Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring Sky

The sky is starting to look like a spring/summer sky.

The clouds are fluffy! 
It was chilly all day yesterday, the air was cold and had a bite to it.

7 inches at the snowstick  March 30 late afternoon.  Not much snow melted yesterday.

Far Guy worked on some carvings.  I did some volunteer indexing and worked on nests.  I had an afternoon nap and woke up just in time to cook supper.  Supper was steak, baked potato and fruit.
Far Side

Saturday, March 30, 2019


We walked to the mailbox, the road is less muddy now.

Talked to our niece Megan,  a benefit of sharing a common road with my other baby brother and nephew. ( We get to see their company too!) Megan is expecting her fourth child in about a month.

Our White Oak trees have tenacious leaves.  The new buds will push the old leaves off the trees.  The leaves rattle in the wind and sometimes they are forced off by strong winds and are propelled along the snowbanks.  When the leaves begin to fall we will know that Spring has sprung!

Far Side

Friday, March 29, 2019


We are melting, the local ditches are full of water.  The snow in the yard is melting too!

There is still 8 inches of snow at the snowstick. 

It may be spring here before we know it.

I went to Bingo with my Dad last night...he was a winner so it was a good thing I took him with me!  I was not a winner.

We had a very busy day yesterday, Far Guys Infusion, my Physical Therapy appointment and a whole bunch of errands that we needed to run...Post Office, Ace Hardware for a new snow shovel, bird seed and groceries.  Then we had a late lunch with my parents.
Today we will stay home and rest!
Far Side

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Yarn Stash

A few years ago I cleaned out a box that held yarn, I donated a bunch for prayer shawls, I sold some at a garage sale. I allowed myself ONE drawer of yarn.  Yesterday I cleaned out that drawer...well almost ...there is some "special" yarn in there that is for a someday project.  All other misc yarn was cleared out.  ( Yarn with no project connected to it) I do have some other yarn that is "project  yarn" and not to be messed with....sock yarn and a colorful join as you go afghan.

A few days ago I read about Wildlife Rescue Groups that need nests for Wildlife animals and birds that need warm homes until they can be released into the wild.  (Google Wildlife Rehab Nests)

The nests can be knit or crochet.  There are patterns online and some organizations have their own patterns...and want to see samples of your work. Some just welcome donated nests.
Part of my stash and a nest...then you turn them around!

My nest uses two strands of yarn...the stitches have to be worked tightly.

I chose to crochet because that is mindless work for my hands.  Far Guy and I enjoyed some outside on the patio time yesterday and I took my project outside.   It was about 50 F yesterday...practically a heat wave!
Far Side

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wistful Wednesday : 1961

I found this old photo from 1961
I was ten years old. 

That is most likely my birthday cake.  My baby brother would have been seven and my other baby brother almost one.

This photo was taken in the first remodeled kitchen at the farm.

My mother made my baby brothers shirt and that bib overhauls my other baby brother is wearing.
She sewed the curtains too they were a pale yellow with a brown design. 

Note the days of the week flour sack embroidered towels hanging next to the old rotary dial wall phone...with a short was beige.

The plaster of paris fruit hung in the old kitchen too...and must have been a favorite of my Moms since it appears in the new kitchen.  The new kitchen had birch cupboards with stainless steel hardware...and a double sink.  The linoleum on the floor was a medium green was a tiny hex pattern...I scrubbed it many times.
Far Side

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Happy Medicare!

My baby brother turns a certain age today.   Doesn't seem right that he is THAT old.

This is his Grand Jordan putting a clothespin on his fingers last summer.  An art project was being worked on at the Wildlife Refuge during a Children's program.
Here he is with a finished art project!   He has his scruffy no shave Northwoods look going on. (Sometimes he is less that thrilled with me and my camera...imagine that)

Happy Birthday baby brother...welcome to Medicare where it takes six months to see anything from Medicare and your healthcare coverage. I guess they figure you have all the time in the world to wait for paperwork since you are a certain age.

