Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I baked!  Well first I cleaned out a cupboard in the kitchen and found a partial bag of Bran Cereal that I was supposed to use for muffins.  Saw it and threw it on the counter...that top cupboard is awfully tall so I have to use a step ladder to clean out all the corners real good.  I recalled the tart dried cherries I had in the deep freeze...would they still be good? 

There were more bran flakes than the recipe called for...so I didn't measure I just dumped and added more of everything....I could not replicate the recipe to save my life.

They turned out just fine...another baking success!  I found a bunch of corn meal...that will wait for another day.

Years ago I used to make muffins for Far Guy every week, he would grab two out of the freezer on his way to work...he would thaw them out on the 90 mile drive.  Back then he took coffee with him but he had a small coffee maker that plugged into the cigarette lighter so he could warm up his coffee or make some fresh.

It was a nice day here yesterday...in the evening it turned cool with the wind coming from the East across the lake. During the day Far Guy woodcarved outside and I cleaned up the solar light garden.

There is still about five inches of snow at the snowstick. We may get rain on Thursday.
Goodbye March....you were not a real pleasant month for anyone.  BUT I am thankful we made it through the month.  Stay safe everyone!
Far Side

Monday, March 30, 2020


We had another warm in the 40's day.  We lost another two inches of snow at the snowstick.

7 inches at the snowstick 

My other baby brother and she who sees Robins first saw a whole flock of Robins down at my baby brothers home.   They stopped by and visited ( staying 6 feet plus apart) and brought us a bag of carrots and gave us the grocery store report.  They made a grocery run and drop off for our parents also.  There still isn't TP at the store but they said that the canned goods were starting to rebound, not much left for pasta either.

The carrots were excellent with a pork roast, potatoes and gravy for a Sunday meal.  Comfort food at it's finest and we have leftovers for a few meals! 

Far Guy worked on his woodcarving project.  I did some laundry and tore a crochet project apart and started it again....it was just too heavy...no one would have enjoyed wearing it.  

Proof that planes are still flying...some idiots are still going places. 

We are safe at home, happy with each others company. 
Far Side

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Cards, Snowstick and almost 50 degrees!

Cards from friends make any day better!  This week I got cards from Betsy and Sam...thanks gals!

I always put cards in the window for many days after I get them...or above my computer.  Old fashioned flower frogs make great holders for cards.

We melted some snow yesterday!

48 degrees is not very warm when we still have snow...the wind was a bit raw but I sat out on the patio anyway after supper.

The snowstick sits at 9 inches down 2 inches from yesterday.  It is a slow melt.  Sorry late March snowstick guessers.

We had one Purple Finch visit yesterday and a whole flock of Juncos....they must have been passing through because they didn't stay long.

Our big project for yesterday was cleaning up the winter dirt off the garage floor...before the Virus I bought a new floor squeegee and it works great!  It is remarkable how a yucky job can be so much easier with the right tools.

Far Side

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Biscuits and Yarn

The grocery store was out of several items that were on our list.  Carrots... who knew there was a rush on carrots....maybe people have more time to peel their own now.  English Muffins that Far Guy likes to make egg and ham breakfast sandwiches and Pillsbury Biscuits that I wanted to use when I resurrected some Thanksgiving Turkey out of the deep freeze... for Turkey and Gravy over biscuits.

I spring cleaned one of the kitchen cupboards.  I filled the flour containers...I use a mix of white flour and wheat for bread.  I wanted to make sure I had enough if it comes down to me making bread.  I had a bag of self rising flour...so I decided to see if I could make biscuits.

I could and they are really good!  They are a bit tall and rustic looking!  Far Guy said they were really good too...I handed him the recipe card and said "You can do it! " 2 cups self rising flour, cut in 1/4 cup butter then add 3/4 cup milk stir well and then knead make biscuits bake 12 minutes 400 degrees on a greased cookie sheet.

