Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Treats or Tricks

We finally broke down and bought Halloween Candy.    We always buy the kinds we like just incase no one shows up.  Wishful thinking..or what?

Waiting until this week..some candy was on sale…so we bought lots.  Not that we need lots..we will get our eight to ten kids and I will take photos of them all and we will have left over candy.

It must be a tradition since it happens nearly every year.

Last Saturday before the snow I took some photos of Chance in his Halloween Scarf with the treat bucket..

Empty treat bucket

It was empty…I tossed a few treats ( Milk Bone Biscuits) in there..


He will have a blast greeting all the neighborhood kids on Wednesday night.  The snow is mostly melted and our temperatures will be in the 40’s ..so it will be a nice evening to be out and about!

I feel so sorry for the people without electricity on the east coast..that is a monster of a storm.  Lots of kids are bound to miss Halloween this year due to safety issues from Hurricane Sandy:(


  1. I love Chances bow! We weathered the storm pretty well, didn't get quite as bad as first predicted. School was delayed four hours. I have morning classes so, no school for me! The son's school was cancelled though.

  2. It is fun and brings fond memories. Our once rural and now "suburban" neighborhood once filled a school bus... now its all retirees. Not a single child came to our door this year. Sad...

  3. I will need to buy some candy just in case, but in past years I've had very few. Like you said, I'll buy dark chocolate that I like...

  4. Chance , I do like your Halloween scarf ! We had high winds and lots of rain but nothing as bad as some people during the storm . It has been raining here since Friday and will keep raining for the rest of the week . No trick or treater's here as our village is mainly Mennonite's . Have a good day !

  5. Chance is adorable, ahem handsome in his costume...

    Yes, buying the kind that you like is worth it, if you have the resolve to hang on to it and not eat it.


  6. Good Day.....what a beautiful dog....love Chance looking at the pail....to cute....Blessings Francine.



  8. I am trying to decide if I want to sit on the porch this year on not. It would be easier than having them all come in and go out and drive Barney and Button crazy. How warmly can I dress to pull this off? It looks like Chance is waiting for you to put another edible into the pumpkin.

  9. Chance looks dapper in his halloween outfit, just sitting there waiting for doggie treats!! Happy haunting.

  10. He sure looks handsome and quite dignified...not humiliated like some dogs look when their owners "dress them up". I do the same thing since I don't get many trick or treaters...get the stuff I like! LOL! They have Trick or Trunk here where you take your car to a big parking lot and hand out treats from your trunk. I did it once and I went through about $20 worth of candy in about 5 minutes! Someone said I could go to the Dollar Store and buy more and I said....I don't think so! I don't do that anymore needless to say. I like to see the little ones not "children" that are taller than me just trying to get as much as they can or more. I can relate better to the little ones....they move slower, like me! LOL!

  11. We get around 20 kids at our door. Halloween is not really big here.

  12. Chance looks great! We have a few special little people who visit with us during daylight to show us their costumes and get some candy. After that, we turn off the porch light.
    Please pray for John. He has cellulitis and will return to the dr. tomorrow for a re-check. Thanks.

  13. Happy treat or treat Chance! Sure glad that Far Side will be taking some pictures - I am going to miss seeing all the trick or treaters this year - so I will be checking out the pictures.

  14. Chance is very handsome.
    We don't plan on doing Halloween. Don't think there are any young kids around here. Most are older people/couples.
    I wanted to get candy for us, just in case. ;o)
    Hubby said no, haha.
    Oh well. You all have fun!

  15. We've bought sweets too - hope people turn up today! The Swedes tend to come at the weekend so I'll have to make sure I don't eat it all.

    Chance is very handsome - orange suits him.

  16. Wow, you sure can remember, but who's house was it taken at, thanks for sharing

    1. Hi k. Yliniemi..the old photo from yesterday was taken someplace..I thought it might be your house..but it doesn't look right. Was it at Rhondas..?? but that doesn't look right either. I guess it will remain a mystery:)


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