Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Someone had his 37th birthday..his wife made him a fabulous carrot cake.

Great hair

He has great hair..it is getting all salt and peppery grey.  I think he may use some special product in his hair.

Someone famous is 11 months younger than him..can you guess who?   Yes someone famous looks just like him..not the other way around:)

Andy July 28 2012

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Civil War Sunday Report

I am tired..it was a day.  Approximately 75 people attended.  I had hoped for more..but it is what it is.  Daughter Jen said “ Mom it is a success if one person shows up.”  She also left me a licorice pipe on the table at home..my favorite treat!
There were a number of children who attended.
Adam at Civil War Sunday
Noah and Dave
Noah and Daniel
Mustering in new soldiers
New recruits..they passed the all your fingers and toes test (no farm accidents), their teeth were inspected …you need four good teeth to rip the paper off the powder to load your weapon..and they knew their right from their left.
Civil Warc Sunday Two
It was a fun afternoon.
Civil War re enactors
The re enactors were awesome.  They traveled from Grand Forks North Dakota.  They volunteer their time to educate the public about the Civil War.  They are an interesting and highly educated group of people.  It was a pleasure to welcome them to the Museum.
Museum Civil War Sunday one I know the women are dying to see more of this dress.
I asked her what she carried in her bag..she replied “Today only my gloves.”  I asked her if she could sit down comfortably..and she showed me that yes she could.  One of my volunteers said perhaps I should dress up like that everyday in the museum.  That is probably not happening:)
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ditch Lily

The common everyday old fashioned  ditch lily that everyone has.

Ditch Lily

I like mine..it is a double and the deer don’t eat them.  They nibble at the Designer Fancy Smancy Day Lilies but they leave these old ones alone.  They must have bred the bad taste right out of the designer ones.

Sometimes new is not better..sometimes old is just perfect:)

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have had a few.  When I have a goal in mind and set my sights on it..and then to face one interruption after another makes for a day when I don’t get much done..let’s just say I will ignore the phone at home and let the machine get it..but at work it must be answered.

What kind of cooking and heating stoves did the CCC use?  Who built the big house on the north side of the road on the west side of town that had a grand staircase?  When was Long Lake three potholes?  All great questions but I have no answers..but I may after doing some research.

A broken bench (juveniles horsing around).. and a ceiling tile on the floor greeted me at work (normal wear and tear in an old building)..and lost people looking for each other..and a missing board member…and heat.  Far Guy and Chance fixed the bench and repaired the ceiling…luckily they were in town scouting out garage sales and got put to work.

Top it all off with people not reading the informative emails I have sent them..have a question..read the email…want me to read it to you?  I am sick and tired ..hot and sweaty..I used to have patience but it is waning fast. 

Nine weeks left..45 days…not that I am counting or anything.

Yesterday I had some squealing girls and boys about 15 years old in the building who knew the Gus the Ghost Story. They wanted to know if the place was really haunted..the girls squealed and the boys just smiled.  I had to remind them not to run in the building. They left a donation of 82 cents.  Oh well 82 cents is 82 cents.

Double Rudbeckia

9PM Friday Night: How about those Olympics..?  I am trying to watch the Opening Ceremony..but the commercials ( talk about interruptions) seem to outnumber the live footage..so far I am not impressed…I may turn the channel soon.  :(

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Friday, July 27, 2012


I found a little surprise out in the “wild” gardens.

Otto's Tiger Lily

I have not seen these in years.   Years ago..most likely about 12 years ago my Uncle Otto shared his Tiger Lilies with me.  He had too many.  Did you know Tiger Lilies are a favorite food of deer?  Well they are and they mowed them down year after year.  This one popped up at the edge of the woods..a lone survivor. 

Far Guy and I planted Echinacea (Coneflowers) both Purple and White along the driveway years ago.  They are doing surprising well..but they are prairie plants with deep roots.  We babied them the first couple of years.  Far Guy rigged up a watering system of two huge barrels that he put in the wagon and he used a bilge pump that was connected to the riding lawn mower battery.. the pump was connected to a watering hose.  So you could ride along the drive and squirt water at the flowers.  It was an ingenious way to water new seedlings. ( He has watched many episodes of the Red Green Show.)

