Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Halloween

This photo was taken by Auntie Kathy most likely in 1977.

Halloween 1977

Jennifer is on the left she looks about 2 years old. Debra is in the middle she would have been 6 that year and Trica is on the far right she would have been 5.  Second Cousins..Debra belongs to my Cousin Art ..or Uncle Art and Auntie Kathy.

That is Far Guy in the back..not sure what he was doing.  I know he was always in charge of taking the girls around the neighborhood to get candy.  The girls would anxiously wait for him to finish supper and then they would run to get dressed and head out.  Many times the weather was horrid..snowy and cold or icy rain.. they would only go to houses where we knew the people.  Back in the mid 1970’s was the razor blades in apples scares and hospitals would x-ray candy for free.

We used to go through the girls candy..anything questionable would be thrown out.  The girls would often remember what they got where.

I can vaguely remember making those witches hats..I think they were construction paper. I think Auntie Kathy must have done the makeup..I do not remember that at all..but that was a long time ago.

I would stay home and hand out candy..when we lived in Moorhead we would get 100’s of kids if the weather was half way decent.  The dog would stay with me and bark most of the evening.  Back then we had a Scottie mutt mix by the name of Snuffer.  We got her before the girls were of those $5.00 dogs.. she was worth every penny and grew up with our girls.

When we ran out of candy or when it was nine o’clock we would shut off the porch light.  The girls were good about sharing..I always looked for a Bit O Honey and Far Guy would look for a Tootsie Roll:)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Treats or Tricks

We finally broke down and bought Halloween Candy.    We always buy the kinds we like just incase no one shows up.  Wishful thinking..or what?

Waiting until this week..some candy was on sale…so we bought lots.  Not that we need lots..we will get our eight to ten kids and I will take photos of them all and we will have left over candy.

It must be a tradition since it happens nearly every year.

Last Saturday before the snow I took some photos of Chance in his Halloween Scarf with the treat bucket..

Empty treat bucket

It was empty…I tossed a few treats ( Milk Bone Biscuits) in there..


He will have a blast greeting all the neighborhood kids on Wednesday night.  The snow is mostly melted and our temperatures will be in the 40’s it will be a nice evening to be out and about!

I feel so sorry for the people without electricity on the east coast..that is a monster of a storm.  Lots of kids are bound to miss Halloween this year due to safety issues from Hurricane Sandy:(

Monday, October 29, 2012


We woke to snow on the ground on Sunday morning. What most of you know I am not thrilled about snow or cold…

Snow early Oct 28

Time to get out the snow boots…or at least socks with crocs.

The roads were icy..we headed up north, turned around and came back home after a half an hour of icy roads.  Then we both had a nap.  Why travel on treacherous roads if you don’t have to?

Snow Oct28

See the wheel all decked out for winter.  Things can change just like that overnight.

The Junco’s came..I call them Snow Birds I watched them out the kitchen window.  They are ground feeders. I guess a person could eat all day long if they hopped everywhere they went on the ground..think about it!

Then all of a sudden the Pine Siskins arrived!  They like the new thistle feeder just fine.

Pine Siskins at the thistle feeder.

Finally..I was beginning to think that this feeder was a lost cause.  I love the way they can sit in the inside of this feeder and eat.  Several of them hogged the center little birds.  I wonder how long they will stay…I bet they are just passing through.

This is snowfall number three.  The snow will most likely melt it is supposed to be in the 40’s this week:)

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Old Wheels

My parents had a garage sale..and I bought this wheel. It rested for several weeks near my garage waiting for a really good spot in the yard.


Finally the perfect spot was found. In the yard

Not much grass grows way out there won’t have to be trimmed around very often.


It might have been from a rake.

I admired this one at a friends.

old wheel

I don’t know what kind of machine would have this wheel..but I like it.

I have old wheels here and there in the yard..I like the looks of them..old, worn and resting.  A little rusty but who cares..a little rust just gives them character.  Wheels are wonderful pieces of art! 

I suppose someone will line them all up someday at a garage sale or an estate auction..I wonder how long the line of old wheels will be? :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am nine years old than him

I was nine years old when my other baby brother was born in 1960.  I helped to teach him important to drink out of a to use the potty and how to stay out of trouble.

I remember the day that he fell on an old fire truck and put a huge gash in his bled and I wrapped his arm in a towel..he still has a scar on his arm.   I am sure he forgot all about it..I never have..I was responsible.  I should have been watching him closer.  He cried and cried..and so did I.