My new yarn arrived earlier this week....I have four shawls in the works now...one will be frogged as I am not happy with it...one is being blocked and two others are in progress....here is one. 

You will see more of this yarn as I had to order five skeins.  It is called Restful Rainbow.  This is another Crochet Along called Keep Calm and Crochet On hosted by a gal on a facebook crochet group.

Far Guy did most of his walking outside yesterday.  I started  to watch a show called Tiger King on Netflix.  (I have to keep closing my eyes during the sssnake parts and one time I forgot to open them back up and fell asleep.) This week I watched Valentine's Day and give it a 9 out of 10 stars....a fun movie.
Far Side

Friday, March 27, 2020

Town Report

Thursday is Far Guys infusion day.  The infusion protects his lungs for 6 days...it replaces the protein that cannot escape his liver to protect his lungs.  WE are thankful for one more week.

Clinic Report:  They take your temperature when you enter the building, and ask the questions "Have you been out of the country?"  "Have you visited New York, California or Washington State recently?" " Have you had a temperature?  A cold or the sniffles?"  Then they write down your temperature on a post it note and stick it on your chest.  (Proof they did their job?)  They give you a mask to put on.  Then the gal tells you to go to registration....the gals there say "go ahead Gene you are all set Happy Thursday."

He is their every Thursday same time same place guy.

I waited outside in the parking lot...there are hearts in the window.  I called my sister and talked to her for awhile.  I crocheted.

After Far Guy was done we picked up our groceries from our online order.   Stopped by the butcher shop and bought bacon and brats.  You call in your order and they bring it out to the car.

Main Street was mostly deserted there were lots of places to park.

Minnesota goes into Stay at Home for two weeks this evening March 27 until April  10.

My other baby brother and his wife ( she who sees Robins first) stopped by to visit out on our patio. ( 6 feet apart at least)  She who sees Robins first already saw a Robin.  She brought me a skein of yarn from wally world so I can finish a project.

We are home and safe for another week   Stay safe!
Far Side

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Baby Brother's Birthday

My baby brother is older today...soon he will pass me up as I have decided to go backwards in age now so in a couple of years he will be older than me.  I was 2 1/2 years old when he was born.  I was the best big sister ever!
Carey and Connie 1954 at the farm in Carsonville Township.

He had knee surgery January 23 and says his PT gal really makes him work.  When he gets done with physical therapy he will have two good knees again.

The Trailcam catches him from time to time as he comes by to visit or mow.  Last summer we were gone to the University of Minnesota and he and his lovely wife mowed our lawn.

My baby brother and his wife stopping by to visit.  Their lake home is just down the road.

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!
Far Side

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Shell Lake and River

When we went for a drive on Monday we found ourselves over on Shell Lake always a favorite spot of mine.   Luckily there are no huge changes happening to the lake or the river.

Shell Lake where the melt has started. This is looking west..  The Shell River leaves Shell Lake at this point and travels under the road...and heads for the Smoky Hills.

Shell River looking East.

You can see the Smoky Hills in the distance. And yes they were truly smoky that day.

We haven't been out since Monday.  We should be crossing off "stuff" on our lists left and right...but I crochet and watch TV and Far Guy woodcarves and plays computer games.  I knit on my socks for a short time yesterday just to change things up then I had a nap.

Anyone else out there feel like they are stuck in limbo...waiting for the axe to fall?
We are supposed to get warmer weather soon....perhaps that will help

Far Side

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


We went for a drive yesterday.   Two miles from home we noticed big changes happening. 

An entire woods is disappearing.   Oak woods that have been there since before I was born....and who knows how much longer than that.  The land was in a trust and then the land owner died and left it to some college someplace who apparently sold it to a cooperate farmer.   Center pivot irrigators will inhabit part of what was Native Prairie and the Oak Woods.
I was so angry last summer when they tore into the Native Prairie...such sadness for the Prairie Wildflowers that bloomed there...long ago there was a school and lilac bushes on that part of the property.

