Friday, August 31, 2018

Recipe Cards

I found a packet of recipe cards at the dollar store…who could resist a coloring project?

Obviously not me.


Good thing I have some el cheapo glitter pens to use on them…wouldn’t want to use all my good glitter pens up.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Wasted Time

I spent several hours looking for something.  Several weeks ago I put the something in a safe place when I retrieved a similar item.  When it was time to retrieve the something I searched high and low, cleaned out some files whilst looking for said item.  I explained my problem to Far Guy who said “I hope you find it.”  I gave up for awhile and began painting on Christmas Ornaments…and thought and thought finally I let my over cluttered mind relax…I knew I had seen the item recently but where?  Finally it came to me, it was in the red basket on my desk.

messy desk

Lesson learned…either you should just leave things in their proper place or clean off your desk more often.

All that time wasted could have been spent cleaning off my desk.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: The girls

In 1977 our girls were little.  Trica was 5 and Jennifer was almost 2.

T J  1977 (2)

Both were tow-heads, their hair was very blonde and lightened even more during the summer.  The puppy was a Boston Terrier named Annie that belonged to my parents. The photo was taken at Bass Bay Resort on the North end of Straight Lake. A fishing/family resort owned by my parents.  They bought it in 1975 after spending the years 1952-1975 on the farm in Carsonville Township.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Updates and Asters

I saw a Doctor older than dirt. A short little fellow with a beard and glasses he must have graduated from medical school before I was born.  He whipped out the look in your ear scope and said “Nope your ear looks great.”  He suggested that it might be something else…but that remains to be seen…for now I am suppose to do Aleve and Tylenol as needed.  The pain is less …just a few twinges… but I still have a full feeling in my ear. A warm rice bag seems to soothe things…then I fall asleep…and naps help almost anything.  Afterall it is all in my head.

Far Guy is recouperating from his surgery…he isn’t supposed to lift heavy stuff for a little while. He is sore…and his surgery site makes me wince and say owwie…owwie.

Chance is doing better, he finished one medication and will finish the other medication today and then be weaned off the steroid slowly.  We will keep him on rice and boiled hamburger for a little while yet. He is getting his treats for his hips and joints…he thinks that is a BIG deal.

We are staying home for a few days and away from clinics and Doctors…we hope.



The little Asters are blooming all over.  The brush in the woods is turning color, acorns are falling out of the Oak Trees and a few dead leaves are falling out of the trees, temperatures at night are downright cool and the crickets are singing at night.  One week from today school will start….it seems like it was a short summer.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Another sculpture

When I first visited the Red Bridge Park which is really a rusty bridge park, there was a rock that was empty.

The other day we stopped by the park again.  This time the rock was occupied.

Junkyard Turtle

Junkyard Turtle

Soon the old railroad trestle will be history too.

Old rail road trestle


It remains a popular place to have your photo taken.

Everyone here is in recouperation mode. One day at a time. Far Guy is still sore from his surgery, Chance is still hungry and sleeping a lot.  I am headed for the Clinic this morning…I suspect that the ice pick in my ear is not really an ice pick but an ear infection. If it aint one thing it is another. Far Guy says we should take bets on who will croak first…him, me or the dog.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018


Far Guy had surgery yesterday morning to replace the port in his chest.  His old port (his second one) was really hard to stick (it felt like trying to stab a tennis ball) and there was no blood return and his IV every week was getting slower and slower.  One call to his surgeon and we were put on the Saturday surgery list at o dark thirty.

Far Guy’s weekly infusions to protect his lungs are dependant on a working port.

It is over, he is sore and tired and a tad cranky.  Jen came to check on the elderly and to make sure we ate something.  She brought Miney and Little Elvis with her, they always cheer us up!

Chance thought it was great to have company.  I thought it was too…as I got to have a worry free nap and put someone else incharge for a bit.



Chance is still holding his own peeing, pooping and begging for food.

Just for reference: 1st port July 2015, 2nd Port March 3 2016, 3rd Port August 25 2018

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Saturday, August 25, 2018


The Purple Coneflowers or Echinacea purpurea are in bloom.  They had a tough winter, many old established plants were killed by the freeze and thaw cycle.


