Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Chance had a basket of goodies for all the neighbor kids.  We have to be away during candy time so we took all our candy next door to Auntie Cindy.

Chance Happy Halloween

Chance wore his hat for about five seconds.Chance and the hat

We will miss seeing all the kids in their costumes.  Happy Halloween! 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back Woods People

On one of our drives we got to talking about some of the backwoods people we have met.  Some off the grid types.

One guy made log furniture and had many females at his residence.  They had a whole slug of kids and a small greenhouse to grow vegetables. Possibly he could have had his own television program with so many helpmates.

Anyways he sold that piece of property to a couple who were so excited to live in the boonies.  They came by our greenhouse and bought lots of vegetables to get a good start in their own little greenhouse.  They invited us to visit…and we should have gone…the next thing you know they up and left the area.  Were the skeeters in the deep woods too much for them?  Perhaps they had big city withdrawls.IMG_3752

Now some different people have a sign up…near where the other people lived.  What in the world is a Bio-Secure Area?   Management practices that protect resident animals from the introduction of infectious agents harmful to animal health. Well whoopee little gate with a sign…from what I read online they should have tall fences and a facility to clean shoes and equipment….everything coming in should be inspected.  That is hardly happening back here.  They probably just wanted to see whose feathers they could ruffle.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Far Guy May 1965

We don’t have many photos of Far Guy as a teenager.  I am positive photos were taken, his Dad had several cameras.  He used to get out boxes of photos and look at them…one year the roof leaked into the closet where the boxes of loose photos were kept.  I am certain now that some photos were destroyed.

Gene in a lawn chir 

Gene in a lawn chir

This is another photo that surfaced at the Class Reunion.  He said “ That cannot be me, I don’t wear shorts.”  WELL apparently he has forgotten cause the proof in the the picture! I would recognize those boney knees anywhere! Who: Far Guy Where: Outside an old girlfriends house.  Why: ?  When: May of 1965

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Computer Cookbook Woes

I finally got my Laptop out of the repair shop.  The problem I was having is weird.  Nothing seemed to fix it.  The computer gurus were baffled.  Now it is partially fixed.  My laptop does not recognize SanDisk Flash Drives ( It used to…but not anymore)…only HP or PNY devices so far…recognizing something is an improvement!

The Virus Software (Avira) I was running was blocking updates and driver software and not doing what it was supposed to do.  Now I am back to AVG as a Virus Software.  That is what we have on the other computers.

I wanted the Flash Drive to work so I could copy the cookbook I have been working on and give it to cousin Kathy so she could print it out to proof read it.  Instead I ended up emailing copies and three of us proof read it.  Talk about time consuming.  The corrections have been made but now I am waiting for a gluten free section to be added.  Just when you think a project can be put behind you…it stalls.

The Cousins would like to print out the cookbook and sell it for a nominal fee next summer.  I have spent many hours on the project.  I am tired of it and I just want it to be over. Good thing I like to read recipes or it could drive you to drink.

Connie's Vodka Slush

7 Cups of Water

2 cups of Sugar

Cook until sugar is dissolved

Cool. Put it in an ice cream pail.


4 Cups Vodka

12 ounce can of Frozen Lemonade

12 ounce can of Frozen Orange Juice

Stir Well and Freeze.

Mix equal parts of slush and 7UP for a slushy summer drink.

Recently I was told by one of my children that this is great straight out of the freezer…they just needed to remember to grab a spoon.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

I have been saying “No” lots lately.  No I cannot spend a day at the museum dusting and cleaning…who was the idiot that thought the place needed to be cleaned for the winter when it wasn’t kept clean all summer?

“NO” I cannot go to an organizational meeting for a fundraiser…my husband went when the conversation turned to the number of homemade bars they would need for the third time…he left.  I would have left at the mention of Spaghetti…but that is just me.  I will donate something nice and help set up the silent auction with Far Guy.