Scan0072 (2)

This photo must have been taken about 1963.  I was 12 and he was 3.  Nice of me to show him the finer points of a bow and arrow. The bow, arrows and the quiver belonged to my baby brother Carey ( who would have been 9)..we probably stole borrowed it.

I like this photo..he is trying so hard!  In the background is the old garage, the old chicken coop and the corn crib on the farm where we were raised. 

Well that little boy is in his 50’s now..his birthday was yesterday.  Happy Birthday to my other baby brother:)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy Days

The days are busy..filled with projects.  I just finished up the Newsletter for the Museum and reports for the annual meeting..and a bit of a slide show program. all takes time.

Chance as good looking as ever

This is Chance’s birthday photo.  He is focused on Far Guy.  Imagine that.

The birthday boy Chance Oct 25 2012 Eight years old

Hard to believe “our boy” is eight.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful dog!

I cleaned up as in vacuumed out my garage..I almost finished before killing Far Guy’s vacuum cleaner…it made a funny squealing noise and abruptly quit.  Darn thing.  Had to go to town and buy another one.

I finally said goodbye to the Sunflower.. and welcome to the witch. I use that same old twig wreath for everything.  I like it. Welcome witch

I spent the better part of one day washing some dog nose prints off vehicle windows and cleaning up vehicles before the winter.  The pickup could use a good vacuuming ( read dog hair) that I am back in business with a new vacuum cleaner IF it warms up I could accomplish that.  Our weather is cool.. highs in the 30’s F  and lows in the 20’s F. That is –1C to –6C…very coolish.  There were some little snowflakes in the air yesterday…not enough to accumulate..just enough to remind you that yes this is Minnesota and one of these days we will have snow that comes and stays for the winter:( 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chance: Eight is Great!

Today I am eight years old! Life is still good.  I play ball everyday and walk with Far Guy to get the mail. We go for rides and I bark at horses and cows.  At home I herd the squirrels and chipmunks and sometimes I chase the Pileated Woodpecker away from the suet feeder. Some days I am a greeter at the museum..everyone loves me there and knows my name.


I like to be fed at precisely sooner later.  I love all kinds of vegetables on my dry food but spaghetti squash is my favorite!  If no one is cooking I walk around looking pathetic and hungry until someone decides to cook. Sometimes Far Side says “You are not starving to death..there is dry food in your dish.” Sometimes she tells Far extra vegetables for him till he finishes his own food.  She is one tough old lady with lots of rules.  Rules like NO Jumping on the elderly.  No pooping in the yard..I am supposed to poop in the poop area at the edge of the woods.  No going out after dark without a leash..she is saving herself from skunks. I am tired of hearing about that stupid skunk I chased last year. Remember Chance how bad you smelled?? YES, YES.. put on the freaking leash already.

I spit out my baby aspirin every night unless it is covered in cheese or peanut butter.  The baby aspirin makes my joints feel better and the cheese  or the peanut butter makes the aspirin go down better.

I am not sure what kind of wonderful celebration I will have today..but perhaps it will involve a new ball and some extra treats.  I am worth it!

Chance in September

At least my birthday was not forgotten like last year:)

Chance’s Forgotten Birthday 2011

Chance: Happy Birthday..I am Six! 2010

Chance’s Birthday 2009

Happy Birthday Chance 2008

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Grandparents

I have two photos of me with my paternal grandparents.  This is one of them.

Sam, Hilda and Connie Yliniemi

My Grandparents don’t look thrilled.  I am told that my Grandmother called me Connie Boy instead of Connie Joy.  My Grandmother died in 1953 of a massive heart attack. She was 64 years old.  Fourteen kids and being a farmers wife took it’s toll on her body.  I have  no real memories of her..just vague feelings that I associate with her..butter..that I hear she used to feed me from a spoon.

My Grandfather lived a good long life..he died  just short of his 88th birthday in 1978.  I have many memories of my peppermints, long underwear all year round, white shirts on Sunday and the smell of moth balls that permeated his wool clothing.  Then he remarried…I cannot remember exactly when he married Grandma Annie..sometime in the early 1960’s..and he outlived her too. She died in 1968.

Annie and Grandpa

He visited many widow ladies in his quest for companionship. Not sure why he chose Annie other that she was a very kind lady and she spoke Finn. She had her own house..after her death he was told to move out.  So he built a small two room house at Uncle Hugo’s place on Shell Lake.  One Saturday at his lake place he was having a hard time hearing, I asked him why?  Turns out he was saving his hearing aid batteries for church on Sunday morning.  He was a kind man whom I enjoyed visiting with.