Far Side

Monday, March 25, 2019


Finally took the Valentine flag down and put up the Eagle flag.

Cooked for friends yesterday, we usually get together with them once a month.  Chili and flatbread was on the menu.  They are patient friends and understand when Far Guy is not feeling good enough to meet with them. They are both awesome cooks...but my Chili is pretty good too!

We still have plenty of snow but with nice temperatures this week we may get out the patio table!

Far Side

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Saturday happenings

It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota.  It was 40 something above zero!!

We sat outside, fed the birds and chipped away at some ice at the woodshop.

My other baby brother has been building a new shop and office so we went to visit.  We could have walked but it is just too muddy.

Far Guy made a trip around the perimeter is 100 steps.  The shop is so light and bright!  It is going to be a great place for my other baby brothers business. It is one tall building!  I told my other baby brother he should have built a deck on top and we would have a view of the lake...he said "No I was up there one day...and could only see the trees on either side of the lake."

The office is really nice too, they are just moving into the office.  They have lots of organizing to do.
They have a kitchen area in the office...and work space for three people...and a bathroom.  Pretty snazzy!

June the snowbank is melting....slowly.

Far Side

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Peanut Butter Feeder

A few years ago, Far Guy drilled a hole in the top of a peanut butter lid and strung a wire through, knotted on the inside.  We saved that lid and use it every winter.

The Chickadees love Peanut Butter. 

As you can see, Far Guy cut windows high into the jar and let the bottom flop down...that made a support for the stick he stuck through for the little birds to rest their weary feet.

Simple things make great bird feeders. 
Far Side

Friday, March 22, 2019

Slow progress

Appointments are done for the week!  I am making slow progress in Physical Therapy.  It is a literal pain in the butt.  My "sit bone" is still painful.  Sometimes it is better and sometimes worse.
We can finally see out the living room window...well we could see out before but it was all snow.  At least now I can see trees and the sky and sunshine!

My socks are coming along.  I have two pairs of socks going at once...that way I do stuff four times and maybe my old brain will "get it." I am just beginning the heel flap on this set above.
This pair is working up nicely.  I am still  working on the legs of this set. 
I am learning as I go...I am keeping notes...and keeping track of my rows.
I am reasonably glad I began this adventure in socks, when I get these four socks off the needles I will make a final decision about my ability to knit socks!

Far Side

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Looking for Spring

Spring is supposed to be here.  I went out looking for it.
Silly me is still winter here in Minnesota.

We lost 5 inches of snow at the snowstick in the past few days.  It reads 16 inches on the first day of Spring.

I did find some mud in the driveway...perhaps that is good enough "Spring" for now.

I got a broken tooth fixed at the Dentist, went to Physical Therapy and Far Guy saw his Pulmonologist.  Just two more medical appointments this week.   Far Guy is back on steroids for a bit, he has a wheeze and a bad cough.  Next week we only have three medical appointments...practically a week off.
Far Side

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wistful Wednesday : 1796

On October 8 1796 one of Far Guy's relatives was in trouble.

At our Quarter-Seffions on Thurfday, Daniel Abbott of Little Addington was indicted for a mifdemeaner, in engroffing and getting into his hands, by buying of Richard Wightman, fifty quarters of wheat with the intent to fell the fame again; and being found guilty, was fined in the penalty of five pounds. 

engroffing =  Taking over (I think)
fifty quarters of wheat = I believe 1 quarter is 8 bushels so 400 bushels
in 1796 it would take one acre of land to produce 15 -30 bushels of wheat.  A man would need 12 bushels a year just to make his bread for the year.

So this was a considerable amount of wheat.   The penalty was 5 pounds I have no idea what that would have been in dollars in 1796.

Anyways...this is Far Guy's GGGG Grandfather on his mothers paternal side of the family.  Daniel Abbott was born in 1747 in England and he died Feb 3 1833 he would have been 86 years old.  He died in Great Addington, Northamptonshire England.

