Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Sweet Sixteen Savannah!

Someone is sweet sixteen today..she is the one that made us Grandparents for the very first time.  She was such a tiny little thing with frog legs she captured our hearts immediately.  I say frogs legs because Trica had a caesarian section and when the nurse brought Savannah out..her legs were not straight..she kept pulling her knees up..kinda like a frog.

This is one of my favorite photos of her and Chance.

Savannah and Chance  2006

She was throwing Chance water during a trip to Voyageurs National Park in 2006.

Savannah and Chance 2011 Cass Lake

She still likes to throw water for Chance!  2011 on Cass Lake.

I heard she is taking her drivers test.  I also heard she wants her own car.  My goodness children grow up fast nowadays:)

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  1. Happy birthday Savannah! Isn't she the hockey player?

    1. Oh yes all the grand girls play hockey:)

  2. Please extend a Happy Birthday from us!
    Kids do grow too darn fast!

  3. Happy Birthday, Savannah!

  4. Happy birthday to your #1 grandchild. We have one who was 16 in June. They do indeed grow up too fast. Seems the older they get the more fun they are.

  5. Happy Birthday Savannah!!
    Life is fleeting, I agree with you!

  6. All grandchild birthdays are lovely, but there is something special about Sweet Sixteen! Happy Birthday, Savannah.

  7. This is a big Birthday for Savannah. I'm sure you took lots of pictures and gave her lots of hugs. My youngest Grandson turned 10 two days ago. He was born on my Birthday so we share. He's too far away for me to hug, so hug Savannah again for me.

  8. The do grow up fast. Blade will be in the 5th grade this year...almost Middle School, then they change...I can see him changing now. But I still get hugs so I'm hoping all my life I will 'still get hugs".

    Happy Birthday, Savannah!


  9. Happy birthday, Savannah. Enjoy every bit of your teenage years.

  10. Impossible to believe we're not still 16!!!!!!!!!

  11. 16 is big milestone for girls and grandparents. I can tell you're really proud.

  12. Happy Birthday to her! Where does the time go? That lake looks cool and inviting!


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