My Grandfather was old dancing, no lipstick and no alcohol was allowed.  Spitting however was permissible. I think he chewed tobacco his entire life.  He thought that women should only go to school to be teachers..and if they were married ..well they should stay home have babies and take care of their husbands:)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Grandgirls

Maddie is doing better in Math..finally.  She has struggled with Math every year for the past nine years.  She finally “gets” it.  When she shared that news..I was so relieved.  What made the difference ..a teacher.


Savannah is driving now..she has her own car.  She tells me she is a very good driver.


Paige got to go to a Justin Bieber Concert..I am sure she was hoarse from screaming.  She probably thought it was the highlight of her entire life.


They have begun Hockey Practice… a great outlet for all their energy!  Yes, that is Maddie behind Paige getting ready to irritate her sister.

IMG_2178 (2)

These girls certainly keep their parents on their toes.  I was lucky to get the photos I did..they were running around hiding behind and trying to climb trees..and complaining that the sun was hurting their eyes. 

The girls 2006

Paige age 7, Savannah age 10 and Maddie age 8.

This photo was taken in 2006..six years goodness time flies:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Train and Toy Show

Sunday we took off and went to the Toy and Train Show. It has been marked on our calendar of events for a few months!  It was interesting.  This year there were many more old toys.


Some old guys must be hoarding these toys..


I enjoyed looking at all of them.

Garage and Box priced seperately

The Magic Garage and Car Box was just as much as the Magic Garage..and I did not see a car.

metal Log Cabins

I recall that my brother or maybe Danny B. had a metal had metal tabs and you lined up the tabs to put the building together. Sometimes the tabs would have been moved back and forth so much that they would break off.  Far Guy said that there were playsets called Fort Apache, The Rifleman and Wagon Train.  The one on the left is from a Western Ranch Set and the one on the right is possibly from The Rifleman.

Roller Coaster

This one caught my eye right away.  Then Far Guy caught up with me..and it came home with us.  It in.. it still winds up.  There were no cars.. Far Guy found some on at least we know what we are looking for now.  The ones Online are $50 we will scour antique shops and garage sales..who knows what we will find.

Since this was “a date” my date bought me a new/old book.

Rin Tin Tin

1927 was a good year!  It only has twelve pages..but they really knew how to make books back then.  The colors are awesome.

Oh was a train show.  I wanted a Lionel Car that has horses or a giraffe that move their heads up and down.  Far Guy was looking for a Lionel Merry Go Round. We struck out…there was one giraffe car but it was missing parts.  Far Guy did buy a new signal that should light up..he is working on it..trying to figure out where he can place it! :)

** It was cloudy early Sunday Iridium Flares,  Orionid Meteors or Northern Lights were seen.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Signs of Fall

I was a little slow changing the flag for October.


I had good intentions of dragging out the scarecrows..but I never got around to it..

It has been raining..and the sun has not been shining.


It has been dreary.  I have a Happy Halloween sign someplace, sigh..I hate to give up the sunflower. 


There was a small break in the clouds late yesterday afternoon..I saw some blue sky.  There was a little sunshine on the Tamaracks.

I was hoping it would clear off..the Northern Lights might be active and there are Orionid Meteors to watch for and Iridium Flares…predicted for early mornings for the next few days.  Of course I have to throw on a parka and boots to drive down to the cemetery to watch. ( I am tempted to take a blanket and just lay down.. can you imagine the rescue call that would wake up my husband?  Person laying down in the cemetery, might be  dead… If he dresses quickly he will be the first one there! ) I am not lucky enough to have a clear shot of any horizon here at the house:)

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

White Sparkles

No, I have not hit my head and seeing stars.  I have been seeing patches of white in the ditch and they sparkle in the sunlight.  Not that we have had much sunshine lately.

Milkweed  Along the road

It’s kind of funny see white in the ditch this time of year and you think snow.


The Milkweed seeds are escaping the pods one by one…like little parachuters jumping out of an airplane.   Milkweed seed has a wonderful dispersal system..on windy days they can fly for a long way on an air currant.

It must have been a good year for Milkweed..they must enjoy the dry warm weather that we had all summer.  Although some plants will put out lots of seeds in the years that they are last ditch effort to survive.

I collected a bit of seed from the roadside. One of these days I will take out a shovel and plant some of the seeds out in the wild gardens and along our driveway.  The seeds will get their cold treatment this winter which will spur them onto germination with the snowmelt or the spring rains. 

