Friday, March 13, 2020


 Cyst:  Our youngest Granddaughter Miss Paige had surgery on Wednesday for a cyst on her tailbone (Pilonidal Cyst).  Seems she inherited it from her Grandpa Far Guy and her Auntie Jen who have both had the surgery.   Paige is recuperating nicely and along with her Auntie Jen  traveled to Michigan to see Cee Cee.

Cee Cee: Maddie and Brenton took baby Cee Cee home from the hospital .

Crochet:  Here she is all ready to go home snuggled up in the blanket I crocheted for her.

Crappy Weather:  I  ordered a few groceries online just to see how it would work.  Of course they didn't have everything I ordered.  Ordering was quite easy.  I waited at the appropriate spot and called the number on the sign and in five minutes the groceries were delivered to me. 

It rained and snowed off and on all morning..

Clinic: I dropped off Far Guy at the clinic for his weekly infusion to protect his lungs.

I dropped some letters off in the drive by boxes at the Post Office and went through the drive through at the bank.  Then I waited in the clinic parking lot for Far Guy's call.  I crocheted while waiting. 

Corona Virus:  There are now 9 confirmed cases in Minnesota.

Far Guy said it was business as usual inside the Clinic. One of us going into the clinic is enough of a risk.  When he called me I picked him up at the door. At home he changed clothing and washed up.  We are doing our best to stay away from the virus.
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  1. Ouch! I hope Miss Paige recovers soon. I broke my tailbone several times falling off horses (no, I was not thrown...just fell off! LOL!) and it was very painful! Cee Cee is so cute and the minute I saw that blanket I knew you had made it! So pretty! We have 6 cases of CV in Arkansas....6 that they know of! LOL! There aren't enough tests so they really have no idea. Good idea to drop off and pick up anything you can and washing up is always good. I have always washed up after I come home from shopping as they say that your debit/credit cards are the dirtiest. I was wondering if the virus can be on "things" like if you order yarn or items from other places? It must exist on "things" otherwise why would they be spraying buses and plane interiors? Does this mean I can't order "treasures"? Oh no! So, what are you crocheting now? Have a good day and stay healthy! Hugs ~ Sam

  2. Last night a group I belonged to that's our old CrossFit group talked about the panic buying that has started. No Toilet paper in our 3 stores!
    That blanket is so pretty!
    I'm not sure we have online grocery ordering, but that sure is a smart thing to do. I think I'll see if it is available in our area.

    Stay well!

  3. We are doing what we can to stay healthy, but it's a struggle. I just hope they don't close down the Y, it's already almost empty. And nobody is going to the movies or out to eat. We are a little scared, being old and all. :-(

  4. Glad Paige's surgery went well. Hope she recovers completely quickly.

    Good to hear Maddie and Cee Cee are home now.

    Glad Far Guy's clinic appointment went smoothly. Hope you both stay healthy.

  5. We are doing the same. One of us goes in and then back at home strips and scrubs down like they're going into surgery. We are also only going in places when they first open and no one is in there. I am trying not to freak out but it's getting harder and harder as it gets closer.
    That baby is the sweetest little thing. Thank goodness this thing is not affecting the children. I would be beside myself worrying about my Grands.

  6. I think the panic buying of toilet paper is the most surprising thing about the corona virus. Do people not have 2 or 3 packages of 12 rolls already bought on a normal basis, or is that just me?
    Sounds like you are doing a good job of staying out of harm's way.

  7. That baby looks so precious cuddled up the crocheted blanket. We don't either of us have any medical reasons to stay isolated, but have both been more conscious of where we go. Although the college basketball tournament was probably the obvious place we could catch anything. We have one confirmed case in town and 4 more "pending" tested. That we know about.

  8. Yes, I am trying to self-quarantine here in Hawaii, where there have been 2 cases of the virus. Hubby does the grocery shopping. We are not going to attend concerts in the near future despite having the tickets already. BTW, I added your blog to my blog roll.

  9. Enjoyed reading all your C's, congratulations on CICi"s arrival, she is adorable wrapped in the warm blanket you made, prayers for Paige's continued recovery.
    Dh and I are taking precautions of where we go, as we are considered risk factors!
    have a blessed weekend.

  10. One confirmed case in Wyoming and other pending. State Health Dept has been proactive and canceled State High School tournaments and events. University has extended spring break to two weeks & is planning for instruction online.

  11. Cee Cee looks so sweet especially cuddled up in the blanket you made. It looks so warm and soft. Sounds like Paige is doing fine, going with Aunt Jen to see the baby. That's good. We got our taxes done this morning and stopped at Walmart for a few things. Looked like a war zone! Not even one roll of toilet paper left on the water...Guess we should have been stocking up too. Lots of empty shelves. ??

  12. I left a comment but I think it disappeared! I'm sorry if you get two now. :-)
    I love the picture of Cee Cee all wrapped in the blanket that you made for her. Truly wrapped in love.
    I think it's a good idea that you are staying in as much as possible. So are we except Dennis going to work. We can't do anything about that but are taking all other precautions possible.

  13. Cee Cee looks so sweet and that blanket you made is gorgeous! I love the pink and gray together. You seem to have a great plan for handling things when you do go out. You got many different things accomplished without getting out of the car. Now if only there was drive by yarn purchasing!

  14. So sweet to see CeeCee in your blanket! I hope Paige recovers quickly. You are smart to avoid being out and about or inside the clinic. Car crocheting isn't the worst way to spend your time. ;)

  15. we all must do our best to stay away from the virus.

  16. Sweet photo of Cee Cee cuddled in your crochet.
    Each day here there seems to be another closure or restriction. I just hope we don't go to full quarantine. Even I might run out of toilet paper then. :-)
    Seriously, we are not hoarders and I am counting on being able to go to the grocery store.

  17. It sounds like winter is making once last ( hopefully) blast both here and also out your way. We have a strong NE wind gusting and I hope we don't have a power outage.
    Cee Cee is so cute in the crocheted blanket.

  18. I think you're being very smart the way you're handling things. Stay as safe as you can. Yes...we had the same weather you did.... rain and then snow. And now we've got a few days of cold weather before it warms up a bit again. They're closing the schools now everywhere...praying for you both to stay well.

  19. What a sweet little doll.
    We are staying far away from the maddening crowds too. No cases in our country yet. Schools are closed for three weeks. So are all activities, movies, libraries. Hope the weather stays good so the little darlings can at least get outdoors.

  20. I don't know which is spreading faster: the virus or the panic. Stay safe and away from germs!

  21. Stay well - keep away from people's online panic! And what a sweet shot of Cee Cee.

  22. So glad you are staying safe. We are staying home more too.

  23. Glad Paige was well enough to go meet Cee Cee. Lovely blanket!

    I'm glad too, that you're able to avoid crowds as much as possible. Stay well!

  24. I am just going to write about that great grand daughter. She really is so special. You really outdid your self with that crocheted blanket. It is beautiful and looks so perfect. Great colors.


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