infusion Nurses who is due to have a baby soon.

I stopped by a Bank in town.  Yes they could set me up with Bill Pay, I just had to sign some papers.  Later I found out the gal didn't know what she was talking about ( she is new and was confused) I have to go back to town and open another if one of the three we have there would not has to be a special checking account.   I am just about fed up with signing up for this bill pay crap.  And yes the Credit Union we usually use is still paying our bills and not taking the money out of our account...the money is there just waiting for them...go figure.  Everyone said "Bill Pay is so easy."  I have found it to be a big pain in the butt for the past 9 weeks.

Far Side

Monday, August 5, 2019

Miney in the Morning and Crochet Projects

The dogs love to wake us up early, at home they have a doggie door and can let themselves out. At our house Little Elvis licks your hand or arm or face until you get up.

Far Guy got up way early at daylight.  I did the second shift...they were hungry at 7AM and then needed to go out.

One way to get Little Elvis to leave you alone for five minutes is to brush him!

We sure enjoy their visits.  They are good company.  Miss Miney is over 14 now, she has problems walking a straight  line some days...she wobbles...BUT she is still happy and seems comfortable.

 I struggled with a different baby bootie pattern...finally have a pair that are acceptable.  If I do them again I would pick a fine baby yarn. As it was I used a cotton thread. I added the ties being realistic that they might have to be tied on!

At least these will fit a baby and not a one year old.

I worked on packaging up seven crochet rescue nests for a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Iowa.  They are ready to mail!  I work on nests here and there, when ever I have a few minutes.  I forgot to take a photo.
Far Side

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Progress or not

Making progress on the Christmas Ornament...50 are now complete in Phase One. Feels good to have them packed away in a box awaiting their final bits.

We had a good gathering at my baby brothers lake home.  Good food and good company.  Got to see a few cousins that we haven't seen in awhile.  My baby brother and his wife hold an annual Rendezvous at their place the first weekend in August.  New this year is a zip line for kids and adults.  The closest I got was removing poison ivy in that area!  The small step stool I have makes me nervous, so a zip line would be out of the question!

Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset' in the Wild Gardens.

Far Guy is coughing and short of breath again. We just cannot keep him feeling good.
Far Side

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Busy as a bee

Days away from medical appointments take on a life of their own.  I try to stay on top of things just in case Far Guy gets "the call" is almost a full time job.  Yard, house, laundry....repeat.

Jen is here with Miss Miney and Little Elvis.  It is good to have dogs in the house again.  Jen and I worked on Christmas Ornaments....26 are now complete waiting for the second stage.   We also worked on the design of the Christmas Card.   Yesterday I made potato salad for fifty plus people for a gathering today at my baby brothers lake home.

I attempted to crochet a pair of baby booties for a friend that is having a was a cute design but would fit a one year old instead of a baby so I frogged it.  I hope to find another pattern or re write the one I have.   I showed it to Jen and she just was so big!

I asked Jen to bring down a box for the ornaments in waiting...she discovered I am a box hoarder and mumbled something about boxes inside other boxes.

Far Side

Friday, August 2, 2019


Well it is August in Minnesota.  Only a couple of months until it snows.  The Oak leaves are starting to turn August brown.  The lawn has brown dormant splotches.  I hear there is some swimmers must shower after being in the lake or rub vigorously with a towel to avoid that itch....tiny bumps that itch like crazy.

The Deer Flies are here and I had a baby Walking Stick in my flower garden.

The Christmas Ornaments are coming along.  There are two phases to the ornament with other ornaments ( yes we might be nuts).  14 are complete to the first phase...Far Guy is brainstorming the second phase.  I am painting and sealing more of the first phase.  All woodcarving is complete on the first phase.

The Coneflowers are in bloom.
Far Side

Thursday, August 1, 2019


When Far Guy is at Pulmonary Therapy I have an hour to do "something."  Usually I run errands.  But he goes to Therapy 3 times a week. I have a limited amount of errands!   Monday is a great time to check out the Thrift shop for yarn...last Monday it was a gold mine...I spent 3 dollars and got 6 skeins of yarn....two were full skeins which might become a scarf someday. 

I wandered around in the local Yarn Shop ...and  bought something special.  Which I may or may not get done before Christmas.

I made a trip through the gardens outside the hospital. Took some photographs and then sat in the car and began winding yarn into balls.

It has been a stressful week.

 We still have a partially bottomless pit of money at the Credit some bills are paid and some are not.   I found this out quite by accident when I was setting up an alternate way to pay bills.  The Electric bill was paid and then 5 days later it was unpaid...go figure. So I paid it again using the alternate way.  I have spoken to The President of the Credit Union...she is as frustrated with it as we solution is in sight.

A lost checkbook was found.  ( Thank was all my fault.)

Lab Tests that were supposed to be ordered locally for Far Guy are now 10 days late.  Someone says they were ordered but the Lab has no such order.  They probably sent the order to the wrong clinic...who really knows.   He had a list of nine things that needed to be addressed...and it is all in progress...supposedly.

One day I was not adulting very well and just wanted to cover my head up with a blankie and suck my thumb.

Far Side