Saturday, October 13, 2012

Projects and News

I figured I should have at least one whole week off before I made the dreaded “to do” list.

Far Guy and I attacked the leaves.  He is feeling better but he is still coughing.  The garden ornaments are safely tucked away in my garage along with the lawn furniture. The lawn swing is still outside..I sat in it today..resting after raking leaves.  Chance loves to chase leaves and is continually jumping in the air or biting the rake..crazy dog..herding leaves.  There is still more raking to do…a few more days and we might have it!

I have been working on two projects for the museum..thank goodness I can work from home.  Projects that I should have finished the last week of work..but I assisted with the painting and supervising..which left me no time to finish up those projects.  It is what it is. I could have left the projects at work..but they are loose ends that I want to tie up.  Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist.

I was almost out of sympathy I made up a bunch.  A sign of the times when you use more sympathy cards that anything else.  I have a favorite church scene I usually use..or a White Lady Slipper.  I read where Hallmark was closing down a plant and laying off lots of people.  I used to buy Hallmark Cards..then I started making my own.  So I suppose I am just a little bit to blame for their demise.

Old Osage Baptist Church

Perhaps I should send Hallmark a sympathy card?

How about that debate?  I stayed awake but barely.  I get so tired of the “he said said”..tell me what you think ya big dummies..spit it out already.  I have a foreign policy for you..stop all aid to everyone we give aid to and balance our freaking budget.    Yessiree Far Side’s Foreign policy in a nutshell. 

I am just about ready to go on a news blackout again..most of the summer I ignored the news..and I survived..seems I didn’t miss much either.  The News is kinda like those Soap can give up watching for awhile and six months later pick up practically where you left off:)

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  1. Yes, I make more sympathy cards these days. Guess that will only increase.
    I love the image of Chance herding leaves. Nice description.
    I gave up tv during the last election - haven't missed it yet. If you ever want to quit, do it during an election year. Not hearing all those ads is bliss!

  2. I still buy sympathy cards, but I have a lot of generic cards that don't have anything but pictures. Even a few of yours, and they sit on my shelf until I need one. I like your new header; that waterfall is dramatic!

  3. I'm aging right along with you. Yesterday, I thought to myself, I need to get a supply of sympathy cards. And now you go and put another idea in my head....make my own. Thanks for the tip. I intend to look into how to do that, with my own photography.

  4. I am tired of politics - tired of the bickering. At some point, the politicians need to put party aside and do what is best for the Country. It probably won't happen in my lifetime.

  5. The good news on the "to do" list is it is actually your desires and not those of a boss. That's what I like about it.
    I admire your creativity so keep on making cards. When someone makes one for me, I consider it a gift because they invested their time as they thought about me while making the card.
    I agree with Far Guy - - - at least stop the aid to the countries who are terrorizing our ambassadors, etc. Washington needs a bunch of us to go and cuff the ears of those in power. It's like all common sense leaves when they move there. It's actually quite a scarey thing with the debt.

  6. I am sick of politics and I will be very glad when the election is over. I am not fond of either candidate.

  7. Our Miggy loves to play in the leaves as well jumping in them and catching them as we rake . We also make our own cards for any occasion, sorry Hallmark but we find it more personal and special . As for politics they are all a bunch of dummies and that's coming from Canada which also has a bunch of dummies running this country ! Hope you have a good weekend !

  8. I, too, have been making my own cards for years -- at first, with my artwork and calligraphy, now on the computer. I think the reason Hallmark is doing poorly is because they upped their price so much! Who wants to pay those prices for a card? I stay out of political discussions...

  9. That biting the rake thing isn't just for herding dogs. My sealyham terrier does the same thing. Who knows what goes through a dog's mind...

    I'm with you on the news cycle. I do have a political streak to me, and I want to know what's happening. But network news is not my cup o' tea. I get my news from the Internet, where I can get all points of view, then average them out in a vain attempt to somehow get the truth of the matter =/

    Yeah, Hallmark could use a sympathy could the rest of us...

  10. I agree with Lynda; I don't mind doing a project quite so much when I've put it on my own agenda.

    Good luck with all those leaves! Peter and I are achy today after raking and bagging yesterday, just ahead of the rain expected today.

    Love your new header!

  11. Seems as though the Dummies are running the world as we've got a load of 'em here in the UK as well and got to say Far Side's foreign policy is also mine here. Charity begins at home so let's all get our own houses in order and then help those that need it, when we're not worrying about our own futures and in a position to be of even more help. Wouldn't mind so much if the people the foreign aid we give was meant for actually benefited, rather than the corrupt governments that don't give a toot about their own people.

    I make cards occasionally as well but have had to resort to buying of late :0(

  12. I can just see Chance playing with the leaves! We have all our yard stuff put away for the season, too. Hope FG continues to improve. I've just about given up listening to the news, too. Comparing it to a soap opera is accurate - not much changes!!!

  13. I like your comment...the news is like a soap opera.

  14. Yes we don't listen to the news right now either. We will return after the insanity. Our leaves are not all down yet. When in need we send cards with photos or art work on them. We like to write our own notes anyway as it seems more special and personal.

  15. Connie, I love the shot of the church pew near the window. We're all in this pre-winter thing together. Hunkering down can be a good thing, even though I, too, will miss hanging outside. God bless all your good works! Say Hi to Far Guy from me. :)

  16. Coming out from lurkdom - have been there for quite a while - and have to agree with PJ and others that charity begins at home. Same here in Aus - can't balance your books if outgoing are greater than incomings - our next federal election is 2013 so we have it all to come!
    Take care
    commenting via Blogger

  17. Lots of folks are making their own cards these days...also their own printing places are almost a thing of the past...

    Taking a news break is a good idea...You'll catch up in a few months...

  18. Oh, I've missed reading your posts! If you put them all in a book I would buy it and it would reside on my nightstand so I could pick it up and read it like a good friend!
    I love your philosophy about t.v. news! LOL! I must admit I do love Joe Biden....have for many years....."tell it like it is Joe"! LOL!
    Oh, yes, THE project list! I'd forgotten about that....can't wait to see what you're up to this Winter!
    Leaves are turning here and we've had freeze warnings but no freeze but the leaves are starting to turn. But you had SNOW!!!! You luckies! I want to hear all about it this Winter....I live vicariously through yours you know.
    I have to go work on those quilt blocks now but I'll be back!
    P.S. Nitty (the Rott) does the same thing when I use the wheelbarrow she tries to herd it and bite at it's front wheel! Too funny....I guess anything that moves is "alive"...who knew?

  19. Love your comparison of the news to a soap opera. It seems to be the same old , same old all the time.

  20. Love that church scene! Enjoy your time off. I guess the snow has melted again?

  21. Oh that would be funny if you sent Hallmark a sympathy card:)
    I tend to buy my cards in the dollar store. I think more of what the person writes in the card than what is on the front or what is already printed, although I like a nice appropriate picture as much as the next person.
    What irritates me are cards where the only words the sender has added is their name.

  22. That photo would make a really wonderful sympathy card.
    I'm with Chance. Leaves are too dang much fun to jump in and chase.
    I just knew you were working at home for the museum--LOL! ;)
    I try to be on a news blackout all year round. Already voted by mail, so I don't feel badly about not listening to any of it. Love the comparison to the soap operas--LOL!
    Enjoy your week. :):)

  23. There are things that we were told we had to do in order to be a good citizen, stay informed was a big one. I'm not sure if it helped me be a good citizen or was just a way to insure my use of OTC gut aids. Now I stay informed on a less regular basis, mostly by accident and I sleep and eat way better, and you're right, I don't feel like I miss all that much.


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