Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camera Decisions

Well I guess I am going to do it.  Jump off the deep end and buy a new camera..a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  Daughter Jen is going to take the plunge too.  We hope to take a Photography class together on the North Shore in October.  

We have only decided on one thing ..they will be Canon’s.  That way we can share some of the specialized lenses.

I am a point and shoot kinda gal and like the convenience of my small Canon. I can keep it in my parka in the winter.  BUT I think it is time to step out of my comfort zone.  I am not getting any younger..if I am going to do it now might be the time. I am looking at the 60D..anyone out there have that one?   Jen is looking at the The Rebel.

I practically have the on/off switch on my Canon worn out.  I take lots of photos..I am a photo hoarder for sure…I originally took many photographs of wildflowers for a book..well I still have the photos…maybe some day it will be a book about the Wildflowers in Becker County.  BUT that won’t be happening whilst I am working at the museum.

I have lots of irons in the fire..adding one more thing is a probably not a great idea..but I can take it slow..I wonder if anyone gives remedial photography classes:)


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  1. When I thought about buying one, I looked at the Rebel, too. I think if I ever make the plunge that's where I'm headed. I don't know anything about the 60D. What made you look at it?

    1. Hi DJan, I just looked at the line of cameras that Canon has..it seemed like a doable choice.. of course I really wanted a Mark III but that is as much as our first new car was in 1973:)

  2. You simply can't go wrong with a Canon.

  3. We're all looking forward to seeing your photographic progress. You go girl!

  4. I love my Canon, and will always and forever be a Canon girl...once you make that choice Canon, or Nikon, and buy your first lens, well you are kind of committed, unless you are rich, I'm not.

    Still haven't got my new camera....that might be a while still, they are very expensive here. My nephew just bought the 60D, and he loves it. It's a great camera, has HDR video, which you would love to be able to take vids of Chance and everything...

    I am still using my Rebel, TSi I think it is...but I have always told everyone, it's not the camera, it's the photographer...do your research well. Popular Photography magazine does great reviews, both in print and online.

    The part that bothers me the most is they usually say they last around 3 -4 years....with regular usage, of course I have had mine for 5, and it's been well worked, used all the time, but what a huge amount of money to put out for something that doesn't last.

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Get the best you can. It will hurt you once when you buy it, but better than hurting you every time you use something that's not as good. Try to get one with the settings all on the outside of the camera so you don't have to dig into menus to find the manual settings.

  6. With the beautiful photos you already take, I can't imagine them getting any better. Like Paul Simon, "I've got a Nikon camera," but my son always gets Canons and he takes gorgeous photos. Good luck on your next venture!

  7. Good for you both! I think you will enjoy and I know I will enjoy your photos!

  8. Here I'm thinking you could give the class!!!!!!!!

  9. I think you both will enjoy the new cameras and the photography class.

  10. I had to laugh out loud over you lens in your glasses....boy have I done that! Finding the lens is good...I sometimes don't find my lens.

    Fuzzy says Chance must have had a GREAT day...nothing beats a day in water.


  11. You know a LOT about computers and also photography so your readers are going to benefit greatly from the new knowledge you will acquire. I am excited to hear about it.

  12. Keep the irons in the fire as that's what keeps you going. Yes, move out of your comfort zone! It won't hurt you.

  13. One thing I have discovered with my Nikon D90 is that it is actually a little very complicated computer (the instruction book is 3/4" thick) with a lens attached. If you are not comfortable with computers, you will probably not be comfortable with the new DSLR's/ I have found that these new gadgets come with all of these options and gizmos, and the average person only gets comfortable with and uses less than 10% of what they can do.

    Another thing is that, in my opinion, having extra lenses is not all that it is cracked up to be. I never seem to have the right one on the camera when I need it. Also, taking video with the screen on the rear of the camera is not all that easy, wither. In bright sunlight, you can see almost nothing, it is mostly a guessing game.

    I am coming close to going back to my old sony 828. It was not a SLR, but using the eyepiece I could see what I was taking in movie mode, unlike the guessing with the Nikon. I also miss the infrared and low lite mode that the sony has. I guess it is just like RV's, there is no perfect one. But, before you buy one, try it outside in movie mode and see how it works for you. That is the biggest disappointment in my D90

  14. That's strange because I'm also at that stage where I feel I should take the plunge, stop being safe with my little 'point and shoot' and also step up to a more complicated camera. Which one I haven't a clue. A bridge camera (whatever they are) although in my case, it can't be too expensive...Canon eh? I'm not sure I would want to be always messing about swapping lenses though...

  15. I'll be following this story with great interest. Hope you give lots of camera pointers. You'll still need a point and shoot though, because it's not always convenient to lug the big camera around. Or else you need a phone that takes good pictures.

  16. Looks like you are doing very well. I like that spider.

  17. Yes - I love my Canon DSLR! I'm sure you will love photography even more with one!

  18. I have the 40D but when I bought the new camera I got a 7D. The 40 and 60 D's are simpler. I think the lenses you get are more important than the camera. Get as good a lens as you can afford.

  19. Great minds think alike....I'll be listening and watching so I'll know what to buy and do when I get one. Thanks for sharing this!


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