Milkweed is the only food for the Monarch butterfly larva.  Back in 1999 - 2002 we had hundreds of Monarchs all summer long.  This summer we had a few..and all of our milkweed was eaten down to the stem with no chance to produce any I hope we can get some more Milkweed growing:)

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gardner Lake Trail

We took off late one afternoon to check out one of the trails “up north.”  I believe we were in Forest Township of Becker County.

The forest is brown and bare looking.

leaves are gone

The leaves are gone.

Unknown Lake

This was one of the little unnamed lakes that we encountered.

We bounced along for quite some time..always going left..then about eight miles from nowhere we saw a building.

Hunting Shack

A Hunting Shack..Far Guy said “Did you see any signs?”  Nope not a sign to be least none of the “No Trespassing” I got out and took a photo.  These guys are ready for a cold hunting season.    Gardner Lake is not too far from this shack..but we never saw that lake..maybe another day.   I wondered later if these guys have a Trail Cam..if so they caught me taking a photo of their shack in the woods:)

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012

More than half of October is gone.  We finished with the leaves. I ran the lawnmower around in a cloud of dust for an afternoon chopping up leaves that I was too tired to rake.  I was just black..and had to take half my clothes off outside before coming into the house headed for the tub.


I usually leave a pile of leaves on top of the Daylilies under the bird feeders every year.  I should trim that Forsythia never blooms anyway.  It still has its leaves.

Whilst grocery shopping Far Guy noted that the Flu Shot kiosk was empty..he said “I better hurry over there before they close.  I need that flu shot.”   I talked him out of it twice..once when he first got sick with the crud, and then another time in the Doctor’s Office seeing what they could do for the crud.  He is feeling better..but he is still coughing. He has had two courses of antibiotics.

I got a flu shot too.  My butt is still sore.  The Nurse really didn’t want to give it in the Gluteus Maximus.. I assured her it was a great muscle and would be able to withstand the injection.  She would have preferred my arm..but after that time that I got a flu shot in my arm and couldn’t lift my arm above my head for months…I was unwilling to sacrifice my arm…

I made an interesting Jell-O salad for a funeral luncheon. ( A friend died..damn cancer.)  It was called Minnesota Blueberry Salad or Purple Salad and I found it in one of my cookbooks..a lovely lady by the name of Harriet Enfield who was a really good cook included it in a cookbook. I knew Harriet for years and years.  Four ingredients..easy peasy!

Minnesota Blueberry Salad

One package of Raspberry Jell-O dissolved in one cup of boiling water.

Add one can of blueberries with the juice

Add one small can of diced pineapple with the juice

Chill until almost set..then add a container of Cool Whip

It was a beautiful blue/purple color.  Far Guy likes Blueberries..and he said it tasted more like blueberries than anything else.  It had the dreaded pineapple in I didn’t taste allergies suck.  Next time I make it..I will add something other than pineapple..raspberries or maybe some coconut and  marshmallows.

I finished one project for the museum and have a good start on the August  October Newsletter.  I made some executive decisions.  Like the when and where for the Christmas Get Together. Just because it has always been one place doesn’t mean we cannot go someplace else within the county.   The little place I called was just thrilled to have a reservation..they can only seat 50 people..we will probably have 25 people attending.

It rained yesterday..our first real nice rain this Fall..I took in my rain gauge for the winter..but we had a puddle! :)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Wolves

When I was in grade school.  Eddie Jokela shot a huge timber wolf.  If I recall the story correctly Roxanne and Rhonda told their Dad that a big dog was following them when they got off the school bus.  Eddie took care of that Timber Wolf.  I saw it all stretched out in a pick up box..and it was huge.  Back then..word travelled fast…especially of a wolf following children.

Recently a grouse hunter shot a wolf over by Huntersville in Wadena County.  The wolf was chasing the hunters dog.   It is legal in Minnesota to shoot a wolf if it is threatening you, your livestock or your pets. 

Wolf Season begins in early November.  24,000 applications were sent in, 6,000 licenses were issued through a lottery type drawing.

Years ago Far Guy and I saw a Timber crossed the road in front of us and then stood off in the brush..glaring at us.  Talk about an eerie feeling.  His stare went right through us.

I ran across this old photo.

Wolf huge

This photo was taken in 1961 at the Skelly Station in Park Rapids.

Loren Bruce, Ray Larson and Marvin Henderson ( Far Guy’s Dad).

Wolf Loren Bruce Ray Larson and Marvin 1961

Far Guy’s Dad wrote all the details on the back of the photo.  This little bit of history is intact..we have who, when, what occasion and a bit of a story.

If only all old photos were marked like this one! :)

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