Friday, October 10, 2014

Pink Elephant and other stuff

Cross something off the list!  I made it to the Dentist! “Look Ma no cavities!” That new electric Spin Brush must be doing it’s job!  Far Guy was not so lucky…he has to return for a filling. It is on the right side of his face which is also the Trigeminal Neuralgia side. “Bad word, bad word.”  He suffered for two days just from the dental cleaning.

Chance and I wandered around town whilst Far Guy was in the Dentist.  We went to the bakery and got a Date Filled Cookie to share…you should have seen his nose doing double/triple time as soon as we went in the bakery door! 

We drove down to Spirit Lake.  We go to the Dentist in a itty bitty berg called Menahga.  Chuck has been our Dentist for about 16 years now…his lovely wife Leslie is just about the best Dental Hygienist ever.

Spirit Lake

There is a new bike/hiking path next to the lake.

Maple leaves

Maple leaves…two different trees.   The orange is most likely a Sugar Maple and the gold a Norway Maple.

We drove out of town.  I wanted to see the new retirement community they have there…the lawn looks nice…of course the duplexes are cookie cutters with attached garages…but I could give up snow removal and lawn work if I had too.

On the way back into town I saw a pink elephant.

Pink Elephant

Notice the papery nest in his ear?  Wasp or Hornets or some stinging creatures have a cute little home.

I have been working in the yard, I spent another afternoon raking and mulching.  One more afternoon and I might be all done with leaves…unless it snows then I will really be done.  It is a filthy job, I came in again with only the whites of my eyes white…and now I have itchy eyes…remember a long time ago when we wore eyeliner all the way around our eyes and it would collect in the corner of our eyes?  You had to check your eye make up in the mirror all the time.  Well so much dirt collected in my eyes that it reminded me of those long ago high school days and dark brown eyeliner…except this time it was black crud in the corner of my eyes.  

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  1. The pink elephant is really cute but not the "nest". Hope Far Guy does okay with his filling. Leaves are turning here also. Mulching them is high on my list. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with Linda. Hope FG does okay with the dentist. And I love your pink elephant, except for the nest. :-)

  3. Leaves are on my agenda today as well. The pink elephant is quite the find and too cute!!!

  4. I have my own dentist appointment this very morning and will now try to be much braver. grateful that I'm not dealing with Far Guy's issues.

  5. I feel for Far Guy about the pain caused by dental procedures, because of his TN. I have TN too and the hygienist has to use hand tools for cleaning my teeth rather than the electronic ones which vibrate. Vibrations on the face are painful to those of us who have Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN for short.)

    Shirley H.

  6. Thanks for reminding me of how glad I don't have to mess with all that makeup all the time!

  7. I use the SpinBrush, too, and swear it cleans better than a regular brush. I've had good checkups for a couple of years. WaHoo!

    The retirement community in my area sounds similar to yours. I, too, could easily give up the shoveling and lawn care.

  8. I must say this is my first pink elephant.

    Have a great day.

  9. I pray for only one thing. God , give us good teeth so we don't ever have to go to the dentist!

  10. Clever person who made the pink elephant! I'm a bit envious that you are almost finished with fall yard work. I just started raking a little today as my leaves seem to be on the kind of trees that don't want to let go of them until November. And it's always so cold and wet by then.

  11. I enjoy going to that "berg" - I will have to check out the bike/hike trail ~ great news from the dentist for you :)

  12. With a winter like last year no snow removal sounds pretty good, but I'm like you...not a big fan of cookie cutter homes.
    I am trying out the new Ionic tooth brush, wish me luck in November when I go in!

  13. Good for you, I haven't been to the dentist in a few years...nowadays I don't go unless there's a problem. Did They allow Chance in the bakery? I wish they would let people take their dogs everywhere. An AK-47 is okay but no dogs allowed. I love a good play on words or humor like the pink elephant. Did you hear about the Denver Landscapers that got attacked by the killer bees? How terrifying! One man died and they say it takes more than a 1000 stings to kill a human. And I was whining about my one wasp sting.....although it is still there under my skin about the size of a pea now.
    I didn't wear eye liner as it bothered my eyes but I've had dirt in the corner of my eyes and blown my nose and had dirt come out from working outside! ha! ha! You go girl!

  14. You tickle me. I sure do remember the black eyeliner and always checking it in the mirror. My leaf raking won't start for another month or two maybe.

  15. I've never been much for make-up, so checking my eyeliner was never a problem for me:) I'm envious of your cavity free check up. I always have something that needs doing, even though I have used a spinning electric toothbrush for a few years now. Just don't have strong teeth. Had a check up last week and need a filling and a crown. Parents, tell your children to grow up to be dentists......:(

  16. The cloudy day sure makes the lake look cold. I am sure ice is the next stage but lets hope it isn't so soon.

  17. I'm overdue for a checkup and cleaning. I suffer for a couple days afterwards but for different reasons than FarGuy, so I'm a terrible procrastinator. I wish him a quick and fairly painless filling and recovery time.
    Love the maples and pink elephant. What a messy job doing all that mulching! I remember the mascara all the way around the eyes--LOL! Enjoy the sunny, cool days!! :)

  18. What a cute pink elephant! Some people are extremely clever....I not being a very clever person!



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