I had a few survivors that make a living bouquet for me to enjoy.

Chance brought me the ball last night, he has not wanted to play ball at all.  It must be the steroids in the medications.  He is VERY hungry…and thinks we are starving him.  He stands by the treat drawer and whines…and whines…which usually gets him another treat…not yet we tell him.  He pouts a bit and then finally lays down and sighs.  HE IS SO DRAMATIC!  His Vet called again to check up on him.  I think Chance has turned the corner this time…but he is an old dog….so you never know.  Elder Dog Care continues.

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Friday, August 24, 2018


We have a good crop of Acorns this year.

They are littering the ground.

Eating acorns

Far Guy moved the trail cam because we kept seeing deer on the west side of the house.  They visit during the day and at night.


The more they eat the less I have to rake up.

I took my Dad to Bingo last night, he hollered Bingo twice!  He enjoyed his night out.

Chance was happy to see me when I returned home, he likes Far Guy and I to be in the same room if possible. Chance is recovering nicely as far as I can tell.  He went for a extra long walk yesterday.  His bland diet continues as do the medications.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018


We have many Bluebird nesting boxes. We placed them at the edge of the woods all along our property.

We kept seeing flashes of blue.

Blue Bird Aug 2018 Papa Bluebird and a baby

Finally the Trail Cam got them as they visited the bird bath.

Bluebird babies Aug 2018

Two babies

BabyBluebird one

We hope these babies come back again next year and raise more babies.

Chance is improving little by little.  He is one hungry boy.  The Vet called to check on him and we gave her a full report.  We are supposed to keep on with what we are doing. We are hopeful that he will recover this time.

We have been dealing with the forest fire smoke and when it finally cleared the nearby small grain fields were harvested and we ended up with lots of chaff in the air at our home.  It made someone a tad cranky. 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: 1977

The summer of 1977.  Jennifer was not yet two years old.

Scan0194a (2)

She had her own way of holding a squirmy Boston Terrier puppy that belonged to her Grandparents.  This puppy was the first Boston Terrier my parents had, her name was Annie…their second one was named Annie also.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Oh Deer!

The deer have invaded our yard, they can tell when we are inside!

We have a doe and two fawns, one is larger than the other.


They still have their spots.

IMG_1770 (2)-2

IMG_1779 (2)-2

I got a couple of really good photos out of the living room window.  They were grazing up by the house when I pulled up the blind…scared me and them.

What are they eating?  My flowers and acorns…and brush.

Update on Chance:  He is holding his own, we added the pill to help his liver along with the antibiotic to clear up his bladder infection.  We are on day 5 of antibiotics and day 3 of the pills for his liver. We will add the steroid in soon if all goes well. He walks to the mail box with Far Guy and around the yard…he sleeps much of the day and all night. He is still really hungry…he loves that white rice and boiled hamburger!  He stands by the treat drawer and whines…and then we feed him plain rice…he whines by the fridge for ice cubes.  He was well enough on Sunday afternoon for some grooming…a good brushing, cleaning of his ears,  a few old age growths that are itchy get washed up and treated with an antibiotic cream…and then I trimmed the hair on his feet. He got his butt washed with warm water and all is well there…his hemorrhoid did not make an appearance.  He thought he deserved a treat after the grooming…he sure is a creature of habit. 

Chance barks at the deer in the yard but word must be out that the local Border Collie isn’t chasing anything lately.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Hey Mikey! : Moving to Michigan

Our Great Grandson Hey Mikey is moving to Michigan with his Mom and his Dad.   His Mom has passed all her tests for her license and has a job in Michigan.  Hey Mikey’s Dad will be working for his Dad in a Welding Shop.  Hey Mikey will be going to a Church Daycare.

Mikey and His granny Trica

Hey Mikey and his Grandma Trica

Many people will miss him.  His Grandma will be sad, but she will adjust…we all did.  She moved our grands away to Chicago and then to Nebraska…so I understand her feelings.

