Thursday, March 31, 2022

Sadie 5 months old

 We shall miss Sadie, especially Far Guy as he loves to irritate and play with her.   She likes men better than women.  She is reliably potty trained, comes most of the time when called, she knows sit, down and is working on stay.  She can let herself in and out of the doggie door, she quietly sleeps in the kitchen at night.  Her kennel remains in the living room...Phoebe is often found sleeping inside the kennel.

Sadie should go to dog obedience classes and is on the waiting list.  

We will also miss Little Elvis when we are back at our home in the woods.

Sadie in the back yard she has a safe fenced in yard to run and play.  Her nose is always busy! 

She has grown so much!  She is a big girl now! 

The snow that most everyone else got yesterday in Minnesota  showed up here as just a trace of snow.  Not enough to make the ground white. 

Far Side

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Quiet Day

 We had a quiet day yesterday, I was very tired so I had a couple of naps...Sadie interrupts every so often because she  has to make sure you are still breathing when she awakens from her naps. 

I gathered a few things together for the trip back to our home in the woods. We will start packing the car soon.  

Photo of an old home in the area.

Just when the grass is starting to show a hint of green we are forecast to get rain/snow... March weather is unpredictable and fickle.

My Dad is in the hospital, he has a urinary tract infection, he is not well enough or strong enough to go back home at this time, he will be going to a Nursing Care facility for physical therapy so he can get stronger and walk without falling.   

Far Side

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Squares 19 and 20

 I wanted to get both squares 19 and 20 done on my Mosaic Patchwork Afghan before I had surgery on my hand. 

Square 19

Square 20...unfinished.

I only made it to row 18 out of 55.  Oh well it was a goal and I came close to achievement.

My hand is still very sore.  I can crochet but it is not real comfortable.  It is surprising how much I need that left thumb.  Jen washed my hair for me because I am not supposed to get my hand wet.   Let me tell you putting on a bra is impossible without help...good thing Far Guy doesn't mind attending the bra wars.  He cuts my food for me and clicks my seat belt into place, opens pill bottles, fills my water bottle, adjusts water in the shower and helps get me settled in bed with my arm elevated, puts lotion on my feet and puts on my socks and many other things throughout the day.  Not sure what I would do without him and Jen, they are both so helpful. 

Far Side

Monday, March 28, 2022

One good hand

I had surgery last week on my left hand.  I had a bothersome cyst removed from the base of my thumb that was causing my carpel tunnel to be worse.  I am recovering just fine, I still have some pain.  Far Guy and Jen are taking good care of me.  I spend a fair amount of time with my hand in the air. 

I can still use my fingers but cannot grip or carry anything for a while. 

I have been watercoloring a bit and working on cards, watching movies with my hand elevated...and sleeping. 

Yesterday I watched My Dog Skip I give it a 9 out of 10 and Cadillac Records I give that one an 8 out of 10.  I have a hard time reading as it makes me sleepy. 

I am very thankful to have the surgery behind me and to get on with the recovery. 

Far Side

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Big Steps

 These are the biggest steps around.

You could take many photos of a wedding party on these steps. 

It is a big beautiful church from the outside, who knows what it looks like inside.  The school is next door to St Michaels, children were outside playing, it was fun to hear their laughter. 

Far Side

Saturday, March 26, 2022


 My baby brother is 68 years old today.   So I found a photo that is 68 years old. 

Our Mother has marked the photo Carey + Connie 1954, it was taken on the South side of the old farmhouse in Carsonville Township, Becker  County most likely taken sometime in the Summer of that baby brother would have been about 4 or 5 months old and I would have been almost 3 years old.   It looks like my baby brother needed a bit of help from his big sister to sit up! 

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Far Side

Friday, March 25, 2022


 I am resting today.  Here is another pretty house.

Far Side

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Not much new here

 There is really nothing much to photograph outside...old houses that is about it.   The grass is brown, nothing is blooming, the streets are dirty and so is whatever snow is left.   No sunshine made for a good afternoon to take some photos of old houses.  