I had a full plate with yard work and freaking leaves.   That so and so flu shot was no help to my mood whatsoever.  My arm turned hard as a rock and was it ever sore…my husband the military man said keep moving so it doesn’t stiffen up. Yeah right.  How do we even know if it is really a Flu shot anyways…maybe it is just water and everyone is getting ripped off.  I wanted to say “no” to that damn shot but I am elderly now and can be easily swayed by visions of death that isn’t peaceful.

A long time friend died last week, when her cancer was diagnosed it was so far gone that the end came suddenly for her…she was so lonely after her husband died last March that I can only feel happiness for her.  I am certain it is not the same feelings shared by her three sons…to lose both of their parents the same year must be heart wrenching for them.  Her death was described as peaceful. She and her husband had been married 47 years…they were kicked out of high school for running off and getting married.  Forever the rebels together again.


These are good looking Mums.  They are in great shape compared to the ones that sit just inside the door at Wally World and the grocery store.  Why in the world do they order plants and not water light special…dying Mums near the door.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

We are on our way to brown…real fast!

Smoky Hills Oct 25

A little bit of golden color was left in this area in Smoky Hill State Forest yesterday.  We took Chance for his long birthday ride!


He had a good day…it is hard to believe he is ten years old. he is such a good boy, and yes he got extra treats yesterday!

It is my other baby brothers birthday today, I was nine when he was born.

Jody (2)

Happy Birthday Jody!   (about 1 year old in 1961)

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chance: Happy Birthday to me!

Yesiree today is my birthday!  I am now ten years old.  I am older than Far Guy if you count in dog years.

Here is my birthday photograph!

Happy Birthday Chance

I am doing great for being ten.  I have some arthritis especially in my front left shoulder and one of my hips.  I take a special pill everyday to help. 

I wake someone up every morning when I have to go out…a nose in the face usually wakes one of them up.   Then I come in and wake the other one up…so they are all awake.  They watch the morning news half asleep…sometimes we all take another nap.  Then it is time for breakfast…I can usually get a bit of peanut butter toast from Far Guy and a sliver of cheese from Far Side….then it is time to get the mail.  After mail we play ball and most days go for a long walk.  I play ball off and on throughout the day and then we might go for a ride…at 5 to 5:30 PM someone should be cooking cause I am getting hungry.   I keep them company in the kitchen by dropping my ball so they can kick it for me.  I get a treat after supper IF I have finished all my food.   Then later in the evening IF I whine I can usually get another treat out of one of them.   Sometimes they forget and they each give me a treat…those are really good days!

I am rarely left all alone.  I cry howl carry on like I am dying whimper loudly.  Most days I go along in the car…unless it is too hot.

Here are some great photos of me!

Chance December 2004

Chance December 26, 2004

Learning how to drop Spring 2005

Spring of 2005, Far Guy is teaching me how to “drop it” in his hand.  We worked on that a really long time…I finally got it and will drop a ball in some ones hand…BUT I will try to fool them …I would like them to try and grab the ball out of my mouth.   It is not allowed but I still try.

Chance  and Daiseys

Here I am in the daisies!   Summer 2014

Chance October 2014

Here I am stalking a ball…waiting for it to be thrown. October 2014

A good singer in 2009

Did you know I am a singer?  Well I am!  I am probably singing Happy Birthday to me!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Chance: To the groomer

We had to get up early and go for a ride.  Somebody had a pointment…turned out to be me!

Deana was ready for us.


It is nice to be met at the door with a smile!

Chance and Deana

Someone didn’t take a very straight photograph.  I am not as sad as I look.  Deana held onto my leash until Georgia came and got me for the “works” and a little more off the legs and hiney….hypoallergenic and no perfume!

Are you ready for the after?

Chance Groomed

Here I am!  Handsome as all get out! 

All is well here, Far Side was washing windows and Far Guy was working on some woodcarvings outside at the patio table…it was 70 F …that is 21C eh!   We haven’t had a stretch of warm weather like this in years.

