Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Tuesday

 Usually Tuesday is a "no mail" day but hey we got a new phone book! 

We had no place we had to be so we could do whatever we wanted all day long.  Far Guy woodcarved, watched birds and held down the fort for a delivery.   I had an adventure spraying Thistle and Poison Ivy and tried a new ant 3 PM I was tired and hungry...had lunch followed by a nap.   Far Guy cooked supper...I woke up from my nap before he could wake me up and say "Supper is ready sweetheart."   I told him he could say it anyway. 

After supper we sat outside watching a mama bird feed her noisy babies.   In the afternoon Far Guy witnessed a Hummingbird chase a Robin and the Robin had something in its mouth.  Not sure what it was...but it was a strange interaction.  

We went for a ride.  We met a very friendly Labradoodle named Louie....he wanted to go for a ride with us!

The potato field is in bloom.   The air smells so fresh and clean after the last rain we got...not many skeeters yet.

We had a really nice Tuesday.

Far Side

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tomato Plants

 So far the Deer and the Bear have no cravings for green tomatoes. 

The sheep tank is working well! All the plants have multiple flowers...I won't count our tomatoes before they ripen but we should have enough to share.

Three plants have filled the tank.   The warmth of the steel on the south side of my garage must be a great growing place!  So far the old dog kennel is working well to protect the plants...but who knows. 

I had a kerfuffle with the new hose I leaked and was spraying water all over me....I returned it to the store and got a refund...thank goodness I did not order it online.  That was our big outing is getting busy...the 4th of July tourists must be here. 

The Pipeline is going under the highway protesters in sight.  Everytime we go to town we wonder if they will be laying down on the highway stopping traffic.  

Far Side

Monday, June 28, 2021

Bear news and other stuff

 The bear is still around.  I forgot to bring the feeders in one night and went out in the dark very late to get them.  He is visiting my brother's dumpster every night.  I can see where he is also digging up ant hills and he tipped over a bench that we have along the back road.   He may have to be relocated....My other baby brother has one of those dumpsters that has to be unloaded by a truck...I wonder where the bear sleeps:)

In other news, I finally got the garage cleaned out and got everything put out for a garage sale the next few weekends.  We had a trial run yesterday and sold some stuff to relatives and friends.  We will see how it goes.   We got in some good visits yesterday!

We had a really nice rain yesterday...we heard thunder...a first for this year!  It sounded good!  The grass is greening up again...and I will probably have to mow soon.  We got about 4/10 of an inch of rain,


We have a nesting pair of Bluebirds...but I have yet to get a photo.   When I was cleaning out the garage I found my Ant tucked I put her by the bird bath again this year....she makes me smile! 

Far Side

Sunday, June 27, 2021

What's on my desk

 My desk is a mess.  I have way too many projects in the works. 

I have new stamps to try out, a plate from my Aunt Anna's Estate sale to hang up,  two different crochet projects and several more in that bag that I carry almost everywhere.   My Uncle Hugo's Bible in Finnish..waiting on my desk for a response from the grandchild he raised. Various containers (beautiful boxes) filled with "stuff"...

From my desk I can enjoy the wild daisies that grow on the edge of the river rock.

Perhaps I spend too much time gazing out the window....or outside cleaning up the garage. 

Far Guy is doing some practice carving on this years Christmas ornament.   I have not joined him yet.  The design is being refined:)

Far Side

Saturday, June 26, 2021


 I am not sure the how I got the nickname Tilly but it had something to do with a last name that no one could pronounce and fewer people could spell.  

Yliniemi  pronounced ...wait for it.... ILL a KNEE me

( A childhood friend Janet began calling me Tilly...and it stuck for a long time.) 

When other kids in grade school had to write their whole name I got by with a Y.  In the alphabet line up I was always last...then a few kids that names began with Z were added to the bunch in High School.

Anyways that was eons ago...over fifty years ago.  No one calls me Tilly anymore...however my High School Yearbooks are witness to my nickname as are a bunch of old 45 records. 

Far Side

Friday, June 25, 2021

Her name is...

 Can you guess what Far Guy named his car?  Hint:  It was my nickname in High School.

If you have a digital camera you can just hold it up while you are driving and click away and you may get one great photo:)

Most everyone in High School called me Tilly.

Far Side

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Detail and a Date Night

 Far Guy had an appointment to get his new/old car detailed. 

It took the better part of a day! 

After we picked it up we went out for early supper. 

It has been a number of years since we have been to the A & W... used to be a carhop and a tray hanging on your it is a push the button and order what you want and they bring it out in a bag.  Oh well the fries were excellent and the cheese curds awesome!  No drink holder in the old car...that was something we noticed right away...I set my drink on the floor and Far Guy juggled his in one hand. 