Now sadness for the Oaks that sheltered deer and probably some coyotes.  When I was growing up it was a shady pasture for cows.
The property across the road has also been sold at least that is what the sign says...Far Guy's Great Grandparents Lemon lived and farmed there. I suppose those Oak trees will be gone too before long...part was Oaks trees and part farm fields.

Sometimes change can be good...sometimes us old folks that remember how things used to be 70 years ago should just accept change.
Far Side

Monday, March 23, 2020

Projects finished

Two of my crochet projects have been finished and the third is being blocked. 

The fluffy Hawaii blue scarf is finished.The blue yarn is super kid mohair and silk it is a Canadian Yarn.

A red shawl was finished also

I attempted to take photos outside but it was windy.  So I went inside,

Both of these yarns drape beautifully.  The red is Extrafine Merino, Baby Alpaca, Silk and Yak made in Peru.

I have enough red yarn left over for another shawl.

In the meantime I started a different shawl in a  different mindless pattern.  I say mindless because I can crochet and watch TV at the same time. 

I still have two pair of socks on the knitting needles...I find that knitting takes much more concentrating for my old brain.

We had a quiet Sunday at home.  Not much new here.
Far Side

Sunday, March 22, 2020

1973/1974 Florida

Back in 1973/1974 we lived in Tampa Florida on South West Shore Blvd not far from the Air Base.  Trica our oldest daughter was 14 months old when we arrived there and almost 2 years old when we left.

We did potty training in Florida.  She was a busy child...and would take off all her clothes by herself and put them in the laundry if she had an accident.  Then she would run around the house naked and giggling only to stop if her favorite commercials were on TV.

We had a tiny 12 inch black and white television.   We got one or two channels with the rabbit ears...sometimes we hung aluminum foil from them.

Entertainment for a child was commercials.  Trica loved two commercials in particular and would stop in front of the TV and  recite them...Chick Smith Ford in sparkling downtown Clearwater and learn to play guitar with Kenny Rogers.   I thought of those early times yesterday when I heard of Kenny Roger's death.  He was 81...that means he was 34 years old when he made that commercial.

Seems like only yesterday.

Trica 1973 18 months old in Tampa Florida.

Our stove and fridge were a lovely shade of  pink, some mornings were cool in Florida so I would turn the oven on to take the chill out of the kitchen. One day Trica asked me if she could have soup.  I said "Sure in a minute"  the next thing I heard was an explosion.  She must have decided to make soup herself and put the can of soup she wanted in the oven.  What a mess.

Far Side

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mud and other stuff

The driveway is almost free of snow...Spring brings with it mud season...sometimes frozen sometimes soft and greasy.

We have mud until the frost goes out of the ground.

Here is our patio... perfect for social distancing. No one is allowed in the house. 

We had a quiet day yesterday...a walk to the mailbox, I sat outside in the sunshine watching the birds, cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry and crocheted a bit.  Far Guy made his famous dip (Italian Sausage, Chili with no beans, Cream Cheese, Peppers and Velveeta)  I made a Pulled Pork Quesadilla for supper.

We got a message from the church.  Only ten parishioners are allowed at a service and you must sign up to attend.  Church will be live streamed on their facebook page or website.

Yesterday I was thankful for fresh air and sunshine! 

Far Side

Friday, March 20, 2020

Grocery and Clinic Adventure

I placed an online order at our preferred grocery store in our little town ( population 4, 021).  The older fellow that delivered my groceries to the vehicle said they were out of many things...I did not ask what.  I waited about five minutes from the time I called to tell them I was at the appropriate spot and the delivery.
I gave him a tip even if he was a grumpy gus.

I consulted my print out.  No eggs, no hamburger, no bread, no english muffins, no co jack cheese, no chicken thighs. 

