Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

Bee Balm blooms right after the 4th of July.  Its flower head reminds me of fireworks.

Bee Balm

Monarda something..I am getting old I cannot remember it’s second name. didyma that is it I had to look it up.  Years ago those names just rolled of my tongue ..not so much anymore.

I had many interesting visitors at the museum this week.

Jimmy from Lincoln Nebraska requested his Grandpa and Dad stop by on their way to get some bait.   Far Guy was working for me that day..but I was volunteering and sealing a rock wall in the Resort room. Both Grandpa and Dad were impressed that I remembered Jimmy’s name and where he was from.  He is a one of a kind kid how could I not remember him. I use his story in every talk I give.  Jimmy is doing great in school and so far he has marvelous teachers that challenge him.  He was bummed out that Civil War Sunday was going to happen after he goes back to Nebraska.

Vickie from Ellendale North Dakota came by the museum  because of what I have written about it on my blog. It is always fun to meet a blog reader!

My sister and her son have never visited the museum before.  They said they had a great tour!

It was a busy week.

Far Guy is still struggling with his dry socket after he had two teeth pulled eleven days ago.  He is into making his own concoctions now. Oil of Cloves and an Olive Oil mixture take some of the hurt away. He saw his Dentist and some kind of medication was put into the gaping holes in his mouth but the pain returned about six hours later. Another phone call to the Dentist yielded no results other than it should be on the down hill side by now…or very soon.  Far Guy was angry..and says he is looking for a new Dentist.

The other night when I was at Bingo he cooked up a concoction in the double boiler.  It was a mixture of Jewelweed stems, olive oil and he said a drop or two of clove oil just to make it smell good.  He cooked it all up and then strained it into a is his latest poison ivy remedy..and no I do not have poison ivy at the he is quick to offer it for any other problem I might charley horses or dry skin.  He is waiting patiently for me to get poison ivy so he can get some real feedback:(

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  1. I wouldn't be in any hurry to give him feed back ;)) Our Bee Balm is just about done but boy do the hummers love that stuff! I would love to meet some of my bloggers some day! I sure was looking forward to seeing JB but unfortunately with things going on around here it won't be possible this year, always next year though! Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. That is really thoughtless of you not getting poison ivy! That bee balm is so pretty, and it does look like fireworks. I hope that dry socket stops bothering him, he's got enough pain without it. I would be looking for a new dentist, too.

  3. I would tell him no feedback to practice on himself. LOL I hope neither one of you get poison ivy and that the Far Guy soon gets relief from the dry sockets.

  4. Yes, your flower really does resemble fireworks.
    As for memory , join the club and don't sweat over it. Many times when I meet people I cannot think of their name right away.

  5. Your header is delightful, the monarda is fireworks!

    Far Guys concoction making cracks me up, sounds like what goes on around here sometimes. But I am very sorry to hear that the sockets are causing so much pain.

  6. It does look like fireworks! I'll be...bee balm! LOL! I wonder if it would grow down here. I'll have to see. I found a gal who has yellow tick seed growing wild and flourishing in this heat down here. She's sending me some seeds. I'm going native!
    You are sharp to remember all those people that visit and it's nice that your sister and nephew got to see the museum.
    I'm with Far Guy....get a new dentist. In this day and age he shouldn't have to suffer like that! I hope his concoction works and where was he last year when I got poison ivy? LOL!
    We have rain clouds here rain but's a start! I have 59 peaches calling my name in the kitchen so I best get with the jam and pie filling job. TTYL!

  7. Yes, I had one socket and they sent me home with pain pills. A week later I went back and they shot the stuff into the socket. It smelled awful and it did start to give it a little relief. Had an infection of course and they did give me a prescription for that. The pain is bad and yes it did finally go away. I am sorry ihe is still bad.

  8. Tell Far Guy I feel for him. A new dentist should be on his agenda. In this day and age I give him credit for trying his hand
    at herbal medicine. Hope he is successful as I feel our ancestors probably knew more than we do.

  9. I even remember Jimmy! Bright, curious kid. I imagine he must have been heartbroken he wouldn't be there for the Civil War Sunday. :(

    Poor FarGuy! He should just go to another dentist if this doesn't subside. I wouldn't even go back to that dentist who seems so unconcerned. Jerky!

    The bee balm does look like fireworks--LOL! Hard to believe the year is more than half over already. Time flies!! I hope you have a really nice week and don't fry in the heat over there. Stay cool! :)

  10. My bee balm has burst into bloom this past warm week. I think it's late this year. Do your's ever get a little stem coming out of the middle of the bloom and a mini bloom a couple of inches above the main flower?

  11. LOL I can relate to the Far Guy wanting to try out a concoction...I do the same with the Bossman. Lip lube is my latest....he has kissable lips;)))

  12. Well, don't be in any rush to try out that Poison Ivy remedy!

  13. I remember little Jimmy, too!
    I love bee balm. I've had the red and a dark purple one time. Love the smell and the hummers that it attracts.
    Sorry about FG's dry socket. I would get a new dentist too.
    Hope your week goes well.

  14. He can send it to me and then I can give him a report. We have a dead crepe myrtle to take out, by the fence, that is LOADED with poison ivy.
    I am bound to get it, no matter how careful I am.

    Did I mention that our front yard looks to be about 25% poison oak? I'm surprised I haven't gotten it yet...

    Hope Far Guy feels better soon! I'd be looking for a new dentist, too.


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