Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gophers, leaves and a garage

One of the Gophers met it’s demise.

The gopher trappers

Here are the gopher trappers.  They live next door and are my great niece and great nephew. One gopher down and one to go…we think there are two gophers.

It was nice and fat probably from eating all those yummy perennial roots in the wildflower gardens.

Far Guy and I worked on leaves again.  We raked and blew more leaves into the woods. In a few more days I will mulch one last time and clean up the mower and put it away for the winter.  The end is in sight!

The yard October 11

The leaves get caught in the rocks that are next to the house…snow comes off the roof with such force that nothing would grow there anyway.  After the leaves were removed I used up all the Round Up I had on hand to kill some of the weeds in the rocks.

We worked in the garage again….sorting.  We have lots of nails…probably enough to build another house.  I only sort…I don’t throw anything away..well a few bent nails with permission.

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  1. Your great nephew looks like he could catch pretty much anything! What a cute guy (don't tell him I said that). She's very sweet looking for a gopher catcher/ :-)

  2. And we're at the beginning stages of the Great Leaf Roundup here in Massachusetts. But like you, we are also lucky enough to have woods to blow the leaves into. I can't imagine doing that whole bagging thing.

  3. Morning, yard is looking mighty fine with the leaves raked up. Blessings Francine.

  4. Gosh, your leaves are about gone! I love the color of your logs. I still cringe at the thought of red stain!! I laughed about you two cleaning out the garage. Sounds so familiar. Poppy has a peanut butter jar for every size nail and screw, nut and bolt. I enjoy your blog.

  5. I'd say those two trappers have a bright future!

    It's so satisfying to see a yard ready for the long winter. Did you pound the snow stick in the ground yet?

    1. Hi Nancy, Not yet but soon. I darkened all the inch marks yesterday:)

  6. I enjoy seeing your fall winterizing in your yard. Ours is on hold now until we get back from our travels. Leaves are mostly still on the trees here, and it's just beginning to color up. There will be lots more to do in early November here, while you will most likely already be under snow.

  7. Congratulations to the young trappers. It ain't that easy to catch those gophers....;)

  8. Oh those garages! I constantly get asked why the same nails are in three different containers. Doesn't the micro manager notice that they are in three very different locations for convenience?

  9. After forty-two years Hubby still has not learned, a place for every thing and every thing in its place.

    I envy the progress and really am pleased you have gopher getters that close.

    Have a great day.

  10. Once again I admire your determination. I need to get out and put more of the garden to bed.

  11. Sounds like you accomplished a lot. Maybe the second gopher will take heed and run far, far away! Cute little gopher trappers you have there. :-)

  12. Same here. Yard furniture put away, and the unending battle of the leaves continues!!

  13. I used to celebrate the loss of each pocket gopher I caught. I hope you get number two.
    Your yard looks great. Come on winter!!

  14. I hope you get the other one before winter and that there are only two of them. Congrats to the mole killers!!
    It will be nice to clean up the mower and store it away for the winter. Then you will mostly have your snow stick and wintering birds to keep track of in the yard. ;)

  15. Aren't they cute! The kids...not the gopher! YOu are amazing how you keep up with your yard with all those trees surrounding you. It looks lovely and just about when you're done, I'll be starting. Next week 70's and sunny....just what I've been waiting where's that list of mine for outside projects?


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