Jen and Mikey August 2018

Great Auntie Jen will miss him too!

I gave him several big mushy kisses on the cheek…I am thankful that his parents have jobs and a place to live.  I wish them all much luck on this new adventure!

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Shopping with Maddie

I was asked to go shopping.

All kind of dresses; white, ivory and champagne.


It was a fun outing. Lace or bling or both.  Veils short or long. 

Yes she said yes to a dress, it takes six months for the dress to come in. So it will be here in plenty of time for next summer.


Far Guy and Chance stayed at home…doing guy stuff.  I left them some “suggestions” and they got everything done.

Chance is holding his own and so far is not vomiting….he is more demanding so I think he feels a bit better.  How much is due to the sheer will power of a Border Collie and how much is because of the medication is anyones guess. Thank you for all your kind comments about him …he is a very special spoiled elderly dog. ( He just demanded ice cubes…he loves to crunch them…and make a watery mess on the floor that I must clean up before Far Guy steps in the cold water!  Ice Cubes are Chance’s version of snowbanks and ice in the summer.  He eats snow and ice all winter long.)

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Health Updates

Chance is still holding his own, barely…as with any aging pet or person recovery takes time.  It can be a rocky, crappy, roller coaster road.  He eats white rice with gusto and looks forward to it.  Antibiotics and anti nausea medication has begun.  He was sleeping very soundly Friday morning, Far Guy thought for sure he had died…maybe he was well on his way but Far Guy woke him up!  Throughout the day we walked him in the yard and fed him small meals, sometimes boiled hamburger with his white rice.  He gets his pills in a pill pocket which he thinks is the best treat in the whole world.  Time will tell.  ( he is at the moment standing next to me with his head on my knee..drooling…cause he thinks I am easy)

Far Guy got the stitches out of his face/nose after his surgery for a suspicious growth.  The lab work came back and it was as we suspected basal cell carcinoma but the sample had good margins so the surgery was a sucess.   I am glad he had it done.  I am glad I mentioned it to the Doctor….because Far Guy could never remember to ask him about it…I would ask did you show the Dr your nose?  …nope he forgot.

I need to have a wisdom tooth pulled, I will put it off as long as possible. I am trying to put it out of my mind.  My Dentist says he can do this one in his office when ever I want.  I looked at the calendar for three days in a row for recovery and couldn’t come up with anything for the next couple of months.

Obedient Plant

Obedient Plant or  Physostegia virginiana

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Red White Blue and a touch of yellow

I trimmed back my flowers, they were getting too tall.  They will rebound nicely if I remember to water them ever other day during the hot spells.


At the side of the little garden is a pot full of minature roses.

roses from my Mother

They are from my Mom.

They have a spider mite so I keep hosing them down with a strong spray out of the hose.

Red white and blue hint of yellow

The Impatiens are crowding out the yellow Snapgragons and the yellow Lantana that was a total waste of money….the puny little plant.  The blue Browallia (sometimes call a bush violet) is a nice plant to mix in a shade garden.  The Impatiens obliterated the Lobelia I had along the edges and totally covered up my Begonia… all notes for next years garden.  My shopping list should just be Impatiens, Browallia and something yellow that likes shade.

Chance is holding his own for the moment.  The men in my life keep me on my toes.  Far Guy gets his stitches out today…they have been driving him nuts.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Chance: Improving a bit or not dead yet

I have been sicker than a dog…oh wait I am a dog.

Far Side made me some “stuff”  it is a doggy slush which she or Far Guy feed me every few hours.  It is Humming Bird Water (4 cups water and 1 cup of sugar brought to a boil) with some salt sprinkled in it…then they put it in the freezer and it becomes a slush….which I then eat out of their hands…eww sticky they say.  It keeps me hydrated and peeing.

Chance Aug 15 2018

The Vet says they are doing all the right things…the only food I am allowed is fried up hamburger that is boiled in hot water and all the grease squeezed out and white rice.  That diet is to continue for some time.  The Vet added a $10 pill ( they got four) that is to keep me from vomiting.  On Friday they will begin my antibiotic again….then add my other meds in if I tolerate the antibiotic.   Far Side had that plan in mind before they called the Vet.  I am so hungry now I will eat plain white rice…and not turn up my nose.