I drove around and pulled over to take some photos.  This is the front side of the huge house that we pass by on the way to the Clinic.  I sure would like to see inside...but I wouldn't want to clean it! 

I have been sorting through a few things getting them ready for the move back to the woods in a week.   Clothing and some bath items are staying here.  

Far Side

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


 There are no bunnies in the back yard, however I saw tracks in the front yard.  It is also common to see a small herd of deer coming down the street.  Kinda strange to see deer in town. 

I made these bunnies years ago in a Ceramics class...I had forgotten all about them. 

Jen got out a bunch of bunnies to decorate for Spring.

Far Side

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 We have Tulips here...but they are not real!

They still remind us that Spring might be here!

The snow melted a bit more yesterday.  The high was 50 F or 10 C eh!  Not too bad for March! 

Far Guy has been walking down the street and around the block.  Lots of people are out and about in the nice weather!  Sadie goes for a walk everyday, she has made a few new friends! 

Far Side

Monday, March 21, 2022

Old Houses

 Parts of our "Winter Town " have very old homes. 

This is a house we admire on our trips to the Clinic.  At Christmas time there were red bows in all the windows.  

This house got new siding during the winter, it took them about 10 of the coldest days.   We admired their persistence!

This house was visited by Far Guy when he was little...his cousins Bonnie and Jay lived there.  He said the house was much smaller than he recalled. 

As you can see we still have some snow, it melted rapidly yesterday in the 53 F or 12 C eh weather. 

Happy Spring, now that it is officially here according to the calendar!

Far Side

Sunday, March 20, 2022


 Is it the times or our age? 

Many people that we know are struggling with health problems.

My cousin Sam's wife Kathy died on Friday from Gallbladder Cancer, she fought the good fight and had Doctors from Mayo Clinic taking care of her.   The year that they gave her to live quickly became weeks then days.  She was 58 years old. 

Far Guy's sister remains at home with Hospice care.  Far Guy facetimes with her every day, sometimes I pop by and wave and say Hi or hold Sadie up so she can see her...she needs to talk with her brother.  She has Leptomeningeal carcinoma a result of Metastatic Breast Cancer.    February 17 she was given a few weeks to a few days and she is still hanging in there. 

We have other friends...with medical conditions...Granular Glass Fibrosis, Mylelofibrosis, Follicular Lymphoma.  Big bad words. 

Time...time to build your own ( pine box) coffin, write your obituary,  plan your service and wrap up loose ends.  Some people are greatful for that extended time to get their house in order and prepare.  

On a side note if the building you store the pine box in is for sale you should move it or explain to prospective buyers beforehand!

Prayers for comfort for all those struggling with health issues.

Far Side

The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Fancy Dinner

 Jen and Andy took us to a fancy place for dinner...white linen tablecloths, black linen napkins folded just so, heavy silverware with multiple knives and forks, lead crystal glasses properly weighted at the bottom.  I suppose I should have dressed up...Jen said It is kinda a fancy place Mom...I thought my parka and snow boots would cover the fact that I was wearing sweatpants.  Whatever!

It is a 1940's style Steakhouse.  The booth was private and cozy, the booth just plush enough. 

The steaks were nicely done, they bring the sides family style so you can share.  We had a salad and French Fries...Andy ordered Sliced Tomato & Burrata.   They bring you steak sauce in a tiny metal cup that probably has a special name.  The server was pleasant and filled the water glasses several times...she wasn't real neat when she poured. 

The drinks as they came out of the bar looked pretty and I wondered what they were. 

It was a nice evening out! It was a Thanks for looking after Sadie while we were gone meal! 

Far Side

Friday, March 18, 2022

Shell of a Memory

 My Maternal Grandparents had a TV in their living room, I am not sure who bought the TV for them as I am certain they did not buy it for themselves.  On top of that TV was a shell that was illuminated by a small light.  There was something else displayed with the shell but I cannot recall what it was.   I did not recall the shell until our daughter Jen brought home a shell from vacation.

The light caught the shell just right and that sparked a long forgotten memory.  Can you really hear the Ocean?  I always thought I could. 