Echinacea along the driveway

Obviously deer don’t like Echinacea…either that or they are not real high on the snack list.

Every year just like clock work Far Guy drags me down the driveway to look at the pretty red flower that he has discovered.   Bee Balm..I say..and he says “oh yeah..how did they get there?”  We used to collect seed in the wild gardens and then in the early spring I would toss the seeds along the driveway and some of them grew! :)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chasing a Rainbow

Last night we went for a drive to look at the thunderheads and to look at which way the rain might come from.  The rain went around us. Which was okay as we got 1 1/4 inches of rain on Tuesday night. Let some other moisture needy area get some rain.

Chance doesn’t like thunder..he wasn’t real keen on going for a ride..but since we both went he had to put up with the thunder…he hid in the hatchback..I am not sure why that is safer than his usual spot in the back seat..silly dog.

Rainbow 2

The air was heavy almost oppressive with moisture and heat.  This has been a very warm summer.  We drove around looking at the fields and the sky..finally we found a rainbow.


The small grain fields look ready to harvest soon.  The pot of gold must be in Chilton’s (Donnie’s) lake.. there was a traffic jam on this country road..one other photographer was out taking rainbow photos.

It has been a busy week at the museum..we are trying to get everything done before the “doings” on Sunday.   A few volunteers will be selling Root Beer Floats on Main Street during Crazy Days on Thursday and Friday as a fund raiser..something they try to do every summer.  I made labels for their plastic cups advertising Civil War Sunday and ads for them to put on their table…short of making them wear hats with signs they are armed with advertising for Sunday.  When is enough advertising enough?  I have printed and put up flyers and contacted every newspaper and television and radio station in the area…yet I have this fear that no one will show up.  Cost of “real” advertising is cost prohibitive, so we rely on free ads under Community Events. 

I finished transcribing the eight part series of Catherine’s recollections of the Sioux Massacre in the Minnesota River Valley.  Friday that series will be complete. I found it very interesting.  The pioneers lived through some harrowing experiences. This is the 150th anniversary of “The Dakota Conflict.”  Part Six can be found here. :)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Aunt Marion

This is a photo that is sixty years old. It was taken in May of 1952.

Aunt Marion and me 1952

That is me and my Aunt Marion, my mother’s sister.  My Mom had four sisters.  My Mother was child number 2 and Marion was child number 3. 

The photo is taken in my Grandparents yard in the background I can see their garage and directly behind me is the well used clothes line.

My Aunt was already married by the time this photo was taken.  I believe she was married in 1949. 

Marion and Marvin Wedding Party (2)

That is my Aunt Marion and my Uncle Marvin on their wedding day.  My Mom was the maid of honor.  I have no idea who the other people are. In the late 1940’s that double breasted men’s suit was all the rage…along with wild thick neckties. Notice only the bride has a bouquet..the other gals have corsages.  I think my Mother kept her bridesmaid dress for a long time I believe it was a dusty pink color.

Marion and Marvin Wedding (2)

My Aunt Marion made the best chocolate cookies..it was a cake like batter.  Then she would cook up a white thick sugary concoction and spread it on one cookie and then top it with another.  It made almost a ball like cookie that was really yummy.

Aunt Marion was diagnosed with breast cancer in about 1966 or 1967.  I was sent over to help out and watch the kids while she was in the hospital and my Uncle Marvin was in the field.  The poor (4) kids had to suffer through my feeble attempts at cooking. Aunt Marion had a long and rocky road to beat that cancer.  They farmed and raised their family in the Wolf Lake Minnesota area.

My Aunt died  in 2004 she was 72 years old.  About a year later my Uncle joined her. They were married well over 50 years…probably about 54 years.  I see some of their children, my cousins once in awhile..usually at funerals:)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camera Decisions

Well I guess I am going to do it.  Jump off the deep end and buy a new camera..a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  Daughter Jen is going to take the plunge too.  We hope to take a Photography class together on the North Shore in October.  

We have only decided on one thing ..they will be Canon’s.  That way we can share some of the specialized lenses.

I am a point and shoot kinda gal and like the convenience of my small Canon. I can keep it in my parka in the winter.  BUT I think it is time to step out of my comfort zone.  I am not getting any younger..if I am going to do it now might be the time. I am looking at the 60D..anyone out there have that one?   Jen is looking at the The Rebel.

