Monday, October 22, 2012

Train and Toy Show

Sunday we took off and went to the Toy and Train Show. It has been marked on our calendar of events for a few months!  It was interesting.  This year there were many more old toys.


Some old guys must be hoarding these toys..


I enjoyed looking at all of them.

Garage and Box priced seperately

The Magic Garage and Car Box was just as much as the Magic Garage..and I did not see a car.

metal Log Cabins

I recall that my brother or maybe Danny B. had a metal had metal tabs and you lined up the tabs to put the building together. Sometimes the tabs would have been moved back and forth so much that they would break off.  Far Guy said that there were playsets called Fort Apache, The Rifleman and Wagon Train.  The one on the left is from a Western Ranch Set and the one on the right is possibly from The Rifleman.

Roller Coaster

This one caught my eye right away.  Then Far Guy caught up with me..and it came home with us.  It in.. it still winds up.  There were no cars.. Far Guy found some on at least we know what we are looking for now.  The ones Online are $50 we will scour antique shops and garage sales..who knows what we will find.

Since this was “a date” my date bought me a new/old book.

Rin Tin Tin

1927 was a good year!  It only has twelve pages..but they really knew how to make books back then.  The colors are awesome.

Oh was a train show.  I wanted a Lionel Car that has horses or a giraffe that move their heads up and down.  Far Guy was looking for a Lionel Merry Go Round. We struck out…there was one giraffe car but it was missing parts.  Far Guy did buy a new signal that should light up..he is working on it..trying to figure out where he can place it! :)

** It was cloudy early Sunday Iridium Flares,  Orionid Meteors or Northern Lights were seen.

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  1. Shades of my childhood. We had the Fort Apache and yes, after much use the tabs would break off. thanks for the memories.

  2. Hello.....oh what looking at all the tin toys.....really like the metal cabin......sweet.....great buys....I loved Rin Tin Tin.......Blessings Francine.

  3. I like the old cars with the passengers painted on the windows. These are really interesting, and I can see why you both enjoy going to these places looking for antiques. :-)

  4. That is pretty awesome. Makes you wish that you would of saved some of the toys you had as a child.

  5. What a fun sale! It was great to see all the old toys and am so glad you shared those with us!

  6. A very successful date, and you got toys, and books...

    I love the bright colors of those toys, they were always so cheerful.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Mmmmm. I have an early vintage (1950's) 027 Lionel train set and a early post war all aluminum Indy style race car I'd be willing to sell. Wonder what they are worth?

  8. Looks like you both had a great day! Your pictures are so good - the color in these old toys - beautiful. Boy they knew how to make toys back then! Gene going to need another table for his carnival/train display.

  9. Great pictures. The toy show sounds fun and interesting.

  10. What great toys! Do you get to play with them too?

  11. It would be fun to walk down memory lane, looking at all the toys we grew up with. Some toys reminded me of my brother, and some of the toys reminded me of the toys his friends had. Thanks for the memories. I hope you find the car!!

  12. I can remember these toys but I think they were late fifties or early sixties when my brother was little kid. Am I right?

  13. I love that you both enjoy trains and toys. :o)

    "Yo, Rinty!"

    Have a wonderful week!

  14. Books were generally bound to stay bound years ago, too, as opposed to many we buy for our library today. Whatever has happened to quality products today?!!!
    We had a Christmas a long time ago when three of us four kids received some kind of a building made out of the metal sheets with the tabs. I understand that my dad was up very late the night before putting them together.

  15. I remember somebody having one of those metal buildings with the tabs, but not what kind it was. Wasn't at our house--which is why I can't remember now. Looks like an interesting place to shop. Good luck with the roller coaster cars. And that book looks like the find of the day to me!! ;)

    Cloudy here, too.

  16. Fun, too much fun! Hope you find car- for your roller coa-ter!

  17. What a fun trip. Love those old garages,etc. Your book is awesome. Mama was born in 1929; your book would be fun to look at.

  18. I commented on this before but it mush have not been published I want to dig out my one red truck and see if paste wax will give it shine. I don't think the original paint ever had a shine. I remember the ambulance car at my late wife's house but I am sure it got tossed. It would be fun to have shows like this in our area.


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