In 1796 when this took place he would have been 49 years old.
Interesting bit of family history...there is possibly more to this story.
Far Side

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Found a new fruit in the grocery store.  I paired it with some blueberries.

It is golden kiwi, specifically California Golden Kiwi.  Far Guy thought the flavor was more intense.  I thought it was about the same.  The fruits seem a bit smaller than regular kiwi.

This is a fruit we had in Hawaii.

These are half peeled.  The white part is the part you eat, there is a small brown seed inside the white part which you should not eat.  This is a Rambutan and it is very rich in Vitamin C.  It has the texture of a grape and kinda tastes like a tangy grape.  Needless to say our grocery store does not have them.

Far Side

Monday, March 18, 2019

132 days of snow

We have had snow on the ground since November 6 2018.   Seems like longer than 132 days ago.
We sat outside in the sunshine yesterday, the sun felt delightful.

The road home

The snow is melting some.  I shoveled some ice off the patio.  It is going to be a muddy mess in the driveway soon.

We have another appointment filled week ahead of us.  I wish it was Friday...but then I guess I shouldn't wish my life away. 

I have planned easy meals for the week; chicken and salad, brats and beans, Naan bread pizza, freezer meals and dinner out one night.  I hate planning menus but when you live in the "sticks" you have to be organized!
Far Side

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Parade

The parade was short...about five minutes.

A wave from the horse drawn wagon this year.

This group was collecting donations for the food shelf.
Best part was a tie between the dog and men in underwear.

Remember to enter your snow stick guess HERE.
Far Side

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy St Urho's Day!

We plan to attend the St Urho’s Day parade.  I will have parade photos tomorrow God willing and the crick don’t rise.
What you don’t know about St Urho?  He chased all the pesky grasshoppers that were eating all the grapes in Finland.   Purple and green are the colors of the day…representing the grapes.

Now for the Snow Stick contest!  Please leave me a comment with the date you think the snow and ice will be completely gone from the snowstick.  The winner or winners will get something special from me.  Those of you too shy can email me with your guess.  I will take guesses until Monday night at 9 PM.

Here is the Snowstick History:
2011  April 8
2012  March 13
2013  April 30
2014  April 10
2015  March 11
2016  March 8
2017 March 20
2018  April 22

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March 26 LD
March 31 Denny   Marilyn
April 2 Lisa
April 3 Marlys
April 5 Cathrin
April 7 Rita
April 8 Victoria Z
April 9 Pauline
April 10 Red
April 11 Dianne
April 12 Kay  Marti C
April 13 Gemma's person   Karen
April 14  Kathy    KCD   Dale
April 15 Phyllis
April 16 Jo Anne and unknown
April 17 Sara
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April 20 Unknown  and Cathy M
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April 30 Susie
May 1 DJan
May 5 Sonja

Friday, March 15, 2019

More Rain

The roads were pretty fair this morning on our way to Physical Therapy for me and an Infusion for Far Guy…then a drive by at the post office and to the grocery store.  We came home unpacked the groceries and had a long nap.

The time change has caught up with me I guess.

Parts of Minnesota are having a blizzard so far we have escaped. Yeah us!

Rain March 13 and 14

Rain for two days

My Yak Trax boots got wet. Once my feet get cold the only option is a corn bag heated up in the microwave and some couch time!

No Bingo with my Dad last night, the roads could have turned icy anytime.

Far Side

Thursday, March 14, 2019


I got home just before the rain started.  Now the yard is like a skating rink.

June March 13

June the snowbank is losing some of her tallness.  Snow on top of the icy yard will make for some tricky footing. I have Yak Trax and I use them.

The snowstick registers 21 inches March 13.

snow sliding off the roof

Just before dark I went outside to take some photos of the snow on the roof…hopefully the rest of it will slide off in the rain.  We will breathe a sigh of relief when the snow is gone from all our buildings….there have been some scary roof collapses in the area. 