My other baby brother said that the meat store on Main Street was doing curbside ordering and delivery.  I drove over and sure enough a young man took my order for hamburger and brought it out to me.  While I was waiting an elderly man wanted to talk so I listened...I think he was hard of hearing as he kept walking closer and closer to me...he apparently had not heard of the six foot rule.

We can live without the chicken thighs and I still have bread in the freezer...and flour to bake some should the shortage persist.

We stopped at the grocery store in our tiny town ( population 323 I think that is counting summer residents ) and bought some eggs.  They seemed to have plenty of groceries on their shelves.

Once at home I unpacked everything and used disinfectant Lysol wipes on everything I could.  Fruit was washed even the bananas...I usually wash all fruit but not the bananas.

So we can eat another week possibly two.

Main Street was almost deserted...If you have to shop downtown you will find a parking spot.

Far Guy reports at the Clinic a person greets you at the door and asks  "Where are you going?" Infusion Center  "Do you have an appointment there?"  Yes.  "Have you been out of the country."  No "Do you have a temperature?"  No,  I don't I took it this morning to make sure.   Then he was cleared to go into the building. 

I picked up groceries, went by the drive through at the bank and then I waited at the clinic parking lot for Far Guy's call.  I noticed several people exit the building wearing face masks.

Far Guy used hand sanitizer in the car...and threw his clothing in the washer when we got home.

So much for our day ( 1 1/2 hours) out.

This is day 11 of self isolation for us.  We are doing ok...we wish the sun would shine.

Last evening we got word that The University of Minnesota has shut down the Lung Transplant program until it is safe to do transplants again...no idea when or if.
Sunflower field near Wadena Minnesota a few years ago.

Far Side

Thursday, March 19, 2020


It was a dreary day yesterday.   I took a long nap. Stress exhausts me and I start to yawn and cannot stay awake.  The news these days will do that to you...how discouraging is all this business about the Corona Virus? 

I ordered some yarn online thinking that would perk me up...it was a great sale...so maybe I will perk up after to arrives...

The wreath outside the door.  Yes the Christmas lights are still in place...I might turn them on again.

I called my parents they say they are fine.  I called to see if I could add anything for them to my online grocery order...and Mom had made a trip to the grocery store and pharmacy.

Miss Paige called to check on the elderly and a neighbor called to see if we needed anything.

The only people I have seen is my other baby brother and his bride.  They stopped by on Tuesday afternoon and we visited outside more than six feet apart.  Far Guy was asleep when they came over.

Today Far Guy goes into the Infusion Center for the infusion that protects his lungs.  I will have the online grocery order delivered to the vehicle and go through the drive through at the bank and then wait in the Clinic parking lot for Far Guys call....once at home groceries will be disinfected as much as possible.

Life goes on.
Far Side

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I stole some photos from Maddies facebook page.

Here is the little princess Cee Cee...I hope her Mom revisits this photo when Cee Cee is a teenager!

Seems Hey Mikey likes his sister but is quickly over her and off to do something else...typical two almost three year old.

We wish they lived closer so we could help spoil them rotten!

I  talked to Maddie last evening, she says the baby is really good and Hey Mikey is helpful  most of the time.
Far Side

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Yarn Stash

Last week when I was stocking up on supplies, I had a few extra minutes to stop by the local yarn shop.  Yarn was purchased.

I figured it would keep me out of trouble for a few days and it has.   The red is another shawl, the beautiful fluffy Hawaii blue color is a fancy scarf for around your neck ...it is like crocheting with cotton candy.  The red shawl is being blocked and the fluffy Hawaii blue is almost finished.

It is kid mohair and silk...soft and fluffy.  I am anxious to see it completed.

Far Guy and I are getting along just fine.  We enjoy each others company very much.   I crochet and he woodcarves and household tasks are shared.  Our weather is quite cool, I sat outside for a short time yesterday...no sun...it was a gloomy day.  High was 33 F or 1 C  eh!

I watched most of Instant Hotel on Netflix...kind of a cool show.
Far Side

Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy St Urho's Day!