Next stop the gas station...only a few places in town have the "right" gas.  It seems the old girl got 13.6 mpg but that may be an error. 

It was a nice outing and we were back home by six pm. 

Far Side

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dinner Guests

We have friends who we used to "do supper" with once a month ...before covid.  It has been a long time since we got together. 

I cooked, Far Guy was the sous chef.  We made New York Strip Enchiladas, Far Guy's dip with chips, grapes and melons and Kuchen without a it was a custard with raspberries and blueberries.  We had a good time. 

Buddy has been on a diet so he appreciated the handouts in the kitchen. 

He was real interested in the bear smells in the yard. 

After supper we went out for a ride. 

This old Gas Station sign is just down the road a few miles...makes for a perfect photo op!  Buddy liked the ride too! 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Rain and Visitors

 We got rain finally.  1 and 4/10 inches.   It was wonderful, it is our first real rain this spring/summer.

It refreshed the earth, flowers, us and apparently a bear.  Our temperatures took a nose dive it was 39 F Monday morning.  The high Monday was 60 I liked it!

Our feeders were down early Monday morning.  Apparently it was quite a large bear.  

Last night I took down the humming bird feeder and suet feeder and brought them inside.  We did not get the bear on the trail cam.  It apparently came in from the North and left going North. 

However I did catch these two coming in late one night this weekend. I wonder where the bear was then??

Far Side

Monday, June 21, 2021

Before and After

 Before...we had some lights under the was a undercabinet light that Far Guy and I strung up through the wall before we did the tile... at the time we said we will figure out something better later. We added the two round battery operated lights was never great lighting. 

A blog reader/old friend saw the lighting situation and sent us a package from Amazon. 

Saturday Handy Andy figured out a way to get it all hooked up for us without taking down the tile wall.  Wires were cut and spliced and soldered together.

Now we can see the light.  We have never had so much light in that part of the kitchen!  It is also remote controlled...we can make the lights dimmer or brighter or make them flash!  Real high Tech for us old farts!

Far Side

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there. 

My Dad will be 95 this Fall.  Here he is with my Mother at the wedding a few weeks ago. 

Far Guy's Dad and Mother.  His Dad died in 1994 at the age of 80.  His Mom died in 2006 she was 91 years old.

And here is Far Guy!  He is one of the best Fathers ever!

Far Side

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Honey Bees

 Not sure where their hive is but they sure like the Gaillardia (Blanket Flower).

At least they are sharing! 

My other baby brother found some Lime Outshine Bars and dropped them off for me.   Friends from Louisiana dropped off packages of Boudin...a dear blogging friend offered to send Fritos...we have wonderful friends and relatives! 

Far Side

Friday, June 18, 2021

Grocery Day

 Grocery Day was partially a success.  No one had fresh pineapple, pretzel buns are scarce as are Lime Outshine Bars and Fritos.   Good thing I hoarded Far Guys Fritos the past few weeks.   Fruit or Fritos are his go to snack.  He is losing takes lots of calories to breathe. 

We are still ordering groceries online and disinfecting.   I looked at the stats for our County in Minnesota and only 42 % of people are vaccinated. 

Far Guy was sitting outside after supper and had company.  We are both a little tired today.

The deer in our area are not afraid of us...they must be used to our voices. 

My baby brother took our Dad to Bingo...hope they won!  

We still need rain! 

Far Side

Thursday, June 17, 2021

One Day At A Time

 Yesterday was a looong day.  Up early and a long drive to the University of Minnesota for a cat scan, lung tests and a six minute walk for Far Guy.

The Doctor says, "keep doing what you are doing ... the left lobe of the lung is not all the way collapsed as we hoped for, part is sunken... will reevaluate in six to eight weeks as more procedures/replacing valves may be called for."

And so it goes one day at a time. We arrived home safe and sound last evening. 

Highlight of the day.  Remember the old Police Cars with the bubble on top...think Barney in Mayberry RFD.  We passed one...what fun to it is in the rear view mirror.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fun Stuff

 We played Splendor with my baby brother and his bride...I did not win.  Far Guy played the newly refurbished Pin Ball Machines at their lake home.  We got to pet Baxter.  That was pretty much the excitement for the day. 

The Yellow Lady Slippers are blooming along our driveway.  Three blooms is what I counted, two flower stalks were eaten off.   The photo only shows two blooms...note the dreaded Poison Ivy in the lower right corner. 

I have at least three projects going at once, needless to say progress is slow on all of them. 