Far Side

Thursday, March 17, 2022

17 and 18

 I made some progress on my Patchwork Mosaic Afghan.

Square 17

Square 18 

Almost as pretty on the back! 

 Back of Square 17

Two more squares to go and then I can start putting borders on each square and put them together.  I hope to get the next two squares done in the next week.  We will see. 

It has been a fun project learning all the different designs.

Far Guy speaks with his sister everyday.  Yesterday she was very tired.

It was 44 F or 7 C eh yesterday... it was a melting day! 

Far Side

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Happy Saint Urho's Day!

 Tis the day that Saint Urho is celebrated!

We missed the parade last Saturday.  Maybe we can be there next year! (Photo from last year)

Today is the day that Finlanders all over Minnesota celebrate Saint Urho's battle with the pesky grasshoppers that threatened the grape crop. He chased the grasshoppers waving a pitchfork hollering "Heinasirkka, heinasirkka, menetaalta hiiten"...Grasshopper, grasshopper get the hell out of here.

Far Side

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 Changing the time is always hard on me, I get a headache, body aches and I want to nap non stop.  How can one lousy hour make so much of a mess in my body.

Everyone is home from Spring Break and Sadie was happy to see her people.  Her tail was wagging nonstop.  She has been on walks everyday and went for a car ride!  Sadie likes this change! So much more exciting than the old foggies.

Far Guy and I did a bit of shopping...purchased bath towels and rugs for the bathroom at home and a new shower head.  We are having some plumbing work done after we get home...a new hot water heater and new high rise toilets will be installed. 

Gas is $3.89 a gallon here.  I use coupons from the grocery store and save 12 cents a gallon.  We don't use very much gas being in town for the winter.  

I have noticed that some grocery prices are going up...milk, bread, butter, apples and meat for example.

Yesterday Andy bought a pie to celebrate pi day, if we are too far away to celebrate St Urho's Day this week we might as well celebrate with a pie for a change. 

Far Side  


Monday, March 14, 2022


 Cee Cee our Great Granddaughter turned two last week.  She had a party in Minneapolis with some of her relatives over the weekend.  Looked like swimming in a pool was involved, pretty cupcakes, a new baby doll and a pink tricycle! 

She is awfully cute and I am certain that she will give her parents a run for their money being a normal two year old!  Two year olds are just the best ...they are like little sponges soaking up everything they see and hear.  When Far Guy was in the Air Force I worked at the Nursery on base and I was in the 2 year old room most of the stuff!

Happy Birthday Cee Cee! 

Far Side

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Thoughts on Sunday

 Why do the back pews fill Pastor told us that people are afraid to be too close to God...the next Sunday a bunch of us started sitting in the front pews.  There is safety in numbers...we sat in those front pews a number of years.

The alter cloth was a bit messy...I thought about straightening it...I did not.  Sometimes life is not perfect.   Jesus lead a perfect life for all of us sinners and gave his life for us. 

I was an experience for me to visit this old church that my Great Grandfather built back in 1886.  The church is in Annandale Minnesota in a Historical Park.

Far Side

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Every Day is a Sadie Day

 Far Guy says " God gave dogs such sad pleading eyes so they wouldn't starve to death!"

Her blonde shoulders really show up in this photo!

She is always hungry.  Always ready for a treat, always watching for food in the kitchen.   She gets fed 4 times a day with treats in between feedings.  

Soon the Sadie watching reinforcements will be back....the ones that take her for long walks!  

She has not had an accident all the time they have been gone.  She whines a bit at night when I tell her to get on her bed and go to sleep...but after a few minutes she quiets down.  She is happy to see Far Guy in the morning...he makes sure she go outside and goes potty!  Then she comes downstairs and lays next to his chair until Little Elvis and I get up...then she is off and running...stealing shoes...ripping kleenex out of the box...chasing the cat...trying to get water in the shower.  When I am finally dressed we head upstairs cause she is "hungry"  so she eats and lets herself out, comes tearing back in to chase the cat or attack Little Elvis or to chew on something she shouldn't.  Her day has started!   She eats at about 7:30, noon, 5:00 and 8:00.  Eating is the highlight of her day! 