Last night Far Guy had a meeting so Far Side and I wandered around the yard.

Walk Aug 15

She kept a close eye on me…mostly with her camera. She said “Chance don’t be eating ANYTHING in the woods!”

Whtcha doing

The walk tired me out.

Looking Better Chance Aug 15

Let’s take a nap!

I am so much better…but Far Side says I am not out of the woods yet.  The next 10 days will tell the story.  They want me to get better, they told me to get better.  My elderly digestive system may not be able to take medications to make me all better.

No matter how many times I go to the treat drawer I am ignored.  Can you believe it?


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wistful Wednesday : August 13 1994

This was Far Guys Dads last birthday with us.

G, M, J Aug 13 1994 (3)

Far Guy, his Dad and our youngest daughter Jennifer on August 13, 1994.  We took Dairy Queen Ice Cream over to the apartment for his birthday.  A few days later he would undergo a surgery to improve his breathing…he had Alpha 1 Antitryspsin Deficiency but we didn’t know it back then.  The surgery was really hard on him and he went into kidney and liver failure, was transfered to a hospital in Fargo ND and died shortly after midnight on August 28, 1994.  We had been taking turns sitting with him.  Far Guy’s Mom was with him when he died, the nurse called us and we ran from the Hospital Hotel to the Hospital as fast as we could but didn’t make it there in time.  Far Guy’s sister said she never saw two people get dressed and out the door so fast in her life…we were both members of the Fire and Rescue Squad back then and were used to getting dressed and out the door half asleep.

This week would have been his 104th birthday and he died 24 years ago. He would be amazed at how things have changed since he died…computers and cell phones especially.  I remember in the early 1970’s when he was thrilled to have a CB (Citizen’s Band) radio in the camper and in the car so he could call us up and talk to us on move days…Breaker Breaker Channel__ for ??…we cannot remember what his “handle” was or ours either for that matter. Funny what we remember or don’t remember.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Chance is very ill.  He has pancreatitis, just as I figured the medications were too hard on his system.

He is finally resting after having a few ice cubes that seemed to make him more comfortable.  All medications have been stopped until he can keep something down without puking.  I have made some sugar and salt water for him... a doggy slushy.

Yesterday afternoon and last night we sat outside with him, he seems to like it better outside...he hates puking in the house.

I weeded and trimmed the flower bed and when I watered he came for his cold drink of hose water.
One day at a time.
Far Side

Monday, August 13, 2018

Chance: Not too perky

I didn’t perk up after Little Elvis and Miney visited…I stayed sleepy and down in the mouth.

I may or may not have had a small accident in the kitchen in the middle of the night…Far Side may have been dead to the world  sleeping real soundly and didn’t wake up for me….so if I did have an accident it is all her fault.  For the record I have not had an accident since I was a puppy…oh there was that time in Indianna that Joe and Sue forgave me for….anyways…

Went to the Vet and as elderly dogs do I have multiple problems.  It sucks to get old at least that is what Far Side says.

After the red and yellow tests… blood and pee work was done…I have a bladder infection, reduced kidney function but not alarming for my age, I am anemic no doubt from that bleeding hemorrhoid  or a small bleed someplace else, (this vet verified that it is a hemorrhoid), and my liver function is all whacky…lots of bilirubin stuck in my liver.  

I have three different medications to take twice a day.  The Vet says I should feel better by Tuesday or I should come see her again…oh and I lost 12 pounds.

Far Side hides all the pills in pieces of cheese, she says she hopes I don’t get pancretitis and puke all over in copius amounts.  She walks me in the middle of the night because I have to pee often.

The Vet says my heart and lungs sound great for an old Border Collie.  Far Side sighed and said “I suppose it is highly unlikely that he will just sleep away some night?”  The reply was “No probably not.”

IMG_1440 A friend and me one day last week.