Far Side

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A ride

 A new spring was ordered...just incase.  Far Guy put everything back together minus the spring to see what would happen with the new /old car.  It started and ran just fine.  Maybe he really doesn't need that spring that was lost. 

Far Guy wanted to take it for a ride so he called my baby brother and his bride to come along. 

 Baxter thought it was a cool ride. 

Plenty of room for him in the back seat on the seat or on the floor.  He was a good boy. 

Far Side

Monday, June 14, 2021

Trail Cams and a baby

 We unloaded photos from the two trail cams we have set up in the yard. 

We have night visitors during the month of May... also many Crows and Squirrels. 

No wonder the bird bath is continually turned over or empty.  Far Guy put some tent stakes in the ground to anchor the bird bath.  One day the solar fountain was on the ground. 

Yesterday I mowed the front yard and did some trimming.  Far Guy worked on his new old car, he lost a small spring the other day from the he has spent days looking for it. 

My baby brother and his bride welcomed a new Grand Baby yesterday...a handsome baby boy born in Seattle....we got to see photos!  It is Grand #10 for them!  He maybe visiting Minnesota in August!

Far Side

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Holding the Great Grands

 Saturday we travelled up North to see everyone, our Grand Maddie was visiting from Michigan.   Our two Great Grandchildren we there along with our five Grands.  We got hugs!  AND got to hold our newest great grand who was born during the pandemic...Cee Cee is 15 months old now. 

Cee Cee in the little pig tails!

Hey Mikey who has just turned  4 years old a few weeks ago.

I think there was a tickle bug loose. 

They were both interested in my glasses on the sparkly chain.

So fun to see everyone and to catch up with all of our loved ones!   We all went out to lunch and the old folks were home well before dark! 

Far Side

Saturday, June 12, 2021

A little rain

 We got a little rain on Friday morning when the cold front went through.    Not much rain...enough to make the lawn chairs wet.  It was a nice day with a high around 80 F.  My baby brother brought over a visiting cousin from Missouri... Karl and his wife Peggy.  Karl was one of the twin ring bearers in our wedding.   It has been many years since we have seen he has kids in College and his hair is grey!! 

I took my Dad to Bingo on Thursday night...we did not Bingo but we had fun anyway.  Dad is getting a bit unsteady on his feet.  We made it there and back without incident.  Dad had fallen in the bathroom just before I picked him up for Bingo....he said he fell on the soft rug so it wasn't too bad.   My Mother managed to help him up. 

Far Guy and I put the tomatoes cages up around the growing tomato plants.  The plants have a few flowers! 

We had BLT's for supper, I like my T on the side.  

Splendor report:  I won one!  Far Guy 4 me 2.

Far Side

Centaurea Montana and an unknown Butterfly

Friday, June 11, 2021

Thatching Ants

 The ants we have in the yard making the trails are Thatching Ants, they create mounds and their tunnels can be 2 to 4 feet deep.   They have a queen and lotza workers...even different classes of workers....and then the nest sends out more queens to make more nests. 

Seems like from what I have read they are hard to kill.  The love the Oaks....we must have aphids in the Oaks because many of the leaves are sticky...which provides great food for the ants and you see them crawling up trees.   I also read where the bites can blister...hence my stomping of my feet and cussing right out loud when bitten. 

I have seen huge mounds in a ditch north of here...we have a huge mound by a power pole along the road...we called the Electric company and told them...I guess they don't care. 

Seems there is a shortage of Diatomaceous Earth too... I may have to order it online.  One of my readers suggested a mixture of borax and powdered sugar...sounds like a great alternative. 

The war will continue.  I read there are thousands per nest....

Far Side

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bee Happy!

 I finally got around to decorating the wreath for June. 

Home is where your honey bee! 

Yesterday was another warm day ( 91 F) I worked outside in the morning before it got real hot...took care of some Poison Ivy and some ant trails.  I ran out of Diatomaceous preferred way to attack ants desiccating their little bodies.  Yes I am real happy killing the Poison Ivy along the roads and at the edge of the woods...and those horrid black ants that bite are just a bugger....sometimes if I stand near a nest they will crawl in through the holes in my crocs and bite me...and frankly that really pisses me off! 

See that black line ...that is an ant super highway that goes right by my Lilac that didn't bloom this year and to the base of an Oak Tree. 

Splendor Report: Far Guy beat me again...I gave it a good try,  I declared that I won and he got an extra turn and overtook my score.  Far Guy 4 me 1.

Far Side

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Still a tad warm

 Only 92 yesterday.  The AC is working just fine thank goodness! 