Rain is appropriate for our dismal mood.

My Tall Friend who I mentioned yesterday died early Wednesday morning. His daughters and ex wife are all very sad.  You have to give kudos to the ex wife, she gave him emotional and physical support the past few months. They may not have been married but they were still friends.

We also learned of another death. Boner died…he was a fixture around town, always happy to see who ever he met.  Recently the town council passed some kind of stupid law concerning the Golf Cart that he drove around town. He used to park it on Main Street and at the grocery store….get real people.  His Mom Gladys used to own the small gift shop next to the theater, Boner took it over after she died….he ran it sucessfully for a number of years.  Recently I noticed a street sign near his house it read “Elvis Presley Blvd”  …now that made me smile.

Far Guy’s only living Uncle is struggling with heart problems….he is home and maybe his wish that he shared with me will be fulfilled.  He said “I would like to die at the farm, they can carry me out feet first.”

Life is a journey full of a little rain, a little snow, illness, death,  sad feelings…but eventually spring will come…the sun will shine and flowers will grow.

Isaiah 41:10  Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Far Side

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wistful Wednesday:Tall friend

Growing up in a rural community and attending grade school in a nearby bump in the road I knew many different kids.  All those kids are now in their late 60’s. Jobs and different life paths can take you away from your roots. 

Grade school classes had about twenty students each. Everyone went to Release Time Class on Wednesday throughout the school year.  We walked as a group to Dorothy’s home.  In her basement we heard Bible Stories and prayed together. 

Dorothy’s oldest son was a year older than me.  He was tall, always the tallest in his class. I recall one day in line at the water fountain when the Principal came out of his room with his yard stick with the red bow and began to whack him on the back.  His back must have been covered in marks, besides that I was inline at that fountain and didn’t see any behavior that warranted a beating.  I lost all respect for the principal that day. 

It couldn’t have been easy for my friend being so tall and uncoordinated.  In high school he became a basketball player, not the star of the team but a good team player.

Many years later  we would live just down the street from my tall friend and his wife, our children would play together.  I was day care for their two daughters for a time.  Now those little girls are all grown up with children of their own.  Lately they have had to make very hard health decisions for their tall Dad. 

Just before he got real ill and entered the hospital he sent me a music video CCR’s  Have you ever seen the rain
I pray the last part of his journey is peaceful.
Far Side

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


I am still up North with Adam, Miss Miney and Little Elvis.  I have been working on cards and knitting. Noah and his gal made supper for us last night, a mac and cheese dish. 

I have started more socks.  Imagine that. 
I will head home in the next day or two, Far Guy is lonely...FaceTime is like almost being there but not quite.
Far Side

Monday, March 11, 2019

Scones and socks

Adam and I moved lots of snow.  
We made scones. Adam had not used a pastry blender before. 

I finished my first trial pair of socks.  It is possible for me to knit socks.  I learned much...and there are a few things I will do differently from now on.  I need a list to mark off what I have done... not quite row by row but close.  Since I am counting challenged I should mark my rows so my socks end up being exactly the same! 

Yeah for socks!

Boo hiss for snow
Far Side

Sunday, March 10, 2019


It is snowy over most of Minnesota.  
I am staying busy with crafts, spoiling Miss Miney and Elvis, keeping one eye on Adam and calling Far Guy multiple times a day.

Far Side

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Mission

I have packed up a boatload of craft stuff and headed up north to babysit Little Elvis and Miss Miney and keep Adam company during the storm.

Far Guy will stay at home where he is most comfortable.  I will keep a close watch on him through Facetime.


Perhaps Adam and I can have some quality cooking/baking experiences.  We can make big messes in the kitchen when we are unsupervised!

Far Side

Friday, March 8, 2019

No Snow Adventures

No Snow adventures yesterday.  I did not hurt myself wallering around in the snow.  Someone asked if I was making butt angels…maybe so.

Another Winter Storm is headed our way.  I am thrilled.

little June and sparkly snow

Little June and sparkly snow in late afternoon.