She has  bunch of different toys, she plays ball nicely she doesn't drop the ball  on command but she will bring it near you...I grab her paw and squeeze it and say "hand" and she releases the ball from her mighty jaws!   She has a frisbee and she may like it better playing outside! 

She usually has a morning nap next to my feet, and an afternoon nap.  If I lay on the couch sometimes she lays with her head on me and has a nap...oh she is like a little furnace! 

We play many times a day...with a bit of training thrown in.  She is loosing those puppy teeth one by one and getting her adult teeth!!  She is still a chewer and has lots to chew on...but likes shoes and rugs the best. 

We are looking forward to the big reunion when her people come home! 

Far Side

Friday, March 11, 2022

Snow squalls and stuff

 We had notices on our phones that Snow Squalls would be moving through our area causing white out conditions.  This is a new alert for us, something that the National Weather Service has just begun.  Here in town it wasn't bad but out there in the valley it was most likely real bad especially since the warning came after dark.

Some people are enjoying snorkeling weather and sent photos poolside...I sent a photo of a snow bank. 

Things are just going swimmingly here, some love tracks to clean up, a puppy to entertain, a kitty cat that needs to be saved from a certain puppy from time to time.  

My blood pressure is up so the Doctors are adding yet another med.  On a recheck the Nurse told me to sit quietly and go to my happy place and she would recheck my blood pressure in ten minutes...apparently my happy place causes me stress as it went higher instead of lower.  Go figure.

Far Guy had an appointment with his Cardiologist in Fargo this week and found out he has some extra fluid in his he will be trying out a new med also soon as it is delivered.  His Cardiologist is hoping that it will make his breathing easier.  We will see. 

Far Guy spoke with his sister for a long time last night, she is becoming more forgetful ...but who among us isn't. 

Far Side

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Keeping Sadie busy

 Two old foggies should never have a puppy with more energy than them.

This is a Sadie mess.

She has so many toys that we put some away to re-introduce on a day when she is really bored or when she needs to be distracted!   She has on going issues with her toy box and has this one mostly chewed up.

We made up a new game.  It tires her out and doesn't tire us win!

The stairs!  I sit at the top of the stairs with some of her kibble, Far Guy sits in the office with some kibble.   We take turns saying "Sadie Come"...and when she comes we reward her with a couple of pieces of kibble.  She runs back and forth cornering at the bottom of the stairs...and navigates another corner into the office.  

She is behaving at night being out of the kennel, she lets herself out the doggie door, we can hear her running back into the house at night.  I believe that we have the doggie door conquered as she lets herself out during the day.  Yeah us! 

On her bed in the kitchen.  (Where she gets an occasional treat!)

Far Side

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Snow Removal Entertainment

 We were entertained by snow removal yesterday.  Lots of noise and big machinery out on the street.

The grader pushed snow from the curbs into the center of the street.  He made the rounds several times, when he was waiting he was on his phone. 

This fellow had a massive snow blower and would fill dump trucks, one after another.  They take the snow to empty lots where it will melt come Spring. 

They were on the street for about 90 minutes.   I finally got bored, but the kitty cat Phoebe was entertained.   It was great to see blue sky, then in the afternoon it began to snow and get windy.  Not much for snow accumulation. 

Sadie was indifferent to the loud noises.  Yes she grew again.  Her body is getting longer trying to grow into those legs.  She and I had fights all day...she wanted to chew on the edge of rugs...she can be a tad sassy sometimes. She has plenty of stuff to chew on....she probably just likes to irritate me. 

Far Side

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Windy in Paradise

 Jen sent me a photo, she said it was windy there yesterday.

Here it is the dirty snow time of year, a little bit melty and a bit dirty on a pups feet... Far Guy says they are "love tracks"...I call them mud tracks.   It is the time of year that pet owners  I call good poop pickings in the backyard, hit them with a shovel and the frozen turds pop right up....not mushy at all!  Sadie runs like a wild dog through the yard doing her zoomies whilst I wander with my daughters garden spade and a bucket gathering treasures.   Sadie thinks it is great fun to have company in the yard, Little Elvis supervises from a distance until he gets bored and needs a nap.   The fresh air is great...temperatures were a high of  24 F or - 4 C eh!  Almost Spring like!

