Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012

More than half of October is gone.  We finished with the leaves. I ran the lawnmower around in a cloud of dust for an afternoon chopping up leaves that I was too tired to rake.  I was just black..and had to take half my clothes off outside before coming into the house headed for the tub.


I usually leave a pile of leaves on top of the Daylilies under the bird feeders every year.  I should trim that Forsythia never blooms anyway.  It still has its leaves.

Whilst grocery shopping Far Guy noted that the Flu Shot kiosk was empty..he said “I better hurry over there before they close.  I need that flu shot.”   I talked him out of it twice..once when he first got sick with the crud, and then another time in the Doctor’s Office seeing what they could do for the crud.  He is feeling better..but he is still coughing. He has had two courses of antibiotics.

I got a flu shot too.  My butt is still sore.  The Nurse really didn’t want to give it in the Gluteus Maximus.. I assured her it was a great muscle and would be able to withstand the injection.  She would have preferred my arm..but after that time that I got a flu shot in my arm and couldn’t lift my arm above my head for months…I was unwilling to sacrifice my arm…

I made an interesting Jell-O salad for a funeral luncheon. ( A friend died..damn cancer.)  It was called Minnesota Blueberry Salad or Purple Salad and I found it in one of my cookbooks..a lovely lady by the name of Harriet Enfield who was a really good cook included it in a cookbook. I knew Harriet for years and years.  Four ingredients..easy peasy!

Minnesota Blueberry Salad

One package of Raspberry Jell-O dissolved in one cup of boiling water.

Add one can of blueberries with the juice

Add one small can of diced pineapple with the juice

Chill until almost set..then add a container of Cool Whip

It was a beautiful blue/purple color.  Far Guy likes Blueberries..and he said it tasted more like blueberries than anything else.  It had the dreaded pineapple in I didn’t taste allergies suck.  Next time I make it..I will add something other than pineapple..raspberries or maybe some coconut and  marshmallows.

I finished one project for the museum and have a good start on the August  October Newsletter.  I made some executive decisions.  Like the when and where for the Christmas Get Together. Just because it has always been one place doesn’t mean we cannot go someplace else within the county.   The little place I called was just thrilled to have a reservation..they can only seat 50 people..we will probably have 25 people attending.

It rained yesterday..our first real nice rain this Fall..I took in my rain gauge for the winter..but we had a puddle! :)

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. I like your idea of raking some of the leaves into the flower beds; I may try that one this year. The salad sounds yummy. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Love that still autumn picture. The wind has blown off most of our before I could get any good pics.

DJan said...

Sometimes someone just has to make an executive decision to get anything decided. I did that yesterday with my guy. He said maybe he would want to go with me to Seattle or maybe not. I made him decide! :-)

Leah said...

That salad sounds wonderful - may have to try that! Our rain gauge this morning says "nearing 1 1/2" - we have some nice puddles too".. enjoy your day!

MTWaggin said...

I was going to just leave (get it haha) my leaves in the yard but maybe I will make the effort to put them on the garden for the bulbs. Thanks for the idea.

GramMary said...

Puddles are wonderful! We have tiny ones, but are hoping they'll grow today. That salad will be tried - thanks for the recipe. Give Chance a hug for me.

Lanny said...

Do you know how much I love your posts?

I'm surprised you didn't just take the lawn mower to the forsythia, or am I just projecting? I may have to make your salad for the weekend.

L. D. said...

My mowing of leaves has not started. Unfortunately for my neighbor my leaves will be in his yard with the 40 mph wind we are having today. I will get my other neighbor's leaves so it balances out. You inspired me to get my stuff brought in but I am not done with it yet. I don't want to do it while it is snowing this year.

Nancy said...

I still need to place the extension cords for my roof heat tape, but other than that, my yard is winterized, too.

I got my flu shot a week ago along with a Tdap - one in each arm. My arms ached for four days. Sure wish I had thought to ask to have the shots in the butt. ;oD

Country Gal said...

Neither has our mowing of leaves started yet . We are having really high winds today and with a bit of luck they will blow away lol . Oh that Minnesota Blueberry Salad sounds YUMMY ! both Papa and I love anything Blueberry ! I just pruned back my Forsythia bush , my mom in-law told me that's what she does to hers and it comes back with more blooms every spring , hoping mine does the same thing ! Sorry to hear of your friend cancer sucks ! Miggy sends slurps to Chance !

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Do you get lots of birds in the forsythia during the winter? I've decided the dark-eyed juncos who flock to our forsythia spend the winter eating the tiny buds, and that's why we have almost no flowers in spring. But we like having the birds there, so I don't trim it back until after it has flowered, or tried to. :-)

Jan said...

We still have temperatures in the 80's so I just enjoy everyone else's fall pictures. I'm not in any hurry for it to come to us.

Red said...

Mulching with the mower does a good job and it's much better in the spring as there's no muss with leaves.
the needle I had the other day was barely a pinprick
. However, once in a while it can give you a pretty messed up arm.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I'm so sorry 'bout your friend sweetie. Yep...stinkin' cancer!!!

The salad sounds great and very different. I'm swipin' that recipe for sure.

Two days ago...80' the high was in the 50's with 45mi. an hour winds. Poor choppin' crew's sandblasted. Or should I say silageblasted. Heeehehehe.

God bless and have a marvelous evenin' sweetie!!! :o)

LindaG said...

Good for you to pick a small place for your get together. We have found small places to be some of the best since we got here.
Sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs* ♥
Thanks for sharing your recipe with us. I'll try it without the pineapple, too. ;o)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Rita said...

I don't get the flu shot. I probably should, I suppose, but I don't. I am so seldom around other humans, anyways. ;)
Maybe you could make it with just the blueberries since they're favored by FarGuy.
Been raining here since Wednesday. We need it. :)

Karen said...

Good job on the executive decision! Some will complain, but it will all turn out great anyway, and they'll be happy with your decision after (well I'm sure hoping that's how it turns out!)

Pamela said...

I L ---O---V---E- BLUBERRIES. So do my grand kids.