Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I am twisted..yes sick.  The highlight of my day comes on the way home when I slow down to 25 MPH in a 30MPH zone because there is a hill and no passing..and all the tourists and out of state drivers must slow down behind me.  Everyday I wonder how many vehicles can I piss off..yesterday was a good day..three vehicles passed me just out of town but only one gave me the finger salute.  Ha..I think of it as a Minnesota friendly service..cause some days the Highway Cop is sitting there ready to nab people and I have foiled his plans.  I wish I knew what days he was going to be there..I would pull over so the speeding buggers would get a ticket.

Peach daylily

I have had a busy week at the museum.  We have a big “ta –do” near the end of the month.  It is called Civil War Sunday.  I have Civil War re enactors coming in for the afternoon.  They will provide  insight into the life of a Union Soldier what he wore and carried and his everyday life.  It is a free event.  We will sell biscuits, lemonade and root beer floats…and have some Civil War era toys for sale and some coloring books and other books from our gift shop. It is not a big money making deal..but rather outreach into the community.  Maybe we will get a few new members.  I finished all the ads and created the posters and made the master plan that tells everyone what they will be doing. Sometimes I can be real bossy. Although I did ask several people what they would prefer to do.

That week will be really busy with Root Beer Floats for sale on Main Street during Crazy Days, Civil War Sunday and then on Monday a speaker on “The Dakota Conflict” after our regular meeting.

I think my American History teacher may have skimmed over the US – Dakota War of 1862.  During lunch I am reading  all about it. This year is the 150th Anniversary.  Luckily last fall I scheduled a speaker that is a state representative, author and an expert on the Dakota Conflict/Sioux Uprising/U.S. Dakota War…it is all the same thing.

The painting in the museum basement continues…that concrete floor paint really stinks.  I need the two rooms that are torn apart downstairs to be finished and put back together before the big “ta do” in case of rain. Yes some days I watch the paint dry and will it to cure up fast!  The rooms look all fresh and clean.  I am not a big fan of painted floors..but the paint came as part of a our only cost was brushes and rollers.

I am still the solitary janitor in the building even though the upstairs is subleased to the Fine Arts.  They are above cleaning bathrooms or the kitchen or even taking out their own garbage.  I have strongly suggested that the lease be rewritten to include some cleaning. Yesterday when I washed the front door..I left their side unwashed, and when I vacuum I no longer vacuum their landing.  Of course those omissions are very noticeable to me..but I am sure it will go right over their artsy fartsy heads:(

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  1. Nothing pisses me off more than someone riding my butt when I am driving, so that was pretty funny on what you did. Or I like it when I get tickets for speeding but when I see someone else do it then you seem to never see a cop when they are doing it! Pain smell that is a smell that is never pretty. Rootbeer floats are one of my favorites! I actually have all the makings here for that, maybe I will go make me one this afternoon ;))

  2. Do those folks on the board realize what a gem they have running their museum? Honestly, I think it is over and above to read about the US-Dakota war. ( I know you did it to be more knowledgeable on the subject); let alone the cleaning around the place. Wish my son was still in Kelliher, I would for sure stop and see this wonderful little museum.

  3. Muffy said it well: you are a gem and I'm sure they know it. If they don't they aren't paying attention, sort of like the Fine Arts people. Well, I know and am impressed with your abilities!

  4. Good for you on the slowing speeders down to make them angry. Why do people feel it is necessary to ride on your butt. Go tail gate someone else, cuz I am just going to keep slowing down until you leave me alone. Good job at the Museum. If I am ever in your neck of the woods I will be sure and stop at your Museum.

  5. I hate it when someone tailgates me when I am driving. It could cause a major string of collisions.

    I smiled when you mentioned cleaning only your half of the door window. Way to go!!!

  6. Love it when you get fiesty!

  7. On the first part of your thoughts, you're not just twisted you're evil. LOL. You don't have to pull over to have these guys caught. When they pass you then they really get nailed.
    You have some tremendous talent to push special events for the museum.

  8. I love when they have the actors to portray the time periods!! That sounds like such fun!

    LOL! When I am in the front I tend to drive 5mph faster because I can almost feel them pushing me along--ROFL! I hate to upset anyone. How sappy, eh?

    Have a great time! I hope you get everything done and have a good turnout. :)

  9. Love your sense of humour! Terril would call it being crossways in a gate like a black bull;)

  10. Interesting post. I have an ancestor who was in the military during the Civil War and was stationed in the Dakota Territory. I have wondered why and now I know.

  11. Ah, yes! I know those people...I had to work with them the last 12 years of my work life...sucked. And no one cared, but me.

    You up coming events sound really fun. Wish I could be there. Terry and I also 'drive' like you...sometimes people get so mad they pass up on the yellow line. Too bad they don't get a ticket.


  12. I strongly second your strong suggestion to include a clause charging cleaning fees in the renewed lease!

    I love your pic of the daylily, by the way. I am terribly partial to those flowers, and that is an exquisite specimen!

  13. I'm bad that way too. If some one rides my tail I pump my brakes until they back off. One of these days I'll get rear ended probably but it's their ticket not mine! LOL!
    You are busy at the museum for sure. I guess I didn't realize it would entail events like re-enactments and commemorations and all that! Big responsibility along with cleaning the bathrooms too...REALLY??? Sounds like a cleaning person volunteer is in order. Get a group of them together for cleaning days once a month. They do that at our library or did until the people that had to do it finally raised funds to hire someone....whatever it takes! It certainly shouldn't be have enough on your plate!
    U.S.- Dakota War of 1862...hmmm....not sure I studied that either but then there was that war in Panama a few years back and since I don't watch much t.v. I missed the whole thing. There's too many of them, I can't keep up!

  14. Been there and done that with folks who think they're too good to clean their share. These days, I can be pretty feisty! Stand your ground! Best wishes with all the special events/speakers etc. Hopefully you will have nice weather for the events.

  15. Hello? Comment...where did you go? Are you there?!!

    Hmmm...I'll start over, and try not to type so fast that I hit some strange sequence of keys that mean, "Make everything disappear!"
    Anyway, as I was saying, I wish we lived closer as we would love going to the Civil War Sunday celebration. It sounds like so much fun.
    The hill on the way to our house is 40 mph. I am generally going a bit faster - but I like your tactics. Watch out for me tomorrow...I'll see who I can piss off! Speaking of pissed off, there ought to be a pissed off cabby from Yellow Cab. We were on a two-lane road today in a no passing zone. There was a huge combine in front, with 8 cars closely bunched behind him. The cab came out of nowhere passing everyone - and cars had to let him in as traffic was coming. Rude. Stupid. We called the taxi company and reported him. I hope they nail him! (But they probably won't do a thing)

  16. Pet peeve is interstate driving at 70mph with people right on my bumper while I try to go around someone. Why are they in such a hurry?

  17. Oh, I do hate it when people ride up to my bumper because they are so impatient!

    Sounds like a fun time and busy - but busy in a good way, I hope.

  18. Yes as a janitor I work with other guys who are temp. janitors. I have to remind them once in a while that when they are throwing things on the floor for janitors to pick up that they, not just me, are also the janitors. One guy smiled and rolled a trash can near him and started throwing his little plumbing boxes into the trash. Great daylily.


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