St Urho's Day is a well known day of celebration in Finnish communities in Minnesota. 
Parades and Outhouse Races and Bar Stool shenanigans were held over the weekend. 

We usually go to the parade held in Menahga.  This year we decided that the risk was too great to attend.  Darn Corona Virus anyways. 

St Urho chased the grasshoppers out of Finland and saved the wine crop.

Far Side

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Prayer Shawl

Last week I sent off a package to Far Guy's sister.  A chemo cap and a prayer shawl from me and a woodcarving from Far Guy.

Far Guy's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas and is now having chemo treatments.  The cancer was found during a routine mammogram. She will have chemo, radiation and surgery.

I saw some yarn in the Local Yarn Shop that draped beautifully.  It was a blend of silk and merino wool.  I struggled with the pattern and frogged it several times.  I was about to give up when I finally conquered the pattern. 

After it was finished I washed it gently and took it upstairs to my work area to block and dry for a few days.  Here the shawl is being blocked. 

Before I mailed it I took it outside for a photo shoot.

It can be draped several different ways.  I chose this pattern because I loved it and since Far Guy's sister lives in a warmer climate than Minnesota the shawl would not feel real heavy and overly warm for her.

We are sad that she has to fight cancer, we are sad that she has lost all her hair. We hope the gifts we mailed to her made her feel loved and make her cancer journey a tiny bit better.  Far Guy's sister has a strong faith and knows she is saved by God's grace.

lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world  Matthew 28:20 

Far Side

Saturday, March 14, 2020


The lost bunch of carvings were found.  I looked everywhere...they were hiding from me.  Persistence paid off.  I moved a box and there they were....right where I must have put them last Fall. 

They needed a a little fine tuning so I joined Far Guy at the table.

Later in the day I painted them and put a sealer on them.  Cross something off my to do list!
Far Guy's rose is taking shape.

We had a quiet day.  We facetimed with Cee Cee in the morning and got to ohh and ahh about how beautiful she is...and we got to hear her cry as she was getting her clothing changed for a photo shoot!

We went for a walk. I wore my Yak Trax and Far Guy took his walking stick . It was sunny but very cool.  We had a high of 26  F or -3 C eh and a bit of a wind.  Snowflakes were in the air every once in a while but no accumulations to speak of.

Far Side

Friday, March 13, 2020


 Cyst:  Our youngest Granddaughter Miss Paige had surgery on Wednesday for a cyst on her tailbone (Pilonidal Cyst).  Seems she inherited it from her Grandpa Far Guy and her Auntie Jen who have both had the surgery.   Paige is recuperating nicely and along with her Auntie Jen  traveled to Michigan to see Cee Cee.

Cee Cee: Maddie and Brenton took baby Cee Cee home from the hospital .

Crochet:  Here she is all ready to go home snuggled up in the blanket I crocheted for her.

Crappy Weather:  I  ordered a few groceries online just to see how it would work.  Of course they didn't have everything I ordered.  Ordering was quite easy.  I waited at the appropriate spot and called the number on the sign and in five minutes the groceries were delivered to me. 

It rained and snowed off and on all morning..

Clinic: I dropped off Far Guy at the clinic for his weekly infusion to protect his lungs.

I dropped some letters off in the drive by boxes at the Post Office and went through the drive through at the bank.  Then I waited in the clinic parking lot for Far Guy's call.  I crocheted while waiting. 

Corona Virus:  There are now 9 confirmed cases in Minnesota.

Far Guy said it was business as usual inside the Clinic. One of us going into the clinic is enough of a risk.  When he called me I picked him up at the door. At home he changed clothing and washed up.  We are doing our best to stay away from the virus.
Far Side

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Oh Baby!

We are thrilled to be Great Grandparents again! 

Cee Cee made her appearance very late on March 10th.   It was just 7 minutes til midnight when she entered the world.   Who was there:  her Mom of course and her Dad and the usual medical staff.

