Thursday, September 20, 2018


I am older today. 

I was looking through some of my old birthday photos and this one made Far Guy laugh out loud. 

11 years old 1962

Me and my baby brother…ready to shoot the photographer.  Far Guy said “Too bad you didn’t keep that holster!”

Doncha just love the full skirt with itchy can cans underneath accessorized by a apron with it’s own towel…and a really strange haircut…no chance of those bangs getting in my eyes…and my shoe is untied.  I am holding a figurine of a Collie.

My Mom took this photo and she marked it 11 years old so the year would be 1962.

Far Guy and I will go to lunch today with my parents…at one of our favorite places.  I got new mulching blades for my lawnmower so I am really happy…and Far Guy got me a nice surprize too…quite by accident…but I really like it!  When he asked me what I would like for my birthday I replied  “ I know you will pick out a really thoughtful gift.”

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: 1st Day of School 1967

This is a photo that my mother took on the first day of school.

Scan0076 (2)


I was a Junior that year, my other baby brother would have been almost 7 years old and in 1st Grade and my baby brother would have been in 8th grade that year.

Looks like we have all the school supplies we need. This was way before book bags or backpacks.  My mother must have thought my other baby brother was going to grow some and those pants could be rolled down as needed.

I think that plant was called Gold Drops.  It was an old plant that almost everyone had in their flower gardens.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Backwards Birthdays

Our youngest daughter started going backards with her birthdays …today she is 37 by her count and somewhat older by mine.

She was 18 days overdue.  Her husband asked me “ Why didn’t you wait a few more days and you could share a birthday?”  I replied “She was 18 days overdue.”  Far Guy said “ Good thing she was born when she was because someone was pretty cranky.”

Newborn Jennifer

The Doctor barely made it for her birth, she was born at 12:59 AM on a Thursday.  Of course I was there…Far Guy, the Doctor and  a Nurse.  Big Sister Trica was at our home with my baby brother…he was in college back then.

jen Birth certificate back (2)

Aww look at those little feet!  The Doctor was thankful to have her here and okay because I had been having some problems.  She was a tad overdone and had lost weight…she weighed 5 Ibs and 5 Ounces and was 19 inches long.  Her skin was all wrinkly…and she was born hungry!


Here she is…almost 37…by her count!

In August of 1979 I wrote this…Jennifer is becoming quite independant.  I told her “No cookies”  She said “Know what?  I am mad at you.”

The same year I wrote… Counts to 20, says her ABC’s  reads  to herself, she looks at the pictures and makes up stories.

Happy Birthday Jen!  We are proud to be your parents!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Half a Wheel

We bought this half of a wheel in an antique shop in Baker Montana one summer.  We used to have a cow skull that went with it but a previous neighbor’s dog named Molly kept stealing it.   Eventually  it disappeared. (Molly’s Mom and Dad may have gotten tired of returning it.)


I used to put pots of flowers near it.  Now it is just a spot for weeds.

We had a busy Sunday.  Jen and Andy came over, we went out for lunch to kick off birthday week.  We stopped by Wallyworld to get a couple of cases of water when we had strong help…of course one of the workers in Wallyworld thought Blake was in the store and she got a little excited.  We use bottled water for coffee and then our coffee pot lasts a good long time! I drink coffee once in a great while and Far Guy cannot wake up without it.

I mulched the first batch of leaves in our yard…and so it begins.  Last year it was 7 mulchings…time will tell what it is this year.

I put a bunch of old landscape bricks for sale on a facebook marketplace and sold them and they were picked up…no more pile of bricks!  Cross something off the list!  Ah yes you actually have to make a list to cross something off.

My inside projects are kinda like the half a wheel…no big accomplishments.  I still have 22 Christmas ornaments to paint. 

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Going Buggy

Had time during the garage sale to visit with some old and new neighbors and take a few photos.  The sale went well and I will add more “stuff” and repeat the sale next week.  Chance loved having company and exhausted himself greeting people just like in the old greenhouse days…we finally had to put him in the house so he could rest.

This week I will be attempting to weed out some “stuff” from Far Guys garage…if he hasn’t used it in 20 years then perhaps he should give it to me for the sale.


A grasshopper


A bee

I told Chance be careful where you are lifting your leg…the Sedum is a favorite spot of his.  It is also a favorite of the bees.  It seems to have thrived with his contributions.


Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

I helped Far Guy set  up a spot where he and all of his classmates can upload and look at their photos.  What a struggle…not the most user friendly site so I am certain that just a few people will be calling for instructions.  Oh well it will keep him busy…I told him I just needed to be done when I added the photos I took…or I will be going buggy for sure.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Garage sale

Getting ready for a garage sale amongst all the reunion “stuff” was a challenge.  But I got er done.

I could be more ready…but today I will open for one day and then finish gathering “stuff” during the week and continue the sale next weekend.  Then maybe another day or so in October, I will see what I have left!