In other activities, I had a virtual Dr. appointment for my med refills, Far Guy had one also and I ran advisor on that one, cleaned the bathroom and washed several loads of laundry and cleaned up numerous love tracks.

We went out for supper at the Blue Moose with Adam and his gal friend early enough so not many people were in the restaurant.  Fun to get out for a change...nice that Far Guy got a night off of dishes.  Not exactly paradise but close enough.

Far Side

Monday, March 7, 2022

On my desk

 Someone is getting real cozy with me, sliding up on my desk more and more everyday.  Then this happened!

Yes she wanted my attention!  Sadie is 18 weeks old now.  This week she is continuing to be on her own at night...out of her kennel...she lets herself out the doggie door and can get a drink of water when ever she wants.  One mess up and she will be back in the kennel at night.   She uses the doggie door mostly...she still goes to the patio door in the daytime to be let out sometimes.  Sometimes I lead her to the doggie door instead of using the patio door.  She has learned a new word...Hungry, If you ask her if she is hungry she comes running to be fed her ration of food. ...and we have a dog bed in the kitchen where she sits to have a treat...sometimes she goes there and looks pathetic...sometimes she gets a treat and sometimes not....but she gives it a try. 

She misses her other people.

 Smiths Reef

They will be back in a week, they have gone someplace very beautiful...and warm! 

Far Side

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Church and Family

 The Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church that my Great Grandfather helped to build has a bit of sad history.

Rev and Mrs William Lahtinen and their 2 year old daughter.

They arrived in Finland and the child became ill and died, the parents buried the child in Finland and returned home to America via the Titanic.  They perished when the ship hit an iceberg and sank....April 1912.

I sat in a pew and thought about all the people that must have knelt at this communion rail over the years.  If you sit there long enough on a warm summer day you can almost hear the shuffling of mens feet approaching, softer footsteps following, small children talking and a shhhh from a parent.  Then it is silent again and you embrace the quiet for a moment praying before leaving the church. 

Far Side 

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Progress on Mosaic Crochet

 Square number 16 of 20 was finished this week.  

Eventually it will get a border...and then attached to other squares with borders.   I have no plans to finish this project anytime soon.  I would like to get the designs in the squares done by April 1st...and maybe start on some of the borders.  (All those little ends get encased in a border)

This wasn't a terribly hard design....I can see it in a large afghan with a dark background and the design rows in many different colors...maybe a stash buster afghan. 

I have been resisting starting any more mosaic crochet projects until I make more progress on the two I have in the works. 

Far Guy had to have many sticks again for his infusion this week....discouraging....he said at one time three different nurses were poking him with needles. 

Far Guy's sister felt good enough to sit outside on the patio and call him the other day.  She seems to have rallied for the moment...good to see her up and out of bed.  She seems to be in less pain. 

Far Side

Friday, March 4, 2022

March Book Club

 Yesterday was bookclub.  We read Root Beer Lady the story of Dorothy Molter by Bob Cary. 

It was a delightful read, I enjoyed it very much, it is a true story that takes place in the Northeastern Minnesota Knife Lake area.  Knife Lake is situated in what is now the BWCA and Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park, it is half in Canada and half in the United States.  Fourteen lakes and portages to get from Ely Minnesota to Knife it was no walk in the park! 

We picked out four more books for the coming months.  Our group is up to four people now, two  more gals are suppose to be joining soon! 

Far Side

Thursday, March 3, 2022


Far Guy has been busy woodcarving, he has a spot downstairs and has a huge dust collector system that takes all the dust out of the air. 

He recruited Jen to paint for him and to find good homes for the carvings.  

She is keeping the water lily.  No surprise as she likes anything to do with water.

This is the Gaillardia or Blanket Flower....I heard it is going to someone special. 

Far Side