Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

We are on our way to brown…real fast!

Smoky Hills Oct 25

A little bit of golden color was left in this area in Smoky Hill State Forest yesterday.  We took Chance for his long birthday ride!


He had a good day…it is hard to believe he is ten years old. he is such a good boy, and yes he got extra treats yesterday!

It is my other baby brothers birthday today, I was nine when he was born.

Jody (2)

Happy Birthday Jody!   (about 1 year old in 1961)

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  1. Happy Birthday Jody!!

    I hope you too, get to go for a nice car ride and get some treats!! :)

  2. Yes, brilliant fall colors tend to slowly disappear and then one day they're gone and I you don't have to guess what we're waiting for.

  3. Brown is slowly returning to this area, too. I don't like the silent seasons of brown and white very much.

  4. This summer has seemed to go faster than usual. I hate to see the Brown return and the White will be even worse! But this is MN and we always survive.

    Shirley H.

  5. Jody is so young compared to me. It is nice that he lives around your area. My brothers seem like stranger living in the western US. I like the fall photo of the birch. It is so Minnesota looking. Great to see sunshine.

  6. What an adorable baby he was. And Chance is just plain old handsome. :-)

  7. It might have been only a "little bit" of color, but you captured it well!

  8. Never mind the gold, the blue sky looks lovely!

  9. That is one of the cutest baby portraits I've seen in a long time. Back in the day where they didn't need all the fancy backdrops and what not. Just plain, simple and CUTE!

  10. Happy birthday to Jody, too. Chance looks like he really enjoyed his special day. :)

  11. Beautiful colors and so glad Chance had a good birthday. Something "hopped" into my mums and now they have broken stems everywhere laying flat and they had been so pretty.
    I thought it was just our Walmart that did that to plants. I even know a man who is a Master Gardener and he told them that and they put him in the camera department and so the plants still die.

  12. I think brown is my next to least favorite color with blinding white the one I dread.



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