Late in the afternoon Odda came a visiting all by herself…so we took her home…after she rested and had a drink of water… it was a warm day for a black dog to be running. I like her visits…but everyone else worries about her being mistaken for a bear.

Tomorrow is a special day for me…see ya then!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yard report

I am done raking, blowing and mulching…D.O.N.E. 

The yard October 21

The mower was cleaned up and put away for the winter.

The weather has been beautiful, perfect for the last few jobs in the yard.

We washed another window…three more left to do.

Purple leaf Sandcherry

The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry is putting on its fall show.  Most of this shrub was a goner last spring, I cut it back and it made an okay showing after that.

I put some bleach and water on the patio pavers last week, now it is raining…I hope they get all cleaned off.  If not I have another plan…that involves Oxiclean  a scrub brush and a bucket.

Only a few things left on my October list!

Pumpkin Bells

I got out the pumpkin bells and a few other fall decorations.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: October 2014 and July 1965

Recently Far Guy’s class had a get together.  He arranged it…I call him the class babysitter, he notifies everyone who has an email address when someone dies and he has a Facebook page for his class.

He was a little bummed out that more people didn’t show up. I am not sure how many kids were in his class..he says 157 and 19 are deceased..that is a 10% showing.  I told him to be thankful for those that showed up! 

There were thirteen total.  I am their official photographer.

Class of 1968 in 2014

Most are local..and live in the area OR have property in Park Rapids like Gravy.  Tom came from Denver Colorado. Two of the classmates (Jerry and Mary) are married and have been married a long time. We visit with three of the classmates on a regular basis (Sheila, Jackie and Gravy)

I am not much for reunions…I think they are a pain in the butt…however one of the gals that Far Guy used to date had a few old photos.

Photos from 49 years ago.

Gene and Joan  Linda Snelling and unknown

Joan, Gene, Linda and an unknown guy.

In July of 1965 they would have been about 15 years old. Linda died young..I think she was about 24 years old when she died from a brain tumor.  I have no idea who is taking the picture…this photo may have been taken in May of 1965….but it could have been taken early in July of 1965.

Someone who is in the photograph cannot remember a thing.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flu Shot and 32 Deer

I finally got my flu shot yesterday.  Far Guy got his shot on Saturday…they ran out of serum so I waited until yesterday.  My arm is sore, Far Guy seems fine…he says his arm itches.

One more thing to cross off my list!

We went for a ride right after supper.

First of 32 Deer Oct 20

This was the first of thirty-two deer we saw in a one square mile area. Deer season starts November 8 in our area.

The two deer across from our driveway ignored Chance..apparently they are “our” deer and have heard him bark before because they kept right on grazing…buggers.

Deer October 20

It was getting too dark for great photos.  Thirty-two is the most we have counted in years.  I recall one time a number of years ago when forty deer were counted in one field.  The most we have seen in one field this year was eight.

I hope the deer hunters have a great hunt.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Train Show

The Train show is slowly becoming a tractor show.  We walked around and found a few goodies….I bought a Year 2000 Lionel Hallmark Christmas Ornament.  Far Guy bought some O Scale people and a transformer and some decals.   It was a fun outing on a very nice day…it was about 70 F…great weather for October!



I had fun looking at the old toys but there were fewer of them than last year.



Then there is retro.


We have gone to this show for the past three years…many vendors stay the same…and their “wares” stay the same too.   I saw one item that I was interested in only because I have never seen it before….and I don’t need to start collecting train cars…so I left it there.

After the Train Show we headed to Petco…Chance loves going in there…he was a gentleman and got a new collar…red and reflective and a few treats.  I had to walk down some aisles looking only at the floor. (I wish they didn’t have snakes.)

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pretty Berries

The shrub that we call a “Thornapple” has red fruits this time of year.  The birds like the fruits.