I practically have the on/off switch on my Canon worn out.  I take lots of photos..I am a photo hoarder for sure…I originally took many photographs of wildflowers for a book..well I still have the photos…maybe some day it will be a book about the Wildflowers in Becker County.  BUT that won’t be happening whilst I am working at the museum.

I have lots of irons in the fire..adding one more thing is a probably not a great idea..but I can take it slow..I wonder if anyone gives remedial photography classes:)


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Chance: Watery Day

We all had a water filled day yesterday.  It was hot.  It was 94 degrees.  ( 34 degrees C)

We stopped to feed some ducks.

Stopping to feed the ducks

Adam and Noah threw bread into the water.

They named this one Einstein.


Miney and I played water games.

Miney and Chance Cass Lake July 22

It was a good day at the lake.  There were lots of dogs at the lake.  I was well behaved and listened…and I was friendly to everyone. One time a huge intact (whatever that means) Golden Lab ran right up to me…Far Side hollered “Everyone behave..or else.”   The “or else” most likely meant getting back on the pontoon or getting the leash on…both of which limit your watery activity. 

Happy Wet dog

At the end of the day I was a happy wet tired dog.  I slept all the way home:)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What the?

I was fine yesterday morning..just hunky dory..I headed for work.  Got to work safely put on my reading glasses to unlock the door and disarm the alarm.  What the?  My vision was all messed up..of course I had just come in from the outdoors..maybe my eyeballs just needed time to catch up.

I fumbled with my office keys..I could not read the tiny little print  that denotes “My Office”..what the?  Oh my goodness..what in the world is wrong with me?  I must have a tumor..that’s it I will have to take the rest of the summer off..of course I will need treatment ..won’t I?  Oh boy ..I sat down to comprehend what was happening.  I felt my head all over..what the? I could see fine without my glasses..the tumor must only affect my close vision..weird.

Dianthus partially out of focus

Close up I had camera vision..partially blurry and out of focus and partially okay..especially if I closed one eye..yeah that’s it!   What the? If I  close one eye I can see fine..maybe I can wear some kind of sexy eye patch?

Then I nearly poked my eye out.  Whilst checking it seems I was missing a lens..what the?

Yes that explains it…I have lost a lens someplace..well I found the darn thing in the car..the little tiny screw that hold the lens in place had fallen out…which in turn let my lens fall out.

I had a spare pair of driving glasses that I hate..but I wore them the entire day. I use them for night driving and they have bifocals.  I hate bifocals..but I love my reading glasses.

I fixed my reading glasses after work..they are good enough till Monday..then I can get them fixed proper..and maybe order another pair since I don’t have a tumor or anything:)


Dianthus ‘Siberian Blues’

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birds Just Like the Old Movie

Remember that movie “The Birds”  a horror flick from 1963?

Birds congregating on the high line wire

Chance and I ran to the post office in Ponsford and took the gravel road on the way back.  We slowed down to take some photos of the Barn Swallow Gathering.

The gathering

They were everywhere along the road. Swooping and darting over the fields, often stopping to rest in the middle of the road.  I am not sure why they were gathered..maybe they was a yummy insect hatch and they were all waiting for the feast to begin.

I don’t like scary movies and as I recall that movie “The Birds” was awfully scary:(

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Friday, July 20, 2012

What we leave behind

I like to take photographs..well most of you know that already.  Sometimes I see things in photographs that I don’t like.

Four Wheeler Tracks

Do you see it?  The four wheeler tracks. In years to come will these tracks be like the wagon wheel ruts that the pioneers left behind…some of which are still visible?

The Tall Grass Prairie plants..how long will they survive?


These are in our wildflower area.  The land we live on must have been part of the prairie at one time..long ago ..maybe buffalo bellies were tickled by native flowers and grasses.

A remarkable fifteen year old girl left behind a sketch of her life in 1862.  She lived along the Minnesota River during “The Sioux Massacre”/Dakota Uprising/ U.S. – Dakota Conflict.  I am honored to share Catherine’s story on the Hubbard County Historical Museums Blog.  I am transcribing it just as it was written.  I am trying to boost the readership..so it will be a.. too be continued kind of a blog over the next ten days.  I may not have time to write every day. My hope is to create some conversation throughout the community and promote our Civil War Sunday and our upcoming program “The Dakota Conflict.”  Here is the link to 150 years ago: Part One.