Fall is coming along strong here.  This is a peek out our window…I have the start of leaves to chop up.

Right now, I am thrilled to have a really clean garage!

I have a few other things on my Fall Project list…which was actually a summer project list…but I am old and slow.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

50 years

Well it is almost done.  That 50th Reunion that my husband was instrumental in planning. They had one evening of activities and one day full of activities…ending with a buffet meal last night.

Bulliten Board 

One last thing to do is have breakfast with a few of them…and Far Guy has to have a follow up meeting to make sure everyone and everything was paid for…rumor has it that they are in the hole.  Good thing the photographer was donating her time.

The photo shoot was a nightmare…I couldn’t get everyone to stop talking and look at the camera at the same time. Some people were late and they didn’t get in the photo…sorry…be on time next time.  The photographer had to get the photos processed and back to be distributed. Large groups are so hard to photograph.

Class of 1968


Since some people missed the first photo shoot a few people asked if I would do an inside photo… we attempted one inside…

Inside class photo

It is what it is.

I am not certain how the “class babysitter” will fill his time now…althought the class gifted us with a couple of puzzles.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Busy Days

I recently made a trip to Hobby Lobby and got more supplies for this years Christmas Card. My goal to have half of them stamped and watercolored and ready to glitter may not happen before retreat…but I guess that is what retreat is for.

I am busy painting the Christmas Ornaments…It is a putzy design… plaid will drive you nuts.  I have 22 yet to paint before that project is completed.  81 have been completed and some of them have been delivered. I wanted to be done by September 1st but that didn’t happen.
Fall stampings have been watercolored and are awaiting glitter pens and glitter. They will be trimmed and have coordinating mats behind them before they become cards.
I started a new crochet project…yarn clutters up my desk. I grab some scrubbie yarn and a crochet hook and can work on something in the car or waiting at appointments. We only had three appointments last week…so far this week only one but that is subject to change.
These are scrubbies for dishes or your face. My niece Katie shared her pattern with me. Scrubby yarn can be purchased at Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby or Wallyworld.

Chance is holding his own, being a turd and demanding bowls of ice cubes at night…last night three bowls full were consumed before he settled down.  He sits in the kitchen and barks until someone gets his cubes for him. Yes he is a spoiled boy.

My dermatologist was quite disappointed that she didn’t find anything on me that was worthy of the small surgeries she likes to do.  I am all clear for another year.  Yeah me!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: The Dixie

A photo from the 1950’s before the canopy was added.  The canopy was added off to the right of the photo.


You drove up and took a spot under the canopy…with the canopy it was a three season all weather place to meet. A dozen or so cars could park under there, with more uncovered spots to park nearby.   A car hop came out and took your order.  You left your window partially raised ready for the tray with your meal to be hung on the window.

You met up with friends there.  Perhaps you jumped in someone elses car for a quick trip down to Main Street and back again…just to see who was sitting on Main.

Times change… then it was torn down.

Now it is just a grey steel building …but the corner will always be known as where The Dixie used to be.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2018



I remember 17 years ago holding a small baby close and crying.  I was at Jen and Andy’s home helping out with the new baby. ( Adam was just 8 days old) Later that day I ventured home to Far Guy stopping only once for gas, a fellow at the gas station said “Max out your credit cards while you can.” What a idiot…I am not sure what he was thinking. I felt safer when I returned home…we live in the boonies…who wants to crash a plane into the boonies. 

Last week I saw a First Responder talking about how they are suffering with cancer…there are more victims that day than we knew.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Chance: Getting along okay

Hiya It is me Chance one of the oldest most handsome Border Collies in Minnesota.

I am getting along okay…I sleep alot and I don’t like to be by myself without my people. I have made a few attempts to play ball…but my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

I am still eating rice with boiled hamburger and a little bit of my normal food.  Far Side says I have soft poops…almost formed most days.  I cannot eat one of my normal foods yet…salmon and peas…uffda…nearly chased everyone out of the house and in the car they had to roll down the window. No more of that food for me.  Who knew salmon and peas made obnoxious gas…Far Guy tried to blame it on Far Side one day…us guys got to stick together.


Far Side took me to the groomer.  I got my butt shaved panty hair trimmed and my nails cut…I was only there for 15 minutes and then I got to come back home again. She was afraid that my nails were getting dangerously long since I don't run around in the gravel anymore and my nails were going click click on the floor and we have a grate right outside the door that a long nail could have gotten ripped out…or so she says… Yada yada…nail ripped out, blood all over, and a hurt dog, accident waiting to happen…blah blah…so my nails were clipped.  What ever keeps her happy…just for the record the panty trim was her idea too…

They trap me downstairs when they leave the house…they don’t want me falling up or down the stairs when I am by myself.  Part of the Dog Eldercare/ Nursing Home Program.  They don’t leave me all alone very often.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Wedding

Yesterday we attended a wedding.  We have known the groom’s parents since before they were married…so we have known Jake all his life.