Since it is going to snow I took a photo of the snowstick just before I left for Bingo with my Dad.  We are a pathetic couple of losers.  We were one number away from a Bingo 39 times in 35 games.   It made for an exciting night but a win would have been nice.  Oh well we will try again next week.   It is kind of nice that I can drive into town to get my Dad in the daylight.  His hand is healing nicely and he no longer wears a bandage.

We will hunker down at home for the weekend storm….we can always hope that it will go south of us.  

Far Side

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Flowers and a snow encounter

Every week when we shop I wander by the floral department.  I admire all the different color roses and wonder if I could have roses in the house which bouquet would I pick?  My moods are different just like flowers….mostly I like yellows and orange roses, next would be red and then pink, purple and ivory or white. 

Maybe when spring comes I will find a heavy duty vase and have some flowers out on the table on the patio.  I saw one of those old milk can carriers filled with vases…that may work…or maybe just an old quart jar in a wooden box.

I cannot have flowers or green plants in the house…my eyes will itch and my nose will run and I will get a nasty cough… the result of too many years in the greenhouses continually being assaulted by plants.

Rose Macro

My roses that I had growing outside finally died…Minnesota (freeze your butt off) winters can be hard on plants.

Yesterday I got stuck in a snowbank.  The snow is deep in the yard…very deep. (Waist deep)  I wanted to retrieve a suet feeder (against Far Guys wishes) and put it in a tree that would be closer to firm footing.  Well I busted through the crust of the snow so many times that I ended up crawling on all fours.  I retrieved the suet feeder and tried dragging it along crawling.  I finally sat down to re- ass-ess the situation and my butt fell through the crust of the snow…picture feet in the air along with my head.  I rested and looked at the sky. Eventually I lifted my butt out of the snow and half rolled scooted to the patio.  I was covered in snow, all my clothing was wet…snow had been shoved up my shirt and down my pants and into my boots.  I was done being outside enjoying the snow.

Far Side

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wistful Wednesday: Happy Boys

The twins use to live next door. They were almost the same age as Chance.  At first hey were afraid of him and would scream bloody murder when their Mom pushed them over in the stroller.  Chance was confused as he loved all kids.  He didn’t like children crying…he was raised on a farm with lots of small children….I think maybe the Mom there raised her voice when children were crying children made Chance nervous.

As the twins grew older they began to throw the ball for Chance and eventually out grew their fear of dogs. Their Grandfather would hold the twins in his lap and then let them throw the ball. Now they have two dogs in their family!

The Boys and Toys

Everyone looks so happy in this photo.  I can almost hear Gavin giggling.  Chance loved these boys very much and they loved him too. Chance tried to kidnap Jordan once or twice.

I think most everyone that met Chance loved him very much. We still miss him…everyday.

Far Side

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Frozen Tundra, that is what Minnesnowta looks like now.

Frozen Tundra

Yesterday we had a Doctors appointment far away for Far Guy.  A breathing medication has been changed and we see the Doctor again in two weeks.  The Doctor is betting that a change in delivery ( Inhaler vs Nebulizer) of meds may make Far Guy feel better.  The Doc says his airways are “angry”  and hopefully this will settle them down.

We went to Costco, stocked up on some things we needed.  It is a good place to get in a long walk.

The roads were pretty good when we left but lots of blowing snow on the way home.

Snow banks March 4

Some snowbanks are taller than vehicles.

We are happy to be home safe and sound.

Far Side

Monday, March 4, 2019

Cold Weekend

The wind is just raw.  It was way below zero with the wind chill….some obnoxious number –40 or –50.  It is enough to drive you batty!

Bat plant

Bat Plant  January 2019 Hawaii


I am working on my socks.  Far Guy is inbetween projects.

Probably another five appointments this week.

House work, feed birds, shovel snow, cook, do laundry repeat as necessary and go to appointments.  Such is life in the elderly fast lane.

Far Side