So what are you leaving behind..tracks in the ditch?  Wildflowers? Or stories that will be read in the future? :)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Far Side Whatnot

I finally finished that darn book.  The Third installment of the Hunger Games..The Mockingjay.  I liked the first two but the last one just dragged and dragged. I had to force myself to read it.  For me that is not fun reading.

Right now I am reading at lunch all about the U.S. – Dakota Conflict of 1862.  What a scary time to live in Minnesota.  One of my volunteers at the Museum shared that his Grandmother lived in the Morton Minnesota area and she left an oral history.  I am interested in reading it.

I have been approached by a Television Producer to arrange some interviews at the museum for a Public Television Show called Postcards.  I am not familiar with it.  However it sounds like good PR for the museum.

Work is going fine..busy, hot and a little dusty.  We had a work day yesterday.  We did not accomplish everything on my list..but we made some headway.  Those rooms in the basement must be back together really soon..before July 29.  How many days away is that..10 days..panic??  Not yet .. maybe in a few days.

Far Guy has had real good luck with the injection to take away the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain he has had for the last four years!  No pain…yet…fourteen days and counting! HOWEVER he is still suffering with the two dry sockets from when he had two troublesome teeth pulled sixteen days ago. He wonders if he will ever be “normal” or “pain free” ever again. I keep telling him to be patient. He is tired of being patient.

Miney Little Elvis Chance and Gene

Chance is doing something strange since Miney and Little Elvis were here.  Whilst they visited..he may have missed a meal.  Far Guy would make three dishes of food and put them down..his finicky ways may have resulted in Miney eating his supper one night.  Ever since they were here he eats his food all gone like no ones business. There is no taking a bit and wandering off to play ball..and no sitting with him until he finishes encouraging him “Good Boy..Good Boy.”  I wonder if we should be worried as he has been finicky for most of his eight years..and all of a sudden he isn’t? 

Shell Lake Great Blue Heron

Shell Lake and a Great Blue Heron July 2012

I am tired.  Working in the heat and sweating all day long must be exhausting because I have a nap after work most days.  Maybe I am getting am old:)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Sweet Sixteen Savannah!

Someone is sweet sixteen today..she is the one that made us Grandparents for the very first time.  She was such a tiny little thing with frog legs she captured our hearts immediately.  I say frogs legs because Trica had a caesarian section and when the nurse brought Savannah out..her legs were not straight..she kept pulling her knees up..kinda like a frog.

This is one of my favorite photos of her and Chance.

Savannah and Chance  2006

She was throwing Chance water during a trip to Voyageurs National Park in 2006.

Savannah and Chance 2011 Cass Lake

She still likes to throw water for Chance!  2011 on Cass Lake.

I heard she is taking her drivers test.  I also heard she wants her own car.  My goodness children grow up fast nowadays:)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just down the road a piece one of our old customers has a newly planted wildflower area.

It is very pretty.

Wildflower planting

We passed it once..I said “Oh my! Look at Sandra’s wildflowers.”  Well of course Far Guy missed it..so we turned around and went back!  Looks like Bachelors Buttons, Daisies,  Poppies and perhaps some Statice.

Far Guy said “I have a really good wildflower garden too..have you looked behind the sauna lately?”  Well I had not.  So I checked it out and took some photos.

Far Guys Wildflowers

His Gaillardia (Yellow and Orange) or Blanket flower is doing great as is his Rudbeckia Indian Summer (yellow with brown center).


IMG_2851 He even has a few plain yellow Gaillardia.  A long time ago I also had a burgundy colored one.  Seedling variation can be real interesting.

It is that time of year where many of the native wildflowers that are blooming are yellow..with a few purples mixed in.

It has been so hot it is a wonder that anything looks decent.  We need rain again.  The hot weather exhausts me, after I have worked in it all day long..I come home to the AC and crash.  I don’t care if I eat..and my hair..well it never gets dry..or if it does in a little while it is wringing wet again..I have to watch out so it doesn’t start to mold:)

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