The wedding was held in a State Park in a small amphitheater.

Lake bemidji It was  a lovely ceremony. There was a bit of a breeze off the lake and the temperature was about 72 F perfect outdoor wedding weather.

The best sister

The groom and his best and only sister…she has no problems being called the best man.

The bride’s grandfather was the officiant.  He talked about love and trust.  The couple wrote their own vows…and the bride was so overcome by the groom’s vows she began to cry …she said “I should have gone first.”  She recovered nicely and as part of her vows she said she would try to cook more meat.

Exchanging rings

After the ceremony they had a reception and served a stew called Guinness and chocolate chip cookies.

Far Guy said “Wasn’t that a nice wedding”  and it was.  After the reception was dancing and a bonfire…but we came home to feed Chance.

There weren’t alot of decorations, flowers…or fru fru…just a simple ceremony with their sisters standing up for them…surrounded by people who love them and wish them well.


I heard that the bride designed and sewed her own dress…it was beautiful.  Since both the bride and groom are accomplished dancers the dress is perfect for dancing.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

In the box

One of the sculptures was replaced…perhaps the other one was sold.

Boxy sculpture 

I was always taught that odd number groups were more pleasing to the eye…and looky that there are five big boxes and one small box…sends my OCD into overdrive. And what is that swirly stuff at the base supposed to be?

This is an unnamed sculpture…what would you name it?

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Lawn Mower Adventure

I guess I have been stuck in a routine…my lawn mower works great…it burns a little oil and needs new mulching blades ( I usually get some for my birthday) but it mows quite well…I didn’t think I would ever get used to hydrostatic drive but I did.  I can even day dream a tad while mowing… quiet time just me and the mower…getting along just fine.

Then my baby brother bought a zero turn lawn mowing machine…only my right foot is involved and that is for raising or lowering the mower deck.…now I have to program my arms; right, left, lean way back to stop or go in reverse… boobs will get in the way. The mower was delivered here and I got lessons. I can even mow backwards…but I never was much good at backing up a lawn mower. My baby brother mowed at his place and then brought the mower back here and said “Use it.”  It will turn on a dime…and someday I will get used to the one back wheel that doesn’t like trees in it’s way.  I have discovered that you only want to get on and off of the front…cause it is a big step off either side….and if you have damp crocs…your foot will slip on the mower deck and you will fall not so gracefully. There is no day dreaming allowed whilst mowing with this lawnmower…vigilance is key to safety.


It was not designed with an older woman operator in mind.  I imagine the kid that designed it…is tall and thin and he used to race go carts.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Blue Balloon and a Chef’s Knife

Last year Adam told his mother that he wanted to have a big balloon for his birthday.  This year his mother remembered.

Adam and his big balloon

He asked for a Chef’s knife for his birthday.

Chefs knife

I noticed that someone also got him a Gordon Ramsay Cookbook.  We paged through it…he said “We don’t have very many of the ingredients on hand.”  I said “Put them on your Mom’s grocery list.”

Can this young man be thinking of a career in the Food Industry?  Maybe..time will tell.  He still has time to figure it out.  He just began his Junior year in High School.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: Adam in 2004

Since this is Adam’s birthday week I have another photo of him.

Adam Birthday

Adam has a present wrapped in newspaper…trademark of Susan’s daycare.  He is joined on the couch by other children…everyone must have been instructed to throw their blankies/toys/pillows on the floor. I think I recognize Adam’s blankie on the floor. He had the same blankie for a number of years…his mother bought several of the same kind of blanket…and since he chewed on his blankie his mother kept cutting off the teeth marked edges. His blankie got smaller and smaller. I believe he was three years old in this photo in 2004.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Vine in the rain

There is a beautiful vine covering part of a local cottage.


Virginia Creeper or Parthenocissus quinquefolia. The leaves will turn color soon.


It was raining out but I took photos anyway.  There was no danger of me melting…I am not that sweet.

Chance is about the same, he still has some digestive issues so he is back on the boiled hamburger and rice.  He is a bit depressed after visiting Miney and Little Elvis. They are part of his pack.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Birthday Adam!

Our youngest Grandson is 17 years old today.  He was born on Labor Day.  I was blessed to be in the room when he entered the world.

Adam Three years old 

This is when he was three years old. He was at day care at my best friend Susan’s home.  She took photos of many of her day care kids and birthdays were a big deal…it was your special day!

IMG_1172 (2)

The last time he was here I captured a photo of him…here he is at 16 years and 11 months and a couple of days old.

Today we will have lunch with him to celebrate!  It doesn’t seem possible that he is 17 already when only yesterday he was a little boy.

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