She weighed in at 6 pounds and 15 ounces and is 19 inches long.  Look at that hair! 

All dressed up!  Photos are from Maddies Facebook page.

Her hair sticks straight up just like her Mamas did when she was born.  She looks quite a bit like her Mama too! 

Her real name is not Cee Cee but that is what I am calling her.  She will join her big brother Hey Mikey at home later today...then the fun will begin! 

We are excited to hear more about her as she grows!  She lives in Michigan and we are not sure when we will get to see her....we love her already!

Far Side

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Snowstick Contest

It is that time of year again.

The snowstick is at 14 inches...when will it be free of ice and snow?   See that ridge of snow...it came off the roof and almost made it to the snowstick!

Leave me your guess...   just a date will do.  The winner will get something in the mail.   Not sure what yet but it will be worthy of a good guess!  I will accept guesses until Sunday evening at 9 PM.   Those shy people can email me with their guess.

I worked on some bark carvings last Fall and had some carvings almost ready to paint and I put them someplace safe...can't remember where that safe place was...but I shall be looking for it.

Far Side

Here is the Snowstick History:
2011  April 8
2012  March 13
2013  April 30
2014  April 10
2015  March 11
2016  March 8
2017 March 20
2018  April 22
2019 April 17

Your guess will appear here!
March 25 LAS
March 26 Sam
March 27 Sallys mom
March 28  Red
March 29  Chain Stitch Crochet     Linda Reeder
March 30 MJM   Betsy
March 31 Sara     Roz     thecrazysheeplady
April 1  silly girl     JT
April 2 Maebeme  DJan
April 3 Sonja
April 4 Wendy
April 5 Grace    Terry and Linda    At Home in New Zealand
April 6 Rita
April 7 Miss Merry
April 8 Harriet
April 9 marlu
April 10 Kay L
April 11 Bonnie     Cynthia
April 12 Jean
April 13  Alvina
April 14 Victoria Zigler
April 15 Lynne Ft Worth      Cathy    Bettina Groh
April 16 Mark o     linda m
April 17 Gemmas person
April 18 the bennie
April 20 Shirley
April 22 Debi    Diane in N Wisc
April 23 Joyce F
April 25 Andrea C
April 26 Marilyn
April 27 Lori
May 1 Tired Teacher

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Isolation 2020

We decided that yesterday (Monday) would be Far Guy's last day in Pulmonary Therapy for a while.  It is located in a hospital and you must walk through a waiting area just outside the ER to get there.  Risk vs Reward was weighed.   After all he can walk and ride the exercise bike at home...there is also an elliptical in the greenhouse.   The risk out weighed the reward...and two out of the three nurses agreed.

Later in the day an advisory came out from The Alpha 1 Foundation  saying that all patients should isolate themselves.

I did the grocery shopping and should have enough for two plus weeks here at home.

Not sure how this photo got on my phone. 

Far Guy will go in for his weekly infusion because he has to.  Risk vs reward and reward wins as the infusion protects his lungs for 6 + days.

I will stay home also.  I cannot risk getting ill myself and giving it to Far Guy. We will do what we have to do.
We can go outside....we can walk outside, heck when the ice goes away we can walk the entire road back here in the boonies. We can go for rides.  On sunny days we can go to the greenhouse/woodshop and do "stuff".  There are just a few unfinished projects out there.

Wally world still had toilet paper and hand sanitizer  although the supply was limited.  There were no empty shelves....I noticed most everyone had water and toilet paper in their grocery carts.

Far Side

Monday, March 9, 2020

Sunday afternoon crafts

Sheila came over for a woodcarving session with Far Guy.  They both like to carve flowers.

They are working on some roses, Sheila brought roses for inspiration. That circular block of wood in front of Far Guy will be a rose eventually.

They made good progress.  I joined them but instead of carving I finished a crochet project.

Far Side