Here are the little apples.

Thorns on Thornapple

Here you can see some of the thorns.  This shrub is often called Fireberry Hawthorn.  I will call it Crataegus sp.  because that is as close to a scientific name as I can come up with.  The locals call it a Thornapple because it has thorns and apples.  If you were starving in the woods you could eat these berries…they will taste sweet.  No I have never tasted one. 

We use parts of this woody shrub.  It makes a wonderful stem for the upright Lady Slippers that we carve…it looks very realistic.

Lady Slipper

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chance: A Dog’s World

The snow stick is up!

Chance and the snowstick

Far Side says cross something else off the freaking list!

Now it can snow.

One day everyone had cake and I had to stay in the car…on a counta this little dog.


This is Annie and she weighs about three pounds…I met her once before…everyone thought I might grab her and that would be IT.  Annie belongs to Far Side’s sister.  Far Side put her fingers in the little girls mouth…and Annie growled and then barked and gave Far Side the what for.

Miney and Little Elvis visited this week, we took them to my groomer.   Dean (the guy in charge) said he waited all week to say “Elvis is in the building.” Miney looked so beautiful when she was finished…and Little Elvis was almost as handsome as me!

Yesterday we visited Jade.  She is a Black Lab and belongs to Savannah.  Jade had one of those ren de vous and now has 12 babies…she had 13 but the runt died.  Jade was happy to see us.  She let me peek at the babies and then she escorted me to the door.  Far Side was in there a long time oohing and aahing…inspecting all the pups. I am sure many photos will be taken after the puppies are a bit older.

We went shopping.  Far Guy needed some new duds.  Far Side said he was patient and didn’t just run into the store and grab the first thing he saw. He actually tried “stuff” on. ( It might have been a miracle.)  He is all set now. AND that is a big relief to Far Side.  She was having her share of shopping nightmares.

That was my week in a nutshell. Until next time…may all the balls you throw for a much loved pet come back free of slobber.


Friday, October 17, 2014

One Fine Day

I took off with Jen on Wednesday night.  She had no one to accompany her, so I went along “You can take photos all day long Mom.”  I had a blast taking photos and reading my camera book.  I think I understand a little more than before!

Jen and I had a huge cottage all to ourselves and each of us had our own bathroom.  Typical north county flair…knotty pine.  Jen said “It smells like a cabin all right!” We had a great view of the lake from our cottage.

The next morning the sun was just coming up as we walked to breakfast.

Sunrise at Bay Lake

Sunrise at Bay Lake

The place we were at is huge, it is a conference center.

Rubys Eatery

This is where we ate breakfast and lunch. You can see the reflection of the lake in the windows.  We had a lake view during both meals.  The food was wonderful!

All over the property are paved pathways…some kids were using skateboards and small scooters…I was glad to see that most of them wore helmets. There are two pools, tennis courts, a golf course, shuffleboard, a marina and several different specialty shops.

Flowers and pool and the lake

Geraniums, the pool and the lake.

I walked around taking photos and then I would sit awhile watching people and the lake enjoying the 68F sunny weather!  In October perfect days are precious.

Chairs at Rutgers

There were chairs  and benches all over.

Fall Colors

Their fall colors are just past peak…being south of us they have more leaves than we do at this time of year.

I realize that a big place would have lots of employees.  One man just drove around a golf cart and picked up sticks, another had a leaf blower and he just cleared pathways…several others were on mulching lawnmowers…one even had a rake, one was cutting back perennials one by one. One man in a golf cart with a wagon carted around and collected used sheets another delivered fresh sheets. It seemed inefficient to me…but their grounds were well kept, and the cottages were reasonably clean.  I guess I am a clean freak.  I always notice cobwebs and areas that might have been overlooked by in a hurry housekeepers.

I am back home, Far Guy and Chance did just fine without me for 24 hours and five minutes.  They were both happy to see me again!

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