This pretty White Admiral Butterfly was soaking up some water on the patio.  We had sheet lightning and rain early Tuesday morning.  We got 4/10 of an inch of rain in one rain gauge and 3/4 inch in another.  Let me tell you any rain is better than no rain. 

Our bank upgraded its digital banking platform so I spent some time figuring that out.  I just followed the directions...and it seems to work. 

Far Guy woodcarved in the afternoon while I watched Heartland and worked on a crochet project.  My baby brother, his bride, Baxter and Annie visited in the late afternoon.  Good for us to see different faces and the dogs! 

Supper was Pulled Pork Quesadillas and fresh fruit.

After supper my other baby brother and she who sees robins first stopped by to visit.  They are still recouping after the wedding.

We have been playing one game of Splendor in the evenings...I am losing...Far Guy 3 me 1.  

Far Side

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Flowers and Cards

 Ha!  It was cooler yesterday.  Only 90 F or 32 C

My flower garden is showing some color. It is one week post transplant.  With the warm weather they should have made great roots. 

We got some wonderful cards in the mail.

Thank you friends for thinking of us! 

Far Guy is still just a bit better.  No huge improvements.  He fussed with his new/old car a bit and did some woodcarving.  We heard that the Woodcarvers group will start meeting again soon.  We will join them when Far Guy is feeling better. 

Far Side

Monday, June 7, 2021

Still hot

 Our weather is unusual for early June..our average high for this time of year is 75 F.  It was 94 F yesterday but cloudy which makes it seem cooler.  We still need rain.  We fill the bird bath twice a day...and the dog dish that we have outside for Baxter is visited by squirrels and a chippy. 

Far Guy is feeling a tad bit better than he was on Saturday.  I hope he continues to improve...we will see.  The Doctors in Minneapolis are aware that he is not well. 

We had a quiet Sunday.  I started a new project and it is working out according to the will be a success!  We went by my Aunt Anna's Estate Sale and picked up flowers in one cemetery.  In the evening we sat outside and Far Guy helped water the vegetables and the flowers. The lettuce has sprouted. 

Far Side

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Wedding at the lake

 My Niece got married yesterday...she picked the hottest day of the year.   It was about 98 F. 

We sat in the shade out by the lake at my baby brothers lake place.  He has been babying grass on the hillside all looked really pretty.

They said their vows out in the sunshine on the patio.   The Pastor was a bit long winded and he was sweating shirt and all.  

It was a casual wedding.  The beautiful bride is my other baby brother's daughter. 

Far Guy was not feeling up to going.   My baby brother picked me up and I stayed for the wedding...Jordan brought me back home right after the ceremony.  We were babysitting Baxter (my baby brother's dog) and Annie (my sister's dog) because they would have been in the way during the wedding and the doings afterwards.   They missed me while I was gone, Far Guy said that Baxter serenaded him...and Annie just snored.

  Last week I made Lemon Cookies for the wedding doings. 

Today is Andy and Jen's 23rd wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary kids!!

Far Side

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Minnesota Snowball

 Ha!  The Minnesota Snowball is blooming on a day when it was 98F (36C  eh!) was a tad warm.   I did a few things outside in the morning.  The bulk of the day I spent inside...laundry, cleaning a bathroom, playing 52 pick up and put away....started a new crochet project...and I had a nap. 

The Snowball blooms are small this year...probably because it is so dry. 

We sat outside in the evening...Far Guy kept me company while I watered the new flowers.

 Today we are supposed to have another scorcher.  The house is cool, the Air Conditioner is working just fine. 

Far Side

Friday, June 4, 2021

Sheep Tank

 Our latest gardening adventure began with the purchase of a watering tank for sheep.   Way last winter I noticed that there was one for sale at the local Farm Store.  I wrote down the numbers, went inside paid for it and it even fit in the vehicle. 

Far Guy built a stand for it when he was feeling better.  We located it behind my garage where it gets full sun and it is protected from the north west winds.  We gathered a few rocks to put in the bottom to help with drainage. 

We had plans to start our own tomatoes but that just didn't work I did the next best thing and we shall see what we get.  

How can you resist a tomato that is already flowering? 

It is an unknown tomato it could be anything...I was just sold on the it is a surprise tomato! 

We both like Yellow Pear tomatoes.  Who knew a yellow tomato could have such great flavor!

This one is a will be red...and I hope it tastes good! 

I bet y'all are curious to see the sheep tank?

Far  Guy chose wood that was available.  Red Green would be proud. 

We have a fence that will be set up soon as we get some extra help...cause the deer will be interested.

Far Side